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Behind The Ring

Behind The Ring

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Behind The Ring ~ 2009
(Repackaged as Black Mirror)
Story/ Screenplay – Chikere Guide
Director – Moses Ebere
Producer – Chikere Guide
An Eastwind production

Desmond Elliot – Colombo
Jackie Appiah – Cynthia
Mona Lisa Chinda – Vivian
Jim Lawson Maduike – Bazoka
Lynda Ekezie – Ella
Sele Kent-Sele – Edwin
Clems Onyeka – John
Ndidi Obi – Stella
Chikere Guide – Mako
Nathaniel Judgewill – James
Tegga Anighoro – Victor
Oscar Rodondo – Apostle
Stanley E Ozoemena – Bontum
Candace Jenny – Candace
Ugo White – Native Doctor
Joyce Kalu – Grandma
Muyiwa Onowu – Mako Jnr
Onyebuchi Ugwunna – Apostle Jnr
Mabel Etuk – Kate
Patricia Okolie – Magaret
John Lee – Hilary

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 46%

James and Vivian are happily married with one son, Victor. Madly in love their union is torn apart when James is killed during a burglary at their home one night. It is suspected that the killing was orchestrated by James’s junior brother Edwin as he was known to be desperate to get his hand on their late father’s property by any means necessary.

When Victor is kidnapped and taken to a ravine by assassins it becomes painfully clear that someone is out to break up the family. We find out that not only does his brother have the motive to carry out such a dastardly act but so does  James’s best friend Edwin. Who is behind the murder and kidnapping?


Six months after your husband’s death and you are telling your son to call his dad’s best friend Daddy and then you are surprised when he tells you, “he is not my daddy” A freaking six year old. What did you expect? After your husband’s death we saw Edwin declare undying love to you and you dismissed him. You were very assertive and clear that you were not interested and then all of a sudden I see a SIX MONTHS LATER caption and you guys are legally married. HABA! That is QUICK!

We can tell that Edwin is a slimy gold digger as he knows exactly how much Mona received from her husband’s death insurance payout despite her not telling him. We can see that he is a nasty piece of work in his opposition to Vivian leaving the money for her son Victor. Edwin just smells of trouble but Vivian is blinded. She thinks that it is love, exclaiming, “he even washed my panties!” My dear, who wouldn’t for 125 million Naira?

Why in the phone call Vivian has with Edwin discussing James’ disappearance can we hear Edwin’s voice as CLEAR AS DAY as if he is in an adjoining room?

I wasn’t convinced about Mona Lisa playing the role of Jackie’s mother. It just wasn’t believable to me. We have to remember she did not have this child very young. She had this child after Victor’s disappearance. She must have been at least 25 after Victor disappeared and realistically more like 30. Any way you arrange it the maths just does not work out. If we put Jackie at 26 and Mona at 35 it is just arrant nonsense.

My darling Dessy baby looked like a big fat greasy gigolo. CHEI! See braids, see satin shirt with chest exposed, see bright red blazer with shoulder pads… SEE HORROR! I am not loving how fat his bum bum is becoming, but such is life, na lie?

The movie started off ok but then as it went on it just got silly and became plagued with bad acting. Ella, her friends and her brother were all a big mess. The side story involving brother Mako (or was it Mike?), coke addict uncle Hilary came from nowhere and didn’t integrate well into the existing story. The movie started getting really boring around that time.

I would not recommend this movie. The story I felt was predictable, although it didn’t end it is just inevitable that somewhere along the way brother and sister are going to get into something with each other. The movie ends with a grown up Victor, now called Colombo trying to convince Mako to quit his life of crime. It started off well then all turned into a bit of a yawn fest. I’d give it a miss!


Bloody Tussle

Bloody Tussle

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Bloody Tussle ~ 2009
(Also known as IN COLD BLOOD)
Story/ Screenplay – Aniedi Awah
Director – Ugo Ugbor (De General)
Producer – Paul Nwachukwu Anaruagu

Chika Ike – Elena
Majid Michel – Tony
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Nneka
Francis Duru – Matthew
Livinus Nnochiri – Kingsley
Ali Nuhu – Edmond
Jim Lawson Maduike – Chief Paul
Ricky Eze – Alao
Abel Mmadu – David
Joshua Johnson – Bro Michael
Blessing John – Bro Michael Wife
Taofeek Muyiba – Vanessa
Loveth Akpan – Gift
Lina Joseph – Art Woman
Oge Anyanwu – DPO
Ugo Peters – Policeman


My Rating 44%

Elena and Tony have been married for 2 years. It is a loveless marriage, Elena has been having extramarital affairs and it in a dilemma as to whether or not she should end the marriage. She approaches her father, who is the one that set her up with Tony and he warns her that if she is to divorce her husband it must come from her husband’s side. He adds that she must not be caught with any man. From this we can surmise that there must be some sort of arrangement made before the marriage pertaining to what would happen if they split and under which circumstances.


Tony wants Matthew, played by Francis Duru to seduce his wife Elena for 3 million Naira. He tells him,

“I have never seen a man as exquisite as you, so chiselled.”

Noooo, you did not hear wrong and no Francis Duru did not have some miraculous makeoever. Laugh wan kill me die! What part of Francis Duru would be called chiselled? The guy is short and dumpy. It was inconceivable to me that out of all the guys in the city it would be Francis that would be the sex bomb approached to be paid to seduce someone’s wife? What kind of nonsense is that? Seriously BAD CASTING!

You know that I have previously said that Majid was on fire and could create chemistry with a wood log, well check this he couldn’t create chemistry with Chika Ike, in fact he had more chemistry with Francis Duru. Chika has got to be the most boring Nollywood Actress ever! The lack of chemistry did make sense considering that they were supposed to be in a loveless marriage, however I bet if they were supposed to be in a loving marriage the chemistry would still remain at zero. *YAWN*

The movie is PROPERTY OF PAUL DANIELS LTD INT. and trust me you will not forget it. We see non stop scrolling to tell us this across the top of the screen. What is the point? It can’t be to stop the pirates as they will it pirate anyway big ass letters and all. It was just annoying and distracting.


The sound is abysmally bad and loud. It kept breaking in an out. I actually thought my scart lead was damaged because I couldn’t imagine the sound could be that bad. There is one scene in which Elena is explaining to her employer how she is married to an enemy and I was straining to hear what was being said. I changed the scart lead and the problem persisted. It was only when I turned off the auto volume on the TV that it was made a bit better. Even on volume 7 which is normally low the sound was loud and even vibrated when voices were raised.

The relationships in this movie were way more complex that I first imagined. It turns into a murder mystery whodunit and Elena in Jail. It is somewhat interesting but after two parts it doesn’t end and so many questions are unanswered. In fact nothing at all was answered. I guess I’d have to watch the rest to get it. I don’t think I’d bother though. Not recommended. Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses

Sinful Game

Sinful Game

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Sinful Game ~ 2009
(Continuation called A Brother)
Story – Ifeanyi Onyeabor
Screenplay – Ifeanyi Onyeabor, John Dunu
Director – Ifeanyi Onyeabor
Producer – Pascal C Ezenwa

Oge Okoye – Nnenna
Ini Edo – Nnenna sister
Sandra Achums – Janet
Chigozie Atuanya – Chima (Akila)
Benita Nzeribe – Phina
Larry Koldsweat – Papa J
Peter Bunor – Pastor John
Chinelo Enigwu – Joy
Jim Lawson Maduike – Nnena Father
Pope Stan U Ndu – Uzezi
David Uba – Emeka
Blessing Okonkwo – Ozioma
Linda Ojere – Diana

Economic Migration

My Rating – 69%

Jeanettes mother treats their home like a whore house. Men pass in and out and it is only a matter of time before she is laying on her deathbed dying of AIDS. Her father already dead, alnd having no siblings Jeanette is no and orphan. She has no family to speak of. Despite making a promise to her mother to be a “good girl” the cycle continues and Jeanette makes big money by becoming  a prostitute in the city.

Chima is a village boy done good. He owns a shop in the village and is doing well, that is until he meets Nnena. Nnenna is his money hungry girlfriend who ends up duping him. He gives her all his money to hold and she flees with it. With nothing to lose Chima follows one of his friends to Lagos to get his hustle on in the big city. His first job is cleaning cars in traffic. This is how he meets Jeanette.

Jeanette and Akila as Chima is now called connect when he cleans her car windows in traffic. Feeling pity for him she wants to help him and gives him her card telling him he should call her should he ever need anything. They meet up and from there they become like brother and sister to the point that they refer to themselves as such. Akila fills a void in Jeanette’s life and for the first time in a long time she feels as if she has family.


Oge Okoye I loved as the money hungry razz village babe. I was impressed with Chigozie Atuanya too. I have only seen him in slick village roles to it was good to see his versatility and booooooy did he play local like he had never left the village. One scene between the two that had me in fits of laughter was when Chima gives Nnenna 1000 Naira instead of the 15,000 that he had promised her. She searches him from top to bottom and finds a wad of money in his back pockets and starts a big ruckus about it before counting out 15,000 and leaving. Benita Nzeribe has put on a little bit if weight and she definitely looks better for it.

Chima! What an idiot. You have seen from the beginning that Nnena is money hungry. The girl searched your whole person for money and grabbed it. The girl even sent her sister to pretend that she was sick and needed money for medicines all to extract money from you and then you go and give her your life savings to “hold.” Mugu! He even deserved to be robbed for such stupidity.

One thing that I did not fully understand was Jeanette’s interest in Akila. I understand that she craved familial ties and he filled that void but WHY HIM and not one of the other car washers and why at that particular time in her life? What drew her him and why did she want an adopted brother as opposed to sister, mother or father? Did he remind her of someone? What was it? I ask this also because there was no obvious spark between the two on first meeting and it is important for us to see how their strong attachment formed.

Even when they are supposed to have this strong attachment it does not ring true, He doesn’t behave like a brother towards her; in fact the way he is throughout is the way he is in the beginning, like she is a stranger. There is no chemistry between Akila and Jeanette so it doesn’t even make sense to me why she is acting all emotional over the guy. Is it bad casting or was this behaviour intentional on the part of the filmmakers? Perhaps it will become obvious in part 2 why Akila is quite nonchalant towards Jeanette despite everything that she has done for him.

The movie starts off badly in that the credits roll in different fonts and sizes. Fonts styles and sizes should be kept consistent. If the first thing a viewer sees is messed up credits it sets in your mind that if even simple credits can’t be got right then the rest of the film must be equally as shoddy. More and more we are getting less value for money. They are splitting films up into smaller and smaller parts in order to get more money from the viewer, both parts of this movie amounted to about an hour and a half and then we see the advertisement for the continuation “A Brother.” Realistically both films should have equated to 2 parts not 4 parts. We also see “Coming Soon HOMOSEXUAL FATHER, SISTERS SOUL” trailing across the bottom of the screen. It is so annoying.

I would however recommend this movie. It was entertaining and I loved the village scenes at the beginning of the movie in particular. There is a good build up suspense throughout the movie and even though you will probably be annoyed that the movie ended as it does, when you see the preview for “A Brother” you will be dying to see what happens next. The razz village babe Nnenna is back on the scene and I’ll definitely be watching to see what drama she brings!

Holy Cross

Holy Cross

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Holy Cross ~ 2006
Story & Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Dickson Iroegbu

Sylvester Madu – Santos
Nonso Diobi – Mike
Tonto Dikeh – Cynthia
Jim Iyke – Cross
Uche Elendu – Monica
Ebele Okaro – Mrs Bsdmus
Pete Edochie – Chief Badmus
Jim Lawson – Papa Mike
Emma Ayologu – H.O.D
Ada Nzekwe – Tracey
Ramon Akeem – VC
Mirabelle Osuoza – Mrs Douglas

Campus Cultism

My Rating – 42%

Cross is the Capone of THE SKELETONS, a secret cult on campus. Mike is a hardworking boy from a rich home whose sole aim at university is to educate himself and become a productive member of society in his own right. One day at a restaurant he falls into a trap set up by Cross to search for new recruits. It is set up for Cross’ sister Monica to be verbally attacked publicly in the restaurant by another cult member. Mike shows his bravery by defending Cynthia and Cross is impressed by his steadfastness and courage and is determined to recruit him into the group by any means necessary. The influence of The Skeletons reaches great lengths and into the higher echelons of society and after Mike’s family is threatened he succumbs to the pressure of joining the cult. From here the events that take place spiral rotate his life into a completely different direction.


At the beginning of the movie Jim Iyke is talking and he says, “Meet my sister. She’s a skeleton” and the camera pans to Uche Elendu. I was looking hard and thinking, that the chick just did not look skeleton skinny to me. Why on earth was I thinking that perhaps the movie was about eating disorders? LOL! Only to find out shortly afterwards that Skeleton was the name of the cult!

One thing that I didn’t get was how Monica was part of the FRATERNITY. Is a fraternity not a BROTHERHOOD and are “brothers” not men? Yes women are closely related with some fraternities, like the Kappa Sweethearts, Omega Pearls, Sigma Doves and Alpha Angels that exist alongside Black American Fraternities, but she was an integral member of the group sporting the tattoo and taking part in ceremonies.

The skeleton tattoos were ridiculously fake, like they had been drawn on with Tippex. We know that a skull is white, but for the sake of the tattoo they should have just added an outline to make it look real. Cynthia is horrified at her friend Monica’s tattoo and even more so when she is told that it is permanent. Why then not long after when she sees the same tattoo on her boyfriend does she tell him to “clean it.” Why are you talking about cleaning when you know it is permanent? Or perhaps she was offering to pay for laser surgery?

In this movie we learn how sometimes good people are cajoled into doing bad things. Mike only ended up joining the cult to protect his family and keep them out of harm’s way. Monica only joined under pressure from her big brother whom she idolised. It is however a dangerous cycle because that same person that was cajoled and so reluctant to join will be the same person encouraging the next person to join and using the same strong-arm tactics, as we see in the movie.

In the end we see father convicting his son to death. He does not bear any visible emotion and it is all very unconvincing. This whole parent convicting child business is obviously done for shock purposes but is so unrealistic that it is pointless. I would not recommend this movie. It was watchable but there are other campus flicks that are much better like Black Bra, War Game, even Last Supper is better than this. One thing that was very annoying throughout the film was the music. It was truly awful. They were playing loud eerie ghoulish sounding music, chiming bells and all sorts of noise that were thrown in anywhere without matching the scene.

Blood Game

Blood Game

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Blood Game ~ 2009
Story – Chibueze Ucheama
Screenplay – Okey Okoh
Director – Okey Okoh

Ini Edo – Mirabelle
Oge Okye – Vivian
Jim Iyke – Lanre
Jim Lawson Maduike – Papa Mira
Tina Anuziam – Mrs Graham
Mary Data Uranta – Empress
Ijeoma Chukwu Njoku – Omono
Prince Iyke Nkwuenu – Tunde
Emenem Mc Donald Uba – Timi
Benson Okonkwo – Okey
Nelson Okoroafor – Tony
Henry Chukwudi – Tito
Austin Comte- Student


My Rating: 60%

Mirabelle and her two friends Empress and Vivian are hot girls on campus. They have plenty of men and money at their disposal. When Mira spots Lanre, a new student on campus she falls for him almost immediately and decides to make a move. She is used to getting what she wants and so she is perturbed when a mystery girl interrupts her getting close to Lanre not once but twice. One night at a club while she is talking to Lanre the mystery girl interrupts their conversation and drags him away to go and meet someone. Mira flips and later on when she sees the girl headed towards the ladies she decides to follow her and confront her. What happens next turns her world upside down.


Gender Roles

We see a reversal in gender roles. In the beginning of the movie the girls pick up some dudes from a club and then after a night of passion throw them out in the morning,

“My friend, get your things and get out.”

We see the guys in the morning begging the girls to be friends and to meet again while the girls try and tell them that it was a one time physical thing and nothing more. Is this supposed to be women’s empowerment I wonder? I think it is supposed to be. On campus Tito approaches the three girls with a proposal to sleep with one guy from Holland for a stack of cash. They clearly are not averse to sleeping with random men as we have previously seen, but it is the control aspect that gives them the thrill. They tell Tito,

Men don’t choose us. We choose out Men.”

This statement is very telling. The promiscuous behaviour, the callousness is not done out of physical lust or need for intimacy but out of the need to feel the power that a man feels. Perhaps driven out of a need of powerlessness felt living in a largely patriarchal society?


The scene where Mirabel killed Lanre’s sister was so unbelievable. Why are people always dying in Nollywood movies form one simple shove and a head bang against the wall? No struggle for life nothing. We have seen this before in Somewhere in the Heart where Awole was given a slight shove, knocked her head against the wall and died. Yes of course this can happen, but most times a simple push is not going to kill someone! And when she is pushed she falls to the floor and is sitting up so perfectly and dead. I mean I’m not an expert on the dead but I expect a dead body to be lifeless and slumped.

Mirabel has made a huge mistake because the girl she has killed in a jealous rage over a guy that was never even her’s in the first place turns out to be his sister and NOT his girlfriend… Eiwoooo! Wahala dey. Empress wants to go to the police but Vivian advices them to keep quiet as they have heard that there are no suspects, which would make it easy for Mirabel to get away with the crime.

Vivian in the movie is so insensitive. If you know your friend has just committed murder and feels guilty about it as the person she killed was the sister of the guy she supposedly loves why would you even wonder why she is not eating, or why she looks depressed. Vivian tells Mirabel,

“For the past two days you’ve not been eating. You are beginning to piss me off.”

ER hello! She just killed someone mindlessly for a stupid azz reason. Why wouldn’t she be disturbed by that? Leave her to starve. She is hardly skinny… 2 days will not hurt her!


UniLAG looks like hot party central. Mini dresses, 4 inch heels, full make up and sun glasses. I have not attended a centre of Higher Education in Nigeria so I don’t know if it really like this. So for those in the know… Is this really the way it is?


Mirabel is obsessed with Lanre and one day she sees Vivian being dropped off on the campus by Lanre to meet her and Empress. She is consumed with rage and jealousy and instead of listening to her friend’s explanation wages war against her, and here is where Mirabel loses her mind. I guess she figured that she has killed one person already, what difference will another make?

Vivian is loyal to her friend and has no intention of dating Lanre, but due to her friend’s hard headedness drops hints to suggest that she is indeed dating Lanre even though she isn’t. This is her downfall as Mirabel is ready to finish off anyone that stands between her and Lanre. She calls a reconciliation meeting with Empress present, but has another trick up her sleeve and the plan is already underway when she finds out that Vivian is not really dating Lanre!


I would recommend the movie. It wasn’t anything too fantastic but it was entertaining to watch Mirabel act so crazy over a guy that she had barely spoke two words to. One thing that I did not understand that was included was the part where Mirabel’s politician father warns her not to have or talk to any friends anymore, as he didn’t want any scandals to taint the upcoming elections. This whole concept was poorly executed. If she is going to school with these friends how will she suddenly not talk to anyone? Wouldn’t it make sense for him to just tell her to be on her best behaviour and finished. Instead he comes with all this palava about moving into a house by herself and not talking to any person at all! Of course none of this she even did so it was pointless.  All three girls performed well, and the crazy contacts Ini was wearing added to her devilish character.

My Last Ambition

My Last Ambition

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My Last Ambition ~ 2009
(Continuation to Tomorrow Must Wait)
Story – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde & Ibe Victor
Screenplay – Bassey Ubong Nya
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Amanda
Nonso Diobi – Dan
Rukky Sanda – Vanessa
Nadia Buari – Nelly
Michelle Ikegulu – Foxy
Helen Alo – Rubby
Jim Lawson Madueke – Otunba
Kenneth Chukwu – Jide
Livinus Nnochiri – Chief Bernard
Rose Ofuzim – Adaora
Ken Godfrey Achionye – Amokri
Ibe Victor – Doctor
Gladys Okwueshi – Grandma
Ubong Bassey Nya – Segun


My Rating 13%

This movie is the continuation to Tomorrow Must Wait.

In case you didn’t watch TMW Parts 1, 2 and 3 let me give you a quick synopsis:

Dan and Amanda have been a couple since their university days. Amanda sacrificed her own education so that Dan could graduate. Her mother even blames the stresses that she put on her father as the cause of his untimely death. Not only is her father dead but she is estranged from her mother, so Dan is practically her life. Her support seems worth it when on graduation Dan land a plum job in an oil company. He vows to support her as she did him, however things take a turn for the worse when the chairman of the company that he works for makes him a proposal that he just cannot resist.

He proposes that Dan marries his daughter Nelly and in turn inherits the company on his death. From being, a kind and caring young man Dan is transformed into a ruthless, money grabbing nasty piece of work. However Nelly tells her father that Dan is a gold digger and refuses to marry him. Her father comes round to her way of thinking and bans Dan from marrying her, leaving Jide his company in his death.

Tommorrow Must Wait ends badly. Jide (the guy Dan was always battling in the office) inherits the company, only to have it snatched away from him by creditors, and there we have it THE END. We do not know what becomes of Amada and Dan’s relationship or what happens to Nelly.

All in all despite the rubbish ending I liked the movie and would give it 75%. So from something that was a good watch (TMW) turns into something catastrophic and disastrous (MLA). There were a bunch of people involved in the continuation of this movie and not one of them thought to REWORK this trash? Or even bin it all together? I guess you were all out for a quick buck at the expense of US the viewer. SHAME ON YOU! Omotola, how could you even put your name to this? We shall soon be renaming you Ambassador for 419! Nonsense!

I started watching My Last Ambition hoping to see what became of all the characters, and after watching 3 parts for hours on end, what did I have to lose? The answer is A LOT!!!

This is unbelievable. I put in the part one and it is stuff I have watched already! WTH? The part 1 on My Last Ambition covers most of part 2 of TMW and even goes on to part 3. I then went to put the next disc in, to discover that the new footage starts off 11 minutes and 30 seconds into the part 2. WHAT? This is SHOCKING! More than half of this new movie is REPETITION and it gets worse!

So let me cool down and tell the story. We find out Dan has been banned from marrying Nelly and in the first NEW scene we see him calling Vanessa trying to get in touch with Nelly but to no avail, as Vanessa blows him off.

The focus in the continuation seems to be Vanessa and her new friend Ada, also Vanessa’s relationship with her round headed mugu Magnus (His name wasn’t in the credits so I don’t know the name of the actor that played him.) I don’t know why people don’t like Rukky. I think she is quite good and she nailed it in her scenes with her mugu. She played the spoilt gold digger to perfection., demanding money every minutes for any ailment and situation she could imagine up and adding only to every sentence when it looked like Mangus may say no,

“Ah it’s only 2 hundred thousand now! What is it? A mere 2 hundred thousand.”

There is a very funny scene where Jide comes to join his friend Magnus at the restaurant with Vanessa. She has lied and told Magnus her name is Rita, but of course Jide recongnises her as they used to work together before she got fired after it was discovered she had forged her degree certificate. Jide calls her Vanessa and she insists her name is Rita to which Jide replies,

“Vanessa have you suddenly become born again and you’ve changed your name to Rita?”

Vanessa holds her own and sticks to the story until the end cussing both men out while sticking to the Rita story, before grabbing her drinks and storming out of the restaurant.

All this stuff with Vanessa and her mugu is very entertaining but still I am wondering to myself. What happened to Nelly, Dan and Amanda?

Toward the end of the movie Vanessa’s friend Ada is heartbroken by her “fiancé” who she finds out was seeing her cousin. Vanessa tells her the story of Amanda and Daniel, how close they were and how it fell apart. We see her tell the story in a series of flashbacks. As you can imagine by now I am P-I-S-S-E-D! A whole 20 minutes playing footage from part 1. (Not forgetting all the other repetition previously mentioned). These people cannot be serious! After all the flashbacks the camera pans to Rukky’s face and she says the words,

“And so Did Amanda love Daniel.”



Absolutely ludicrous!!! THAT WAS IT? 5 whole parts I sat through!

I would definitely NOT recommend this movie. Watch Tomorrow Must Wait and leave it there. I wasn’t sure whether to give it no rating, but in the end decided on 13% for the entertainment factor in Rukky’s performance. Ooh and let me mention this loud music playing when people are speaking needs to stop! Some of us have neighbours and cannot be blasting the TV at top volume and pressing our ears up to speakers every time you decide to do this. NON-SENSE.

Same Blood

Same Blood

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Same Blood
Story – Princess Maureen Amanfo
Screenplay – Marvellous E Man Ekuma
Director – Henry Czar Ejeta

Mercy Johnson – Alice
Muna Obiekwe – Collins
Benedict Johnson – Ade
Teejay Morgan – Ahiazim
Jim Lawson – Orji
Vivian Oyakhire – Uzoma
Cassandra (Kassandra) Odita – Bernice
Prince Johnson – Tom
Linn Joseph – Bukky
Benson Izuchukwu – Dr Gozie
Ejiroghene Ejokpawhu – Nora
Thelma Moore – Juliet
Daniel Okojie – Ken
Lucky Ewah – Kojo
Olisa Mba – Iche
Chinaemerem Amanfo – Ikenna

Themes Explored:



My Rating 20%

Alice is from a poor family. One day she comes home from school to be told that her parents can no longer afford to educate her. Her mother tries to send her to her grandmother’s house but Alice is adamant that she wants to stay at home.

Eventually Alice is persuaded to go to her uncle and his wife’s house as a house girl. They tell her mother that they will send her to school in the city, of course this falls apart pretty quickly as her uncle’s wife has her own plans for Alice.


The opening of the movie is dramatic. We see Alice, played by Mercy Johnson running out of a compound with Collins played by Muna Obiekwe running after her. She is knocked down by a passing car and the driver Ade, played by Benedict Johnson takes her to the hospital for treatment.

From here the story just gets more and more confusing. The story goes from present day into the reverse to give us the background as to how Alice ended up in Collins’ house. The only problem is you never find out exactly what the deal is with Alice, Collins or Ade. The whole story seems pointless and by the end of part one I was pretty disappointed that I did not have much of a clue as to what was going on.

The film drags on and is boring. As I fell in and out of sleep so many of the scenes seemed to repeat themselves in different variations. It was soooo slow and sluggish and only the vibrancy of the Mercy, Muna and Cassandra’s performaces caught my attentions every now and then.

The whole situation with Alice’s uncle’s wife was confusing. She wanted her to become a prostitute and Alice did not want to so was the guy stopping Alice on the street and claiming to know her a set up or not? The aunt then tells her husband that she wants to “send her to a shop to work.” She sends her to meet a guy under false pretences and when Alice realises what she is there for she runs way. What was the point?

The end of part 2 brings us full cycle. We see Alice fleeing to Collins’ house to escape her dreaded aunt and uncle. That brings me to the question, so why then in the beginning is she running from Collins’ house. What has Ade the guy that found her have to do with the whole situation? Where does he fit in?

In short this film is a complete and utter waste of time. This isn’t the sort of junk actors like Mercy, Muna and Cassandra should be wasting their talent in. It was nonsensical and boring.