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Perfect Angel

Perfect Angel

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Perfect Angel ~ 2009

Story, Screenplay, Director – Willie Ajenge
Producer – Andy Nnawuihe
(Stone Gold Productions)

Nadia Buari – Jane
John Dumelo – Brown
Emeka Ike – Ken
Jake Aernan – Frank
Alero George – Mrs Ben
Queen Okocha – Rose
Psalm Ajefefio – Chief Ben
Emmanuel Amah – Jane’s Father
Emmanuel Emoabino – Aide 1
Dan Smith – Aide 2
Fauziya Hussein – Betty
Selma Mumin – Janet
Edmund Quarshie – Chemist

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 59%

Ken lives a life of crime and during a botched robbery attempts ends up wounded and bleeding to death in some remote fields. Jane comes across him and takes it upon herself to take him for treatment effectively saving his life. Jane lives with her extremely strict father and once he hears tales of his daughter with a mystery man he flips out and a fight between Jane and her father ensues. In the fracas Jane ends up shooting her father and ends up going on the run with Ken who convinces her that her life will not be worth living when other family members find out. Jane steals some money that her father had kept in the house and flees to the city with Ken. At first it appears that this charming stranger is her saviour, but in fact he turns out to be anything but everything changes when the money runs out and soon he is Jane finds herself living a nightmare instead of a dream.


There were quite a few instances where things happened and I would just shake my head at the TV like WTF? These were things that veered away from realism in the movie. Let me list them here:

1) Jane is being flogged by her father and we hear these loud harsh sound effects. For whippings so brutal you would expect her face and body to move more than they did, as well as for her to make some noises louder than the small whimpers that she makes. After the beatings which were also meted out to her face, her skin looks flawless, no redness at all.

2) The fight scene at the end which should be quite serious is made quite comical and unrealistic by loud over the top sound effects.

3) Jane is sent by Ken to go and collect her belongings as well as all the money in the house. She walks to the doorway and there is a small suitcase right there which she grabs. How fake is that? How is the suitcase gonna be ready packed AND in the doorway and there is no reference as to why that is so?

4) When Jane and Ken arrive at the hotel in the city Ken says to Jane, “Goodness your eyes are almost swollen shut,” in a reference to the crying that she had supposedly been doing. Please tell me why the camera pans to Nadia and she is sitting there with her eyes looking how they always looked, no swelling plus mascara and eyeliner perfectly applied?

5) The scene when the Jane and Ken set up the camera in the cupboard so they can blackmail Chief Ben is a bust. The camera is way too high up and it wasn’t even at an angle to capture anything but a wall.

6) Brown is seeing mother and daughter. Why didn’t the daughter Betty know he is with her mother after the scene where her mother brings him home in a drunken stupor? Brown told the mother that the daughters had seen him and knew that he was sleeping with her and was cool with it. That whole situation did not make sense to me at all.

7) The story Brown spun to Mrs Ben was not convincing at all. What fool would believe that story? He tells the mother that he had been coming around to the house every day because he liked her and was gaining her mothers approval. What a load of bull!

CHIEF CHIEF! See Chief Ben with the wickedest lyrics. In his bid to try and woo Jane and make her become second wife he tells her,

“I can buy you happiness. Don’t believe what they tell you, yes money can buy happiness!” Can you imagine? A guy actually trying to persuade a woman that she should marry him for money. He has no confidence at all in the attractiveness of his physical or mental being. What a shame. Kind of reminds me of the 50 Cent song, “Have a baby by me… baby be a millionaire…” SAD.

In the end Chief dies of shock. I was a little disappointed with that because in the Nollywood scenario this is a very common occurrence and very unoriginal. Funny in real life I have never known of someone to die of shock. Seriously how common is it for someone who is reasonably healthy to die of shock? We were not told that Chief Ben has a pre-existing heart condition or anything else similar so what gives?

A scene that will surely make you laugh is Emeka Ike in drag. Many of Nollywood’s finest have donned a frock and a face full of makeup so why not Emeka aye?

I was happy when Jane met Frank. It seemed that at last Ken was out of the picture and she had a chance of happiness with a decent man who seemed to truly love her ALAS! it was not meant to be as Ken was like a rash that had not been properly dealt with… He just kept on coming back! With regards to Jane’s new man Frank I thought it was absolute rudeness that his employee referred to Jane as a “piece of ass.” How rude is that. I am surprised Frank did not deal with her severely,

Drug Portrayal

Bravo for whoever did the research to get the crackpipe right. It was a good portrayal of a man hittin on a pipe… Don’t ask me how I know!


We learn something in this movie about the importance of never compromising on your moral stance. Compromising a little can turn into compromising a lot and eventually you can become a person that you don’t even like or recognise. Jane agrees to sleep with men for money as per Ken’s request. It is not that she even wants or cares about the money but she does it for his benefit because she believes that he loves her and she feels indebted to him. Sacrificing her body for him only leads to a lack of respect to the extent that we see Ken messing with other chicks in the hotel room that he shares with Jane.


This movie will make you ask the question, what is love? In the end Ken declares his love for Nadia and claims that he too cannot live without her, yet at the same time every time he would come back to take her away from Frank’s house he was always preoccupied with collecting money. To the viewer it would seem that he loved money more than anything else. Was he mistaking a sick obsession for love? I believe true pure love won in the end and we see Jane take a bullet for the right man, even though Ken had tried to taint her name by digging up her past misdeeds Ken was willing to accept her whole as she was and for that acceptance she was willing to risk her life for him.

The Title

I thought that the title was wholly appropriate. Jane was the perfect angel on paper when she met Ken. She was upright and moral and saved his life. She acted as his angel. Chief Ben had the perception of Jane being the perfect Angel, despite the fact that her life was already littered with immoral acts, what with her stories of virtuosity and being a Pastor’s daughter. Frank too saw Jane as his perfect Angel and although at this time she had taken drugs, sold her body, killed her father, he saw past her imperfections and in her imperfection she was still his perfect angel.

I would recommend this movie because it does get more interesting as the story progresses. After the first ten minutes I was ready to turn off. It seemed like a lot of action that wasn’t particularly well done what with the first scenes involving Ken and his gang with the botched robbery attempt. I am glad, however that I stuck with it. There is a good lesson to be learnt in that someone can be perfect for you despite their imperfections. Actions do not define a person’s whole being. Sometimes there is a strong back-story as to why a person undertakes certain behaviours. It was a nice ending in that Jane, through Ken’s death was given her life back, was re-united with her father and he was able to forgive her.


My Ghana Angel

My Ghana Angel

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My Ghana Angel ~ 2010
Repackaged as THE DIARY

Story/Screenplay – Uncredited
Director – Harrison Arokor, Felix Owusu Yeboah
Producer – Harrison Arokor

Nadia Buari – Candy
Julia Arokor – Kay
Yaw Gyamfi – Jonathan
Nash Alexis Smith – Jude
G-Ime Origboye – Sandra
Uchenna Chukwunta – Phillip
Sarah Adedeyi Oyinlola – Ruby
Bolanle Olawoyim Emilia – Pearl

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 58%

Candy is in love with JJ, her perfect dream man and is the envy of all her friends. While her best friend Kay ends up unknowingly falling for and getting pregnant and dumped by a married man her relationship with JJ goes from strength to strength. From nowhere JJ suddenly cuts off contact with Candy. She is not given any explanation and after a while has no option but to deal with the fact that he is no longer part of her life and throws herself into helping Kay raise her little girl Ruby.

Kay is a single mother after being left in the lurch by her married man. She finds it hard to trust men because of her past and so even though she is not in love with her fiancé Jonathan she sticks with him as he serves as a sort of security blanket and she knows that he is a good man that will not hurt her. However she is ready to put her “safe” relationship at risk when she bumps into a mystery guy called Jude one day on the street. From the day she meets him she cannot stop fantasising about him and is more than delighted when he turns up at her place of work as an employee. They embark on a friendship and start getting closer before a blast from the past comes to disrupt everything.


Things that did not ring true for me

The story about JJ going to jail and not being able to get in contact with Candy did not ring true for me. A whole four years and he supposedly could not get in contact with her. So I am taking it his whole family didn’t know where he was either. He was dead to the world right? They do not have phones in jail do they? I don’t buy it. Candy had not moved, she was still living in the same place, doing the same things. There was not even any mention in the movie of her phone number changing so why was it so hard for him to get in contact with her?

Candy and Kay are best friends I thought that as a best friend Candy should have picked up more on the fact that Kay was no ways in love with Jonathan. I mean come on! She was getting married to the guy and she was not in the slightest bit excited. Ok we know that you think that he is a good guy and he is a good stabilising influence, but he did mot make her happy. In fact every time she was around him he was on a downer. As a best friend she should have not got upset when Kay told her about the “mystery guy.” I would expect that sort of reaction from a more distant friend not a best friend that knew her like a sister.

In the beginning of part 2 there is a scene where Jonathan sees Kay and Jude together and proceeds to punch Jonathan’s lights out. This scene was so far from what was realistic that it had me cracking up. Jonathan is congratulating Kay on her engagement and they hug. Fair enough, but then they hug again, come apart and then hug again and again. Four spontaneous hugs in a row. Who does that? It has to be seen to be believed. I’m not surprised he got beat up. It would have been sufficient to just show us one congratulations hug. We would have gotten the point AND it would have been more realistic.

Relationships in the movie

When Kay moved in with Jude I thought that he had a cheek asking her if she still loved him when he was clearly still trying to get back with Candy. What would be the point in letting her reveal her feelings when you know that you are still after her best friend? I couldn’t even figure the guy out. He was sorta acting like he liked her but then at the same time when Candy came back into his life he didn’t give her feelings a second thought or have any guilt at all. They had clearly been becoming more than friends yet when Candy came back the relationship that had been forming between them was never discussed. Why didn’t Candy ever mention it or did she not know anything about it. Wouldn’t Kay have told her that the hunk she had bumped into had started working at her place?

You have to give it to him the guy is most definitely bold. He was calling Candy non stop every day and at the same time running after Kay asking her why she was running from him. ER HELLO! Why wouldn’t she run from you? She knows that if she looks at you she will succumb to your seductiveness and she does not want to put herself in any more trouble, after already being made homeless!

I didn’t feel like Kay betrayed Candy because as soon as she found out that Jude was in fact JJ she backed off completely and began to put her feelings on paper as a way of dealing with the hurt. It was a tricky situation. What would you do in such a scenario? I liked the movie ending with forgiveness; it was very simplistic but made you feel satisfied. However, could it really have gone down like that in real life? I feel that the ending needed more development before coming to the forgiveness for it to feel real.


Ghanaians are just throwing out these hotties left right and centre. There is now a new one to join the pack. Nash Alexis Smith is hot hot hot but his acting leaves a lot to be desired. He is very amateurish but hopefully in time he can improve a la Ramsey Noah. His case is not totally hopeless like some other actors and actresses who shall remain nameless.

Julia Arakor was excellent. This was my first time seeing her in a movie and I must say I was highly impressed. I look forward to seeing more from her. She kinda reminded me of Nse Ikpi Etim in the way that she looked as well as her mannerisms. Loove love looove the black silk Japanese style dressing gown that she wore throughout the movie. In fact I used to have one just like it… I digress…


The music started off well but descended into chaos. I loved the Spanish style music that they played when Kay was falling for Jude, it exuded romance but then from there it was downhill. Too many different styles of music were played and it didn’t always fit in with the scene. We got to hear operatic, 70’s porn, Mexican, marching band, majestic…  it was a bit messy.

The Title

I wondered what the significance of the title was; My Ghana Angel. It just sounds wrong. Even if it were changed to the more grammatically correct My Ghanaian Angel, what would it mean? Who was the angel and what has being Ghanaian got to do with it since they were all Ghanaian anyway?

I liked this movie and would recommend it. The beginning was a tad slow but it picked up a lot later on. My favourite scene was the one where Jonathan finds Kay’s diary and it about to expose the secret to Candy. Both Nadia and Julia were exceptional and very believable in this scene, the build up of tension had me at the edge of the sofa. Although it has a very amateurish feel to it, it was enjoyable to watch and there was some very good performances, scenes in which you were totally immersed into where you would forget that you were watching a movie. Watch it… You may like it.

The King is Mine

The King is Mine

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The King Is Mine ~ 2009 
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

Starring :
Jackie Appiah – Rose
Nadia Buari – Louisa
John Dumelo – King Duala
Kofi Adjorlolo – Agyemang
Kalsum Sinari – Esther
Eddie Nartey – Justice
Amanorbei Opoku Boakye –
Eve Asare – Cecilia
Luckie E Lawson – Queen Serwa
Helen Asante – Sandy
Omar de 1st – Clint
Roger Quartey – Messenger
Moses Lamptey – Boateng

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 39%

The King has chosen Rose to be his new bride, despite the fact that she already hs a fiance. It is a love triangle in that while the King is after Rose, Rose’s sister Louise is after him. Louise is bitter that the King chose her sister when she was the one that firstly expressed interest in him. When it becomes apparent that the Prince has no interest in her whatsoever the already fraught relationship between the sisters reaches breaking point. Although Rose is at first reluctant to begin a relationship with the King she eventually relents, dumping her fiance and seemingly really falling in love. This relationship with the King is soon in jeapoardy at the hands of her jealous and vengeful sister.


Here I am going to list all the questions I had while watching this movie, since I had so many:

Why do Jackie’s eyes keep changing colour? Not only is she Rainbow Brite in her dressing, but now her eyes too?

We see the King handing Jackie a Cerruti 1881 box with a piece of jewellery in it. They may have been founded in 1881 but they sure didn’t have boxes like that in 1881! The modern day jewellery does not seem to go with the olden day set. So when on earth is the movie supposed to be set?

The shakespearian language used would suggest it is set in olden times but then if in fact the movie is set in modern times as the jewellery would suggest then why wouldn’t the King just to a DNA test on Jackie’s baby once it was born?

The digital camera used in the movie by the maid to photograph Louisa and Justice further adds to the cunfusion as to when the movie is supposed to be set. So when is the movie supposed to be set I ask?

Queen Serwa tries to persuade the king to save their so called “loving marriage” but what kind of love or affection have we seen between them? In fact there is no chemistry between them and we never even see him speak fondly of her.

Why can’t Queen Serwa be sent away? She was not born into royalty so shouldn’t the King have a say on who should and shouldn’t be his wife?

The King went to all lengths to make Lousia his after growing bored with Rose so why does he not even want to make love to her to the extent that she says she has to force him? After he is forced he is angry with her and himself… WTF?

Louisa begs her brother Justice to impregnate her. I was inceredulous. At this point I am thinking, naaa that can’t be her brother, maybe I got something wrong somewhere, until I hear him say, “this is incest.” They are about to get busy in order for him to impregnate her and she starts kissing him softly. Er why would she be doing all that if he is just trying to impregnate her? Even prostitutes generally don’t kiss. It is supposed to be a means to an end so whats up with all the romancing?

Rose is walking around the place constantly tap tap tapping her wig. Why didn’t Jackie just take the darn thing off and have a good itch instead of doing all that during filming?

Why would Rose have a kid for the King with no marriage? Wasn’t the whole point that she become his wife?

At the end of the movie Louisa is rolling around on the dirt floor wearing a sack dress about to be executed and what do we see on her head but a brand new looking shiny Louis Vuitton scarf? What was that about? It looks so misplaced.

The bit where Louisa stabs herself did not make any sense to me. Wasn’t she just saying how much she wanted to live and begging for her life to be spared? As she is about to be saved she stabs herself and with the knife in her manages to give this whole eloquent speech on pity. Nonsense.


I would not recommend the movie. I did however enjoy the soundtrack and recognised the the voice of the guy singing from some of their other movies. It is not as fast paced or dramatic and Frank and Abdul’s other offerings which added to the poor execution and stiff feel makes it quite an uninteresting watch. It it watchable only if you are interested in carrying out a spot the absurdity exercise.

Behind a Smile

Behind a Smile

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Behind A Smile ~ 2009
Story – Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche
Screenplay – Frank Rajah Arase
Director – Frank Rajah Arase

Majid Michel – Fred
Jim Iyke – Majid
Nadia Buari – Mara
Adaora Ukoh – Maria
Omoni Oboli – Stacey
Jibola Dabo – Chief Darcy
Gloria Young – Lucy
Florence Sunday – Fred’s Mum
Esther Audu – Jenny
Gabriel Okorie – Dr Rex
Tunde Alabi – Dr Sam
Nathaniel George – Dr Ben
Patrick Nnamani – Dr Smith

“Saving Face”

My Rating – 56%

Majid and Fred are as close as brothers but behind behind Majid’s show of brotherly love and concern lurks a sinister nature. Majid comes to live with Fred after a sojourn in Span. He comes back broke, with a hustler mentality and in no time at all he has already set Fred up to be robbed.

Fred is engaged to Stacey but when he meets a beautiful girl in a wheelchair who helps him out in a life or death situation they form a strong friendship and consequently fall madly in love.


Family Relationships
When Fred breaks up with Stacey he has ruined his family’s relationship with hers, and the repercussions are massive. Because he was employed by her family he loses his job and home as does his mother. His mother tells him,

“You have not only brought me shame but pain.”

The relationship break up is a huge strain too on his own relationship with his family.  When Stacey’s mother throws Fred and his mother out of their respective homes the shame that she feels as a result of the break up is used as a justification,

“Do you realise how many dignitaries we invited to the wedding?”

She would prefer them to marry to “save face” in front of others than look at the fact that her daughter has had a lucky escape from marrying a man that could abandon her in the future.

Stacey goes to go and tell her parents that she is going to get married and gives them an invite at the same time. Wouldn’t any decent daughter have mentioned the fact to her parents BEFORE making concrete plans and printing off wedding invitations?


Friendship is about give and take. Fred takes Majid into his home and supports him in his time of need but when the tables are turned Majid is not willing to support his friend and turns his back on him. We see from the beginning that Majid is not a true friend but what is the reason why he behaves the way that he does? He treats Fred more like an enemy. There is nothing to clue us in on this.

Why? Mara supposedly has kidney failure and is in a wheelchair not because her legs don’t work but because she is weak but then she is able to go horse riding. She can barely haul herself onto the bed from the wheelchair when she is about to make love with Fred. Would it not have made sense for her to have just walked the three steps to the bed since she clearly is not THAT weak?

Why? Fred is burnt and OMG do the burns look sooo fake! He looks like he has been placed in a toaster with stuck on sores. Reminded me of the black and white Minstrel days when white men would do black face. This was like a yellow man doing brownface!

Why? A lot of the dialogue sounded like Shakespeare being performed on the big stage, which was kind of weird and sort of inappropriate considering it was a modern day movie.

The story started off really well and then it descended into nonsensical chaos which was quite disappointing. In the movie Majid had always been horrible to Mara or ignored her existence when she used to visit Fred at the house so it did not make sense to me that just out of the blue we see him helping Mara and walking her out of the hospital. Huh when did this happen? The last we saw he was rude to her and had abandoned her boyfriend in his time of need.

The next ridiculous thing that happened was Majid claiming to be in love with Mara. Huh? When did this happen? Where was the build up? We never even saw ONE lingering look… NOTHING! Even more ridiculous was Mara supposedly falling in love with him too! Chineke!

The whole thing was so sudden. It was just like BAM Mara and Majid were a couple and having an affair behind Fred’s back. Then we get introduced to Maria and the story gets even stranger, where does she fit in? This is the first we have seen of her. In that sense the build up of suspense throughout the movie was good. The huge downfall is that those questions were never answered. There were questions constantly on my mind:

Does Majid really love Mara?
Or is he using her?
Why did Majid set Fred up?
Why does Maria feel so used by Majid? What is their story?

I would recommend this movie because on the whole it was wholly entertaining, even the ridiculous parts and Jim Iyke’s thugisms. Major kudos to Majid Michel and Adaorah Ukoh, they were the standouts for me. Adaroah Ukoh is wholly underrated as an actress. She needs to be getting bigger and better roles. I have never seen her fluff up a role I don’t know why she isn’t in more movies and as lead. I did think that by the end of the movie the questions that I had throughout would be answered and to my disappointment they were not. This is where the movie fell down for me. What was the motive behind the characters acting the way that they did? There were so many untied ends. It was as if halfway through the movie focus was just lost.

My Last Ambition

My Last Ambition

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My Last Ambition ~ 2009
(Continuation to Tomorrow Must Wait)
Story – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde & Ibe Victor
Screenplay – Bassey Ubong Nya
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Amanda
Nonso Diobi – Dan
Rukky Sanda – Vanessa
Nadia Buari – Nelly
Michelle Ikegulu – Foxy
Helen Alo – Rubby
Jim Lawson Madueke – Otunba
Kenneth Chukwu – Jide
Livinus Nnochiri – Chief Bernard
Rose Ofuzim – Adaora
Ken Godfrey Achionye – Amokri
Ibe Victor – Doctor
Gladys Okwueshi – Grandma
Ubong Bassey Nya – Segun


My Rating 13%

This movie is the continuation to Tomorrow Must Wait.

In case you didn’t watch TMW Parts 1, 2 and 3 let me give you a quick synopsis:

Dan and Amanda have been a couple since their university days. Amanda sacrificed her own education so that Dan could graduate. Her mother even blames the stresses that she put on her father as the cause of his untimely death. Not only is her father dead but she is estranged from her mother, so Dan is practically her life. Her support seems worth it when on graduation Dan land a plum job in an oil company. He vows to support her as she did him, however things take a turn for the worse when the chairman of the company that he works for makes him a proposal that he just cannot resist.

He proposes that Dan marries his daughter Nelly and in turn inherits the company on his death. From being, a kind and caring young man Dan is transformed into a ruthless, money grabbing nasty piece of work. However Nelly tells her father that Dan is a gold digger and refuses to marry him. Her father comes round to her way of thinking and bans Dan from marrying her, leaving Jide his company in his death.

Tommorrow Must Wait ends badly. Jide (the guy Dan was always battling in the office) inherits the company, only to have it snatched away from him by creditors, and there we have it THE END. We do not know what becomes of Amada and Dan’s relationship or what happens to Nelly.

All in all despite the rubbish ending I liked the movie and would give it 75%. So from something that was a good watch (TMW) turns into something catastrophic and disastrous (MLA). There were a bunch of people involved in the continuation of this movie and not one of them thought to REWORK this trash? Or even bin it all together? I guess you were all out for a quick buck at the expense of US the viewer. SHAME ON YOU! Omotola, how could you even put your name to this? We shall soon be renaming you Ambassador for 419! Nonsense!

I started watching My Last Ambition hoping to see what became of all the characters, and after watching 3 parts for hours on end, what did I have to lose? The answer is A LOT!!!

This is unbelievable. I put in the part one and it is stuff I have watched already! WTH? The part 1 on My Last Ambition covers most of part 2 of TMW and even goes on to part 3. I then went to put the next disc in, to discover that the new footage starts off 11 minutes and 30 seconds into the part 2. WHAT? This is SHOCKING! More than half of this new movie is REPETITION and it gets worse!

So let me cool down and tell the story. We find out Dan has been banned from marrying Nelly and in the first NEW scene we see him calling Vanessa trying to get in touch with Nelly but to no avail, as Vanessa blows him off.

The focus in the continuation seems to be Vanessa and her new friend Ada, also Vanessa’s relationship with her round headed mugu Magnus (His name wasn’t in the credits so I don’t know the name of the actor that played him.) I don’t know why people don’t like Rukky. I think she is quite good and she nailed it in her scenes with her mugu. She played the spoilt gold digger to perfection., demanding money every minutes for any ailment and situation she could imagine up and adding only to every sentence when it looked like Mangus may say no,

“Ah it’s only 2 hundred thousand now! What is it? A mere 2 hundred thousand.”

There is a very funny scene where Jide comes to join his friend Magnus at the restaurant with Vanessa. She has lied and told Magnus her name is Rita, but of course Jide recongnises her as they used to work together before she got fired after it was discovered she had forged her degree certificate. Jide calls her Vanessa and she insists her name is Rita to which Jide replies,

“Vanessa have you suddenly become born again and you’ve changed your name to Rita?”

Vanessa holds her own and sticks to the story until the end cussing both men out while sticking to the Rita story, before grabbing her drinks and storming out of the restaurant.

All this stuff with Vanessa and her mugu is very entertaining but still I am wondering to myself. What happened to Nelly, Dan and Amanda?

Toward the end of the movie Vanessa’s friend Ada is heartbroken by her “fiancé” who she finds out was seeing her cousin. Vanessa tells her the story of Amanda and Daniel, how close they were and how it fell apart. We see her tell the story in a series of flashbacks. As you can imagine by now I am P-I-S-S-E-D! A whole 20 minutes playing footage from part 1. (Not forgetting all the other repetition previously mentioned). These people cannot be serious! After all the flashbacks the camera pans to Rukky’s face and she says the words,

“And so Did Amanda love Daniel.”



Absolutely ludicrous!!! THAT WAS IT? 5 whole parts I sat through!

I would definitely NOT recommend this movie. Watch Tomorrow Must Wait and leave it there. I wasn’t sure whether to give it no rating, but in the end decided on 13% for the entertainment factor in Rukky’s performance. Ooh and let me mention this loud music playing when people are speaking needs to stop! Some of us have neighbours and cannot be blasting the TV at top volume and pressing our ears up to speakers every time you decide to do this. NON-SENSE.

Bad Egg

Bad Egg

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Bad Egg
Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay – Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Justus Esiri – Douglas
Desmond Elliot – Samuel
Ngozi Ezeonu – Lolo
Stephanie Okereke – Steph
Nadia Buari – Winnie
Queen Nwokoye – Edna
Fabian Adibe – Igwe
Clement Okino – Winston
Junior Pope – Kunle
Browny Igboegwu – Stanley
Godswill Anuke – Rubuen
Ifeanyi Ezeh – Gabby

Themes Explored:
Sibling Rivalry
Class and Status

My Rating: 29%

Steph and Winnie are sisters back from studying at Harvard in the USA to run their father’s company. Steph is the “bad egg” with her incessant drinking, smoking and waywardness. Winnie on the contrary is the favoured more sensible daughter.

In a separate storyline we are also introduced to Samuel, the Igwe’s son He has a girlfriend whom he met while studying (SURPRISE SURPRISE) in The States that he has brought home to introduce to his parents. He is determined to marry her, but his parents are wholly against the situation, stating that not only does she bear the unfortunate title of “osu” but that in addition her class is not befitting to their own.


After Samuel’s girl is chased away by his parents he runs away to start a new life working in a hotel as an “ordinary guy.” There he comes across Steph who meets there with her boyfriend quite often, and always comes to Samuel, the manager to make complaints about whatever she decides is wrong on that particular day. By chance he also meets her sister in a separate incident where he returns her lost purse, they soon begin dating and before you know it he is uncovering murder plots.

I am going to stop there with the storyline… Let me just say this: it was so uninspiring, pointless and unoriginal. Here we have some fine talent and just the most rehashed story with no twists to distinguish itself from the usual “my parents didn’t want me to marry my true love because she is a poor girl from the village,”, “good girl vs bad girl” storylines.

Although the sound/lighting, other visual aesthetics were fine, and there were not any ridiculous scenes or even ones that did not make sense I just did not enjoy this one. It was just so run of the mill, simple and the characters were poorly developed. The bad girl was bad. Sooooo one dimensional, so of course if you are morally corrupt you have to drink and smoke to show that, oh… and sleeping with the boyfriend in hotels rooms very frequently adds to the picture of her moral decadence. Wow! She must be a killer in the making! *End sarcasm* We don’t see any good side to her, and we all know that even bad bad people have seemingly good sides. She wanted to kill her sister to gain her dad’s inheritance. A little far fetched I think. There was nothing to show where such hate could have come from except jealousy of her father’s love for her sister. This angle was not properly explored, it was just skimmed over and kinda unbelievable to me.

It was weird seeing Fabian Adibe TRY to play a strong role. I say TRY because he failed miserably. He was the Igwe and although he was sickly he was supposed to be a strong and powerful man and he just did not come across as such.

I would not recommend this film. The cast did the best that they could but this was just a flop for me. The positive thing to come out of this is that I now know what an “osu” is. There are no funny scenes, no insightful scenes, no dramatic scenes, no gripping scenes and it is probably an amalgamation of something you have seen a million times before. Save ya money, cos this one is a BAD EGG!

Stone Face



Stone Face

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Stone Face
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Emeka Nwabueze 

Nadia Buari – Steph
Susan Peters – Nelly
Uche Jumbo – Petronella
Ramsey Noah – Julius
Ngozi Ezeonu – VPW
Clem Ohameze – VP
Remi Ohajianya – Brigadure Isah
Lisa Onu – Dora
Adrienne Koutouan – PW
Ahmed Souaney – De Gaule
Kingsley Ihekoronye – Nkume
Princess Suzzy – Doris
Christy Okonkwo – Police Commisioner
Lugard Onoyemu – Corporal
Donatus Okoye – Desmond
Uche Chibuzor – Rita
Fred Peters – Hon Clems
Nene Nwabueze – Angela
Pastor Ezennwa Emmanuel – President
Izuchukwu Ibe – O’Brien
Bolyon Ndukwe Elechi – Stanley
Mma Ogbonwa – Amina
Kubra Emokpaire – Linda
Nnenwa Anuka – Madame Abigail
Ajia Hauwa – Nneka
Julie Ebere Solomon – Jesomta
Angela Chukwu – Aisha
Uche Onumajulu – Uche

Themes Explored:
Arranged Marriage
Unrequited Love

My Rating: 70%

Steph has spent 7 years in school without being certified a graduate simply due to the fact that, although attending and completing assignments, she has not been paying her fees. She comes from a poor family and was assured by the dean of students that she would be allowed to graduate. Of course when she refuses to sleep with him he refuses to stick to his word and so she leaves school with nothing to show for it except a brilliant mind. What is a brilliant mind when you have nothing to confirm it in the job world?


Steph is left with no choice but to return to her humble beginnings with her father and auntie. (or was it her step mother? I wasn’t sure) Instead of being proud of Steph for finishing university and still remaining a virgin as opposed to other girls that sold their bodies to pay for course fees. Her auntie (I’ll refer to her as such for the purposes of this blog) is wholly unimpressed with her supposed purity and tells her,

“You want us to clap you eh? If a girl of your age is still a virgin then you are dunce.”

Her father has the same mentality and laughs at her “situation.”



It is clear that she feels resentment towards her father for treating her she would consider unfairly because of her gender. She tells him,

“I don’t blame you daddy, after all you had so many lands that you could have sold to pay for my education.”

It becomes clear from her father’s response that is she had been a male he would have been inclined to sell those lands to pay for her education. According to custom a man cannot sell off land in his daughter’s honour as she will marry can carry her name and reputation to her husband’s house thus not carrying any benefit to her family.

Her auntie warns her that she needs a man to succeed in life,

“What can a woman become without a man? Men… they add injury to women yes they are the only ones that build a route.”

This is said to put pressure on Steph to marry quickly. Her aunt is boasting about what other daughters are able to provide materially for their families through the men that they have hooked up with. Steph retorts that she refuses to be a prostitute her auntie snaps back, “What woman is not a prostitute?”

Can it be said that a woman is a prostitute if her love is dependent on money and gifts? Is it the intent that characterises prostitution?
Steph’s fortunes change when her friend from school hooks her up with a job at the law firm where she works, despite her not having officially graduated. The boat is rocked when Steph is asked to defend a guy in court. She is supposed to “nail him” but insists on letting justice prevail and giving the guy a fair case. Dora is outraged that she would go against orders in the name of justice when it is she that gave Steph the opportunity to even work at the law firm.

Steph is back to square one when the law firm boss Desmond throws her out of the house they gave to her and sacks her. Desmond is played by Donatus Okoye and boy was he over the top and unconvincing. Dora too played by Lisa Onu is pretty awful to watch. She is really wooden, and shouldn’t have been allowed to talk so much. It was as if each sentence and action was overly analysed to the point that she came across very stiff and unnatural. I was glad when her character was outta there.

Steph realises the seriousness of her situation and the trouble that going against the grain can cause when Dora is assassinated. She also goes for a job and is told, “Your name is ringing loud.” She has learnt the hard way that fighting for what is right can also means risking your life.

Still Steph receives another lucky break when another old friend hooks her up with a job with the Vice President’s Wife as head of Protocol. This is where Steph really gets herself into hot water as the Vice President’s wife’s (whom she works for) daughter is engaged to the President’s son, who also works for the company, and the VP’s wifes daughter Petronella does not like Steph getting close to her man Julius.



Some Questions I had to ask

I wondered if Julius was ever really into Petronella because he didn’t seem to like her much and it didn’t take too much for him to be madly in love with Steph to the point that he is chasing her to the village.

Why at the hospital was the doctor doing the kind of tests that would lead him to conclude, “From the tests conducted on her there was no sexual penetration?” Who asked him to stick anything into her vagina?

During the fake sex scene where Julius’ friend set Steph up to look like they were having an affair, how on earth for one second could Julius even believe that she was a willing participant when she did not even move a millimetre when he walked in?  Her eyes were closed and she looked dead.

Why did the makers of this movie throw in the French aspect? It is a nice touch but then if you are going to introduce that it would be nice to not have the non French speaking crew actually leaning their lines and not playing a tape recording of their lines. It is a) obvious and b)downright lazy. It also looks a bit bogus when you have certain characters only speaking in French and then others mostly replying in English.

After all the drama that Julius has put Steph through she is still hanging around with him in hotel rooms waiting to get shot at. At some point you would surely have to drop the guy, for a long while at least. At every opportunity she was being set up. They had her drugged and put in the bed with Julius’ friend, drugged and put in a supposed lesbian porno (very lame) even when Julius came to find her in the village and they stayed at a friend’s house her friends house got robbed. The guy was just bringing her bad luck left right and centre, added to the fact that when you met he had a fiancée! Can somebody please say alarm bells? My question to Steph the character that Nadia played would be, WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ARE YOU?


Overall I found the movie enjoyable to watch. The film moves at a fast pace and is easy to get into. Susan Peters and Nadia Buari have a very easy and natural chemistry on screen. Of course Ramsey Noah plays the role of lover boy well… After all that it is what he is known for.

The build up of tension was particularly good during the attempted assassination scenes. Ramsey and Nadia were convincing as those that believed that their lives were in extreme danger. The ending was satisfying in that justice prevailed however the end was not idealistic which added a touch of realism.