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Royal Tears

Royal Tears

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Royal Tears – 2009
Story, Screenplay, Director – Ikenna Emma Aniekwe

Mercy Johnson – Olamma
Van Vicker – Kasie
Yul Edochie – ?
Olu Jacobs – The King
Ngozi Ezeonu – Mama Kasie
Chinwe Owoh – Sussana
Rachel Okonkwo – Tochi
Tessy Ana – Uloma
Kemi Ayo – Nkechi
Jnr Pope – Metu
Jude Iyke – Udo
Browny Igboegwu – Abuchi
Ifeanyi Azodo – Dcotor


My Rating 29%

Princess Olamma lives with her father the king and their many staff. Since her mother died her father is very over protective of her as she is all that he has left; added to this the fact that she is afflicted with asthma, which makes him worry about her all the more. Once day the princess goes swimming in the nearby lake against her father’s wishes and ends up having an asthma attack in the water. She is saved by a local boy called Kasie and is determined to track him down to thank him personally for saving her life.


I didn’t finish watching the film but I can pretty much predict what happens. She goes to find the pauper to thank him, then falls in love with him. Of course he will not be of the same class so the king will flip out and try and get rid of the boy by any means necessary, but in the end true love wins and they end up together. *YAWN* It is true that there is nothing new under the sun (well I believe so anyway) but there are ways in which old stories can have life breathed into them to make them interesting with original twists. I didn’t even need to watch all of this to know that it was some run of the mill *YAWN* rubbish.

Kudos to Mercy and Van for immersing themselves in that dense, murky water. All the time I was watching I was just imagining myself there choking on all that gunge. When I saw Mercy have the attacks in the water I almost switched off. I had flashbacks to BEFORE THE RAIN and the whole ridiculous asthma storyline, and it just annoyed me that in this day and age people would talk about asthma as if it were HIV or terminal cancer. So I got to the bit where the princess goes to find the poor boy to thank him. Kasie tells the princess,

“I have seen asthma kill.”

Oh here we go! He then reels of a list of all the people he has known that have died of asthma and the princess wails about how her mother died of asthma. I was through. I couldn’t take any more. Between Mercy’s crying and screaming about how much she hates asthma and Van’s lame blank expression I knew that I could not continue so I switched it off. Plus I was bothered by the fact that Van’s family were VILLAGE VILLAGE VILLAGE and then dude is sounding like he came back from Oxford University. All your family are speaking in broken English and you are speaking the Queen’s English? Uh nah… It didn’t mesh well. I didn’t see Yul. He must make an appearance in Part 2.

I actually heard that this movie was good and from someone who I believed to have good taste. If not for that recommendation I would have switched it off at 20 minutes as opposed to 55 minutes… SG This is your fault.

I would not recommend this movie. It was boring, dull and highly unoriginal. There were no glaring flaws to pick at just a crappy storyline and poor execution in general.


Beautiful Soul

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Beautiful Soul
Story – Tchidi Chikere
Screenplay – Tchidi Chikere/ Genevieve Nnaji
Director – Tchidi Chikere


Genevieve Nnaji – Olivia
Yul Edochie – Geoffrey
Tchidi Chikere – David
Ali Nuhu – Okon
Nana Ama Agyeman McBrown – Comfort
Livinus Nnochiri – Obi
Chiejina Ephraim – Samson
Lotachi Johnson Oloto – Barbie
Romeo. I. Romeo – Dr Thomas
Nike Anyado – Jonathan
Ndidi Okafor – Romina
Wulford Ajayi – Charles
Mary Umoh – Irene
Jennifer Ekwu – Nancy
Sara Yakuba – Prisca
Oma Olean – Bar Joe
Ilaya Precious Fejiro – Nurse
Victor Ede – Gateman


Unrequited Love
Social Class


“Please sit down, you know that I hate it when you stand around looking like servants”

“But Madam, that’s what we are.”

The film opens with Olivia, the madam of the house presenting her four servants with a pay off check of 6 million naira. We learn that since her mother, who employed the servants died she has been alone with only the servants in the house.

We also learn that she has sickle cell anaemia and may be soon to die, hence the reason for the pay off to the house staff. Olivia claims to want to do “something else” with her life, not feeling fulfilled with her current state.

The servants accept the cheques and then approach her concerned, not knowing what to do with such an extraordinary amount of money. It is as if their positions had them resigned to a life of servitude. Olivia even tells them,

“Do you guys want to die as servants, don’t you aspire to do anything better with your lives.”

Olivia plans to go away to live a more simple “normal” life having being raised in a wealthy family. She asks her boyfriend Geoffrey to go along with her, and he agrees. She departs almost immediately, leaving the servants distressed and in tears. It is a touching moment and shows us that love and humanity amongst humans knows now social class.

Olivia is humble and does not treat people differently because of status or what they have. We see this again when she hails a taxi in the road to go and pick up Geoffrey to start their new life together. When she gets out of the taxi to go and get Geoffrey she leaves her luggage in the car. The driver David asks her if she would like to take her luggage with her to which she replies no. He then tells her,

“but people are not supposed to leave taxi drivers with their luggages.”

To which she simply states,

“that is my biggest fault. I’m too trusting.”

When Olivia goes to get Geoffrey she is told that he has “travelled” effectively abandoning her, leaving only a note. She is shaken and tells the taxi driver to take her “anywhere.” Meanwhile we find out that Geoffrey did not in fact go anywhere and was actually inside the house simply avoiding Olivia. His reasoning being that he did not want to “gamble with his future” by being with a “sick and dying girl.”

Olivia makes the journey alone and checks into a hotel before going to Lugbe settlement, a poor community a whole world away from what she is used to. She passes by a woman called Comfort’s house where she sees a notice requesting a governess for her daughter Barbie. She is interviewed on the spot and acquires the job despite her inexperience. Olivia, Comfort and Barbie connect on sight and so begins Olivia’s new life.



1) Why, midway through part one a pink blurry dot about the size of a fingertip appears on the bottom centre of the screen. It stays for about a minute and then reappears on and off throughout the rest of part one and part two. Does anyone watch these movies for errors before putting them out? It was clear to me it was a problem on the lens of ONE certain camera as only certain outside shots were affected.

2) Why when at David’s house was Barbie the little girl wearing some HIGH HEELS? That child couldn’t have been more than 8!

3) Why was there an epilogue at the end of part 1 telling the viewer what happened next when there was a part 2? That got me confused! We are told in the epilogue that Comfort found out that Olivia was in fact the benefactor, however when part 2 comes along Olivia arranges for Geoffrey’s friend Okon to pose as the benefactor so that epilogue was NONSENSICAL! I’m assuming it was going to be one part and then minds wee changed. Who knows? All I do know is that I found that very very messy.

4) (This is actually a how!) How many flippin plane crashes happen in Nigeria? We learn that Olivia’s mother died in a plane crash. I have lost count of the times I have seen this as a cause of death in Nollywood!

Overall I enjoyed the film. It was beautiful in its simplicity. We learn how one persons kindness and humility can touch a person for a lifetime, despite only being connected for a short time. Despite its flaws it was emotionally charged and almost moved me to tears on more than one occasion. Genevieve played her role beautifully, and the title was most definitely appropriate. I would have scored it higher if not for the epilogue shenanigan.

Secret Pain

Secret Pain

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Secret Pain (2007)
Story and Screenplay – Peta Ofia Mbaka
Director – Yul Edochie

Pete Edochie – Douglas
Desmond Elliot – Kenneth
Nkiru Sylvanus – Camila
Larry Koldsweat – Pluto
Louisa Nwobodo – Obidiya
Emeka Amakaeze – Donald
Linc Edochie – Roy
Tonto Dikeh – Julie
Adanne Aronu – Laura
Precious Kala –Angela
Jerry Freeborn – Julius

Themes explored:
Arranged Marriage

My Rating – 85%

Camila lives happily with her grandmother until a marriage proposal comes her way by a man called Donald. She does not like him on first meeting as he is arrogant and boastful, however on her grandmothers encouragement agrees to go on a date with him. It is a disaster and her disdain for him is intensified; he continually ogles other women and insists on swigging from a bottle of whisky throughout the date.

After this date he proposes marriage to her and she refuses. He is outraged at the rebuff and she receives a letter from him to say that unless she marries him the debt that her father owed his for the land that their house is built on will need to be paid in the coming months. Camila was not aware that her father owed his before his death and is distraught upon the devastating news.

She is adamant that she will not marry Donald and so Camila leaves the village to go and seek fortune in the city to save the house that she and her grandmother live in. We see that Camila is basically a good girl but her circumstances force her into doing some bad things. We learn from this film that sometimes essentially good people are driven by circumstance to do bad things.

This truly is an Edochie family affair with Yul presenting and Daddy Pete and Brother Linc making appearances! I would definitely recommend this film. It was well told/shot and some valuable lessons to be learnt. The only criticism I would have is that the development of Camila’s character was poor. From behaving one way she suddenly starting behaving in a different way and the transition wasn’t properly developed/ explored. Neither did we see true guilt during some of her actions which would be expected if she truly was the original character we as the viewer had been introduced to.

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The Laptop

The Laptop

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The Laptop

Director – Yul Edochie

Muna Obiekwe – Derek
McMorris Ndubueze – Chris
Uche Ogbodo – Nicky
Tammy Opasunju – Hanks
Dike Ngwegbu – Mrs Okonkwo
Stella Ikwegbu – Mrs Okonkwo
Vera Sam – Sandra
Lyn Harrison – Trinity

Themes Explored:

My Rating: 57%

This film isn’t as bad as it sounds. I know the title did put me of at first, however I was pleasantly surprised as it was better than I expected. The cast did a good job and the storyline was somewhat original. Perhaps calling the film “The Laptop” was a little too literal.

As is obvious a laptop plays an integral role in this film. The scenes are mainly between the campus and Nicky’s family home.

Nicky meets Chris on campus. He expresses interest in getting to know her better. They start of as friends and then he “toasts” her until she falls for him. They appear to be love’s young dream by all accounts.

However her new beau has a more sinister side to him that is soon to be uncovered.


If you have not watched this film, you may want to stop reading here


Not long after the introduction of Chris into Nicky’s life her brother is the victim of a vicious beating whereby his laptop is stolen by thugs. This occurs because Nicky’s brother Derek is on his way to visit her on campus. En route he stops off to chat up a girl only to have the girl’s so-called boyfriend catch him and beat him to a pulp.

Because of this incident Derek does not get to meet his sister’s boyfriend. It is by chance, when his sister excitedly shows him a picture of her boyfriend that he finds out that this guy that his sister is seeing is in fact the perpetratorand prominent cultist.

He is desperate to get his laptop back as it contains his research work undertaken in the US. He reports the case to the police but as Chris is connected the DPO expressly says,

“There is nothing we can do.”

Driven by desperation Derek approaches a rival cult member to help him get his laptop back. A war ensues and at one point Derek shoots his girlfriend’s mother. He does not know that Nicky and Chris are related and thinks that it is solely Derek’s mother that he is shooting.

He does eventually find out that Derek and Nicky are brother and sister and appears to be truly remorseful for his actions, taking the step to return the laptop to Derek without consent from the cult members.

He then goes to beg forgiveness from Nicky and can you believe the dimwit actually accepts his apology after her friend tells her,

“just give him a try… He loooves you.”

NON-SENSE!!! Who gives a damn about love when this miscreant just shot your mother??? Plus he beat her brother to a pulp over ANOTHER GIRL! Let me say it one more time… NON-SENSE!!!

The film ends with Chris being shot by a member of his own cult. Nicky is there hollering, screaming and crying like a gatdamn fool.


When he returns that laptop, Derek rushes to check that it is in good condition and that all his work is still on there. Why was I thinking… “DUDE!!! Your mother just got shot by this guy, who gives a frigg about a damn laptop!”


Was Muna doing this eye rolling thing that made him look positively devilish?


When they had this scene when Muna was thinking with the voiceover expressing his thoughts was the voice not Muna’s? that was WE-IRD!!!