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House Of Gold

House Of Gold

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House of Gold ~ 2009
Story – Nana Ama Mcbrown & Chugbo V Aniowo
Screenplay – Nana Ama McBrown
Director – Nana Ama McBrown

Omar Sheriff Captan – Henry
Kofi Adjorlolo – Papa Mona
Jackie Appiah – Anna
Nana Ama McBrown – Mona
Abdul Rahim Abu – John
Akwasi Amo – Nat
Barbara Ofosu – Young Mona
Fred Owusu Boakye – Young John
Steven A Aseidu – Washing Bay Owner
Isaac Asare – Postman

Marriage of Convenience

My Rating 7%

Henry has been working in a company for ten years as a manager. One day he is approached by his boss who offers him his only child, Mona in marriage, as a sort of bonus for his loyalty to the company. Mona’s father leaves Henry to think over the idea, as Henry is shocked upon hearing the suggestion. He ends up taking up the offer in the end but is unhappy in the marriage and so hires a young hunk to seduce his wife. He wants a divorce but does not want to be the one to initiate it, perhaps because of some financial loss he may incur.


Let me just say that this movie is just abysmally bad, as bad as Van Vickers’s Friday Night bad. BAD BAD BAD. We are talking about the same sort of levels. If you read this and then go on and watch it you cannot say that you were not warned! You only have yourself to blame. The opening scene is the best bit about what I watched. From there it is just downwards.

Henry is shocked about being offered his boss’ daughter. It doesn’t seem like much of a reward, or else we would see him jumping for joy or at least looking pleased. From this scene the film fast forwards ahead. We can assume it is years but it isn’t really made clear. There is no transition. We see Henry enter his compound to face and angry wife who approached him screaming about some “cheap wine” that he bought her.

It is unexpected and no reason is given to why his wife is like this. We do not even find out that they are married until later on. I suppose this scene is supposed to show us, the viewer how unbearable Mona is for Henry to deal with, so this will excuse his behaviour when he later puts the wheels in motion to end the marriage.

From here we have a whole 7/8 minutes or so of Henry cruising the streets in his car, playing Tupac Shakur and bobbing his head. Yes I love Tupac, but if I want to listen to him I have his albums that I can listen to at my leisure. To watch this in a movie is very boring to say the least. I got the feeling that this whole thing was to showcase the car. 3 seconds is enough oooo! We have seen the car. Yes it’s a very nice car. Convertible… oooh. Wow! Lovely. We do not need to see endless driving. We do not need to see the opening of the gate and the car’s grand entrance into the compound and we do not need to see the entire process of the closing of the convertible roof. Which kind of nonsense is this?

Henry goes to a carwash and decides that he wants to hire the guy who is washing cars, John to seduce his wife. He doesn’t let him know straight away, only stating that he wants him to carry out a “mission.” I guess this whole mystery of the task at hand was to create suspense, but it just seemed stupid and poorly thought out. The guy is going to quit his job to go with a random guy with no inkling of the task at hand? Yeah right. Ok.

He approaches the owner and asks him why John is washing cars. Is it not a job? What kind of stupid question is that? It is so out of place for Henry to ask the car wash owner that as John did not do anything to dazzle Henry with any brilliance. They only greet each other so what could he possibly have deduced from that? Henry at no point even mentions any attributes that elevates the guy above car washer status. It would have made sense if he hired him on physical appearances, but that is never hinted towards.

John becomes the driver and car washer and we learn that he and Mona have some history, dating during their school days. Mona is still acting crazy smashing things. It is very strange it doesn’t even make sense why she is always angry. At one point they have the seducer John washing Henry’s car. He is wearing a cowry shell necklace, batty riders, (no lie dude is wearing butt skimming jean cut offs) one tight vest and contact lenses. WTF??? Looking like some exotic dancer FOR MEN. Mona smashes a glass at him while he is washing the car looking like he’d be more at home on a skripper pole and I’m not surprised. The whole thing is a mess.

Even though Mona and John are married they don’t sleep in the same room. One night she asks John to come to bed and he tells her,

“Darling I always tell you it’s not good for people living under the same roof to sleep in the same room.”

WTF??? I have never heard of such a thing. Nana Ama McBrown how did you think you could just put that in a script and not give any explanations with regards to it?

Speaking of the script it was awful. The speech didn’t flow; it was not natural at all. The story was jumping all over the place and not making a whole lot of sense (up to where I watched at least.) The onscreen picture was so overexposed and bright that Nana Ama’s face looked like a big fat moon most of the time.

There was a lot of badly matched music in the movie. I can see that they tried to use it to build up tension but it failed miserably. The music was too bold for a lot of the scenes and Omar Sheriff was generally lacking in passion and conviction. Dude was just reading lines. The sound was poor. There were times when the sound would be cut off completely for a second or two and very often there was loud background noise like wind and traffic.

I would not recommend this movie, even if I were paid to. I almost got to the end of part 1 before I gave up. I cannot even express the awfulness of this movie fully. Just do not even bother with it. It’s not even worth it for a laugh


My Darling Princess

My Darling Princess

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My Darling Princess ~ 2009
Story – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi
Screenplay – Tai Emeka Obasi
Director – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi (Mr Hollywood)

Muna Obiekwe – Ikeobi
Stephanie Okereke – Princess Funmi
Enebeli Elebuwa – Oba
Eucharia Anunobi – Ijeoma
Omar Sheriff Captain – BJ
Vicky Zugah – Lola
Kelvin Books – Segun
Ngozi Nwosu – Bola
Mercy Obi – Waitress
Kelvin Ikeduba – King’s thug
Richard Amaechi – Dr
Obasi Nancy – Nurse
Prince Kelly – Inspector
Okey Onyewuenyi – Policeman
Dimeji Ishola – Waiter
Julias Emam – Oba Gateman


My Rating 40%

The Yoruban Princess of Ijekuta and an Ibo boy fall in love. In fact it is love at first sight. Her father will not allow her to marry a man from any other tribe as she will one day become Queen and her husband will become King. In his mind accepting a stranger as his daughter’s husband will taint their lineage,

“Our custom does not allow for people to bring foreigners to join with royal blood in our own land.”

For this reason the relationship starts off a secret one and when both parents find out about it they are vehemently against it. Ike’s mother brands the princess, “A prostitute” for rendez-vousing with her son in a hotel room, declaring,

“Of all the girls in lagos; you entangle with a Yoruba girl,”

and the King brands Ikeobi as “useless” and “unserious” for the same reasons. The older generation on both sides have deeply ingrained prejudices. Their love becomes one big battle to fight against their respective families.


The princess is feeling lonely and befriends one of her maids to make her sole confidant. Vicky Zugah’s entire performance is kind of lifeless and why oh why is a maid wearing fake lashes? Er hello This ain’t no beauty pageant Vicky. I wonder if she just came on set with them or she was instructed to wear them. Either way it was ridiculous.

Ike is a musician and has a performance, where he needs to perform a duet, why? We don’t know? This whole musician storyline was pointless and mostly nonsensical, bar the comic moments when Ike and his friend get some girls in to audition. They are all dreadful to the point where you will howl with laughter. The funniest is when a tone deaf girl attempts to sing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable with the enthusiasm of a corpse. Ike models himself on Simon Cowell, coming out with the comic put downs at rapid pace.

There were a few nice touches very far and few between and excellent performances from both Enebeli Elebuwa and Eucharia Anunobi. I particularly liked the scene where Enebeli arrives at Eucharia’s home to warn her to warn her son to stay away from his daughter. Many sterotypes that Ibos hold about Yorubas and vice versa were exposed via insults. As someone who is not too aware of all the stereotypes clouding each tribe I found this quite informative. It seems like Yorubas cling onto tradition more than Ibos, whereas Ibos are more interested in making money and look down on Yorubas that hang on to Royal Kingdoms as lazy and not forward thinking enough to garner wealth for themselves. Eucharia’s character makes fun of the king by putting him alongside other monarchs who are internationally recognised,

“Duke of Edinburgh!”
“Sheikh of Saudi Arabia!”

This scene and the audition scenes were the best in the whole movie. Most of the rest was a drag.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this movie. The musician storyline was pointless, befriending the maid was pointless and in fact watching it was pretty much pointless too. The movie was boring and poorly though out. This storyline has been rehashed over and over again so if one is going to go into it again there has to be a twist, or something that makes it stand out above all the other parents won’t let kid marry because of social class/ status/ wealth/ tribe religion stories. Yes it did highlight tribalism which is a very important issue, but on a grand scale this one failed. Don’t bother!