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Story/ Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Arsenal Bruno, Henrey Ukpai, Ikechukwu Onyeka

Kofi Adjorlolo – Murktar
Mike Ezuruonye – Ikenna
Ini Edo – Zainab
Tonto Dikeh – Aisha
Prince Eke – Ekene
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Deputy Governor
Pat Asore – Amina
Uche Ebere – Vivian
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Kola
Kennedy Kalu – Abiodun
Joseph Mike – Mike
Ikeh Kenneth – Gang
Emeka Osuji – Tutcha

Themes Explored:
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 72%

Zainab is due a visit home and her friend Aisha is accompanying her. Despite her father making reservations for the both of them to fly into Abuja, Zainab is hell bent on driving instead, seeking “adventure.” Although at first Aisha refuses to join Zainab on the drive to Abuja, she relents and ends up joining her. Zainab definitely finds the adventure that she was looking for. At first they get lost and the car breaks down. They manage to get help with the help of a stranger but when sunset hits and the gas runs out they are left no option but to follow and intimidating stranger into the bush. It remains to be seen whether he is to be trusted or not.


Zainab is a damn fool. Your father owns an airline and you are there wanting to drive from Lagos (I think it was Lagos, if anyone remembers different let me know) to Abuja. What adventure could she possibly be looking for? Perhaps the adventure of getting robbed and shot? Nonsense. Nigeria is not the sort of place that you take road trips just for the fun of it.

It was ridiculous that Zainab was so insistent on driving, especially when Aisha told her that she would go on ahead and catch the flight without her to the point that she walked out of the door. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would just follow her friend as what is the point seeking adventure on the roads between Lagos and Abuja by yourself? It would have made more sense if Zainab had been running late and then decided to drive, but she was not even running late. It seemed like the girl was on a suicide mission.

The Forest Scenes

Why does Zainab try and clobber the poor guy when they are in the woods after he has helped them so much. Is it because he is still in possession of her gun?

What sense did it make for Zainab to go and look for the stream to shower in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night? She was already mouthing off about how she would not cool or wash plates because it was her maids job so how realistic would it be that as prissy as she is she would want to go and wash in a stream. They had only been stranded 5 minutes.

It was in the forest scenes was when the tension really began to deepen. I never knew what was going to happen next, between Aisha licking her lips at the sight of the grunting stranger and Zainab attempting to clobber him every so often. So from trying to kill the guy Zainab now ends up spontaneously having sex with him up against a tree.

Reputation… Scandal… Jealousy

Aisha’s reaction to her friend getting with Ikenna was borne out of jealousy although she tried to disguise it as concern. After catching them in the act she tells Zainab,

“Wait until your parents find out about this… Wait until the scandal breaks in all the newspapers in Abuja.”

Er love you are such a hater. How can any scandal break unless you are the one to break it? She is an adult how is it your business if she sleeps with one random guy in a forest. Na wa! Aisha was taking hateration to another level. It would have been fine if Aisha were simply disappointed because she liked the guy. That is a natural feeling, but ultimately she had no claims to the guy so she needed to suck it up. Aisha was acting like Zainab had just snatched her husband. She even said to Zainab, “I could never throw myself at a filthy low life like that.” Erm but you did!!! Cooing how “fine” he was and constantly eyeing him up.

Zainab tells Ikenna that he cannot set foot in Abuja because she doesn’t want him creating scandal for her. Is the city not big enough to contain them both? It was looking to me like her own friend was more of a threat to her in terms of ruining her reputation and creating a scandal. She does not even know where the guy is headed to when she warns him. He does not even know who she is and all her yabbering about scandals would only serve the purpose to plant the idea of creating a scandal into his head.

Ikenna’s hotel room came like it had a revolving door attached to it. We see Vivian coming through to flash her bribes of cash, fake passports and houses in California in order to get Ikenna to leave the country so that the fact that she unduly sent him to prison is not exposed. We see Zainab throwing her cheque around to try and make him leave Abuja in order to avoid embroiling herself in a scandal and we see Aisha simply turning up full of lust trying to force him to sleep with her. It is quite funny watching these women get so heated up, scared what Ikenna’s next move is going to be while he just lays back coolly.

The general wants to give Ikenna a job because there is “something I like about him” WHAT? You have barely spoken to him and when he came into the compound you looked at him in disgust. So at which point was it I wondered, that he began to like Ikenna? That scenario would have been more realistic if there had been some banter between them or commonality explored. In that case we would be able to see where this “like” had suddenly emerged from following the initial disgust. We also see Zainab’s mother stand by and approve of the guy after she had only just recently seen him in the supermarket with Zainab and whispered in her ear that she did not like the guy.


When the girls hit the road in search of adventure the sound becomes appalling. A certain level of distortion is sound is inevitable when driving at high speeds with the wind interfering etc, however the sound was so terrible that you could barely hear the conversation between the two girls. At one point Zainab is driving at 120 MPH and Aisha panics and is told to shut up. Not only do we hear wind, static, and heavy vibrating noises but we hear loud orchestral dramatic music. It was overkill. The orchestral music was appropriate in some scenes in the film to heighten the tension but a lot of the time it was misplaced.


Ini Edo and Tonto Dikeh gave stellar performances, performances last seen in a Native Son. They had great chemistry as close friends and the fear they had of the stranger called Ikenna was very believable. Mike Ezuruonye played the silent but deadly character effortlessly; he embodied the character and gave nothing away in his movement, expression or eyes, which added to his character’s mystery.

Overall I really liked the movie, however I am getting annoyed about movies coming out and not finishing then you have to be waiting endlessly additional parts. What kinda buuuuuuuuuulsh… is that? It had its flaws as I have explored but after all the rubbish I have been watching lately I was so happy to actually watch something different and enjoyable. It kept me hooked to the screen wondering what was going to happen next. I just badly wish that more attention to detail had been paid in terms of realism in the story and script. If due care had been taken the movie could have been phenomenal. As it was it was simply just above average, but well worth watching. Watch Nigerian Movie Review Nollywood Production Nigerian Actress Actors


Heat of the Moment

Heat Of The Moment

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Heat of the Moment ~ 2009
Story – Innocent Isiakpu
Screenplay – Innocent Isiakpu & Prince Samson Onyejiuwa
Director – Prince Samson Onyejiuwa
Producer – Martina N. Okafor

Emeka Ike – Dr Richard
Mercy Johnson – Anna
Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Douglas
Emma Ayalogu – Chief Magnus
Cassandra Odita – Mrs Adams
Patience Oseni – Mrs Douglas
Vitalis Ndubuisi – Mr Adams
Barry Lukeman – Barrister James
Amanda Ebeye – Rita
Amina Atairu – Vivian
Peachman Akputa – Ben

Mistaken Identity

My Rating – 33%

Anna claims that she was raped by local politician and human rights activist Dr Richards while walking home late one night. He, however is adamant that he never even saw her at any time let alone touched her. Who is telling the truth? His family believe it is a set up at the hands of his political opponents, whilst Anna has the back up of her best friend who claims to have been present at the time of the rape.


The beginning of the movie is boring beyond belief. I rewound uncountable times because it just wasn’t holding my attention and I kept getting distracted… made a cup of coffee, tweeted, went on Facebook. I say grab the viewer early! So that even if later on the film gets a bit rubbish their attention will have already been snared. I only actually started properly paying attention about 25 minutes in when Anna got into an argument on the street with a random man.

The movie slowly starts getting more interesting after the rape, only slightly though, not too much. It was still rather slow and I fell asleep more than once. There was a rituals part that I didn’t get. Perhaps it didn’t make sense or maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Who knows?

Doctor James is put on trial for the rape and he is cross questioned by none other than *drumroll please* Barrister James, Anna’s boyfriend. How can the rapist be questioned by the raped one’s boyfriend? This is pure nonsense. That could never happen in real life! I have seen this sort of scenario in a few films and it is just foolish. They need to stop.

In the end we see Anna in jail telling a group of convicts her story. We then cut to seeing her released. The ending was sudden and we don’t find out how Doctor Richard’s DNA came to be on her person if he was not actually the one that raped her or not. Maybe it is a twin story. Maybe it is a ghost story. It looks like there will probably be a part 3 and 4. Either way I won’t be watching to find out.

This is one of the only movies where the issue of “light” is brought up. So a *round of applause* for that. Anna is watching Doctor Richards on TV talking about the “light problem” and the lights go off. I haven’t seen lights go off in a movie before and considering that lack of electricity is a widespread and major problem in Nigeria I’m surprised there is less talk of NEPA in the movies. NEPA affects all Nigerians’ everyday life, why is it never mentioned? Is it censorship?

I would not recommend this movie. I found the pace too slow and the movie draaaaagged and draaaaaaagged and draaaaaaaaaaaged. When I was almost at the end of part 2 I wanted to press the eject button but thought that I may as well watch until the end since I had come so far. It didn’t make a bit of difference. I came away feeling that I had just wasted 2+ hours of my life. Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses

Material Girl

Material Girl

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Material Girl ~ 2009
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

John Dumelo – Greg
Yvonne Nelson – Cassie
Kofi Adjorlolo – Jake
Gavivina Tamakloe – Jake
Amanobea Dodeo – Jessica
Jme Orighoye – Nicole
Eve Asare – Nicky
William Opare – Uncle Jamey
Fred Amagi – Hon Attah
Brenda Osei Bonsu – Missy
Abieku Segoe – Jasper
Dan Tei Mensah – Elvis
Gifty Temang – Anne
Louis Saah-Acquaman – Gateman

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 64%

Cassie is a bad girl who makes her money by picking up men, seducing them and robbing them, or keeping them as sugar daddies. She also uses the money to take care of her sick mother’s hospital bill even though her mother hates the method in which her daughter obtains  money.

Cassie’s immorality seems to have no limits and on the one hand she plays the hero saving a woman who she finds having a seizure in the road, taking her to the hospital and then on the other hand she uses that act of bravery to gain access into the woman’s life, and proceeds to have an affair with the woman’s husband. Jake and his wife of 29 years’ marriage now hangs in the balance and his  involvement with Cassie has devastating consequences for all parties involved.


The guy who Cassie rips off in the beginning of the movie was a big fool. You call someone that you are doing a business transaction with and immediately start spilling all the details of the contract without even so much as a “hello.” Who does that? You would at least expect to hear murmurs of agreements like mmhmmm or something!

The guy who has his phone stolen by Cassie is confronted by the guy who Cassie robbed, his business associate. He tells him, “You instructed me to bring the money to the hotel and you had me robbed.” Huh when was he instructed? Did Cassie get a man on the phone or is he referring to the time when he spoke to himself? Later he goes onto say, “I called you and you said you couldn’t talk.” Did she deepen her voice or what? We learn the rest of the instructions were through text. Mumu you are going to be heaving large sums of money and not even talk to the person you are doing business with? Nonsense!

The sex scene between Jake and Cassie was awfully bad. Here is this man who has the fine new hot thing in his bed, and granted maybe he just wanted to tear it up but it was horrible to watch his going at it like he wanted to kill her. YESSSSS that it what it looked like rather than a lustful devouring. While the whole scene seemed a bit fake to me Yvonne played it well and we see the downside in sex for money. The material things make you happy but what you have to do to get it doesn’t. We see a solitary tear at the corner of her eye.

There was great chemistry between John and Yvonne. The kissing was intense. One scene spring to mind in particular; and that would be after the two bump into each other in the supermarket after which he turns up uninvited at her home. He showed a great display of arrogance and self confidence and it only served to enhance his sexiness. Cassie throws Greg down on the sofa after he tries to kiss her. He doesn’t miss a beat and goes in for the kiss again. Hmm I was even felling like he was about to kiss me… oh wishful thinking.

If he were taller he would have been even more formidable and it would have given him more of a macho edge. Having him tower over Yvonne as opposed to stand eye to eye to her would have made the character even more powerful.

Yvonne smashes every outfit that she wears in this movie… From scene to scene her dressing is fantastic. Indeed she is a material girl, and it shows, from the clothes, to the shoes, to the earrings… Everything is absolutely on point.

I liked the movie and would recommend watching it. We learn something about consequences for one’s actions. You live a fast life and that surely will be your downfall. It was entertaining but I was disappointed that after watching 3 parts I did not feel like the movie really ended. I felt that the ending was a little over the top and rushed.

The King is Mine

The King is Mine

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The King Is Mine ~ 2009 
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

Starring :
Jackie Appiah – Rose
Nadia Buari – Louisa
John Dumelo – King Duala
Kofi Adjorlolo – Agyemang
Kalsum Sinari – Esther
Eddie Nartey – Justice
Amanorbei Opoku Boakye –
Eve Asare – Cecilia
Luckie E Lawson – Queen Serwa
Helen Asante – Sandy
Omar de 1st – Clint
Roger Quartey – Messenger
Moses Lamptey – Boateng

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 39%

The King has chosen Rose to be his new bride, despite the fact that she already hs a fiance. It is a love triangle in that while the King is after Rose, Rose’s sister Louise is after him. Louise is bitter that the King chose her sister when she was the one that firstly expressed interest in him. When it becomes apparent that the Prince has no interest in her whatsoever the already fraught relationship between the sisters reaches breaking point. Although Rose is at first reluctant to begin a relationship with the King she eventually relents, dumping her fiance and seemingly really falling in love. This relationship with the King is soon in jeapoardy at the hands of her jealous and vengeful sister.


Here I am going to list all the questions I had while watching this movie, since I had so many:

Why do Jackie’s eyes keep changing colour? Not only is she Rainbow Brite in her dressing, but now her eyes too?

We see the King handing Jackie a Cerruti 1881 box with a piece of jewellery in it. They may have been founded in 1881 but they sure didn’t have boxes like that in 1881! The modern day jewellery does not seem to go with the olden day set. So when on earth is the movie supposed to be set?

The shakespearian language used would suggest it is set in olden times but then if in fact the movie is set in modern times as the jewellery would suggest then why wouldn’t the King just to a DNA test on Jackie’s baby once it was born?

The digital camera used in the movie by the maid to photograph Louisa and Justice further adds to the cunfusion as to when the movie is supposed to be set. So when is the movie supposed to be set I ask?

Queen Serwa tries to persuade the king to save their so called “loving marriage” but what kind of love or affection have we seen between them? In fact there is no chemistry between them and we never even see him speak fondly of her.

Why can’t Queen Serwa be sent away? She was not born into royalty so shouldn’t the King have a say on who should and shouldn’t be his wife?

The King went to all lengths to make Lousia his after growing bored with Rose so why does he not even want to make love to her to the extent that she says she has to force him? After he is forced he is angry with her and himself… WTF?

Louisa begs her brother Justice to impregnate her. I was inceredulous. At this point I am thinking, naaa that can’t be her brother, maybe I got something wrong somewhere, until I hear him say, “this is incest.” They are about to get busy in order for him to impregnate her and she starts kissing him softly. Er why would she be doing all that if he is just trying to impregnate her? Even prostitutes generally don’t kiss. It is supposed to be a means to an end so whats up with all the romancing?

Rose is walking around the place constantly tap tap tapping her wig. Why didn’t Jackie just take the darn thing off and have a good itch instead of doing all that during filming?

Why would Rose have a kid for the King with no marriage? Wasn’t the whole point that she become his wife?

At the end of the movie Louisa is rolling around on the dirt floor wearing a sack dress about to be executed and what do we see on her head but a brand new looking shiny Louis Vuitton scarf? What was that about? It looks so misplaced.

The bit where Louisa stabs herself did not make any sense to me. Wasn’t she just saying how much she wanted to live and begging for her life to be spared? As she is about to be saved she stabs herself and with the knife in her manages to give this whole eloquent speech on pity. Nonsense.


I would not recommend the movie. I did however enjoy the soundtrack and recognised the the voice of the guy singing from some of their other movies. It is not as fast paced or dramatic and Frank and Abdul’s other offerings which added to the poor execution and stiff feel makes it quite an uninteresting watch. It it watchable only if you are interested in carrying out a spot the absurdity exercise.

Shakira (Face of Deceit)

Shakira (Face of Deceit)

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Shakira (Face of Deceit) ~2009
Story – Macdavies Odikah
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Pascal Amanfo

Majid Michael – Richie
Mercy Johnson – Shakira
Ziggy Narteyson – Ansah
Eddie Nartey – Ben
Kofi Adjorlolo – Bobby
Biola Ige – Yvonne
Prince David Osei – Dan
Gavivina Tamakloe – Tom
Luckie E Lawson – Racheal
Micheal Odikah – Karim
Edmond Quarshie – Kwame
Martha Ankomah – Amanda
Dominic Demordzi – Mike
Wendy Mensah – Receptionist


My Rating – 40%

Richie thought that his fiancée Yvonne was the love of his life that is until he discovered that she was having an affair with his boss. Unable to face reality he flees to his brother’s home and spends his nights drinking himself into a stupor at various bars. It is on the way home from a bar that he meets Shakira. It is a dark night and she throws herself in front of his car and orders him to drive. His involvement with Shakira turns into something much more dramatic than he could have ever imagined.


This film is in 3 parts. The only reason I can surmise is greed. They did not need three parts to this at all. Much of the movie is watching Richie drinking himself into a stupor at home and in various bars. These scenes were much too long. We do not need to see all of this to deduce that Richie is distraught about his fiancée’s infidelity and using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

The film was really getting a bit boring until Shakira’s appearance. She really woke the film up when she stood up in front of Richie’s jeep in that micro dress, got in the vehicle and screamed, “DRIVE!” Be warned part one is more or less a waste of time and could have been edited down to 15 minutes.

Much has been written/ said about the titillating sexy scenes in this movie. I found it all a bit over staged and fake. At one point we see Shakira supposedly going down on Richie. Now tell me how can you be going down on a man and your head is positioned just below his neck, but yet he is writhing like you are doing something? Nonsense! I didn’t know that men’s genitalia were now growing from their chest areas. And to top it off all you would see is Mercy Johnson’s matted moving wig. NOT SEXY at all!

So after we have the never ending Richie boozing scenes we now have to contend with Richie “thinking.” It was enough to send me to sleep. I’d nod off and dude would still be “thinking.”

From being cheated on by Yvonne Richie goes on to get involved with Shakira a married woman. I was amazed with the ease in which he got involved with a married woman. Does this show us the power of Shakira’s seduction skills? Or was Richie simply taking heed of his boss’ warning that “All women cheat,” and getting with the program?

Shakira tells Richie that her husband is a rapist. He falls for it but he should have realised that perhaps she was not telling the truth when he gets the opportunity to see/ hear them together. If I were Richie I would be thinking, “Wow he seems quite caring for a rapist.” Every time Richie was at the house their relationship seemed nothing but loving and caring. There was no evidence of maltreatment from him or resentment or fright from her.

One character that was grating on my nerves was Robby’s sister. She was atrocious. Her voice was like listening to someone scratching on a blackboard. She was screeching and shouting the whole time with the bird’s nest weave only adding to the atrocity of the whole situation. The character was a drug addict and the sniffing was waaaaaaaaaaay over the top. WE GET IT… She is a coke head!

I cannot recommend this film because it was way too slow for my liking. The slow music, the never ending boozing and thinking were making me feel sleepy. I felt insulted that they made the movie into three parts when a lot of it was just unnecessary filler. It did pick up tremendously in part 3. That’s when the drama really started, however it was too little too late.

Honour My Will

Honour My Will

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Honour My Will
Story – Bright Chibuzor
Screenplay – Shadrack Nwora
Director – MacCollins Chidebe

Emeka Ike – Richard
Uche Ogbodo – Peace
Juliet Ibrahim – Fina
Kofi Adjorlolo – Barrister Mike
Ernest Asuzu – Stanley
Geraldine Ekeocha – Rachel
Browny Igboegwu – Zero
Uju Aroh – Mabel
Idowu Ijabiyi – Glory
Nnamdi Abonyi – Luke
Val Chukwu – Gateman

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 54%

With their father is dying and Richard and Peace are sure to be by his bedside providing comfort in his time of need. On the contrary their wayward brother Stanley is busy entertaining random chicks and spraying bottles of Star in the bar. When his father does actually die he seems intent on making his mother’s life miserable nagging her about boosting his financial support and buying him a car. It is not long before his wrath extends to his brother and sister and the whole family unit is thrown into turmoil and disarray.


In the opening scene we see the father dying. You can tell that he is about too die because he keeps on coughing. Why is it that no matter what someone is sick in hospital with, whenever they are about to croak they start coughing? We need a new dying sign in Nollywood because this coughing one is overused and unrealistic. Every time I see it I groan because it is soooooooo predictable what will happen next.

Uche Ogbodo needs to stay off the bright lipstick. In one scene she had salmon coloured lipstick which she then plastered heavy lip gloss on top of. Coupled with her bright yellow skin tone she was looking like a Day-Glo bright Bobo the Clown. There was more than one occasion that her belt came swinging open. When you have a gut its not a good idea to wear those belts that only have a small hook holding you together, let alone to wear one on a movie set.

I would recommend this movie. Part 1 did drag a little but the movie really picked up in Part two. Ernest Asuzu was well casted as the loppy and deranged Stanley. He was listed in the credits as “Ernst Obi”… Strange? The movie is worth watching for his performance alone. The way he was shouting and screaming you would think that he was about to bust a vein in his neck. He kind of reminds me of Jim Iyke, but preferable because we don’t have to hear the exaggerated Americanisms. It was a nice ending in that justice prevailed but why oh why do we have a family member delivering the verdict again, like in Blood Game?

Girls Collection

Girls Collection

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Girls Collection ~ 2009
(Girls Connection ~ 2008)
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Tchidi Chikere
Director – Tchidi Chikere

Yvonne Nelson – Imelda
Vicky Zugah – Mabel
Beverly Afaglo – Doris
Nana Ama McBrown – Vanessa
Kofi Adjorlolo – Prince Daramola
Irene Opara – Madam Joy
Gavivina Tamakloe – Mr Frederick
Eddie Nartey – Casmir
William Opare – Silas
Roger Quartey – Frank
Eve Asare – Cutie
Elizera Ofori – Cleopatra
Ingrid E Alabi – Jennifer
Mumi E Botchey – Araba
Nii Saka Brown – Douglas
Diana Ghartey – Araba Maame
Simon P Tettevi – Bulus
Jackson K Adam – Thomas
Ish Thompson – Bala
Sandra Asare – Reception
Prince Osei – Dr Cliff
Tchidi Chikere – Ted
Omar De 1st – Bruce


My Rating – 72%

This movie tells the tale of different girl’s and their lives in prostitution. The girls live in a huge house with Madam Joy who “arranges” rich and influential men for them. We see the story surrounding each girl and how they fell into the game as well as the consequences suffered as a result of the lifestyle.