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Obscure Motives

Obscure Motives

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Obscure Motives ~ 2009
Story – Rukky Sanda
Screenplay – Rukky Sanda, Darlene Benson Cobham
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Bimbo Akintola – Narrator
Jackie Appiah – Debbie
Ramsey Noah – Robert
Rukky Sanda – Remi
Susan Peters – Mary
Cassandra Odita – Albert’s Sister
Yemi Blaq – Albert
Peaciman Akpata – John
Chris Abamba – James
Jemila Amaegbe – Lawyer
Bisi Ajayi – Doctor
Temitayo Ojekunle – Nurse


My Rating: 76%

Robert and Debbie have been together for 4 years and it is only during their anniversary lunch that Debbie summons the courage to speak to Ramsey about ending their relationship. She has come to the realisation that even though she cares a lot for Rob, she is no longer in love with him. It turns out that he feels the same way and so they agree to separate in terms of their romantic relationship, but to still live together as friends and flatmates. They also both begin dating again.

Early on Ramsey meets Remi and falls in love with her. Jackie on the other hand is a dating disaster. We see her on a date with a man who even answers the phone during their date and answers the phone, “hey honey.” It turns out he is married and never even thought to mention the fact. Her luck changes when she meets Albert who turns out to be Robert’s good friend from university. He comes to the house but their initial interaction appears tense like there has been bad blood between them.

Very soon the two couples are inseparable. They are all the best of friends and any hint towards the tension that was initially apparent dissolves.


Bimbo Akintola is very good as the narrator, but I personally did not see the benefit or the point in having a narrator. It did not necessarily hinder the story but it did not enhance it either.


I loved the concept of the movie. It started out as a beautiful portrayal of support, friendships and relationships. Although it descended into madness and chaos and a complete breakdown of the relationships, the original message still stood strong for me. It showed that the end of a romantic relationship has not always got to be heartbreaking or represent the end of an era, but on the contrary it can represent a good learning experience and the beginning of a new era. It also shows that (to an extent) males and females can have a platonic relationship when the boundaries are drawn.

The twists in the movie were unpredictable. It was this unpredictability that kept you glued to the screen, guessing as to what would happen next and getting it wrong. In the end we discover the true reason for the initial animosity between the two through a series of flashbacks. It is amazing that Rob pretended to be best friends with Albert for so many years, only for the purpose of wreaking revenge against him for an offence Albert committed against him during their school days. Debbie was only a means to an end and his love for Remi not strong enough to battle his hate for Albert.


The chemistry between Yemi Blaq and Jackie Appiah was flat. She looked like she didn’t even like him much, so it was a shock to me in the movie when I thought she was going to break up with him when in face she was mustering courage to tell him that she was pregnant. The lack of chemistry may well have been intentional to show how she was not really over Rob, even though it had been a mutual decision to break up.

I liked the way that the character of Robert was developed. All too often we see a character like Robert in Nollywood that is one dimensional. He will either be a fully bad guy and we won’t see any good side to his character. This never makes sense as how will he be able to have these women adore him and he has no good side? Then we get the character that is all good that turns all bad just like that, with no transition. There is no reasoning behind their actions and we cannot empathise with them because there is nothing about their manner, behaviour or actions come across realistic. With Robert even though he did a bad thing we can empathise with him because we see how Albert’s betrayal affected him. We also see that he was essentially a good guy that just never got over a bad thing that happened to him and most of us can relate to that because we have been there. We may have not hired hit men, but we may have had crazy thoughts that we never brought to fruition.


I would definitely recommend this movie. I thought this was a good solid effort from Rukky Sanda. I didn’t know what to expect with the slating of Lethal woman, and the accusations of full plagiarism of Martin Lawrence’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. However, I must say that I was impressed. Even the title matched the film perfectly. Until the very end of the movie when Rob is confronted by armed robbers his motives are completely obscure to us, the viewer. The one thing that worked against the movie were the long dialogue scenes that were interspersed throughout. They were entirely too long. There is absolutely no need for a whole 4 minutes of watching people sitting round a table mouthing words against the backdrop of loud background music. It is boring, and doesn’t tell us anything more than you could have interpreted in 30 seconds or less. Other than that… was lovin it!


The Prince’s Bride

The Prince’s Bride

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The Prince’s Bride ~ 2009
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Frank Rajah Arase, Pascal Amanfo
Director – Frank Rajah Arase

Yvonne Nelson – Solange
Jackie Appiah – Bernice
John Dumelo – Akila
Kalsoume Sinare – Mami
Gavivina Tamakloe – Owusu
Beverly Afaglo – Navida
Ingrid Elizabeth Alabi – Kalisha
Sika Da Diva – Nina
Roger Quartey – Kasim
Jessica Baah – Georgina
Soraya Mensah – Alicia
Eddie Coffie – Dr Kay
Louis Saah-Acquahman – Roger
Timothy Benthum – Fred
Emmy Akah – Brutus
Sylvester Tetteh – Obstacle
Joseph Baddoo – Obstacle
Fred Nuamah – Steve
Peter Pierre Korshie – Dr Alex
Ken Fiati – Male Mc
Adriana Addo – Female Mc

Spirit World

My Rating 80%

Solange falls for the Prince heir to the throne of Mazuland after he takes her to the hospital following running her over with his car in the street. At first Solange thinks that he is an ordinary guy and verbally attacks him for knocking her down. She accuses him of attempted murder and then asks him in the hospital,

“Are you a drunk?”

This all changes when she finds out that he is a prince. Her behaviour changes; She is bowled over and wants his contact details to right her wrongs. The Prince does not seem enthused and in the meantime falls in love with his late father’s best friend’s daughter Kalisha. On the day that he is to propose to her he finds out that she is betrothed to another. He is heartbroken but soon makes it his mission to replace that love with another.

It appears that he is going to choose Solange to love. He sends her a gift and then invites her out on a date, only to see Bernice, who was accompanying Solange to meet the Prince, and become completely besotted with her. Solange is understandably upset and embarrassed at the interest he is showing her friend, but tries to keep a brave face. It is when he turns up at the house that they share, the next day on Bernice’s birthday with a brand new car wrapped in a ribbon that Solange completely falls apart and plans to win back the Prince by any means necessary.


I thought the movie opened well. A car crash is a sure fire way to catch someone’s attention. It had heavy impact and had me gripped straight away. Yvonne gets better and better each time I see her. Loved her performance as the woman scorned. I really felt for her when the Prince dumped her. I could feel her devastation and desperation even more when just before the prince was about to marry Bernice she declares her undying love for him. It is here that we find out that she engineered the accident at the start of the movie in an attempt to lure him.

I’m loving the new guy John Dumelo. I haven’t come across him before, but he is a nice piece of eye candy and a natural actor. Yaaaaay! He badly reminds me of Yul Edochie in his expressions and mannerisms. Jackie really showed her chops when she was playing the spirit version of her self. She did really well. The spirit scenes were reminiscent of My Everlasting Love with Oge Okoye and Rukky Sanda.

Why now it has been decided to move on and to Bey’s sister Solange? What is up with that? Why leave out Matthew and Tina… may as well have the whole family involved

Why did Solange turn up to her date with the Prince wearing her Tiara and sash from her victory as Miss Legon Campus. Even if you were Miss World, how would you turn up to a date with your tiara and sash let alone you won one local uni beauty paegeant? Nonsense!

Why when the Prince came back with Solange’s laptop did they decide to do a close up of Yvonne’s hairy legs laying on the couch. Was that supposed to look sexy?

Why when Bernice’s eye got gouged out did they have her holding some fake googly eyes in her hands like they were popped out of her head? That was soooooo stooooooopid!!!

Why did Yvonne tell the hitman, “She’s my best friend I don’t want her dead. Why don’t you just make her blind and paralysed.” YEAH! Some friend you are!

Why the introduction of the girl Alicia that could see spirits? I thought she was meant to be Kalesha’s child but then she was too old. After the scene in the shop we don’t see her again, so what was the point of her?

Overall I really liked this movie. There was a good mix of intrigue, suspense and drama. There were subplots and they all came together nicely. The timeline was a little messed up with Akila marrying Alicia’s daughter. She looked at least twenty and they said only 11 years had passed, so tops she should have been only 13, but luckily this cock up doesn’t happen to until the end so its not too distressing. This movie teaches us that what goes around will surely come around. Solange forced Bernice,  her friend out of the beauty pageant that Bernice would have probably won by hiring thugs kidnap her sister. In return the Prince picked her friend instead of her as a bride, and even after killing her friend he still had no desire for her, thus karma was revisited upon her. One to watch I say! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

Before the Rain

Before the Rain

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Before The Rain ~ 2008
(Continuation called Dangerous Beauty)
Story – Eriobi Chibuzo Sunday & Nwegwu Chinweike
Screenplay – Chidi Chijioke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Van Vicker – Fabian
Chika Ike – Anita
Tonto Dikeh – Mercy
Desmond Elliot – Raymond
Halima Abubakar – Meg
Ene Millex Ogiri – Nneka
Princess Eugoda – Mimi
Udolisa Uzoma – Morris
Chika Ihekwabu – Anita’s mum
Mary Igwe – Oby
Amaechi Aguiyi – Meg’s mum
Chukwuemeka Akpagu – Melvin
Chubozor Umeh – Chidi

My Rating – 40%

Themes Explored:
Campus Life

Mercy and Anita are two girls from poor homes from the same village. They both gain admission to the same university and become roommates. Their relationship sours when Mercy’s jealousy gets the best of her. Mercy is holding a grudge because Anita has a boyfriend, and she does not. She does not like the fact that Fabian likes her friend and not her so she sets about spreading on campus that Anita has Asthma in a bid to stigmatise her.

In time Anita does get her own boyfriend, however one of the “Social Ladies,” a cult on campus has their eyes on him and she is warned off him by them repeatedly. She does not adhere to the warnings and consequently is stripped and beaten in public. She flees campus humiliated only to return and reinvent herself and the fearsome and notorious Mercy Blaze.

************* SPOILERS*************

The primary fault with the film is the storyline. It is a big big problem in that the storyline is based around Anita’s illness which is … Wait for it….  ASTHMA! When have you have you ever heard of someone being stigmatised because they have asthma? An adult at that? This was pure nonsense. It is a condition that they say affects up to a quarter of urban children, and in the movie it was likened to leprosy.

Anita wants to keep her asthma a secret from the whole school, but her friend Mercy decides to go spreading the news around school. All of a sudden people are disgusted by her and shy away from her. The disease isn’t even one that shows intself in one’s physical appearance, or one that is contagious, or even one that can be passed on at all so this was just stooooooooopid. There was no research done in this movie. I am not even asthmatic and I know how and asthma pump is used. They have Chika grunting, rolling her eyes and pressing the pump furiously with no deep inhalation or method to her action. It was horrible to comedic effect.

One day her boyfriend Fabian finds her in her room during an attack and cue wide eyes and dramatic music. I mean WTF? It was as if he had caught his church princess shooting up heroin. From that moment on he begins avoiding her. This could have made sense if the affliction was HIV, or herpes but for it to be asthma was just senseless. We then learn that he dumps her because his ex girlfriend died of asthma. We even see a flashback where he is remembering his ex’s death. The death scene was ridiculous. It looked like a panic attack and then she just dropped to the floor.

I was surprised that Tonto had her butt crack and kebab out during the scene where she gets stripped and beaten by the Social Ladies in an industry where when a girl is going swimming she is wearing a swimming costume over cycling shorts and a bra. I don’t know what was with the extra highlighting of Tonto’s body in this movie. There is another scene where she goes to try and seduce Fabian, played by Van Vicker. She is wearing some orange shorts and we get a close up of her camel toe… ugh!

The women in the movie have no shame. I suppose females like this exist. They are fighting over men that openly don’t want them. The head of The Social Ladies beats Tonto for dating “her man” Larry. Of course Larry is not her man and has no interest in her. He even goes to confront her and make it clear that he is into Mercy and not her, yet she is still ranting, claiming him as her own. Status has given her a sense of entitlement. She does not care if he wants her or not, getting him to comply is her main thing, whether or not he truly wants to be with her or not.

Stand out performance was Tonto Dikeh, as usual… She played her part brilliantly. I was also loving Ene Millex Ogiri. She was the perfect casting for her role as a Social Lady. Van VickerBlah. Chika Ike Blah. Adequate but bland performances.

I would not recommend this movie. It doesn’t end and then like me you will end up wasting another few hours of your life going to watch the continuation Dangerous Beauty, another 2 part movie. However,  it is not all bad, some of it is so ridiculously stupid it will have you in hysterics. There were also some very good isolated scenes like when Mercy’s parents show up on campus looking like village rats and she denies them. Build of mystery was also good in parts, even when I thought the film was veering on ridiculous I still couldn’t help but to keep on watching. So it’s up to you!

Jealous Princess

Jealous Princess

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Jealous Princess ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Nonso Okonkwo

Van Vicker – Sam
Oge Okoye – Nneka
Chika Ike – Mercy
Ikem Chude – Mike
Biola Ige – Muriel
Stan Amandi – Edwin
Rose Ofuzim – Mother
Rita Daniels – Juliet
Ekene Ukadike – Andrew
Samgenta Igbokwe – Gateman
Sunny Davids – Bar Extra


My Rating 41%

Sam and Mercy are happily married but have fallen financially on hard times. One night Sam reluctantly gives a woman called Nneka whose car has broken down on a dangerous road, a lift. He gives her his card and she contacts him at a later date. At first Sam is delighted as Nneka offers to connect him to the right influential people that can help him revive his business. She appears to be an angel but it is not long before her devilish ways are exposed.


Oge’s dad’s grey hair looked really fake. Since his acting wasn’t too good. I was wondering why they wouldn’t just get an older man to play the character if indeed the hair was fake.

A lot of the lines in the film were highly unoriginal, overused clichés that made me cringe. I think Nonso Okonkwo should have got help instead of trying to do the whole movie himself. Let me give you some examples:

“Learn to keep that thing in between your legs in check.”

“Opportunity comes but once, grab it with both hands.”

“Life is full of ups and downs. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Aside from the lack of creativity in the dialogue there was also the problem of using words where they didn’t make sense. I always maintain the stance that if you don’t know what something means or are even slightly unsure, CHECK or DON’T USE THE WORD. We see Sam telling Nneka about his money troubles on their first meeting after he gave her the lift and she says,

“You are quite open minded, are you always like this?”

How does open minded come into it? OPEN? Yes that would have fit the situation. OPEN MINDED? No. Alternatively they could have used the word FORTHRIGHT, FRANK, or HONEST, but OPEN-MINDED… I don’t think so! Small details like this really help in making an OK movie kind of crappy, as this kind of thing looks sloppy.

In another scene Nneka tells Sam, her husband’s best friend,

“I feel that he’s having an affair with that girl Nneka.”

He replies,

“What? Are they having an affair?”

DUH!! Did she not just say that she feels that are having an affair and you are asking her back the same question. Nonsense! Again the script needed much work.

It seems funny that Nneka turns up to Sam’s house all the time uninivted and the door is always unlocked. Nneka was obsessed with Sam and he never reciprocated her affections. Even when she leaps on him to kiss him he fights her off, so to me it didn’t make sense that after she attempted to force herself on him she would say to him,

“Why did you kiss me?”

And he reply,

“I wasn’t in my right senses.”

I watched closely and he didn’t kiss her back, so what is this discrepancy between what we see and what is scripted? Again… SHODDY!

I would not recommend this movie. It was watchable but I can’t find much good to say about it. The story was ok and for the most part easy to follow but descended into madness and chaos at the end. It was as if they couldn’t work out and ending, so just put any random ending for the sake of ending. Andrew played by Ekene Ukadike had a small role and couldn’t even pull that off. He was very unconvincing. Biola Ige was as awful as she was in THE SHEPHERD. Van played his usual doormat role, which I for one am getting completely bored with and Oge and Chika did the best that they could, given what they were working with.

World Of Honour

World Of Honour

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World of Honour ~ 2009
(Feel My Pain ~ 2008)
Story – Chinweuba Nneji
Screenplay – Afam Okereke
Director – Afam Okereke

Mike Ezuruonye – Nonso
Uche Jombo – Nneka
Leo Mezie – Uzo
Amaechi Muonagor – Okeke
Christabel Egbenya – Eunice
Rose Ofuzim – Ugodiya
Cynthia Okereke – Ugonma
Louisa Nwobodo – Obioma
Sunny Williams – Nduka
Grace Olonta – Juliet
Uche Nna Nna – Sandra
Stella Okafor – Juliet’s friend
Uchenna Ubanwa – Favour
Gabriel Okorie – Dr
Benson Okonkwo – Best Man
Pat Edeh – Peace
Just Chucks – Nneka’s Boyfriend
Okwudili Ogbukeje – Care Taker
Emeka Edozie – Car Dealer


My Rating 78%

Nonso and Nneka are the best of friends. The friendship progresses to a romantic love and all of a sudden Nonso’s best friend Uzo has a problem with the relationship, claiming that he had his eye on Nneka first and only did not make a move because he was “assessing her character.” At the time Nonso is living with Uzo, only for Uzo to throw him out giving him no idea as to whathas caused the rift between them. It turns out that Uzo’s father had picked out Nneka as the girl he should marry but had not pursued it any further than suggesting it to his son as Uzo labelled Nneka, “a villager” and “classless.”


Mike Ezuruonye does brilliantly at displaying Nonso’s disheartenment and confusion at his former friend’s actions. The chemistry between Mike and Uche is fantastic and they have a great rapport. You can tell they really are friends in real life. Leo Mezie is good as the jealous and psychotic Uzo.

A confrontation and mediation takes place at Nonso’s brother’s house. Uzo goes to report Nonso to his brother. It is here that we find out that Uzo had rejected the idea to marry Nneka by his father many times. His behaviour is a clear case of jealousy. Now that he sees that his friend is happy with Nneka he wants to sabotage his happiness. Nneka herself is shocked when she finds out why Nonso was thrown out of the house. She calls him a “clown,” as she had never expressed any interest in him and neither him in her, so the whole situation is a complete shock.

Uzo is deranged and vows to wage a war against Nonso and to claim back, “his wife.” His father too is in agreement declaring,

“not to worry, you will still marry her.”

Uzo puts the first step of his plan in action and hires some cultist thugs to kill Nonso. Nneka is in hospital after fainting with shock at hearing the news that Nonso is dead(stupid) when Uzo goes to visit, introduction himself to the hospital staff as “her fiancée.” Can we say PSYCHO? He is thrown out of the room but waits for her at the hospital exit to continue with his psychotic claims, telling her, “Lets go home.” It is at this moment that Nonso is wheeled in on a stretcher. He is not dead after all. Some men are really dangerous and have no shame. Uzo will not leave Nneka alone despite failing in his attempt to kill Nonso her telling his that she is in no way interested.

Nneka and Nonso’s relationship quickly turns from blissful harmony to turbulent all at Nneka’s hands. Uche Jombo’s performance of Nneka’s polarised characters is flawless. She becomes disrespectful and belligerent not only towards Nonso but his family too. Even when she is caught cheating after spending four days in a man’s house Nonso vows to stick by her. The police arrest the guy she was with for, “keeping somebody else’s wife.”  How can the police go and arrest the guy that Nneka was with? How is that a matter for the police? She was there willingly. She was not kidnapped, and they are not even married. Since when did Fiancee become wife?

In the end they break up as Nonso is at his wit’s end. He temporarily gets with a woman called favour until his pastor advises him that Nneka is the woman for him,

“God has spoken Nneka is the right woman for you.”

We find out that Nneka’s behaviour is the result of charms used by Uzo and his father. What a cop out ending. I hate these cop out endings that are blamed on charms its so unoriginal and uncreative and takes the blame of the one that should be blamed and puts it in someone elses hands. Nonsense. Nneka behaved like a byatch because she wanted to. Why must everything be because of rituals and charms? Of course they arrange their wedding again, only to have psycho Uzo turn up at the house beforehand with a gun. It is left for us, the viewer to decide what happens next.

I would recommend this movie as it was engrossing and funny in parts. Great performances by the whole cast, only thing I didn’t like was the cop out charm storyline. PLEASE BE WARNED this film was released in 2008 under the title FEEL MY PAIN. The marketers are doing 419 again. Do not be a victim!!! They even had the never to advertise the film FEEL MY PAIN at the beginning of this movie only for me to see it was the SAME MOVIE!!! Eiwooooo!

Last Victory

Last Victory

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Last Victory ~ 2008
Story – Macdavies Odikah & Micheal Martins Odikah
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Iyke Odife

Ebube Nwagbo – Demola
Tony Umez – Lanre
Jackie Appiah (Agyeman) – Paris
Kofi Adjorlolo – Enyinnaya
George Williams – Bankole
Grace Nortey – Wunmi
Vivien Achor – Paris
Emmanuel Armah – Kelvin
Samuel Mensah – Dike
Gifty Temang – Brenda
Nneka Chris – Jessica
Roselyn Ngissah – Claribel
Louis Saa-Acquahman – Cornel
Ziggy Nartteyson – Rabia
Omar de 1st – Doctor
Raaba Mensah – Chioma
Eva Asare – Maid
Henry Adu Amoyaw – John
Williams Opare – LPO


My Rating: 60%

Kelvin and Bankole were business partners but a fall out over money resulted in Bankole going to Kelvin’s home in the middle of the night and gunning down him, his wife, daughter and house help down in front of their home in cold blood. The bodies are found not long after the shooting by Kelvin’s brother Enyinnaya and his wife.

All is not lost and it is discovered that Kelvin’s 8 year old daughter Jessica is still alive. After hospital treatment she makes a full physical recovery, although haunted by the turn of events that night. It is suggested that a change of scene will do her good and so she is shipped off to an uncle in America where she remains until returning back for a visit 22 years later, however she has come back for a reason other than to see family.


I started watching this movie on about 5 different occasions and actually turned it off every time. Why? The beginning is confusing. We see Kelvin and Bankole discussing business matters, but exactly what the issue is that made one go and assassinate the other’s whole family I couldn’t really get a grasp of. We then cut to a scene with Kelvin’s brother and this too was a bit confusing, in fact I even thought that the movie was a continuation of something else. In fact it may well be!

After rewinding a few times I finally “got it” and I am glad that I took the times to persevere through the first few scenes because the movie was worth watching despite the few flaws.

Enyinnaya played by Kofi was excellent in his role as the grieving brother, as was the actress that played his wife in the movie. After his brother dies we see a scene where he and his wife consoling each other. This scene is very touching and believable from the tears welling up in the eyes to the subtle built up to understated sobs. These two had great chemistry together and flowed naturally.

One thing that got me confused was why the film was supposedly set in Ghana (They kept mentioning Accra and Kumasi) but the characters names were either English or Nigerian. Why didn’t they just set it in Nigeria since everybody seemed to be Nigerian anway? When the police come to Enyinnaya’s house to investigate his brother’s murder, he is asked about his brother’s business partners. He mentions some in Dubai which prompts the officer to ask,

“No Nigerian partners?”

Why would the police ask about Nigeria partners? What would the relevance be? Or is this just an error?

One thing that I saw as a major flaw in he  film was where the policeman investigating the murder case comes and wants to talk to Jessica (which they were first of all calling Princess, in fact I thought that was her name until she came back as an adult) about her parents murders. The one who is the policeman is now calling himself a “psychologist.” Is this how multitasking happens in Naija? His form of therapy is to tell Princess to close her eyes, that he has a surprise for her, only to then pull a gun on her and tell her to open them. Which kin of NONSENSE be this? The policeman/ psychologist then analyses the situation,

“For a normal child this could be a piece of metal.”

Er Noooooooo it would be a freaking gun for a “normal” child even if they hadn’t come face to face with one like Jessica had. Most kids would know that it was a gun that is capable of killing. He continues with his useless nonsense psychological analysis,

“Suddenly it’s an object of fright.”


And there is even more nonsense,

“Except that child has been through a terrifying experience, like seeing her mummy and daddy lying dead before her.”

Hold up! So that would be mean a gun is an object of fright, unless you parents have been gunned down? Which would mean she would be happy to see a gun, but she wasn’t she jumped and was scared. In any case gunned down parents or not… a gun is an object for fright for anyone. Hmmm… These are meant to be profound words of wisdom from a PSYCHOLOGIST. It does not even make sense. Whoever wrote that crap needs to pay attention to detail and make sure their sentences tie up with one another and MAKE SENSE.

The PSYCHOLOGIST then gives his advice,

“This child needs special care maybe a change of environment would help.”

DUUHHH… Talk about stating the obvious! Who needs a psychologist to tell them a kid that just saw her parents gunned down in front of her needs special care? This whole scene was extremely insulting to the viewer and poorly thought out.

What is a toddler? I thought a toddler is between 12 months and 3 years at a push. After all isn’t a toddler called so because they are toddling (learning to walk) An 8 year old child is waaaay past toddler age. Throughout the movie the young pre-America Jessica of 8 years old is referred to as a toddler. People should learn the meanings of words before they start using them anyhow.


Once you got into it the movie it was enjoyable. For that reason alone I would recommend it, however something funny was going on with the names, where the names in the credits weren’t necessarily the names in the film and the fact that Jessica/ Princess was referred to as a toddler. I have a feeling that perhaps the movie was filmed at different times, hence these discrepancies. The first part was somewhat predictable in that I knew the reason for putting Jessica and Tony together, however there was a nice twist at the end that I didn’t see coming that tied up all the other subplots in the movie.

Bad Egg

Bad Egg

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Bad Egg
Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay – Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Justus Esiri – Douglas
Desmond Elliot – Samuel
Ngozi Ezeonu – Lolo
Stephanie Okereke – Steph
Nadia Buari – Winnie
Queen Nwokoye – Edna
Fabian Adibe – Igwe
Clement Okino – Winston
Junior Pope – Kunle
Browny Igboegwu – Stanley
Godswill Anuke – Rubuen
Ifeanyi Ezeh – Gabby

Themes Explored:
Sibling Rivalry
Class and Status

My Rating: 29%

Steph and Winnie are sisters back from studying at Harvard in the USA to run their father’s company. Steph is the “bad egg” with her incessant drinking, smoking and waywardness. Winnie on the contrary is the favoured more sensible daughter.

In a separate storyline we are also introduced to Samuel, the Igwe’s son He has a girlfriend whom he met while studying (SURPRISE SURPRISE) in The States that he has brought home to introduce to his parents. He is determined to marry her, but his parents are wholly against the situation, stating that not only does she bear the unfortunate title of “osu” but that in addition her class is not befitting to their own.


After Samuel’s girl is chased away by his parents he runs away to start a new life working in a hotel as an “ordinary guy.” There he comes across Steph who meets there with her boyfriend quite often, and always comes to Samuel, the manager to make complaints about whatever she decides is wrong on that particular day. By chance he also meets her sister in a separate incident where he returns her lost purse, they soon begin dating and before you know it he is uncovering murder plots.

I am going to stop there with the storyline… Let me just say this: it was so uninspiring, pointless and unoriginal. Here we have some fine talent and just the most rehashed story with no twists to distinguish itself from the usual “my parents didn’t want me to marry my true love because she is a poor girl from the village,”, “good girl vs bad girl” storylines.

Although the sound/lighting, other visual aesthetics were fine, and there were not any ridiculous scenes or even ones that did not make sense I just did not enjoy this one. It was just so run of the mill, simple and the characters were poorly developed. The bad girl was bad. Sooooo one dimensional, so of course if you are morally corrupt you have to drink and smoke to show that, oh… and sleeping with the boyfriend in hotels rooms very frequently adds to the picture of her moral decadence. Wow! She must be a killer in the making! *End sarcasm* We don’t see any good side to her, and we all know that even bad bad people have seemingly good sides. She wanted to kill her sister to gain her dad’s inheritance. A little far fetched I think. There was nothing to show where such hate could have come from except jealousy of her father’s love for her sister. This angle was not properly explored, it was just skimmed over and kinda unbelievable to me.

It was weird seeing Fabian Adibe TRY to play a strong role. I say TRY because he failed miserably. He was the Igwe and although he was sickly he was supposed to be a strong and powerful man and he just did not come across as such.

I would not recommend this film. The cast did the best that they could but this was just a flop for me. The positive thing to come out of this is that I now know what an “osu” is. There are no funny scenes, no insightful scenes, no dramatic scenes, no gripping scenes and it is probably an amalgamation of something you have seen a million times before. Save ya money, cos this one is a BAD EGG!