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The Messenger’s Wife

The Messenger’s Wife

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The Messenger’s Wife ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay – Fred Asante Kotoko
Director – Samuel Nyamekye
Producer – Christopher Owusu Ansah

Jackie Appiah – Jacqueline
Joseph Pamfo – Chief
Ebenezer Donkor – Aygatu
Van Vicker – James
Tina Osei Owusu – Gina
Benny Agbemebiase – Mary Ann
Tony Osei Frimpong
Janet Ackon
Dora Kwateng


My Rating – 10%

He is half the height of a regular man but is due to be wed to a normal sized girl. Her parents are causing huge problems in the relationship in that they expect for him to cater to their every financial need and want. He brings them to Kumasi to live accommodate them and still they are not satisfied. His mother knows that the girl and her family are users and is determined to get rid of her.

James is jobless and lives off his girlfriend who is working. His girlfriend’s parents are putting her under to pressure to marry and have a man lined up for her. She is determined to marry James but his unstable financial situation is not one that she can present to her parents.


I found it funny how the little one’s mama called him chief.

The elders would talk in Twi (I assume) and the younger ones would reply in English. I found this strange. There was never any swap. The subtitles were annoying because someone would talk for a good minute and then you would see only two words in the subtitles so it was clear than probably half of the dialogue was getting lost in translation.

This is an absolutely useless and stupid film. The title did not relate to anything. The separate storylines and acting in itself were not bad but it seems like this film is two old movies put together and sold as a new one. The first paragraph relates to part 1 of the movie and the second to part 2. The two parts do not relate in any way at all and the characters do not overlap. It was not made in 2009 as everything in it is dated. Majid and Vivian Jill Lawrence are on the cover. I did not see them for even one second. BE WARNED! STEER CLEAR! Ghanaian Movie Review Ghollywood Nigerian Film Review


Beyond Conspiracy

Beyond Conspiracy

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Beyond Conspiracy ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Ugezu J Ugezu

Ini Edo – Manari
Van Vicker – Michael
Amaechi Muonagor – King Nzeribe
Tonto Dikeh – Ugo
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Nwebe
Joyce Kalu – Okwuoma
Walta Anga – Baron
Collette Nkem Orji – Ngozi
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Okeke
Browny Igboegwu – Kingsley
Evelyn Esin – Sandra
Ugezu J Ugezu –Ozomma
Denis Osadebe – McCarthy
Okwudili Oguegbu

Social Class and Status

My Rating 22%

The movie tells a story about a Prince Michael who is due to be married to a girl from a rich family that his parents have picked for him but in actuality wants to marry his own choice who is a girl from a poor home. I can tell straight way that the movie is going to be boring. It starts off that way and continues that way. It is an uninspiring unoriginal below mediocre story about a prince and a pauper *YAWN* Similar to Palace Maid but even more drab. There is nothing new in this movie and nothing to evoke any sort of reaction but yawning.


The story is badly executed and a lot of the dialogue is unrealistic. In one scene we see Ugo played by Tonto begging the Prince played by Van to leave Manari his pauper girlfriend. The speech that she delivers to him is over the top and unbelievable. She tells him, “imagine us ruling the world together,” in a bid to convince him to get with her. For a pretty, rich girl it all seems so unnecessarily desperate, especially considering that she seems to barely knows him and we don’t see how their relationship has developed before this scene.

In another scene we see Prince Michael confront Ugo’s friend Ngozi to tell her to warn Ugo to steer clear of him as he is “engaged to another.”  This scene doesn’t even make sense as he issues this warning just after he has dumped Ugo because he thinks that she accepted money from the palace to stay away from him. Why would he even be in the frame of mind to at that time to talk about being engaged to Ugo whom he believes has just committed the biggest betrayal ever?

I said that after her performance in Street President that I wanted to see Collette Nkem Orji again but this was not the vehicle that that was going to allow her star to shine so let me not bother commenting on her performance and hope that next time I see her in something better.


Ugezu! Ugezu! Ugezu! OGA I do not know what is happening with you. I have not seen anything good from you since Millennium Lady and Strength to Strength. These were delightful way above average movies that I recommended highly and since then I have seen nothing but a slew of garbage unoriginal “royal” stories. Please pick the projects you choose to work on more carefully. I still have faith that you can make a comeback with works worth raving about. Let 2010 be a much better one.


I would not recommend this movie. The sound was echoey on and off throughout the movie. It is the kind of movie that is so uneventful; you will watch and forget what happened in about a week. I stopped half way through part 2. It seemed pointless as it was so predictable and quite a chore to watch.



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Marshals ~ 2009
Story – Chibuzor Emelu Simon
Screenplay – Chibuzor Emelu Simon, Greg Chyke Inawodoh
Director – Kalu Anya

Emeka Ike – Andy
Van Vicker – Jerry
Tonto Dikeh – Cathy
Halima Abubakar – Silver
Ali Nuhu – Nick
Queen Nwokoye – Anita
Prince Eke – Emeka
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Braimor
Kalu Anya – Inspector James
Collins Chinedu Okoro – Morris
Mac-Donald Ekemezie – Osmond
Chioma Chris – Tracy
Chibuzor Emelu Simon – Rotimi
Eunan Chidomere – Ukonu
Victor Oguguo – Big Sam
Zubby Michaels – Abe

Chronic Unemployment

My Rating – 69%

Andy, Jerry and Emeka are three friends that have fallen upon hard times. Emeka is fired from his hospital job for stealing 11,000 Naira, despite paying 17,000 to secure the job in the first place. Jerry is a lawyer who quits his job in Port Harcourt because he is missing his girlfriend. Only to return and find that not only is she seeing someone else but she is not happy to see him. Andy is a US trained doctor who is getting paid next to nothing working in a local hospital. He is at a dead end as he cannot get a bank loan to start his own clinic as he so desires.

One day a guy called Braimor collapses in the hospital and Andy saves his life. On leaving the hospital he leaves Andy his business card and tells him that he can call anytime and “ask for anything.” One day in a state of desperation Andy calls and brings Jerry and Emeka with him to come and meet Braimor. In no time at all they accept his offer to join his “business enterprise,” believing this a sure fire way to improve their situations in life.


Nick is an old friend of the boys. When we first see him he is brandishing a gun on meeting them and it would appear that he is involved in a criminal lifestyle. Thinking that he is a criminal his friends welcome and embrace him with very open arms, wanting to get involved in whatever he is involved in, seeing that as a way out of their poverty stricken lives. Nick reveals that he is not actually a criminal but rather involved in State Security the reaction is one of repulsion,

“Police – Ah!”

“God forbid – Devil get behind me!”

“I’d rather stay a pocket lawyer than go chasing criminals”

What does this say about how the police are regarded in Nigeria, and the levels of crime or fierceness of it?

Nick as a detective finds it difficult to deal with the fact that he always has to appease corrupt officials as well as those with enough cash and connections to get away with their crimes. He expresses his woes to his friends and when he tries to give them forms to fill in for State Security jobs they request to be hooked up with 419ers and armed robbers instead. This scene had me in fits of laughter. Emeka tells Nick, “Wetin now? We no wan be police!”

When the boys actually start making money we see Andy tell the other boys,

“Why did I waste my life on messy, sticky medicine career, I should have been a drug baron my whole life.

We see how chronic unemployment can affect the minds of the youth. To be a doctor is a prestigious, respected profession yet Andy regrets not going into crime earlier. Even though he is fully qualified there was not the opportunity for him to fufill his dream of opening his own clinic and despite his qualifications he was not afforded the opportunity to be paid decently.

It has to be said. I am not feeling Ali Nuhu ATL ALL. I find his whole demeanour to be stiff and awkward. His voice grates on me. If I knew him in real life I’d probably always be shouting at him all the time, “SPEAK UP!”

I don’t normally like Emeka Ike but I thought that this was a good role for him. It allowed him to showcase his comic ability. It was soooooo good not seeing him in the lover boy role. In one of his funny scenes he shouts at Emeka, played by Prince Eke after taking his shoes off in his room,

“Today I dey battle hunger problem and you are trying to add toxic problem to it. Robbish! Mind yourself well well.”

Van was gisting in pidgin most of the time. His flow was effortless and he was actually a joy to watch. Van was looking very dark. At first I thought it was overexposure to the sun but then on closer inspection is seemed to be make up. If indeed it was make up then that the person applying was very heavy handed.

Tonto was supposed to be frumpy and dowdy, but she was in fact looking anything but. Her make up and weave were nice and subtle and her clothes were simple, classy and fitted. In one scene she was even wearing a boob tube, na wa ooo! What kind of frumpiness is this?

What was the point to Queen’s character? There didn’t seem any need for her to be there. Perhaps she has a bigger role in the part 3 which I have not yet watched.

I would recommend this movie. It was entertaining but at the same time tackled some real issues, like poverty, crime, and corruption. It was very funny in parts and highly dramatic in others. Van, Emeka and Prince made a good trio and it is a feel good movie in the sense that justice prevails in the end.

Comfort My Soul

Comfort My Soul

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Comfort My Soul ~ 2009
(also known as Weeping Soul)
Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay – Amechi Ukeji
Director – Afam Okereke

Mercy Johnson – Amarachi
Clarion Chukwurah – Monica
Olu Jacobs – Chief Kalu
Van Vicker – Henry
Camilla Mberekpe – Rose
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Father
Ofili Ugbor – Doctor
Emma Emordi – Nonso
Akanchowo Okoro – Chima
Stanley Ekwedike – Chinedu
Paul Umoh – Obi
Osodebe Chike – Operation Man
Austin Okafor – Personnel man
Rita Daniels – Accountant
Esther Ugwu – Secretary

Battling adversity

My Rating – 60%

Amarachi is an orphan whose sole carer her grandmother has recently died. As well as coping with her grandmother’s death she is also receiving unwanted attention from a boy at school called Nonso. Nonso has been chasing Amarachi around school but she is not interested. His clique have threatened to throw him out for being a coward if he does not succeed in having his way with her. The situation turns from him simply trying to toast her into his friends organising for him to set her up into being “taken by force.”

One day she is confronted by Nonso and his clique, taken to the bush and almost raped. Nonso is on top of her when she saves herself by grabbing a sharp tool that she finds in the grass. She stabs him in the neck and escapes. Nonso dies as a result of the stabbing and Amarachi is banished from the kingdom.

Now a lowly and struggling orphan her luck improves when she comes across a kindly priest who takes her into his parrish and organises for the parrish to pay for her education to any level she should wish to study to. Can Amarachi overcome the problems of her past and find comfort in her new life?


Henry is the son of Chief Kalu and his wife Monica. Now in the movie they come across as a perfectly nice and reasonable couple. I found that the discord created because Henry had chosen to follow the career path of becoming a doctor highly unconvincing. A doctor is a reputable and prestigious profession in any part of the world, so the way they treated him for becoming a doctor seemed a bit over the top.

After all did they not send him to the United States to study? If they didn’t want him to become a doctor they could have thrown him straight into the family business or withdrawn support when he first attempted to embark on his medical studies. His mother calls his choice, “medical madness.” This disdain would have made more sense to me if he had chosen to pursue a career in art, writing or acting. I mean seriously what educated and exposed parents would frown upon their kid being a doctor?

I love Clarion but am so used to her playing wicked roles that I kept waiting for her to break into evil mode. At first it seemed like she was possibly jealous of her husband’s admiration for Amarachi, and so I thought the movie was going to continue along that vein, but instead we see her genuine care and love for Amarachi and she takes on a surrogate mother supportive role. I am not sure if it was meant for her to be shown as jealous in the beginning or I misconstrued it this way?

I feel the movie lacked some clear focus on what Henry’s parents’ problem was with him. It was made out that it was his career path that was the problem, but then a little later in the movie it appears to be his attitude that is an issue. In one scene Monica thanks Amarachi for positively changing Henry and the relationship between Henry and his parents improves under Amarachi’s influence. However he is still a doctor so what is really the issue? It also seemed to me that any issues between them were solely the fault of his parents.

Is Amarachi an angel or a witch? LOL She is the saviour of everything in the movie. Anytime there is a problem from business to personal family problems she is called upon and she always produces good results. There is one instance in which she actually convinces Van to join the business. Her reasons did not seem compelling to me. Chinedu (story) and Amechi (script) should have come better than that. We then see Henry apologising for following his dreams WTF??? As if he was off being an armed robber. I found this highly unconvincing. There needed to be a valid reason and clear focus on what the bone of contention between parents and child was going to be for the movie to really make sense.

At the beginning of the movie we see Mercy’s grandmother on her death bed. Now what I want to know is what was that stuff on her face supposed to be? It looked like she dunked her head in a bucketful of vomit and left it to dry. What was she supposed to be dying of? A skin condition? The way she was coughing you would think it was a lung disease! Why do the movies always have someone coughing before they die? I wonder ooo!

A funny scene to look out for is at the end of the movie when Amarachi is beating herself up over falling in love with Henry. She is full of fear and apprehension that Henry’s family will think her a gold digger. It is funny because we the viewers have seen that his parents are wholly behind the union and so we know that she is worrying about nothing. Mercy is very convincing and the slow build up of attraction between her and Van is very believable and lovely to watch.

Despite its moot points I did like the movie. Mercy Johnson is such a versatile actress. She can sex it up with the best of them but when she is playing miss prim and proper she can do that to perfection too. Although predictable, (it was obvious she and Van were going to hook up) it was a nice feel good movie about a downtrodden individual battling against the odds and coming out on top. We see Amarachi lose her parents, her grandmother, almost get raped, get banished from the only life she knew, to becoming a Masters degree holder, General Manager of a multi-billion Naira company and finding a man who truly loves her. Not bad! I’d recommend watching this.Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

Broken Soul

Broken Soul

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Broken Soul

Director – Evans Orji

Queen Nwokoye – Julia
Patience Ozokwor – Susan
Van Vicker – Chima
Chidimma Aneke – Mary
Chidiebere Aneke – Martha
Favour Aneke Ani – Angela
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Joshua
Abraham Madubuko – Nduka
Micheal Godson – Mike
Ruby Orjiakor – Oge
Chidikobi Micheal – Udoka
Pat Ede – Ify
Favour Eze – Angel
Tonia Obieze – Timi
Chukwudi Asogwa – Junior

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 57%

Mary and Martha are twin sisters that are so close that they vow to marry brothers to preserve this closeness. They end up marrying two brothers. Mary has a daughter with her husband and the other is not as fortunate having recently experienced two miscarriages. Mike’s untimely death becomes the root of problems between the sisters. With his brother dead and only bearing a female child and his wife seemingly unable to give him a child the main thing on his mind is continuing his family name and bearing a male son by any means necessary. He begins an affair with Mary. In a side story we see Julia’s issues with her husband and his family. The two stories interweave through a chance meeting between Julia and Martha in a hair salon.


The story with Martha and Mary and the brothers that they married is more or less nonsensical. If Chima was in love with Mary the whole time and not his wife Martha then why didn’t he just get with her in the first place. This was not explained or looked at all. At first it is made out that Chima only wants to get with his brother’s wife so that he can have a child and then later the intent changes. The affair with Mary seems to come from nowhere. The way in which the twins fell out did not seem realistic. The escalation to one twin attempting to kill the other and the running away was too quick. It was as if that whole story line was improvised. Even the synopsis on the back did not correlate with the movie watched, so maybe it was being made up as filming went on.

Julia and her husband have a tempestuous relationship with his family up in arms about the fact that he is taking care of “another man’s child.” The storyline with Julia, her husband and his family was the one that made the whole film worth watching. These were the funniest and most memorable scenes. At one point Julia and her husband’s sister (who is on the larger side) have and argument, Julia tells her,

“What is your problem you hippopotamus? Why can’t you stay in your house and stop disturbing me.”

The in law replies,

“You mosquito – you dare to come and rub shoulders with me in my own brother’s house?”

Another hilarious scene is where Julia and her husband are fighting and she calls him a “woman” with regards to his inability to produce children. It is the first time I have heard and infertile man referred to as a “woman” as opposed to women who are childless always being referred to as “men.”

In another scene we see Julia beat her husband for sex until he runs out of the room. She then tells us that she didn’t really want to sleep with his but just wanted the bed to herself and knew that by harassing him for sex he would run away!

I would recommend this movie if only for the storyline involving Queen Nwokoye and Pat Ede. The film would have done well just cutting out the main storyline altogether and developing the side story. It would have made one helluva comedy. It was strange that the two stories were put together because they were not connected apart from Julia and Mary meeting in the hair salon. Queen and Pat were excellent as the bickering married couple. Chidimma and Chidibere too did a good job with the abysmal story they were working with. In one scene in particular Chidimma killed it! This was where Chima tells her character that her husband has died. Her expression of emotion is so real, convincing and powerfully moving. I am so glad they got Van Vicker and yellow brother. This is sooo much more realistic than putting him alongside Jim Iyke, This new guy is hot too. Both he and Van did ok nothing to rave about but nothing to complain about either.

Evil Manipulation

Evil Manipulation

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Evil Manipulation
Story – Ugezu J Ugezu, Solomon Apete
Screenplay – Ugezu J Ugezu
Director – Ugezu J Ugezu

Mercy Johnson – Joyce
Van Vicker – Kenneth
Chiwetalu Agu – Anaegbuachala
Olu Jacobs – Ezumezu
Patience Ozokwor – Head Queen Onyinye
Camilla Mberekpe – Ozuluonye
Nuella Njubigbo – Emeka Wife
Ernest Asuzu – Ignatius
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Okuagbammiki
Ifeanyi Azodo – Solo
Lucky Ovuakporaye – Permanent Secretary
Ugezu J Ugezu – Moore
Junior Pope – Pam
Sebastian Ikpoza – Bankole
Ed Nnasor – Ogbaji
Patrick Amadi – Eleki


My Rating 50%

Ignatius and Kenneth are Princes from a royal polygamous family. Ignatius’ mother is the first wife Head Queen Onyinye, while Kenneth’s mother, Ozuluonye is the King’s second wife. Kenneth and Ignatius are as close as full brothers as well as cherishing each other’s mothers as their own. Onyine is not happy with this close relationship between the boys and is intent on causing discord by planting seeds of jealousy into her son’s head to make him want to compete with his brother rather than working alongside him. Her manipulation is successful and very soon Ignatius is well under his mother’s control.

The head queen is very materialistic thriving on grand displays of wealth and raising her son to be the same way. We see her son Emeka being chastised for not having a car as though his lack of material wealth reflects badly her. One day Emeka goes with his brother Kenneth to buy their respective mother’s gifts of lace. Emeka’s mother snarls in disgust when she is handed her gift, exclaiming, “What rubbish! Where did you pick this thing from?” On the contrary Kenneth’s mother chastises him for spending so much on her encouraging him to save for the future as opposed to spending on material things. We see the difference in the two mothers. Ozuluonye is selfless and puts her son’s needs before her own whereas Onyinye is selfish and concerned with how outsiders look on her son’s financial situation.

Kenneth excels in business where his brother fails. We can see that this is a direct result of their mother – son relationships. Emeka fails in business because of his mother’s never ending preoccupation with trying to look better than Kenneth and his mother, which causes him to seek fast money through gaining contracts by bribery whereas Kenneth takes his time putting together good solid proposals to win contracts and does not take short cuts.


Things between the brothers really take a turn for the worse when Kenneth falls on hard times. It is then that his brother turns his back on him. When Ignatius was in his time of need Kenneth lent him 2 million naira. He even borrowed some of the money which Ignatius lost after being duped by 419’ers. We then see how even though Ignatius had secured a 16 Million contact weeks previously he refuses to led his brother 1 million telling him that he does not have it.

It is not a lack of generosity that afflicts Ignatius but rather his mother’s influence in feeling that he must be one step ahead of his brother. That very same day that he refuses to give Kenneth the money he offers to take out a staff member on a night out with all drinks and women paid for. When the said employee expresses disapproval at the way Kenneth is being treated, Ignatius tells him,

“Survival of the fittest.”


I felt that Ignatius’ character was poorly developed. We should have seen more of his arrogant and selfish side in his early interactions with Kenneth. In the end we find out that the clock is the key to all the issues that the couples in the movie are having. It is given to the head queen under the premise that, “Any house this clock hangs in will know no peace… Everything will go anti clockwise.” Every time charms are used in a movie it is because of some evil, bitter and twisted woman. *Yawn* bit bored of it. If I had known I wouldn’t have bothered watching, or bought the sequel Royal Coup. Yes there is a continuation!

I am indifferent about recommending this movie. Part 1 is very slow. It was not holding my attention and I stopped and started it so many times. That is always a bad sign when you have to force yourself to plough through a movie. It is just one of those ones that isn’t really bad but at the same time  you just don’t care enough about. There is a good moral to the story in that Karma is a Beeeyotch but overall it was a story and message that has been flogged to death. Watch it if you have it but don’t go out of your way to get it!

Sense Of Touch

Sense Of Touch

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Sense of Touch ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay & Direction – Tchidi Chikere

Tonto Dikeh – Annabel
Van Vicker – Jim
Tchidi Chikere – Sam
Livinus Nnochiri – Dr Maurice
Tony Alor – Rufus
Jr Pope Odonwodo – Andrew
Prince Eke – Phillip
Kennedy Kalu – Obi
Mark Nwafor – Chike
Godwin Uyanwanne – Okon
Francis Onia – Obodo
Gospel Orji – DPO
Chinonso Ogbaka – Nurse
Johnson Durueke – Neighbour
David Aginwa – Cellmate

City Life

My Rating 50%

Annabel is labelled a “city gallivanting and unfocused daughter” by her father who has become perturbed by her late nights and scanty dress. Her father is so concerned that he goes as far as to confiscate her car keys and then hire thugs to harass her every time that she leaves the house to make her want to retreat to the sanctity of the house as opposed to the streets.

After Annabel finds out that it is her father that has hired the thugs that have been harassing her, after seeing them fraternising with one of the house staff at the front gate, father and daughter have a serious talk about Annabel’s future. She tells her father that rather than to become an economist as he had wanted for her, she in fact has a passion for singing and desires to become a worldwide singing phenomenon.

Annabel’s father is willing to do anything to make her happy and agrees to do everything within his power to help her realise her dream. Enter Jim played Van Vicker who is enlisted as a vocal couch to help Annabel become a singer before her 21st birthday. 


 The whole premise of this movie is stupid stupid stupid. Annabel’s father pays 2 million to one random boy (Jim) that  he meets outside a hospital to turn his daughter into a “singer.” Does he mean singer in that she can hold a tune? Or singer as in that she becomes a success? Why would you pay him that much?

There are plenty of people that sing amazingly in their showers and have never sold an album in their lives, and vice versa many that sound appalling that have sold many many records. The terms of the agreement should have been better laid out. If he did mean a success did he check Jim’s credentials? Since when has only vocals been the makings of a superstar. What about marketing and promotion? Artist development? Contacts? Dedication? Hard work?

The other thing to mention is that when Annabel’s dad met Jim, he was singing outside the hospital and actually sounded pretty atrocious. It would be unthinkable to me that someone would hear him and think to themselves, “Wow he sounds so amazing I’d like him to teach me/my daughter/ my aunt…” Nothing about his performance outside the hospital would make you think VOCAL TRAINER! He didn’t sound to bad back at the house, but then why would you pay someone with below average talent to develop your daughter into a singing superstar? It makes no sense!


It turns out that Annabel didn’t really want to learn how to sing, it was just a ploy to get freedom from her dad. Van is not too happy to learn that she is not interested in singing and is dragged around town by her as a 3rd wheel while she frolics with her boyfriend of the moment.

Tonto soon wants Van to become her boyfriend and tells him she will dump all her other guys. When he explains to her that he does not have feeling for her. She laughs and says,

“Who gives a flip about feelings… We will just do a pretence game?”

This did not make sense to me at all. Pretend to whom? She definitely couldn’t let her father know that she was trying to seduce the vocal coach. So for what or for whom was the pretence supposed to be in aid of? Is it a sex thing? And if so then why does she use the term boyfriend?


From not wanting anything to do anything with Annabel, Jim soon becomes her boyfriend, and when their relationship is discovered by her father the drama really starts as Jim’s money is put into jeopardy. When Jim realises that Annabel has made him lose the money he beats her up. It only looks like a few slaps and a kick and she is in hospital on a drip. What is she on a drip for?  Why is he beating her up over the money? Before he met Annabel’s father he was managing so why wouldn’t he manage now that he is no longer employed as the vocal trainer?

After Annabel is released from hospital she runs away when her father tries to send her to Saudi Arabia. Her father goes to Jim’s house to look for her. Why would she be there? Didn’t the man just hospitalise her? Then to add to my confusion Jim calls Annabel to warn her that her father is looking for her. Since when were they on speaking terms? He just beat her! Plus he had just been put in jail for beating her.  He then goes to meet her but doesn’t want to listen to what she has to say. Why on earth does he go to meet her then? Sooooo many things don’t make sense!

Van’s character needs more development. In the beginning he couldn’t say boo to a ghost and the next minute he is having violent rages. He appears to be honest and found being deceitful to Annabel’s dad very hard and then the next minute he is the willing participant in a blackmailing scam. Tonto’s character too needed development; she seems intent in claiming money form her father despite the fact that neither she nor Jim really need it. It all seems rather pointless.


I would not recommend this movie. Although it was watchable and there were some good scenes on the whole it was a poor story that was poorly executed. The two main characters were inadequately developed and too many loose ends were left open. Oh! and I must give a shout out to the pink dot. It is standing strong ready to ruin your viewing pleasure, however things are looking up as I saw a recent Tchidi movie and it was gone, nevertheless if you don’t wanna see the pink dot then you don’t wanna see this movie!