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Pretender ~ 2002
Story/Screenplay – Sunday Ekegbo
Director – Chika Onu

Tony Umez – Okechukwu
Nkiru Sylvanus – Benita
Patience Ozokwor – Mama
Fabian Adibe – Papa Oke
Rita Edochie – Mama
Emeka Ike – Matthew
Promise Odika – Somto
Stephanie Okereke – Ifeoma
Prince Nwafor – Nnamdi
Jennifer Okoli – Nkechi
Andy Ike – Supervisor

Family Loyalty

My Rating – 70%

Ifeoma was living a life of bliss, engaged to be married to Okechukwu. She always got on with Benita and Somto, his brother and sister that live with him in the city. She gets on with them so well you would believe that they are her own siblings. Once Ifeoma becomes Matthews’s wife her mother’s meddling ways puts her marriage in jeopardy.

Mama persuades Ifeoma that she needs to push Benita and Somto out of her marital home for her to enjoy her husband fully. She tells Ifeoma that if she allows them to stay they will ruin her marriage. She then uses that opportunity move herself and her wayward son into Ifeoma’s home and immediately they start causing problems.


An oldie but a goodie, everybody played their parts well. As usual Patience Ozokor was phenomenal playing her usual wicked mama role. She has been typecast, yes but if it ain’t broke why fix it? Nkiru and Promise were on point, in fact where has Nkiru been these days? Tony Mumu played his usual role and he played it well.

I would recommend this movie. It was a predictable but enjoyable movie and there is a lesson to be learn about following your own mind and not allowing meddling family members to interfere in your affairs and sway you from what you know to be right for you. Even if you are going to make a mistake it is better that you make it of your own back. After all that is how were learn as humans and mistakes are inevitable on that learning curve.




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Reloaded ~ 2009
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Emem Isong, Bola Aduwo, Nse-Ikpe Etim
Directors – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, Ikechukwu Onyeka

Ramsey Noah – Femi
Desmond Elliot – Osita
Rita Dominic – Chelsea
Stephanie Okereke – Weyinmi
Ini Edo – Tayo
Van Vicker – Bube
Uche Jombo – Tracy
Nse-Ikpe Etim – Omoze
Mona Lisa Chinda – Abbey
Enyinna Nwigwe – Edwin
Mbong Amata (nee Odungide) – Nira
Temisan Isioma Etsede – Otis
Emeka Duru – Gabriel
Princess Anazodo – Bube’s Mum
Ahmed Aitity – Shola
Martha Iwoo – Ifeyinwa
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Doctor

Themes Explored:
Family Pressure
Societal Pressure

My Rating: 93%

Bube and Weyinmi played by Van and Stephanie have been together for seven years and are living together as an unmarried couple. Weyinmi wants to get married and she thinks that Bube does too, but every time the marriage issue comes up he postpones their plans, claiming that it is not the right time. Will he ever marry her?

Femi and Omoze are married but Femi has a wandering eye and cannot seem to remain faithful. Omoze is relentless is trying to keep her man to herself. Will he ever be faithful to her?

Tayo is a battered wife. Amongst her friends she is constantly making excuses for her husband Osita. He, however seems to take great joy in humiliating and beating his wife. Can he change his ways?

Rita plays Chelsea the replacement presenter for a TV Talk Show, and in turn the narrator for the movie which is based around an episode in the talk show about different women’s relationships and the games men play in them. Her relationship appears to be the only one without issues, but is it really what it appears to be on the surface?


Tayo knows that her husband Osita is jealous and possessive. One day she dresses up in a skimpy outfit and comes to parade it for her husband. Despite seeing the look of disapproval on his face, she twirls around and asks him,

“How do I look?”

If I knew Tayo in real life I would wonder why you are twirling around with half your nyash out in front of a man that has beat the living daylight out of you for lesser offences. She knows the drill, yet every time she is abused she seems surprised. In response to her twirling he replies,

“Loose as usual. You look like a very cheap whore.”

Tayo looks shocked and upset by his words. Upset I can understand, shocked No.

We see how Tayo has ended up in her marriage as a result of family pressure. She tells her friend,

“To think when I was a single girl. All my parents could think about was marriage… Now look at me I am a punching bag.”

Her statement is candid and makes you think about the importance of not bowing down to societal/ familial pressure against your own desires. After all only we live our own lives. We see Tayo’s sorry state. She is married and unhappy. Her self esteem has been seriously knocked and her husband will not let her take on a job which means she has no financial independence.

Ini Edo does a great job as Tayo. There is a scene where she tries to break up with Osita. She conveys the emotion of a heartbroken woman who has reached breaking point well. Her tears feel real, and the scene is only slightly marred by the over the top sound effects of Osita beating her.

Ramsey Noah plays Femi a smooth Lover Boy. Not only is he smooth but his character is very funny and shameless too. After he is caught cheating, instead of being apologetic he tells his wife, Omoze,

“You go around running like a mad dog. You could win an award for being the best nag and tout… Sorry? What for?”

Omoze is busy chasing off some of the many women that he is philandering with, going as far as to kidnap one woman and to take her back to their home and beat her. Her anger seems misplaced to me. Was it the woman that vowed to be loyal to you? Or was it your roving husband? Why is she more vengeful to the woman? Why do some women do this?

After Femi loses his job because of Omoze turning up at his work and causing a ruckus, by beating up his boss, suspecting her of being a girlfriend, he threatens to leave her. Omoze refuses that as even being an option, vowing to protect her marriage with her blood.

Nse Ikpe is an intense actress. You will believe that she loves this man with every drop of her blood. She does desperate and exasperated very very well. Even during the comic scenes she does not falter.

Weyinmi is pregnant, and after being in the relationship with Bube for 7 years on announcing her pregnancy is told by Bube,

“It’s unfortunate the time is not right for me… We have to do the right thing.”

The right thing for Bube means an abortion. Weyinmi has already had 5 abortions and does not want to have another, but feeling that she has no alternative she appeases bube by going ahead with a 6th abortion. The question has to be asked, what man is going to respect want to marry a woman that can be persuaded by a man to abort 6 times against her will? This is the same kind of woman that will let her children be abused by a man or adopt out her children on a man’s say so.

Everybody has different breaking points and Weyinmi reaches hers when Bube gets another woman pregnant and plans on marrying her. It is at the end of part one when she finds the hidden wedding invited in their room that she crumbles and realises that her whole life with Bube has been a lie.

Family pressure comes into yet another situation in that Bube’s mother tells Omoze that he must marry this girl as he cannot jeopardise their long standing family relationship with the girl’s parents.

We also see that a man will stay with the “wrong” woman indefinitely without the commitment of marriage. He will string her along, but at the same time will marry the “right” woman on a whim. Bube is ready to accept the other girl’s pregnancy but threatened Omoze that if she kept the baby he would have nothing to do with them both. Uselessness.

In the end the women get revenge for all the games their men have played with them. Weyinmi orchestrates the kidnapping of Bube on the day of his wedding to the other woman. She takes him to a warehouse, taunts him and threatens to cut off his manhood. Femi loses not only his job but his house too when Omoze somehow transfers the deeds to the house into solely her name effectively making him homeless.

The way that Tayo’s story ends has the best twist in the entire movie. I did not see it coming at all… completely unpredictable. Osita begins an affair with a pretty young thang. His behaviour towards his wife becomes even more disgisting as he flaunts his mistress in public, not caring whether his wife is around or not. The PYT seduces him in his office, stripping him and then leaving him in the bathroom, telling him that she is going to fetch condoms.

His bosses find him in the buff and he is disgraced in front of the whole committee. He is sacked and goes home from worked distressed and angered. His anger is only to be exacerbated when he finds out that the PYT called Nira is in fact his wife’s cousin. This is my most favourite scene in the movie. Tayo regains her power and when Osita makes the move to attack her; for once she fights back. Tayo and Nira give him a good beating. It is a triumphant moment.

Chelsea’s relationship with Edwin has been consistent throughout the movie. He is heralded as the perfect man. He is handsome, romantic, thoughtful, caring and the couple appear to be happy. In the end we see Rita catching him in bed with Steven (the white guy from Osita’s office). When caught by Chelsea tells her, “This isn’t what it seems.” But seriously what else can it be? Dude is having homosexual relationships. It just goes to show that you never know what lies beneath the façade of perfection. The guy that appeared to be the most virtuous gave us the biggest shock in terms of behaviour.

I love this movie… However there must always be criticisms (well most times anyway). I feel that putting in the random white guy, Steven was a mistake. He cannot act to save his life, so why was he there? He was very wooden and unconvincing, and made me cringe. I also felt that the movie would have benefitted from perhaps erasing the narrator. The whole talk show storyline was not needed. Uche was unnecessary and didn’t fit the role of a talk show host. Mona Lisa’s two second appearance as the original talk show host approving the new talk show host was pointless too. Maybe she didn’t want to be in the film but just wanted her face on screen momentarily, or perhaps she was originally involved more but those scenes were done away with. Who knows?

The end scenes based in the TV studios were a disappointment and anticlimax. Although the individual stories were wrapped up neatly in terms of letting the viewer know how each woman was doing after the break ups, the execution was messy. We had all the women come onto the TV show and give their story. This was a bit boring and slow. The same stories could have been told in a fraction of the time.

Overall it was a stellar effort from all those involved (bar the Steve character). It was paced well, gripping and on the whole wonderfully executed. The scenes flow well and it ends satisfactorily, in terms of there are no gaping holes and unanswered questions as is so often the case. You feel satisfied as the viewer, and even though the dancing at the end was kind of weird and didn’t necessarily fit in, you feel so good after watching this movie that you want to go and find a pink suit and join in the dancing too!

My Darling Princess

My Darling Princess

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My Darling Princess ~ 2009
Story – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi
Screenplay – Tai Emeka Obasi
Director – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi (Mr Hollywood)

Muna Obiekwe – Ikeobi
Stephanie Okereke – Princess Funmi
Enebeli Elebuwa – Oba
Eucharia Anunobi – Ijeoma
Omar Sheriff Captain – BJ
Vicky Zugah – Lola
Kelvin Books – Segun
Ngozi Nwosu – Bola
Mercy Obi – Waitress
Kelvin Ikeduba – King’s thug
Richard Amaechi – Dr
Obasi Nancy – Nurse
Prince Kelly – Inspector
Okey Onyewuenyi – Policeman
Dimeji Ishola – Waiter
Julias Emam – Oba Gateman


My Rating 40%

The Yoruban Princess of Ijekuta and an Ibo boy fall in love. In fact it is love at first sight. Her father will not allow her to marry a man from any other tribe as she will one day become Queen and her husband will become King. In his mind accepting a stranger as his daughter’s husband will taint their lineage,

“Our custom does not allow for people to bring foreigners to join with royal blood in our own land.”

For this reason the relationship starts off a secret one and when both parents find out about it they are vehemently against it. Ike’s mother brands the princess, “A prostitute” for rendez-vousing with her son in a hotel room, declaring,

“Of all the girls in lagos; you entangle with a Yoruba girl,”

and the King brands Ikeobi as “useless” and “unserious” for the same reasons. The older generation on both sides have deeply ingrained prejudices. Their love becomes one big battle to fight against their respective families.


The princess is feeling lonely and befriends one of her maids to make her sole confidant. Vicky Zugah’s entire performance is kind of lifeless and why oh why is a maid wearing fake lashes? Er hello This ain’t no beauty pageant Vicky. I wonder if she just came on set with them or she was instructed to wear them. Either way it was ridiculous.

Ike is a musician and has a performance, where he needs to perform a duet, why? We don’t know? This whole musician storyline was pointless and mostly nonsensical, bar the comic moments when Ike and his friend get some girls in to audition. They are all dreadful to the point where you will howl with laughter. The funniest is when a tone deaf girl attempts to sing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable with the enthusiasm of a corpse. Ike models himself on Simon Cowell, coming out with the comic put downs at rapid pace.

There were a few nice touches very far and few between and excellent performances from both Enebeli Elebuwa and Eucharia Anunobi. I particularly liked the scene where Enebeli arrives at Eucharia’s home to warn her to warn her son to stay away from his daughter. Many sterotypes that Ibos hold about Yorubas and vice versa were exposed via insults. As someone who is not too aware of all the stereotypes clouding each tribe I found this quite informative. It seems like Yorubas cling onto tradition more than Ibos, whereas Ibos are more interested in making money and look down on Yorubas that hang on to Royal Kingdoms as lazy and not forward thinking enough to garner wealth for themselves. Eucharia’s character makes fun of the king by putting him alongside other monarchs who are internationally recognised,

“Duke of Edinburgh!”
“Sheikh of Saudi Arabia!”

This scene and the audition scenes were the best in the whole movie. Most of the rest was a drag.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this movie. The musician storyline was pointless, befriending the maid was pointless and in fact watching it was pretty much pointless too. The movie was boring and poorly though out. This storyline has been rehashed over and over again so if one is going to go into it again there has to be a twist, or something that makes it stand out above all the other parents won’t let kid marry because of social class/ status/ wealth/ tribe religion stories. Yes it did highlight tribalism which is a very important issue, but on a grand scale this one failed. Don’t bother!

Bad Egg

Bad Egg

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Bad Egg
Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay – Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Justus Esiri – Douglas
Desmond Elliot – Samuel
Ngozi Ezeonu – Lolo
Stephanie Okereke – Steph
Nadia Buari – Winnie
Queen Nwokoye – Edna
Fabian Adibe – Igwe
Clement Okino – Winston
Junior Pope – Kunle
Browny Igboegwu – Stanley
Godswill Anuke – Rubuen
Ifeanyi Ezeh – Gabby

Themes Explored:
Sibling Rivalry
Class and Status

My Rating: 29%

Steph and Winnie are sisters back from studying at Harvard in the USA to run their father’s company. Steph is the “bad egg” with her incessant drinking, smoking and waywardness. Winnie on the contrary is the favoured more sensible daughter.

In a separate storyline we are also introduced to Samuel, the Igwe’s son He has a girlfriend whom he met while studying (SURPRISE SURPRISE) in The States that he has brought home to introduce to his parents. He is determined to marry her, but his parents are wholly against the situation, stating that not only does she bear the unfortunate title of “osu” but that in addition her class is not befitting to their own.


After Samuel’s girl is chased away by his parents he runs away to start a new life working in a hotel as an “ordinary guy.” There he comes across Steph who meets there with her boyfriend quite often, and always comes to Samuel, the manager to make complaints about whatever she decides is wrong on that particular day. By chance he also meets her sister in a separate incident where he returns her lost purse, they soon begin dating and before you know it he is uncovering murder plots.

I am going to stop there with the storyline… Let me just say this: it was so uninspiring, pointless and unoriginal. Here we have some fine talent and just the most rehashed story with no twists to distinguish itself from the usual “my parents didn’t want me to marry my true love because she is a poor girl from the village,”, “good girl vs bad girl” storylines.

Although the sound/lighting, other visual aesthetics were fine, and there were not any ridiculous scenes or even ones that did not make sense I just did not enjoy this one. It was just so run of the mill, simple and the characters were poorly developed. The bad girl was bad. Sooooo one dimensional, so of course if you are morally corrupt you have to drink and smoke to show that, oh… and sleeping with the boyfriend in hotels rooms very frequently adds to the picture of her moral decadence. Wow! She must be a killer in the making! *End sarcasm* We don’t see any good side to her, and we all know that even bad bad people have seemingly good sides. She wanted to kill her sister to gain her dad’s inheritance. A little far fetched I think. There was nothing to show where such hate could have come from except jealousy of her father’s love for her sister. This angle was not properly explored, it was just skimmed over and kinda unbelievable to me.

It was weird seeing Fabian Adibe TRY to play a strong role. I say TRY because he failed miserably. He was the Igwe and although he was sickly he was supposed to be a strong and powerful man and he just did not come across as such.

I would not recommend this film. The cast did the best that they could but this was just a flop for me. The positive thing to come out of this is that I now know what an “osu” is. There are no funny scenes, no insightful scenes, no dramatic scenes, no gripping scenes and it is probably an amalgamation of something you have seen a million times before. Save ya money, cos this one is a BAD EGG!

Sweet Pain

Sweet Pain

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Sweet Pain ~ 2008
Repackaged as END OF THE GAME
Story/ Screenplay – Darlene Benson Cobham and Emem Isong
Director – Osita Okoli

Chidi Mokeme – Jake
Stephanie Okereke – Josephine
Justus Esiri – Josephine’s Father
Uche Jombo – Lillian
Enyinna Nwigwe – Philip
Esther Ifyibio – Paula
Ohaira Mcwizu – Isioma
Umoh Weeks – Ben
Ihuoma Nnadi – Mary
Lukeman Adewuyi – Policeman
Sylvester Coker – Doc

Themes Explored:
Unrequited Love

My Rating – 68%

Josephine is the apple of her widower father’s eye but the relationship between the two becomes strained when her father gets engaged to Lillian, her best friend. This development also sparks a rift between the best friends. Josephine believes that her friend is digging for gold and her friend maintains that she has always preferred older men and has found true love.

Josephine is angry on two accounts, the first that her best friend has been “stolen” away from her and the second, the embarrassment that her father is after a woman young enough to be his daughter.

Josephine takes her career very seriously and especially her role as CEO of her father’s company, so much so that her boyfriend barely gets time to see her and her employees are miserable and fed up of being maltreated by her. Lillian makes attempts to make peace with Josephine with no success, and at the same time she breaks up with her boyfriend for questioning her nasty attitude.

The more Josephine’s personal life falls into disarray the more she takes out on her anger and frustrations on employees at work. She fires a girl for calling in missing a day due to crippling period pains. When another employee’s (Jake’s) father dies she is highly unsympathetic and refuses to give him the requested 14 days to bury his father.

No one at work likes her, she has just dumped her boyfriend and is on bad terms with both her best friend and father when she is kidnapped. The question is WHO DUN IT?


Love Emem bad but hated the drawn out singing scene at the beginning of the movie. It seemed pointless like she was just trying to do Darlene a favour by showcasing her *yawn* singing. We see Darlene at a garden party singing, but yet there is a full backing track with ad libs, so the whole scene is not even based in reality and resembles a music video. I felt that if Emem and Darlene (since she also was involved in the script) wanted to promote Darlene’s music, then the beginning of the movie was not the place to do it. If it absolutely HAD to be in the movie they should have saved it for the end credits where we can all just switch off if we choose to.

The whole singing thing was kinda reminiscent of the drawn out Stella singing in a nightclub scenes in Behind Closed Doors (Oh yeah where on earth is Part 3?) except that was more appropriate because she was a main character and she was playing a club singer.

The sound in this movie is horrible… The soundtrack is much louder than the dialogue which means that your finger has to be constantly on the volume button if you don’t want your neighbours to come and smash your windows in revenge for noise pollution.

The dramatic and gripping scenes between Stephanie and Chidi made up for most of the movies flaws, and when they were locked in the room together we didn’t have to hear any overbearing brash soundtrack music. It was a very passionate convincing performance by Stephanie and an above average performance by Chidi.

The character development was good. We see a slow change in attitude from both Jake and Josephnie and exactly how it comes about. Jospehine is being broken down by Jake and even though she shows a vulnerable side she still has that tough attitude that does not completely leave her. At the same time we see Jake softening towards her when he sees her vulnerable side. Very often in Nollywood we see a character go from one extreme to another and no idea how it happened, so kudos to Emem and Darlene for the characterisation.

We see Jake try and break down Jospehine’s defences and expose her human side, through a series of “lessons.” When she gives him attitude we see him slap her across the face and tell her that she “needs to be greatful to god for [your] wealth and comfortable life.” This was funny to me… a kidnapper and woman beater telling someone about god. Na wa o!


Where does Josephine urinate when she is in that room for days and days? Jake is pumping her full of water and still no weeing, no bucket or even a mention of it.

Why does Jake carry out the kidnapping with the girl he had the one night stand with? He was supposed to be distancing himself from her. He knew that she wanted more with him and it could only turn out badly in the end.

At the end we see Daddy and Lillian together on an opposite sofa where Jake and Josphine are sitting. What Nigerian girl in Nigeria would be French kissing her man like that in front of her daddy? Not a peck full tongues? Eiwoooo!

I would recommend the film. The characterisation was good and there was a good build up of tension and suspense particularly in the scene where Jospehine first runs away from captivity. On the downside the film was kind of predictable that from the very beginning it was obvious that Jake and Josephine were going to be drawn together somehow some way. There were also too many fast forward moments, scenes in restaurants with music playing and no dialogue were common place and unnecessary.

**419 WARNING**

My film was sold as two parts when in fact on closer inspection it was a one part film split up and (Disc 1 and Disc 2) sold in separate packaging. Don’t fall prey to these tactics like I did. You have been warned!

Has anyone seen this film before? I would love to know. The back cover said 2008 but it didn’t feel like a new film to me. I have a feeling it is an old film that has being repackaged and sold under a different title. If anyone can confirm this please do!

All by Myself

All by Myself

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All By Myself ~ 2008 (Magic Moment ~ 2004)
Story/ Screenplay – Ada Ani
Director – Ifeanyi Okoli

Desmond Elliot – Don
Stephanie Okereke – Joy
Yomi Abiodun – Peter
Stephanie Salawe – Anita
Barbara Michel – Babe
Hakeem Rahman – Native Doctor/ “Astrologer”
Emeka Ojukwu – Emeka
Henry Abbah – Ade
Christy Okonkwo – Mama
Maureen Molokwu – Bianca
Abdul Adekunle – Boy
Don Richards – Sergeant
Chinwe Jideofor – Ufoma
Jessica Chibuezeoke – Angel
Nicole Nwadike – Princess

Themes Explored:

My Rating 32%

My first impressions of this film were not good at all. During the credits the sound was cutting in and out as well as the music abruptly changing without fading. Na wa O! The picture quality is so amazingly bad and the camera shots all wonky that I had to remove the disc and inspect it to see if it was in fact a copy. It seemed not to be from the fact that the film title was etched in the inside of the disc. I proceed watching the film and keep my fingers crossed.

The film opens with Ron (played by Desmond) and Anita (played by Stephanie Salawe) having an argument in public on campus. We find out that Anita has been Ron’s girlfriend of four years. He put her through school only to turn up and find her cavorting with another guy and brazenly denying her relationship with Ron to his face.

Desmond is excellent at displaying his character’s heartbreak shock and anger effortlessly screaming “Heiiiiwwwoooooo!” all the while grabbing her and exclaiming, “You will marry me… IT’S A LIE… You will marry me!”

Right at the beginning after the argument scene we have long drawn out beach/horseriding scenes *YAWN* Don is reminiscing and pining for the girl that he did all those lovey dovey things with not the ruthless man hungry campus chick she turned into.

So from Ron pining for Anita we jump straight into a scene cuddled up with his wife Joy. Yeah I said it WIFE. I was thinking “Huh?” Where the hizell did she come from? We didn’t see them meeting or falling in love. We didn’t see anything. No note across the bottom of the screen. Nothing! WHERE WAS THE TRANSITION?

We find out the Ron has been married to Joy for five years and that she helped to retain him with the help of a witchdoctor AKA Astrologist. Yes in this movie they were calling the witch doctor an astrologer! Life is pretty much hunky dory until Anita comes back o the scene declaring undying love for Ron and causing mayhem in the process… and so the drama begins!


We see another depiction of poor female friendship. I mean from watching these films you would think that true female friendship did not exist in Nigeria at least any friendship that includes trust. When the “astrologist” decides that he wants Joy for himself Joy’s friend Babe (I know which kind name be dis?) colludes with him to snatch Ron. Joy approaches Babe with her suitcase, homeless and distressed. Instead of offering her a place to stay Babe gives her money to put up in a hotel telling her that he fiancé is due back that night. Fiancé indeed! She then persuades Ron to move in and they begin a love affair. Barbara Michel who plays Babe was good in her role. I have not seen her before but she seemed to be a natural.


Ron is meant to move in with the house girl and kids but we see no sign of them at all.

There is a scene depicting the morning after Babe and Ron’s night of passion. Babe wakes up and starts coughing vigorously. Ron rushes out of the room. You would imagine that he is going to fetch a glass of water, but NO he brings back a roll of loo paper. This is a WTF moment! Now get this! She breaks off a piece and begins blotting her cheek and chin. She then stuffs the same sweaty piece of tissue into the hole in the roll. HUH? HUH? HUH? This is madness.

The ending was ridiculous. Don’s actions were blamed on the women doing charms on him so in that sense he was excused for the despicable way in which he treated Joy. We then find out that the whole film was just a “bad dream” (which it really kinda was) and in reality Joy and Don’s marriage is perfect.


Overall I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND the film. The 32% rating was for Desmond and Stephanie’s and to a lesser extent Barbara’s performances. Stephanie Salawe who played Anita was dreadful, totally unconvincing and insincere. It seemed like she tried but it was just not working. In fact maybe she was trying to hard.

The sound is appalling. Background noise rules many scenes and it is as though the volume is going on a roller coaster ride, dipping down low for extra effect. The music from the soundtrack is played extraordinarily loud and it is extra annoying because the music is outdated. Added to that on more than one occasion you hear the loud static noises from a mobile phone about to ring. To hear it once was unforgiveable but TWICE was taking the biscuit. They should have reshot the scenes or turned the mobile off! I am amazed that this film was made in 2008. Somehow nothing about the production says 2008. UPDATE: I did some research and found out this film was previously called Magic Moment and released in 2004! … Hmm… even worse they repackaged it as a 2008 film. This is just utterly despicable!

Ok so I’ve talked about the piss poor production, but get this, not only that but they were also duping the movie buyers. Believe me 419 is alive and well in Nollywood! You see Tonto Dikeh on the cover right? I mean that is Tonto? Or am I imagining things? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Tonto’s bright azz face (no offence) is emblazoned across the cover and she is nowhere to be found in either parts 1 and 2. Which kind nonsense be this? Seriously in this day and age marketers are using these lame down low tactics. She does not even have a waka pass role. This kind of deception is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The film was watchable to a certain degree but ultimately the bad picture quality, the sound problems and the deception just annoyed me greatly. The story line was ok until you got to the end and they came out with the “ooooh it was all a dream plot.” That just had me wondering what the whole point of the film really was and wondering whether the person who wrote it knew the point? Did the director know the point? Did the producers know the point? On the plus side Desmond and Stephanie did well and were convincing in their roles.

Dangerous Gamble

Dangerous Gamble

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Dangerous Gamble (2008)
Also known as Gambling with Marriage
Story – Chioma Okegbuna
Screenplay – Willie Ajenge
Director – Willie Ajenge

Van Vicker – Kojo
Jake Aernan – Ben
Stephanie Okereke – Ifeoma
Nadia Buari – Imelda
Ejiro Okurame – Doris
Doris Sackitey – Mrs Kwame
John Okwugo – Job
Emmanuel Emoabino – John
Daniel Smith – David
Nabil Meizongo – Sani
Jake Aryee – Frank
Kelvin Moore – Joe
Liz Duru – Mrs Kwame’s daughter

Themes Explored:
Arranged Marriage
Marriage of convenience
Gender Roles
Gender Identity
Unrequited Love

My Rating: 75%

Ifeoma is a tomboy and dressing like and acting like a man is getting her into serious trouble at home. On one occasion she is beat up by a guy who sees her out with her sister Imelda. She bumps into this guy by accident and a fight ensues because he has been trying to toast Imelda and feels that Ifeoma is cockblocking. On another occasion their house is stoned by thugs and it appears to be Ifeoma’s fault, although that is never made clear why. Her mother becomes sick with stress and worry and so plans to marry her off as quickly as possible.

She feels that if she gets married and bears children “she will feel more like a woman” and cease her “unruly behaviour.” She cooks up a plot with Ifeoma’s youngest sister to find her a man. Ifeoma is informed of her fate and becomes enraged at her mother’s archaic suggestion. She does not feel ready to marry and also holds the belief that men are only after one thing, which is sex. Being a tomboy she is more interested in being friends with guys, riding motorbikes and watching football. The struggle between mother and daughter has just began and Ifeoma makes the dangerous gamble of running away one night.


Ifeoma runs off to Ben’s house, the guy that beat her up in one of the initial scenes. The plan is for her to persuade him to marry her in a sort of business deal arrangement so that she will be free of her mother’s interference. I for one was thinking that they did not even really have a friendship so why would she go to his house? Yes he brought a motorbike around to her house after the fight took place but even that was strange. He claimed that he got her address from “around” and that he just had to see her because he liked her. Why on earth would he like her with that one tumultuous encounter all he had to go by?

Let us look at the facts. Number one; he thought she was a man to begin with and that was after looking up close in her face, so why on earth would you want to be with a woman that just the day before you believed was a man unless you are a homosexual? Number two; You just beat this girl up and she too punched you in retaliation. What about that makes you want to get with this woman? Number three; the reason you beat her up in the first place was primarily because you wanted to get with her sister. So what in that ONE DAY made you forget about the sister that you were toasting and move onto the “man” that you fought with?

So Ben brings the motorbike to Ifeoma’s house and their previous misunderstanding is completely forgotten. This is strange since just before Ben came she was talking with her sister and sister’s boyfriend David how men are useless and not to be trusted and then all of a sudden you are riding around on a motorbike with the guy that beat you up in his effort to get with your sister? Cuh-razy! I’m taking it the passion that she had for the motorbike made her forget everything! This is the only thing we see of Ifeoma and Ben’s relationship before she runs off to his house, so that whole thing was a little bit strange to say the least.

I don’t know how old Jake Aernan is but it was implied that he had recently graduated from university. To me he just looked too old to have recently graduated couple with the fact that he looked at least ten years older than his peers. What’s up with that? There was no mention of him being a mature student!

I was loving Van Vicker in his role as Kojo, he really shined and the role gave him the opportunity to showcase his acting abilities. He played Ben’s sidekick and confidant. He was witty, confident and charismatic, a side of him that he doesn’t get to show often with these wet doormat one dimensional characters he keeps playing.

Stephanie was good in her role as a tomboy but to me she came across more lesbianish that anything else. If anything I would imagine people think her a lesbian not a tomboy. She was believable in the role that she was playing but GEEZ STOP WITH THE FORCED AMERICAN ACCENT ALREADY!!! The other thing to mention with regards to her character is that it was inconceivable for Ben to be up close to her and think that she is a man. Yes she wore a baseball cap and baggy clothing but she still had arched eyebrows, an earring in EACH EAR and make up! What men in Nigeria wear make up, pluck their eyebrows and an earring in each ear? NONSENSE!

Ejiro Okurame was brilliant as Doris the scheming scandalous chick that Kojo enlists to help Ben carry out his plan to make Ifeoma jealous and win her heart. Again in this film we see examples of how not to conduct a friendship as we see Doris’ friend try and get with her fiance while she is running about town scheming on how she can snare Ben for herself.

I would recommend this film. I see too Willie Ajenge has stepped up his game tremendously since TWIST OF FATE. Despite the flaws that existed the storyline was somewhat original and there was an engaging subplot. It was enjoyable to watch and there were many parts that made me laugh out loud. Van Vicker was on top form and pretty much the whole cast did a good job (Daniel Smith was overdoing his part, but he was a minor character so it didn’t detract from the film) I must warn you though this film was also released also under the title Gambling with Marriage. I wish they would stop doing that because it is annoying to find out you have bought the same film twice all because some greedy witches and wizards want to capitalise on profit by any means necessary.