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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher ~ 2009
Story – Prince Iyke Olisa
Screenplay – Prince Iyke Olisa, Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Prince Iyke Olisa
Producer – Prince Iyke Olisa

Jackie Appiah – Margaret/ Immaculate
Desmond Elliot- Jude
Sylvester Madu – Ken
Livinus Nnochiri – Reverend Simon Onu
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Gift
Immmaculate Igwe – Agnes
Francis Umoh – Pastor George
Oluchukwu Nzeakor – Pastor George’s wife
Grace Ogwuche – Daisy
Uche Benjamin – Sylvia
Gloria Sarfo – Jenifer
Joy Attah – Annabel
Amanda Iwuese – Teresa
Amaka Uzoh – Ify

Societal pressure

My Rating – 52%

Margaret is a minister’s daughter. Her parents despair over her wayward behaviour. She clubs all night and often comes home drunk. Even her boyfriend Ken doubts her integrity as he remembers the dubious circumstance under which he met her and how he was warned against her by the guy that she was with that night. He was warned that she was a thief, and it was a warning that he ignored because Margaret put on an excellent act of innocence and he assumed that the guy reporting her was drunk.

It is only when Ken’s money goes missing that he begins to wonder whether or not Margaret is the virtuous minister’s daughter that he thought her to be. She has no limits. Even with her friends she is disloyal and we see her getting caught in bed with one of her friends’ boyfriend.


It is strange how the movie is subtitled in the first scene and then randomly in scenes afterwards. There seemed to be no reasoning behind it. You should either subtitle the whole thing or not at all. After all it wasn’t even in parts which were hard to hear or understand so what was the point?

Oh the irony in the name Immaculate. What a wonderful choice of a name for somebody that embodies in totality everything that is not immaculate. We do find out in the end that Immaculate behaves in the way that she does because she had been raped and never told anybody about it, so in that sense we can extend our sympathies’ to her. Her promiscuity stems from her bottled bitterness and pain as a result of the rape.

Funny Scene
The scene where Jackie was drunk in church was hilarious. She played the part of a drunk really well and you could just imagine yourself in the congregation cringing at her behaviour. I actually like her in this type of role as opposed to her playing the downtrodden crying wench all the time.

Societal Pressure
Gift feels a desperate need to get marriage because of her age. When Jude’s interest in her wanes she believes that it is because of her refusal to visit him at his home. She is so concerned with how her spinsterhood is viewed by society to the extent that she thinks about compromising her Christian values. Her mother lends her support and encourages her to stick to her values, telling her,

“Don’t allow the pressure of your age make you compromise your stand”

The movie ends with Jude and Margaret getting carted off to jail, as well as the director’s prayer session. Hmm what stupidness? it just didn’t seem appropriate. Maybe the hardcore Christians will like that. I don’t know! Watched the 3 and 4, not much more interesting. I’d recommend it only if you have nothing better to do. Jackie gave a good performance as did Desmond. The flow of the story was not too smooth. About halfway through a new storyline emerges and the new characters are just thrown in rather than introduced slowly. The titling may be similar but Sharon Stone this movie is not!


Holy Cross

Holy Cross

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Holy Cross ~ 2006
Story & Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Dickson Iroegbu

Sylvester Madu – Santos
Nonso Diobi – Mike
Tonto Dikeh – Cynthia
Jim Iyke – Cross
Uche Elendu – Monica
Ebele Okaro – Mrs Bsdmus
Pete Edochie – Chief Badmus
Jim Lawson – Papa Mike
Emma Ayologu – H.O.D
Ada Nzekwe – Tracey
Ramon Akeem – VC
Mirabelle Osuoza – Mrs Douglas

Campus Cultism

My Rating – 42%

Cross is the Capone of THE SKELETONS, a secret cult on campus. Mike is a hardworking boy from a rich home whose sole aim at university is to educate himself and become a productive member of society in his own right. One day at a restaurant he falls into a trap set up by Cross to search for new recruits. It is set up for Cross’ sister Monica to be verbally attacked publicly in the restaurant by another cult member. Mike shows his bravery by defending Cynthia and Cross is impressed by his steadfastness and courage and is determined to recruit him into the group by any means necessary. The influence of The Skeletons reaches great lengths and into the higher echelons of society and after Mike’s family is threatened he succumbs to the pressure of joining the cult. From here the events that take place spiral rotate his life into a completely different direction.


At the beginning of the movie Jim Iyke is talking and he says, “Meet my sister. She’s a skeleton” and the camera pans to Uche Elendu. I was looking hard and thinking, that the chick just did not look skeleton skinny to me. Why on earth was I thinking that perhaps the movie was about eating disorders? LOL! Only to find out shortly afterwards that Skeleton was the name of the cult!

One thing that I didn’t get was how Monica was part of the FRATERNITY. Is a fraternity not a BROTHERHOOD and are “brothers” not men? Yes women are closely related with some fraternities, like the Kappa Sweethearts, Omega Pearls, Sigma Doves and Alpha Angels that exist alongside Black American Fraternities, but she was an integral member of the group sporting the tattoo and taking part in ceremonies.

The skeleton tattoos were ridiculously fake, like they had been drawn on with Tippex. We know that a skull is white, but for the sake of the tattoo they should have just added an outline to make it look real. Cynthia is horrified at her friend Monica’s tattoo and even more so when she is told that it is permanent. Why then not long after when she sees the same tattoo on her boyfriend does she tell him to “clean it.” Why are you talking about cleaning when you know it is permanent? Or perhaps she was offering to pay for laser surgery?

In this movie we learn how sometimes good people are cajoled into doing bad things. Mike only ended up joining the cult to protect his family and keep them out of harm’s way. Monica only joined under pressure from her big brother whom she idolised. It is however a dangerous cycle because that same person that was cajoled and so reluctant to join will be the same person encouraging the next person to join and using the same strong-arm tactics, as we see in the movie.

In the end we see father convicting his son to death. He does not bear any visible emotion and it is all very unconvincing. This whole parent convicting child business is obviously done for shock purposes but is so unrealistic that it is pointless. I would not recommend this movie. It was watchable but there are other campus flicks that are much better like Black Bra, War Game, even Last Supper is better than this. One thing that was very annoying throughout the film was the music. It was truly awful. They were playing loud eerie ghoulish sounding music, chiming bells and all sorts of noise that were thrown in anywhere without matching the scene.

The Shepherd

The Shepherd

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The Shepherd (2008)
Story/ Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Nonso Ekene Okonkwo

Jim Iyke – Raymond
Tonto Dikeh – Gina
Mercy Johnson – Jessica
Majid Michel/Michael – David
Ngozi Ezeonu – Raymond’s mother
Biola Ige – Anita
Emeka Okoye – Musa
Benson Okonkwo – Actor
Kenneth Modo – Photo Journalist
Junior Pope – Sammy

Domestic Violence
Drug Abuse

My Rating: 35%

Gina believes that she has met her prince charming, a film director. It seems like her dreams are about to come true, as not only does he make her a huge movie star but he marries her too. Little does she know that her Prince Charming is a brutal maniac that is about to make her life a living hell.

Jim Iyke plays his usual bad boy with a swagger wannabe American. He has just come from studying at New York Film School and wants to elevate Nollywood above it’s “mediocrity.” As is customary when coming from America one must have no manners, swear freely in front of your mother, abuse drugs and think themselves above everybody else. *sarcasm intended* His mother does not care for the movie business and is more concerned with him settling down with a nice girl.

Gina meets Raymond at the diner where she works. He steps in to defend her when a customer who refused to pay his bill slaps her. He then advises her to come and audition for a movie. He sees that she has great potential, casts her and nurtures her into a full-fledged star. At the same time he also declares his love for her and proposes.


It seems like Raymond has fallen in love with Gina but it soon becomes apparent that his concern lays more with her money making potential than anything else. Gina gives Raymond all her wages and starts getting beaten up by him too.

She falls pregnant twice and is forced into an abortion the first time.

Raymond tells his wife on hearing about her pregnancy,

“Abort it… there is no space for all that.”

He then tries to convince her to have an abortion by telling her,

“It’s called family planning. It’s no big deal. Every girl, an average of every girl that’s African… Fuck it, the whole world the ages of 11-25 has committed abortion and if they say no, let them come and meet me… Just open your legs, five minutes and it is over.”

The second pregnancy he beats out of her and the third she manages to keep by running to her mother in laws house until she gives birth.

Mercy Johnson appears in part 2 as a seductress Jessica in a club toilet. She and Jim unite over their fondness for coke. It seemed strange how the drug abuse was only made note of in the middle of part 2. Again the depiction of cocaine users was ridiculous. We see Jessica snorting coke haphazardly of the bonnet of her car and the powder smeared all over her face. Likewise we see Raymond in a toilet and he starts groaning as if he is high before the cocaine has even hit his bloodstream. NONSENSE. There is powder all over his face and jacket. Now what cokehead is going to be wasting all that powder?

If Nollywood producers want to portray drug abuse then they need to do research. If actors want to be credible then they too should do research. I mean how hard is it to find out how people take coke and how it makes them react? I’m sure this kind of thing can even be found on YouTube, even watch a Hollywood movie to find out. The whole drug thing was just so ridiculous and comical.

The dialogue was wack a lot of the time. They had Raymond dropping Jessica home after the night at the club and both of them telling one another, “I love you.” One word. NON-SENSE.

Majid Michael barely appears in this movie, so I don’t even know why he was on the front cover with a gun to his head. That never happened in the movie (unless there is a continuation) His performance as David, one of Gina’s best friends was as good as it could be in this flop of a film. He was convincing in that it seemed that he really cared about Gina and they had a deep connection in their non verbal body language.

His wife on the other hand was another story. Anita played by Biola Ige was just dreadful. This was the first time I have seen her in a movie and hopefully the last. She was just wooden and bore no emotion. She was supposed to be Gina’s best friend and it just didn’t translate. There was no connection between her and Gina or her and her husband. OH and what was that FAKE TATTOO doing scratched across the top of her breasts? It looked awfully tacky. She was pretty though and kinda looked like Jackie Appiah in certain shots.

Tonto Dikeh and Ngozi Ezeonu, who played Raymond’s mother were the standouts in this horrible movie. Tonto nailed her scenes for most part and played her part as the battered wife well, especially the crying scenes which she pulled off effortlessly. She appeared to be chunkier than she normally is and actually looked pregnant to me. Ngozi’s performance was flawless considering what she was working with. I normally like Jim but I have seen this character too many times now and I don’t think it was done particularly well this time.

Overall I would not recommend this film as the storyline wasn’t properly thought out. The characters were not well developed and the orchestral music they kept playing over dialogue was annoying and overbearing. This continued throughout the film! At one point in the beginning they had two lots of music overlapping each other AND dialogue. The story did not end either. All the ends were left open, not much made sense and the scene depicted on the front cover did not even happen which leads me to believe there must be more, which of course I will NOT be watching.

Another annoying point to add is that Mercy Johnson was not even listed in the credits of part 1 or 2. Half the names in the credits are prefixed with the letter E, for what reason I don’t know and the font was hella hard to read!

American Visa

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 American Visa

Story and Screenplay – Sylvester Madu, Charles Inojie

Director – Kenneth Egbuna



Nkem Owoh – Chief Titus

Amaechi Muonagor – Chief Obi

Christy Okonkwo – Ijele

Igein Tuoyo Ezekiel – Onwu

Anita Hogan – Linda

Ben Nwosu – Sikiru

Tunde Alabi – Uncle Bode

Akeem Ramam – Captain

Euphemia Nicha – Ifeoma

Stella Ayinka – Chioma

Ken Odurukwe – Boniface


Themes explored

America as the Promised Land

Mugu/Sugar Daddy





My Rating 78%


“100,000 for American visa to go to God’s own country and you are complaining”


America as idealised as the Promised Land, the imagery throughout is biblical. Linda persuades Tutus to give her money by playing to the imagery that he has of America as a heaven.


Chief Titus is Linda’s mugu. He spends an extortionate amount of money on her trivial expenses but neglect his own immediate family in times of need. Linda sees that the money appears to be limitless and also the fact that he keeps it all in his house and not a bank and decides to set him up.


She gets two of her friends to approach him with the idea of a 3some and of course he is all for it. They go to his house and get comfortable in the bedroom. It is then that they have an army officer burst in and pretend to be one of the girl’s husbands. He is forced to “settle” the officer, and the army crew depart with a large chunk of his money.


Titus is now left with one girl, only to have police officers burst in his house shortly after. One of them pretends to be the other girl’s husband and of course he has to be “settled” too. The police officer makes away with the rest of the money and Titus is left broke and womanless.






Titus is thrown into poverty and begins work as an okada driver after escaping from the hospital for where he was being held for not paying his bills.



Overall I enjoyed the film very much; it was funny and in the end Chief Titus got what he deserved. This film teaches us that what goes around comes around. He neglected his family in the name of lust only to be cheated by this same woman.Nollywood Nigerian Film Movie Review