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My Darling Princess

My Darling Princess

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My Darling Princess ~ 2009
Story – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi
Screenplay – Tai Emeka Obasi
Director – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi (Mr Hollywood)

Muna Obiekwe – Ikeobi
Stephanie Okereke – Princess Funmi
Enebeli Elebuwa – Oba
Eucharia Anunobi – Ijeoma
Omar Sheriff Captain – BJ
Vicky Zugah – Lola
Kelvin Books – Segun
Ngozi Nwosu – Bola
Mercy Obi – Waitress
Kelvin Ikeduba – King’s thug
Richard Amaechi – Dr
Obasi Nancy – Nurse
Prince Kelly – Inspector
Okey Onyewuenyi – Policeman
Dimeji Ishola – Waiter
Julias Emam – Oba Gateman


My Rating 40%

The Yoruban Princess of Ijekuta and an Ibo boy fall in love. In fact it is love at first sight. Her father will not allow her to marry a man from any other tribe as she will one day become Queen and her husband will become King. In his mind accepting a stranger as his daughter’s husband will taint their lineage,

“Our custom does not allow for people to bring foreigners to join with royal blood in our own land.”

For this reason the relationship starts off a secret one and when both parents find out about it they are vehemently against it. Ike’s mother brands the princess, “A prostitute” for rendez-vousing with her son in a hotel room, declaring,

“Of all the girls in lagos; you entangle with a Yoruba girl,”

and the King brands Ikeobi as “useless” and “unserious” for the same reasons. The older generation on both sides have deeply ingrained prejudices. Their love becomes one big battle to fight against their respective families.


The princess is feeling lonely and befriends one of her maids to make her sole confidant. Vicky Zugah’s entire performance is kind of lifeless and why oh why is a maid wearing fake lashes? Er hello This ain’t no beauty pageant Vicky. I wonder if she just came on set with them or she was instructed to wear them. Either way it was ridiculous.

Ike is a musician and has a performance, where he needs to perform a duet, why? We don’t know? This whole musician storyline was pointless and mostly nonsensical, bar the comic moments when Ike and his friend get some girls in to audition. They are all dreadful to the point where you will howl with laughter. The funniest is when a tone deaf girl attempts to sing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable with the enthusiasm of a corpse. Ike models himself on Simon Cowell, coming out with the comic put downs at rapid pace.

There were a few nice touches very far and few between and excellent performances from both Enebeli Elebuwa and Eucharia Anunobi. I particularly liked the scene where Enebeli arrives at Eucharia’s home to warn her to warn her son to stay away from his daughter. Many sterotypes that Ibos hold about Yorubas and vice versa were exposed via insults. As someone who is not too aware of all the stereotypes clouding each tribe I found this quite informative. It seems like Yorubas cling onto tradition more than Ibos, whereas Ibos are more interested in making money and look down on Yorubas that hang on to Royal Kingdoms as lazy and not forward thinking enough to garner wealth for themselves. Eucharia’s character makes fun of the king by putting him alongside other monarchs who are internationally recognised,

“Duke of Edinburgh!”
“Sheikh of Saudi Arabia!”

This scene and the audition scenes were the best in the whole movie. Most of the rest was a drag.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this movie. The musician storyline was pointless, befriending the maid was pointless and in fact watching it was pretty much pointless too. The movie was boring and poorly though out. This storyline has been rehashed over and over again so if one is going to go into it again there has to be a twist, or something that makes it stand out above all the other parents won’t let kid marry because of social class/ status/ wealth/ tribe religion stories. Yes it did highlight tribalism which is a very important issue, but on a grand scale this one failed. Don’t bother!


Same Blood

Same Blood

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Same Blood
Story – Princess Maureen Amanfo
Screenplay – Marvellous E Man Ekuma
Director – Henry Czar Ejeta

Mercy Johnson – Alice
Muna Obiekwe – Collins
Benedict Johnson – Ade
Teejay Morgan – Ahiazim
Jim Lawson – Orji
Vivian Oyakhire – Uzoma
Cassandra (Kassandra) Odita – Bernice
Prince Johnson – Tom
Linn Joseph – Bukky
Benson Izuchukwu – Dr Gozie
Ejiroghene Ejokpawhu – Nora
Thelma Moore – Juliet
Daniel Okojie – Ken
Lucky Ewah – Kojo
Olisa Mba – Iche
Chinaemerem Amanfo – Ikenna

Themes Explored:



My Rating 20%

Alice is from a poor family. One day she comes home from school to be told that her parents can no longer afford to educate her. Her mother tries to send her to her grandmother’s house but Alice is adamant that she wants to stay at home.

Eventually Alice is persuaded to go to her uncle and his wife’s house as a house girl. They tell her mother that they will send her to school in the city, of course this falls apart pretty quickly as her uncle’s wife has her own plans for Alice.


The opening of the movie is dramatic. We see Alice, played by Mercy Johnson running out of a compound with Collins played by Muna Obiekwe running after her. She is knocked down by a passing car and the driver Ade, played by Benedict Johnson takes her to the hospital for treatment.

From here the story just gets more and more confusing. The story goes from present day into the reverse to give us the background as to how Alice ended up in Collins’ house. The only problem is you never find out exactly what the deal is with Alice, Collins or Ade. The whole story seems pointless and by the end of part one I was pretty disappointed that I did not have much of a clue as to what was going on.

The film drags on and is boring. As I fell in and out of sleep so many of the scenes seemed to repeat themselves in different variations. It was soooo slow and sluggish and only the vibrancy of the Mercy, Muna and Cassandra’s performaces caught my attentions every now and then.

The whole situation with Alice’s uncle’s wife was confusing. She wanted her to become a prostitute and Alice did not want to so was the guy stopping Alice on the street and claiming to know her a set up or not? The aunt then tells her husband that she wants to “send her to a shop to work.” She sends her to meet a guy under false pretences and when Alice realises what she is there for she runs way. What was the point?

The end of part 2 brings us full cycle. We see Alice fleeing to Collins’ house to escape her dreaded aunt and uncle. That brings me to the question, so why then in the beginning is she running from Collins’ house. What has Ade the guy that found her have to do with the whole situation? Where does he fit in?

In short this film is a complete and utter waste of time. This isn’t the sort of junk actors like Mercy, Muna and Cassandra should be wasting their talent in. It was nonsensical and boring.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not (2008)
Story/ Screenplay – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Desmond Elliot – Kelvin
Muna Obiekwe – Nelson
Ini Edo – Chioma
Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Jombo
Tonto Dikeh – Olivia
Cassandra Odita – Ngozi
Esther More – Dora
Nosa Obaseki – Uche
Ifunaya Onunwa – Benita
Uche Odoputa – Alex
Chukwudi Nwafor – Jonah
Esther Aikpokpoje – Olivia’s Mother
Jim Lawson – Chief Mbah

Marriage Of Convenience

My Rating: 65%

Two couples find themselves in relationships of circumstance and convenience rather than love.

Kelvin ends up marrying his wife Dora after she tells him that she is pregnant after casually sleeping together a few times. He does not love her but wants to face up to his responsibilities as a man and make an “honest woman” of her. His best friend Nelson knows that he is pining for his one true love that he has recently split up with and advises him against the marriage seeing it as a recipe for disaster.

Kelvin does not heed Nelson’s advice and quickly marries Dora in a registry office ceremony. The bride’s father is not even present. It is not long into the marriage that his forever alcohol guzzling wife informs him that she is not pregnant and was never pregnant for him. It was simply a story that she concocted to trap him into marriage.

Chioma on the other has is in a relationship with a very nice, caring and supportive man that dotes on her and her fiver year old child from a previous relationship. He has proposed to her many times and she finally accept after he pleads with her to give him the commitment he deserves. She cares about him, but she is not in love with him. She tells her friend Olivia,

“He is nice… I think I like… love him.”

Can either couple remain in their relationships and sustain happy and fulfilled lives?


The question has to be asked what exactly is love? Does it have to be that heart racing, giddy love that you find in the romance novels to work?

Can Kelvin’s marriage work? When he married his wife, he went into it thinking that love would grow as he believed she had the qualities needed for that, namely she could give him children, provide support and a good home.

Can love grow from the love that someone else has for you? As in the case with Chioma. She stayed with her boyfriend because of the love he showed for her and her child and that was enough for her.

Does there need to be a romantic type of love for a successful marriage to occur?


1) What was up with Tonto Dikeh’s pregnancy bulge? Or should I say BOX, because that’s exactly what it looked like… a gatdam box! Totally unrealistic. A pregnancy bulge should be curvy like a woman, not angular like a telephone box.

2) Why were Ini and Tonto so matchy matchy? I though it was too much. The whole styling was too much. It looked a little or should I say a LOT fashion victimy. Don’t get me wrong, there were some nice outfits but a bit too many matching bag, shoe, top and jewellery scenarios. I noticed in some scenes they had Ini and Tonto actually matching EACH OTHER. Now that is not a good look unless you are twins in kindergarten. At one point hey had them both in these below the boobie vest top jobs and Ini’s had both straps falling off. Her top underneath the vest thingy was too tight so it was rolling up exposing her back flesh and her underwear… A little sloppy. What suits one does not necessarily suit another.

Overall the film was easy to watch and enjoyable. All of the cast did a nice job, except for the lady playing Dora (that was a little messy), and the little girl playing Benita (she was WOODEN.) There were a few nice twists, although on the whole it was predictable. A little more work was needed on Kelvin’s character development. On minute he was coming across sincere like he loves Chioma and the next like and arrogant asshole that didn’t care.



Faithful Betrayal

Faithful Betrayal



Story: Uchenna Mbunabo

Screenplay: Pascal Amanfo & Chinedu Ayanwu

Director: Ikechukwu Onyeka



Genevieve Nnaji – Clara

Muna Obiekwe – Morgan

Alex Usifo – Obiama

Kofi Adjorlolo – David

Vivienne Achor _ Belinda

Scot Roberts – Uche

Michelle Ikegulu – Susan

Comfort Ogheoke – Maureen

Chosen Udo – Kate









Wow!!! Genny Genny… what a disappointment!



Heiwoooooo! Clara marries a man old enough to be her father very much against her family’s wishes. She feels duty bound to him as he saved her life. Not long after he becomes an invalid and she starts to feel a pity rather than a romantic love for him, and starts having an affair with someone her own age.


This is a load of trash.


There is an English girl in that plays a detective. This girl is beyond annoying. Her speech is horrible. Who thought it would be a good idea to even ALLOW her to act in another film? (She is on the bottom left hand side of the cover, second to left.) It was torturous watching her pause repeatedly in an effort to try and remember her lines. Trust me she is as wooden as a big fat… TREE. They had her saying Sir as if she were a broken record, knowing full well that she has a lisp and sounds dreadful! I found out that her name is Michelle Ikegulu. I also saw her in My Everlasting Love with Rukky Sanda, where she was just as awful. I just knoooooooooow she HAS to be somebody’s relative from England.


The film was watchable but pointless and didn’t even end which means that there may well be a part 3 and more in the pipeline!

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Wicked Intention

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Story & Screenplay Chisom Juliet Okereke

Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka


Wicked Intention



Ecow Smith Asante – Chris

Desmond Elliot – Jim

Stephanie Okereke – Charlene

Muna Obiekwe – Ebuka

Nadia Buari – Kamsi

Susan Peters – Lola

Jim Lawson – Akajiaku

Chukwudi Bambino – Iyke

Temple Ikeji – Doctor

Aminda Ebege – Clara

Chika Ginika – LJ



Themes Explored in the Film

Gender Roles

Status and Class

Family Relationships



My Rating 71 %


Jim is a playboy whose sole goal is to find a rich woman to marry so that he can spend the rest of his days freeloading. Along the way there are casualties, which he discards without a care.


Charlene has sworn off men after being raised by a man that showed her no love solely due to the fact that she was born female and considered a curse as he was the first male in the family to have borne a female rather than male child. She has vowed never to trust or allow a man close to her to avoid being hurt the way her father hurt her.


These two sorry cases come together and the outcome is a tangled mess of conniving and deceit.


It was refreshing to see Jim insist on the use of a condom when sleeping with Charlene for the first time, despite her wanting to have relations without. This is something that we don’t often see in Nollywood. In some sense there was a role reversal because later in the film we see a scene between Kamsi and Charlene which you can a=imagine occurring more between two guys rather than two girls:


C: The guy like using condom, like all the time

N:<look of wide eyed amazement> Are you serious? Oh my gosh!





Why in the first love scene between Jim and one of his conquests did the camera zoom into the girl’s face and reveal one big ol’ bogey in her nose? That was beyond gross. It’s times like that that the director needs to yell CUT!





The Laptop

The Laptop

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The Laptop

Director – Yul Edochie

Muna Obiekwe – Derek
McMorris Ndubueze – Chris
Uche Ogbodo – Nicky
Tammy Opasunju – Hanks
Dike Ngwegbu – Mrs Okonkwo
Stella Ikwegbu – Mrs Okonkwo
Vera Sam – Sandra
Lyn Harrison – Trinity

Themes Explored:

My Rating: 57%

This film isn’t as bad as it sounds. I know the title did put me of at first, however I was pleasantly surprised as it was better than I expected. The cast did a good job and the storyline was somewhat original. Perhaps calling the film “The Laptop” was a little too literal.

As is obvious a laptop plays an integral role in this film. The scenes are mainly between the campus and Nicky’s family home.

Nicky meets Chris on campus. He expresses interest in getting to know her better. They start of as friends and then he “toasts” her until she falls for him. They appear to be love’s young dream by all accounts.

However her new beau has a more sinister side to him that is soon to be uncovered.


If you have not watched this film, you may want to stop reading here


Not long after the introduction of Chris into Nicky’s life her brother is the victim of a vicious beating whereby his laptop is stolen by thugs. This occurs because Nicky’s brother Derek is on his way to visit her on campus. En route he stops off to chat up a girl only to have the girl’s so-called boyfriend catch him and beat him to a pulp.

Because of this incident Derek does not get to meet his sister’s boyfriend. It is by chance, when his sister excitedly shows him a picture of her boyfriend that he finds out that this guy that his sister is seeing is in fact the perpetratorand prominent cultist.

He is desperate to get his laptop back as it contains his research work undertaken in the US. He reports the case to the police but as Chris is connected the DPO expressly says,

“There is nothing we can do.”

Driven by desperation Derek approaches a rival cult member to help him get his laptop back. A war ensues and at one point Derek shoots his girlfriend’s mother. He does not know that Nicky and Chris are related and thinks that it is solely Derek’s mother that he is shooting.

He does eventually find out that Derek and Nicky are brother and sister and appears to be truly remorseful for his actions, taking the step to return the laptop to Derek without consent from the cult members.

He then goes to beg forgiveness from Nicky and can you believe the dimwit actually accepts his apology after her friend tells her,

“just give him a try… He loooves you.”

NON-SENSE!!! Who gives a damn about love when this miscreant just shot your mother??? Plus he beat her brother to a pulp over ANOTHER GIRL! Let me say it one more time… NON-SENSE!!!

The film ends with Chris being shot by a member of his own cult. Nicky is there hollering, screaming and crying like a gatdamn fool.


When he returns that laptop, Derek rushes to check that it is in good condition and that all his work is still on there. Why was I thinking… “DUDE!!! Your mother just got shot by this guy, who gives a frigg about a damn laptop!”


Was Muna doing this eye rolling thing that made him look positively devilish?


When they had this scene when Muna was thinking with the voiceover expressing his thoughts was the voice not Muna’s? that was WE-IRD!!!