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The Power Of Her Majesty

The Power Of Her Majesty

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The Power of Her Majesty ~ 2009
Story – Felix Onu
Screenplay – Helen Ojukwu
Director – Evans Orji Kalu
Producer – Felix Onu

Eucharia Anunobi – Igwe Nneomma
Chiege Alisgwe – Ugbomma
Chiwetalu Agu – Ikenna
Stan K Amadi – Okoro
Ikem Chude – Uzo
Uche Ogbodo – Akwugo
Paul Udensi – Chief/ Priest
Abraham Nwodu – Okoh
Charles Murphy – Nwokedi
Precious Kalu –
Nancy Kalu – Akwugo’s Mother
Nweze O Collins – Adindu
Helen Ojukwu – Orienma
Nwosu Chidinma – Little Nneoma
Esther Uyanna – Ogemma
Udoh Ogbonna – Akwugo’s Father
Ebele Akosa – Adanne

Gender Roles
Village Life

My Rating – 60%

In this village tradition dictates that men stay as home, clean and cook while women tap wine, pay a groom price and carry out libations to the Gods. The men are not happy and want amendments to the traditions as they feel hard done by and know that things are not the same in other villages. There is a fear about fighting back as not only do they have the fearsome queen, Igwe Nneomma to contend with but also the wrath of the Gods. Will the men ever get what they want?


Igwe Nneomma has 3 “wives.” In my opinion they should have just called them husbands. They are men after all. The movie kind of reminded me of the John Travolta film – White Man’s Burden. Neither movie is a masterpiece but contained within each movie is a very strong message about the absurdity of prejudice. Sometimes it takes for people to see themselves in a disadvantaged role (men in this case) for realisation of personal prejudices to occur.

This is the first movie I have seen involving Polyamory, which is a woman with multiple husbands as opposed to polygamy which is a man married to multiple wives. Polygamy in Nigerian movies is a very much common theme and I guess that is because it is very much something that is present in Nigerian culture, whereas Polyandry is unheard of.

Gender Roles

I thought that it was a very nice attempt at challenging traditional gender roles by reversing them. It was an interesting concept that I’ve not come across before. I give major kudos to Felix Onu for the storyline. The movie is certainly thought provoking, however I would have found the conveyance of the message even more effective if it wasn’t so overdone, and by that I mean there should have been some adaptations to allow for the differences between men and women, as opposed to calling the men wives and Igwe Nneomma being so sexually aggressive, after all even if women were to become the more dominant sex, the testosterone/oestrogen in their bodies would remain the same.

In one scene the queen declares,

“I need a female child to succeed me,”

Wow! You never hear in a movie of a female child being desired. If you ever did hear it, it would only be because a woman has already had a ton of male children; that being said I have never even seen that scenario. In this statement we realise how devalued females are in Nigerian culture and the wider world society at large.

In another scene Igwe Nneomma demands for one of her husbands to, “come and ravish her.” In the meantime her other two husbands argue with her that it is their turn to sleep with her. It is funny because I am so used to seeing wives argue over a husband in Nollywood while the husband just seems to enjoy the bickering and in this movie we see a woman get to do the same.

In another scene we see the issue of childlessness/infertility come up. It has become so much the norm for a woman to get the blame for being able to produce children despite the fact that both a man and woman are needed for the task. In one scene a woman tells her husband,

“Ever since I have married you, you have refused to give me children… go back to your parents house. Wizard.”

This movie may make some men realise how pathetic their treatment of women is when they blame them for something like not producing babies which needs two people to be able to do effectively. It is a movie that will bring about self reflection because it can be seen just how easily the blame could be apportioned to the man as opposed to the woman.


Uche Ogbodo’s tattoos kind of ruined it for me. The movie is set in the village and not in modern times so they should have covered up the tats.

Eucharia Anunobi was a perfect choice for the role of Her Majesty. She had the ideal demeanour, carriage and powerful presence needed that you would imagine would invoke both fear and reverence among men.

There were three minor female characters that played their roles excellently, their characters in the movie were Akunna, Udoka and another one whose name was not mentioned, but they were not credited. I was impressed and it certainly is nice to see careful casting even in minor roles as very often little attention is played to these roles, but attention to the finer details like this that can elevate a movie.

I’d recommend the movie. I liked the village setting and it was a good effort at bringing life to an original concept, however there was some of it that I found simply boring or not thought about carefully enough. It was a bit slow in terms of being able to keep my attention, particularly towards the end of the movie where we see Chiege endlessly running through fields and singing like it was Bollywood *CRINGE* I felt like that was sheer self promotion because she is trying to get in the music arena, but that aside it was an interesting and thought provoking watch.


My Darling Princess

My Darling Princess

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My Darling Princess ~ 2009
Story – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi
Screenplay – Tai Emeka Obasi
Director – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi (Mr Hollywood)

Muna Obiekwe – Ikeobi
Stephanie Okereke – Princess Funmi
Enebeli Elebuwa – Oba
Eucharia Anunobi – Ijeoma
Omar Sheriff Captain – BJ
Vicky Zugah – Lola
Kelvin Books – Segun
Ngozi Nwosu – Bola
Mercy Obi – Waitress
Kelvin Ikeduba – King’s thug
Richard Amaechi – Dr
Obasi Nancy – Nurse
Prince Kelly – Inspector
Okey Onyewuenyi – Policeman
Dimeji Ishola – Waiter
Julias Emam – Oba Gateman


My Rating 40%

The Yoruban Princess of Ijekuta and an Ibo boy fall in love. In fact it is love at first sight. Her father will not allow her to marry a man from any other tribe as she will one day become Queen and her husband will become King. In his mind accepting a stranger as his daughter’s husband will taint their lineage,

“Our custom does not allow for people to bring foreigners to join with royal blood in our own land.”

For this reason the relationship starts off a secret one and when both parents find out about it they are vehemently against it. Ike’s mother brands the princess, “A prostitute” for rendez-vousing with her son in a hotel room, declaring,

“Of all the girls in lagos; you entangle with a Yoruba girl,”

and the King brands Ikeobi as “useless” and “unserious” for the same reasons. The older generation on both sides have deeply ingrained prejudices. Their love becomes one big battle to fight against their respective families.


The princess is feeling lonely and befriends one of her maids to make her sole confidant. Vicky Zugah’s entire performance is kind of lifeless and why oh why is a maid wearing fake lashes? Er hello This ain’t no beauty pageant Vicky. I wonder if she just came on set with them or she was instructed to wear them. Either way it was ridiculous.

Ike is a musician and has a performance, where he needs to perform a duet, why? We don’t know? This whole musician storyline was pointless and mostly nonsensical, bar the comic moments when Ike and his friend get some girls in to audition. They are all dreadful to the point where you will howl with laughter. The funniest is when a tone deaf girl attempts to sing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable with the enthusiasm of a corpse. Ike models himself on Simon Cowell, coming out with the comic put downs at rapid pace.

There were a few nice touches very far and few between and excellent performances from both Enebeli Elebuwa and Eucharia Anunobi. I particularly liked the scene where Enebeli arrives at Eucharia’s home to warn her to warn her son to stay away from his daughter. Many sterotypes that Ibos hold about Yorubas and vice versa were exposed via insults. As someone who is not too aware of all the stereotypes clouding each tribe I found this quite informative. It seems like Yorubas cling onto tradition more than Ibos, whereas Ibos are more interested in making money and look down on Yorubas that hang on to Royal Kingdoms as lazy and not forward thinking enough to garner wealth for themselves. Eucharia’s character makes fun of the king by putting him alongside other monarchs who are internationally recognised,

“Duke of Edinburgh!”
“Sheikh of Saudi Arabia!”

This scene and the audition scenes were the best in the whole movie. Most of the rest was a drag.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this movie. The musician storyline was pointless, befriending the maid was pointless and in fact watching it was pretty much pointless too. The movie was boring and poorly though out. This storyline has been rehashed over and over again so if one is going to go into it again there has to be a twist, or something that makes it stand out above all the other parents won’t let kid marry because of social class/ status/ wealth/ tribe religion stories. Yes it did highlight tribalism which is a very important issue, but on a grand scale this one failed. Don’t bother!



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Story – Paul Igwe
Screenplay – Jane Agunabor
Director – Paul Igwe

Mike Ezuruonye – Desmond
Chika Ike – Juliet
Eucharia Anunobi – Juliet’s Mother
Susan Ekwe – Eunice
Livinus Nnochiri – Pastor Oliver
Edith Irabor – Landlady
Nosa Obaseki – Tunde
Amanda Ebeye – Janet
Bill M Sonney – Assistant Pastor
Nkechi Ihemelu – Ada
Ine Edem – Titi
Ine Aju – Secretary
Ugoo Stephens – Prophet
Kayode Freeman – Doctor

Themes Explored:
Religious Hypocrisy

My Rating: 49%

Desmond and Juliet are a born again married couple. Eucharia Anunobi is Mrs Daniels, the meddling mother of Juliet and the mother in law of Desmond. She comes and goes within her daughter’s home as she pleases demanding attention at will and picking on Juliet’s husband for the sins that were committed against her by her own husband. Juliet’s concerns are not just kept in the home and she even tells her friend that her mother is causing unrest in her home but picking on both her and her husband.

We find out that Mrs Daniels is obsessed with her son in law because she was against the marriage right from the start, branding Desmond a gold digger and of a different class. She seems to be impressing her own bitterness at her marriage failure onto her daughter and her husband, to the extent that she even gripes at her daughter that Desmond is not worthy because of the fact that he “doesn’t take ice” in his drink.

Desmond is a faithful husband and we never see him so much as express any kind of interest in another woman until he is seduced by a job seeker called Eunice. She comes to his office begging for a job and despite resisting her advances towards him sexually and professionally who soon caves in to lust and the affair begins.


Susan Ekwe who plays Eunice has the potential to be good but the excessive shouting and screaming all the time was too much. I don’t know if she was directed to do that or that she thought it would make her performance more powerful. It did not.

Eunice is soon pregnant for Desmond and starts to blackmail him. Wow couldn’t see that coming! *sarcasm intended* Desmond is such a mugu. The first time he met the girl before she came to his office demanding a job she was loud, rude and brash. He apologised for bumping into her outside a bank and called her madam in the process. She screamed at him, “It’s MISS not MADAM!” So from that meeting he knew the girl was uncouth. She then starts trailing him and throwing herself at him, so he knows the girl is reckless but he started and then continued with the affair. For what? He didn’t even seem to even like her much.

One of the tricks Eunice uses to get closer to Desmond is to fake being attacked. She runs into his office saying that some men beat her on the street for no reason. Now the thing that struck me in this scene was the big azz black bulge on her cheek. What was that supposed to be??? I’m guessing a scar, but if she just got attacked how would she scar over already? Whatever they used to recreate a battered face was oh so wrong! To make matters worse, about half an hour later when Desmond took her home this said “scar” had fallen off and a reddened bump in its place.

A scene that stood out for me for the comedic element was when Eunice goes to visit the native doctor to make Desmond hers. The scene was almost poking fun at native doctors. Eunice tells the native doctor that she wants Desmond. Of course the ND supposedly having supernatural powers shouldn’t need to be told everything. The ND whilst chanting and jumping up and down says,

“Your husband will never leave you for another woman.”

Eunice rolls her eyes and tells him,

“NOOOO He is not my husband.”

The ND then adopts a pose like he knew this all along and continues chanting,

“Jehova… Rasta… Jehova… Haille Haille… HE IS GOING TO MARRY YOU… And you will be his only wife.”

An exasperated Eunice tells him,

“He is married already.”

The ND doesn’t give up the fraudulence and exclaims,

“EH HEH I already know, stop disturbing the spirits!”

After being prompted twice he finally gets it correct and takes glee is shouting,

“He is going to send that woman away and marry only Eunice!”

Eunice is so excited that she jumps up and down delightedly screaming, “AMEN AMEN AMEN”

This scene highlights the extent to which people will lose common sense and follow blindly when people are held up as spiritual or holy.


Why did Janet, Eunice’s best friend turn against her? Even though Janet was extorting money from Desmond and generally was not a nice person, we never see her be anything other than nice to Eunice. Eunice even gives Janet 50,000 Naira. This is for being such a good friend and to compensate her for all the times that she went to her mother’s house to give Desmond and herself space.

Why did Janet decide to take the moral high ground and report Eunice to Juliet when they were birds of the same feather? We see that she feels that she is worth more than 50,000, but it wasn’t like she was anything to do with Desmond or been promised any share of the money, so it was a shock to see this happen.


Desmond seemed like he was in love with his wife and then regrets the mistake he has made in cheating with Eunice, then how on earth the next minute is he clearing out his joint account with his wife and running of with Eunice? This only makes sense if we blame it on the Native Doctor. This is complete nonsense because it was clear the ND was a quack from the way that he was portrayed. Why when men cheat it is always the woman’s fault because of using charms from a ND? Why can’t a man ever just cheat because he likes sex with different woman? Or just fell for another woman for whatever reason and not because he was tricked? Because we all know that this is how it happens in real life.

At the end Desmond and Eunice are involved in a car crash as the try to escape. Juliet dies and Desmond survives and we find out that Eunice had lied to Desmond about being pregnant. The film ends with Desmond sobbing over the fact that he has just basically risked his marriage for no reason as there was no child to talk of.. Juliet is there comforting him like an idiot… I’ve heard of ride or die but this was stupidity. No doubt if the film was to continue we would see him beg for forgiveness because he was tricked and Juliet would accept that. I would not recommend the film because there were not any standout performances or anything really interesting to happen. It was not too bad and it is watchable if you are bored and have nothing else to do.

Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers

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Intimate Strangers
Story – Zeb Ejiro
Screenplay – Joe Dudun
Director – Zeb Ejiro

Richard Mofe Damijo
Zack Orji
Eucharia Anunobi
Edith Jane Azuh
Clem Ohameze
Mimi Ejiro
Femi Allen
Clarion Chukwurah


My Rating: 79%

RMD plays a high flying lawyer, who is married with two children. He appears to have the perfect family until a blast from the past comes from the form of Anne a woman he had a fling with 8 years earlier, while still married to his wife.

She has a surprise for him that is about to disrupt his happy home, and furthermore this disruption isn’t the only chaos about to hit his home!


When RMD’s wife comes to find out about the baby that he fathered out of wedlock, he tells her that he is not the father. She simply responds,

“You have told me you are not the father of her baby and I believe you.”

WHAT? How can you believe that it is not his child when he himself does not know? Did he do a DNA test?

Even his lawyer cannot understand his insistence at the child not being his, even asking him,

“but did you sleep with her?”

He says that he did and justifies his thinking that the child cannot be his because,

“It was just one crazy night… a fling.”

EX-KA-yooose me!

but since when was it impossible to get a woman pregnant in one night?

We then find out that DNA test showed that he was incapable of being a father- huh? I didn’t get that? How can a DNA test show infertility? And even if he has a sterility test, how would a test be valid for an occurrence that happened ten years previously?

I would recommend this film… It was gripping and the storyline was interesting with enough twists to keep you engrossed.

19 Macaulay Street

19 Macaulay Street

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19 Macaulay Street

An Afe Olumowe Film



Mercy Johnson

Eucharia Anunobi

Tony Umez

Evelyn Osugo

Femi Brainard
Rich Oganiru

Chidinnma Ubaogu

Emanuel Esene Steve

Franklyn Okoro


My Rating:  NO RATING


The film starts with Mercy Johnson running down some stairs and accusing her mother of being a whore. She then returns with a gun. Huh? It looks like she is about to kill somebody.


A few minutes in the credits begin to roll (they were not at the beginning.) I am thinking this film is trying to duplicate a Fred and Rosemary West type of scenario where the address becomes infamous as Cromwell Street was.


The next scene is Eucharia accusing her son of stealing her pink G String. She shouts and wails at him demanding to know where he has hidden her panties,


“I have done my make up… I must have my panties now!”




We find out Eucharia is a lawyer. She leaves the house to go to court and her son retrieves the panties from between the sofa and rubs them all over his face, inhaling deeply. HUH? WHAT? Eucharia forgets something and returns to the house only to catch her son in this act.


We do not see what happens as the scene switches to Mercy Johnson in court. What? Is she a lawyer too? This film was too weird for me. I had to switch off. I cannot rate or even begin to give themes for this film as I just DIDN’T GET IT! WATCH AT YOUR OWN PERIL!