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The Power Of Her Majesty

The Power Of Her Majesty

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The Power of Her Majesty ~ 2009
Story – Felix Onu
Screenplay – Helen Ojukwu
Director – Evans Orji Kalu
Producer – Felix Onu

Eucharia Anunobi – Igwe Nneomma
Chiege Alisgwe – Ugbomma
Chiwetalu Agu – Ikenna
Stan K Amadi – Okoro
Ikem Chude – Uzo
Uche Ogbodo – Akwugo
Paul Udensi – Chief/ Priest
Abraham Nwodu – Okoh
Charles Murphy – Nwokedi
Precious Kalu –
Nancy Kalu – Akwugo’s Mother
Nweze O Collins – Adindu
Helen Ojukwu – Orienma
Nwosu Chidinma – Little Nneoma
Esther Uyanna – Ogemma
Udoh Ogbonna – Akwugo’s Father
Ebele Akosa – Adanne

Gender Roles
Village Life

My Rating – 60%

In this village tradition dictates that men stay as home, clean and cook while women tap wine, pay a groom price and carry out libations to the Gods. The men are not happy and want amendments to the traditions as they feel hard done by and know that things are not the same in other villages. There is a fear about fighting back as not only do they have the fearsome queen, Igwe Nneomma to contend with but also the wrath of the Gods. Will the men ever get what they want?


Igwe Nneomma has 3 “wives.” In my opinion they should have just called them husbands. They are men after all. The movie kind of reminded me of the John Travolta film – White Man’s Burden. Neither movie is a masterpiece but contained within each movie is a very strong message about the absurdity of prejudice. Sometimes it takes for people to see themselves in a disadvantaged role (men in this case) for realisation of personal prejudices to occur.

This is the first movie I have seen involving Polyamory, which is a woman with multiple husbands as opposed to polygamy which is a man married to multiple wives. Polygamy in Nigerian movies is a very much common theme and I guess that is because it is very much something that is present in Nigerian culture, whereas Polyandry is unheard of.

Gender Roles

I thought that it was a very nice attempt at challenging traditional gender roles by reversing them. It was an interesting concept that I’ve not come across before. I give major kudos to Felix Onu for the storyline. The movie is certainly thought provoking, however I would have found the conveyance of the message even more effective if it wasn’t so overdone, and by that I mean there should have been some adaptations to allow for the differences between men and women, as opposed to calling the men wives and Igwe Nneomma being so sexually aggressive, after all even if women were to become the more dominant sex, the testosterone/oestrogen in their bodies would remain the same.

In one scene the queen declares,

“I need a female child to succeed me,”

Wow! You never hear in a movie of a female child being desired. If you ever did hear it, it would only be because a woman has already had a ton of male children; that being said I have never even seen that scenario. In this statement we realise how devalued females are in Nigerian culture and the wider world society at large.

In another scene Igwe Nneomma demands for one of her husbands to, “come and ravish her.” In the meantime her other two husbands argue with her that it is their turn to sleep with her. It is funny because I am so used to seeing wives argue over a husband in Nollywood while the husband just seems to enjoy the bickering and in this movie we see a woman get to do the same.

In another scene we see the issue of childlessness/infertility come up. It has become so much the norm for a woman to get the blame for being able to produce children despite the fact that both a man and woman are needed for the task. In one scene a woman tells her husband,

“Ever since I have married you, you have refused to give me children… go back to your parents house. Wizard.”

This movie may make some men realise how pathetic their treatment of women is when they blame them for something like not producing babies which needs two people to be able to do effectively. It is a movie that will bring about self reflection because it can be seen just how easily the blame could be apportioned to the man as opposed to the woman.


Uche Ogbodo’s tattoos kind of ruined it for me. The movie is set in the village and not in modern times so they should have covered up the tats.

Eucharia Anunobi was a perfect choice for the role of Her Majesty. She had the ideal demeanour, carriage and powerful presence needed that you would imagine would invoke both fear and reverence among men.

There were three minor female characters that played their roles excellently, their characters in the movie were Akunna, Udoka and another one whose name was not mentioned, but they were not credited. I was impressed and it certainly is nice to see careful casting even in minor roles as very often little attention is played to these roles, but attention to the finer details like this that can elevate a movie.

I’d recommend the movie. I liked the village setting and it was a good effort at bringing life to an original concept, however there was some of it that I found simply boring or not thought about carefully enough. It was a bit slow in terms of being able to keep my attention, particularly towards the end of the movie where we see Chiege endlessly running through fields and singing like it was Bollywood *CRINGE* I felt like that was sheer self promotion because she is trying to get in the music arena, but that aside it was an interesting and thought provoking watch.


Family Romance

Family Romance

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Family Romance ~ 2009
Continuation – FINAL ROMANCE
Story – Princess Loveline Nwosu
Screenplay – Princess Loveline Nwosu, Eric Stephenson
Director – Eric Stephenson
Producer – Princess Loveline Nwosu
(Bees Production)

Clarion Chukwura – Felicia
Desmond Elliot – Greg
Queen Nwokoye – Erica
Cynthia Okereke – Mama Matilda
Princess Loveline Nwosu – Matilda
Zack Orji – Chief Desmond
Kalu Ikeagwu – Alex
Uche Ogbodo – Natasha
Godwin Isong – Akpan

Step Families
Career Vs Family

My Rating – 58%

Chief Desmond’s wife Natasha is so preoccupied with work that she barely has enough time for her family. One day she leaves without telling him to go and represent in a big case in Abuja. Fed up, in her long absence he remarries a much younger local girl called Matilda. Matilda’s presence in the family home brings about much discord. His children are incensed that their father has married a girl that is younger than them all and treat her with much disdain.

At a loss for what to Chief’s children reach out to their oldest brother in the UK and their mother, who is still residing in Abuja to aid them in rectifying the situation. They believe that their mother and brother will fare better in persuading their father to remove Matilda from the home. Little do they know that their brother returning from the UK will only add a new dimension of complication to the whole situation.


Career Vs Family

Is career more important than your loved ones? What is the point in slaving away and never having time for your loved ones. Who will you share your successes with? In the movie Felicia is totally focused on work. She sees nthing else. The gravity of her blinsightedness comes all the more apparent when she is told that her husband is in hospital and she cannot find the time to go and see him. She tells the children to take care of him. What if he had died?

The double take effect was used in practically every scene and was soooo sooo annoying. Who on earth thought that this would be a good idea? Ok we get it you have learnt that special effect. It does not mean that you have to use it in every scene for no good reason.

Matilda’s hair was atrocious. I seriously wonder if that was done on purpose to emphasise her localness or if Princess Loveline actually walks around looking a hot mess. Hmmm… It was relaxed hair but with tonnes of regrowth. She had all the front sticking up in the air (not stylishly but haphazardly like the chick just woke up or was homeless) and attached from the middle to the back was a foot (ok slight exaggeration) of horse’s mane. I mean WTF happened to blending?

Uche Ogbodo is a very pretty girl but she needs to stop applying her make up with a paintbrush. She seriously looks like a clown. She also needs really focus on her craft and stop the overacting. She was shouting all the time when it wasn’t needed and overemphasising every gesture and facial expression. The movie would have been so much better without her in it.

Things that I loved about the movie was the dialogue and the interaction between the siblings. Princess and Eric did a great job with the script. The dialogue was rich and realistic. Some of the banter was hilarious and I laughed out aloud on more than one occasion. Greg, played by Desmond Elliot had some of the best lines and he carried them off brilliantly.

In one scene Alex is in the house, his sole purpose to persuade their father to get rid of Matilda. Matilda walks into the room and he greets her with grace, as well as giving her a warm smile. Greg is disgusted and tells him,

“You’ll just be smiling at any he goat or she goat you see.”

In another scene we see Desmond tries to pick up a girl on the side of the road by beeping his horn and thinking she will just walk over to the car and slide in. Of course it doesn’t work and it quickly turns nasty. Instead of driving out the guy gets out of the car and starts abusing her,

“A fine gentleman in a beautiful car honks at you and you don’t answer. Who the hell do you think you are? You are stupid.”

Overall I would recommend the movie. It was an absolutely great cast that meshed together really well with the exception of Uche who we could have done without seeing at all. I really enjoyed parts 1 and 2 but by the time I got onto part 3 and 4 my interest in the film was waning. It dragged on for a bit too long and would have been a much better film if they had made it shorter. Nevertheless it is one worth watching.  UPDATE:

After watching FINAL ROMANCE I lowered the rating from 68 to 58. It kind of got worse in the continuation. I won’t bore you with the details! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian Movie Review African Actors and Actresses

Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls

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Sexy Girls
Story, Screenplay, Director – Rahim Caz Chidiebere

Uche Ogbodo
Mercy Johnson
Nonso Diobi
Chinelo Oloh
Benita Akpofe
Uju Aroh

Campus Life

My Rating: 3%

Movie starts with Uche Ogbodo approaching a chick called on campus to be her lover. She tells her,

“I been searching for a girlfriend.”

From nowhere a dude steps in to save the girl in question. With a deadpan expression and voice he says,

“No all you need is a man and not a girl.”

Already I can see the movie is a big flop but I decide to persevere a little longer. The next scene is Uche and her friends in a restaurant beating up a guy who is just as expressionless and deadpan as the first guy.

It is in the next scene in the movie that I give up altogether. We see two girls asleep in a bed at night. One of them reaches over and touches her roommates breast. Oh how pathetic. The whole scene was pathetic. The girl who was doing the touching did not look like she wanted to touch any breast, the girl who was getting touched was just as useless and actress. What a stupid useless movie and concept.

It must be said that Uche Ogbodo needs to find some clothes that fit her. Just because Eucharia Anunobi wears clothes that are too small and people love her it doesn’t mean that you should do the same. She at least has some talent. This is the second time that I am seeing Uche wearing some clothes that are too small since she has put on weight. Baby girl, accept the fact that the weight is there and get some new clothes!!!

It seems like Mercy and Nonso no longer respect themselves. What on earth would make a heavyweight like Mercy even get involved in this trash is beyond me. The others can be forgiven because they are up and coming and would ruin any movie that had any hope. This movie was seriously bad… So So bad. I think I got through about 15 minutes. It is not watchable. DO NOT even do it to yourself, but if you do please make sure to come by and tell me so I can tell you… I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Honour My Will

Honour My Will

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Honour My Will
Story – Bright Chibuzor
Screenplay – Shadrack Nwora
Director – MacCollins Chidebe

Emeka Ike – Richard
Uche Ogbodo – Peace
Juliet Ibrahim – Fina
Kofi Adjorlolo – Barrister Mike
Ernest Asuzu – Stanley
Geraldine Ekeocha – Rachel
Browny Igboegwu – Zero
Uju Aroh – Mabel
Idowu Ijabiyi – Glory
Nnamdi Abonyi – Luke
Val Chukwu – Gateman

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 54%

With their father is dying and Richard and Peace are sure to be by his bedside providing comfort in his time of need. On the contrary their wayward brother Stanley is busy entertaining random chicks and spraying bottles of Star in the bar. When his father does actually die he seems intent on making his mother’s life miserable nagging her about boosting his financial support and buying him a car. It is not long before his wrath extends to his brother and sister and the whole family unit is thrown into turmoil and disarray.


In the opening scene we see the father dying. You can tell that he is about too die because he keeps on coughing. Why is it that no matter what someone is sick in hospital with, whenever they are about to croak they start coughing? We need a new dying sign in Nollywood because this coughing one is overused and unrealistic. Every time I see it I groan because it is soooooooo predictable what will happen next.

Uche Ogbodo needs to stay off the bright lipstick. In one scene she had salmon coloured lipstick which she then plastered heavy lip gloss on top of. Coupled with her bright yellow skin tone she was looking like a Day-Glo bright Bobo the Clown. There was more than one occasion that her belt came swinging open. When you have a gut its not a good idea to wear those belts that only have a small hook holding you together, let alone to wear one on a movie set.

I would recommend this movie. Part 1 did drag a little but the movie really picked up in Part two. Ernest Asuzu was well casted as the loppy and deranged Stanley. He was listed in the credits as “Ernst Obi”… Strange? The movie is worth watching for his performance alone. The way he was shouting and screaming you would think that he was about to bust a vein in his neck. He kind of reminds me of Jim Iyke, but preferable because we don’t have to hear the exaggerated Americanisms. It was a nice ending in that justice prevailed but why oh why do we have a family member delivering the verdict again, like in Blood Game?

The Laptop

The Laptop

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The Laptop

Director – Yul Edochie

Muna Obiekwe – Derek
McMorris Ndubueze – Chris
Uche Ogbodo – Nicky
Tammy Opasunju – Hanks
Dike Ngwegbu – Mrs Okonkwo
Stella Ikwegbu – Mrs Okonkwo
Vera Sam – Sandra
Lyn Harrison – Trinity

Themes Explored:

My Rating: 57%

This film isn’t as bad as it sounds. I know the title did put me of at first, however I was pleasantly surprised as it was better than I expected. The cast did a good job and the storyline was somewhat original. Perhaps calling the film “The Laptop” was a little too literal.

As is obvious a laptop plays an integral role in this film. The scenes are mainly between the campus and Nicky’s family home.

Nicky meets Chris on campus. He expresses interest in getting to know her better. They start of as friends and then he “toasts” her until she falls for him. They appear to be love’s young dream by all accounts.

However her new beau has a more sinister side to him that is soon to be uncovered.


If you have not watched this film, you may want to stop reading here


Not long after the introduction of Chris into Nicky’s life her brother is the victim of a vicious beating whereby his laptop is stolen by thugs. This occurs because Nicky’s brother Derek is on his way to visit her on campus. En route he stops off to chat up a girl only to have the girl’s so-called boyfriend catch him and beat him to a pulp.

Because of this incident Derek does not get to meet his sister’s boyfriend. It is by chance, when his sister excitedly shows him a picture of her boyfriend that he finds out that this guy that his sister is seeing is in fact the perpetratorand prominent cultist.

He is desperate to get his laptop back as it contains his research work undertaken in the US. He reports the case to the police but as Chris is connected the DPO expressly says,

“There is nothing we can do.”

Driven by desperation Derek approaches a rival cult member to help him get his laptop back. A war ensues and at one point Derek shoots his girlfriend’s mother. He does not know that Nicky and Chris are related and thinks that it is solely Derek’s mother that he is shooting.

He does eventually find out that Derek and Nicky are brother and sister and appears to be truly remorseful for his actions, taking the step to return the laptop to Derek without consent from the cult members.

He then goes to beg forgiveness from Nicky and can you believe the dimwit actually accepts his apology after her friend tells her,

“just give him a try… He loooves you.”

NON-SENSE!!! Who gives a damn about love when this miscreant just shot your mother??? Plus he beat her brother to a pulp over ANOTHER GIRL! Let me say it one more time… NON-SENSE!!!

The film ends with Chris being shot by a member of his own cult. Nicky is there hollering, screaming and crying like a gatdamn fool.


When he returns that laptop, Derek rushes to check that it is in good condition and that all his work is still on there. Why was I thinking… “DUDE!!! Your mother just got shot by this guy, who gives a frigg about a damn laptop!”


Was Muna doing this eye rolling thing that made him look positively devilish?


When they had this scene when Muna was thinking with the voiceover expressing his thoughts was the voice not Muna’s? that was WE-IRD!!!