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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher ~ 2009
Story – Prince Iyke Olisa
Screenplay – Prince Iyke Olisa, Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Prince Iyke Olisa
Producer – Prince Iyke Olisa

Jackie Appiah – Margaret/ Immaculate
Desmond Elliot- Jude
Sylvester Madu – Ken
Livinus Nnochiri – Reverend Simon Onu
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Gift
Immmaculate Igwe – Agnes
Francis Umoh – Pastor George
Oluchukwu Nzeakor – Pastor George’s wife
Grace Ogwuche – Daisy
Uche Benjamin – Sylvia
Gloria Sarfo – Jenifer
Joy Attah – Annabel
Amanda Iwuese – Teresa
Amaka Uzoh – Ify

Societal pressure

My Rating – 52%

Margaret is a minister’s daughter. Her parents despair over her wayward behaviour. She clubs all night and often comes home drunk. Even her boyfriend Ken doubts her integrity as he remembers the dubious circumstance under which he met her and how he was warned against her by the guy that she was with that night. He was warned that she was a thief, and it was a warning that he ignored because Margaret put on an excellent act of innocence and he assumed that the guy reporting her was drunk.

It is only when Ken’s money goes missing that he begins to wonder whether or not Margaret is the virtuous minister’s daughter that he thought her to be. She has no limits. Even with her friends she is disloyal and we see her getting caught in bed with one of her friends’ boyfriend.


It is strange how the movie is subtitled in the first scene and then randomly in scenes afterwards. There seemed to be no reasoning behind it. You should either subtitle the whole thing or not at all. After all it wasn’t even in parts which were hard to hear or understand so what was the point?

Oh the irony in the name Immaculate. What a wonderful choice of a name for somebody that embodies in totality everything that is not immaculate. We do find out in the end that Immaculate behaves in the way that she does because she had been raped and never told anybody about it, so in that sense we can extend our sympathies’ to her. Her promiscuity stems from her bottled bitterness and pain as a result of the rape.

Funny Scene
The scene where Jackie was drunk in church was hilarious. She played the part of a drunk really well and you could just imagine yourself in the congregation cringing at her behaviour. I actually like her in this type of role as opposed to her playing the downtrodden crying wench all the time.

Societal Pressure
Gift feels a desperate need to get marriage because of her age. When Jude’s interest in her wanes she believes that it is because of her refusal to visit him at his home. She is so concerned with how her spinsterhood is viewed by society to the extent that she thinks about compromising her Christian values. Her mother lends her support and encourages her to stick to her values, telling her,

“Don’t allow the pressure of your age make you compromise your stand”

The movie ends with Jude and Margaret getting carted off to jail, as well as the director’s prayer session. Hmm what stupidness? it just didn’t seem appropriate. Maybe the hardcore Christians will like that. I don’t know! Watched the 3 and 4, not much more interesting. I’d recommend it only if you have nothing better to do. Jackie gave a good performance as did Desmond. The flow of the story was not too smooth. About halfway through a new storyline emerges and the new characters are just thrown in rather than introduced slowly. The titling may be similar but Sharon Stone this movie is not!


Bloody Tussle

Bloody Tussle

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Bloody Tussle ~ 2009
(Also known as IN COLD BLOOD)
Story/ Screenplay – Aniedi Awah
Director – Ugo Ugbor (De General)
Producer – Paul Nwachukwu Anaruagu

Chika Ike – Elena
Majid Michel – Tony
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Nneka
Francis Duru – Matthew
Livinus Nnochiri – Kingsley
Ali Nuhu – Edmond
Jim Lawson Maduike – Chief Paul
Ricky Eze – Alao
Abel Mmadu – David
Joshua Johnson – Bro Michael
Blessing John – Bro Michael Wife
Taofeek Muyiba – Vanessa
Loveth Akpan – Gift
Lina Joseph – Art Woman
Oge Anyanwu – DPO
Ugo Peters – Policeman


My Rating 44%

Elena and Tony have been married for 2 years. It is a loveless marriage, Elena has been having extramarital affairs and it in a dilemma as to whether or not she should end the marriage. She approaches her father, who is the one that set her up with Tony and he warns her that if she is to divorce her husband it must come from her husband’s side. He adds that she must not be caught with any man. From this we can surmise that there must be some sort of arrangement made before the marriage pertaining to what would happen if they split and under which circumstances.


Tony wants Matthew, played by Francis Duru to seduce his wife Elena for 3 million Naira. He tells him,

“I have never seen a man as exquisite as you, so chiselled.”

Noooo, you did not hear wrong and no Francis Duru did not have some miraculous makeoever. Laugh wan kill me die! What part of Francis Duru would be called chiselled? The guy is short and dumpy. It was inconceivable to me that out of all the guys in the city it would be Francis that would be the sex bomb approached to be paid to seduce someone’s wife? What kind of nonsense is that? Seriously BAD CASTING!

You know that I have previously said that Majid was on fire and could create chemistry with a wood log, well check this he couldn’t create chemistry with Chika Ike, in fact he had more chemistry with Francis Duru. Chika has got to be the most boring Nollywood Actress ever! The lack of chemistry did make sense considering that they were supposed to be in a loveless marriage, however I bet if they were supposed to be in a loving marriage the chemistry would still remain at zero. *YAWN*

The movie is PROPERTY OF PAUL DANIELS LTD INT. and trust me you will not forget it. We see non stop scrolling to tell us this across the top of the screen. What is the point? It can’t be to stop the pirates as they will it pirate anyway big ass letters and all. It was just annoying and distracting.


The sound is abysmally bad and loud. It kept breaking in an out. I actually thought my scart lead was damaged because I couldn’t imagine the sound could be that bad. There is one scene in which Elena is explaining to her employer how she is married to an enemy and I was straining to hear what was being said. I changed the scart lead and the problem persisted. It was only when I turned off the auto volume on the TV that it was made a bit better. Even on volume 7 which is normally low the sound was loud and even vibrated when voices were raised.

The relationships in this movie were way more complex that I first imagined. It turns into a murder mystery whodunit and Elena in Jail. It is somewhat interesting but after two parts it doesn’t end and so many questions are unanswered. In fact nothing at all was answered. I guess I’d have to watch the rest to get it. I don’t think I’d bother though. Not recommended. Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses

Dangerous Angels

Dangerous Angels

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Dangerous Angels ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay – Juliet Chisom Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Chimezie Emelonwu

Ini Edo – Amanda
Tonto Dikeh – Foxy
Nonso Diobi – Conrad
Halima Abubakar – Susan
Anita Joseph – Jojo
John Paul Nwadike – Oscar
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Ije
Amanda Ebeye – Carol
Remmy Ohajianya – Major
Hakeem Rahman – INEC President
Henry Chigbu – Blacky
Ubong Thompson – D Man

Themes Explored:
Campus Cultism

My Rating – 67%

Foxy mama is the head of a female cult group on campus called The Jezebels. The Jezebels are feared on campus and no one dares to cross them, no one except Amanda that is. Amanda has a run in with Foxy and they clash immediately. The rivalry becomes all the more serious when Foxy realises that Amanda is the daughter of her father’s arch enemy. She is ready to exact her revenge on her father’s behalf and so the war begins.



How can Carol and her brother, be sharing a room at university at her father’s insistence when they are both grown folk?

This is the first time I have noticed the elaborate branding on Anita Joseph’s arm? I wonder what that is in aid of?


Some scenes were too draggy to the point of overkill. We don’t need to see something for hours on end to get a point. Viewers must be given more credit. In one scene we see chief dancing with Susan and Jojo and the scene seems to go on foreeeeeever with Chief getting booty backed up onto his fat belly. We already know that Anita Jospeh‘s ikebe is super but enough already!

At the end of the movie Amanda approaches a lecturer with regards to getting Foxy’s results re-assessed, she tells him that her reason for making the request is that she is an “upright citizen” that doesn’t support corruption. She says this while slipping him something to “soothe” his nerves. HA! Fighting corruption and partaking in it all in the same breath. Can you imagine?

Standout performance for me was Amanda Ebeye. She played the role of the nosey, motor mouth to perfection. Her flow was effortless, her expressions on point and she had great comic timing. She is an actress you don’t see in movies very much and when you so it tends to be a very minor role so big ups to her. I have to give kudos to the rest of the cast as well because everybody played their parts well. I also have to give a very special mention to Tonto’s coiffure. I loved Tonto Dikeh‘s hair in this movie. It was looking absolutely fabulous.

I would recommend this movie. No it wasn’t the most original of stories but it was well done. The story was easy to follow and the battle between Foxy and Amanda kept me glued to the screen curious as to what atrocity each girl would next commit. This is a lesson for anybody who thinks that they are the BADDEST… there is always someone badder! Nollywood African Nigerian Movie Review

Before the Rain

Before the Rain

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Before The Rain ~ 2008
(Continuation called Dangerous Beauty)
Story – Eriobi Chibuzo Sunday & Nwegwu Chinweike
Screenplay – Chidi Chijioke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Van Vicker – Fabian
Chika Ike – Anita
Tonto Dikeh – Mercy
Desmond Elliot – Raymond
Halima Abubakar – Meg
Ene Millex Ogiri – Nneka
Princess Eugoda – Mimi
Udolisa Uzoma – Morris
Chika Ihekwabu – Anita’s mum
Mary Igwe – Oby
Amaechi Aguiyi – Meg’s mum
Chukwuemeka Akpagu – Melvin
Chubozor Umeh – Chidi

My Rating – 40%

Themes Explored:
Campus Life

Mercy and Anita are two girls from poor homes from the same village. They both gain admission to the same university and become roommates. Their relationship sours when Mercy’s jealousy gets the best of her. Mercy is holding a grudge because Anita has a boyfriend, and she does not. She does not like the fact that Fabian likes her friend and not her so she sets about spreading on campus that Anita has Asthma in a bid to stigmatise her.

In time Anita does get her own boyfriend, however one of the “Social Ladies,” a cult on campus has their eyes on him and she is warned off him by them repeatedly. She does not adhere to the warnings and consequently is stripped and beaten in public. She flees campus humiliated only to return and reinvent herself and the fearsome and notorious Mercy Blaze.

************* SPOILERS*************

The primary fault with the film is the storyline. It is a big big problem in that the storyline is based around Anita’s illness which is … Wait for it….  ASTHMA! When have you have you ever heard of someone being stigmatised because they have asthma? An adult at that? This was pure nonsense. It is a condition that they say affects up to a quarter of urban children, and in the movie it was likened to leprosy.

Anita wants to keep her asthma a secret from the whole school, but her friend Mercy decides to go spreading the news around school. All of a sudden people are disgusted by her and shy away from her. The disease isn’t even one that shows intself in one’s physical appearance, or one that is contagious, or even one that can be passed on at all so this was just stooooooooopid. There was no research done in this movie. I am not even asthmatic and I know how and asthma pump is used. They have Chika grunting, rolling her eyes and pressing the pump furiously with no deep inhalation or method to her action. It was horrible to comedic effect.

One day her boyfriend Fabian finds her in her room during an attack and cue wide eyes and dramatic music. I mean WTF? It was as if he had caught his church princess shooting up heroin. From that moment on he begins avoiding her. This could have made sense if the affliction was HIV, or herpes but for it to be asthma was just senseless. We then learn that he dumps her because his ex girlfriend died of asthma. We even see a flashback where he is remembering his ex’s death. The death scene was ridiculous. It looked like a panic attack and then she just dropped to the floor.

I was surprised that Tonto had her butt crack and kebab out during the scene where she gets stripped and beaten by the Social Ladies in an industry where when a girl is going swimming she is wearing a swimming costume over cycling shorts and a bra. I don’t know what was with the extra highlighting of Tonto’s body in this movie. There is another scene where she goes to try and seduce Fabian, played by Van Vicker. She is wearing some orange shorts and we get a close up of her camel toe… ugh!

The women in the movie have no shame. I suppose females like this exist. They are fighting over men that openly don’t want them. The head of The Social Ladies beats Tonto for dating “her man” Larry. Of course Larry is not her man and has no interest in her. He even goes to confront her and make it clear that he is into Mercy and not her, yet she is still ranting, claiming him as her own. Status has given her a sense of entitlement. She does not care if he wants her or not, getting him to comply is her main thing, whether or not he truly wants to be with her or not.

Stand out performance was Tonto Dikeh, as usual… She played her part brilliantly. I was also loving Ene Millex Ogiri. She was the perfect casting for her role as a Social Lady. Van VickerBlah. Chika Ike Blah. Adequate but bland performances.

I would not recommend this movie. It doesn’t end and then like me you will end up wasting another few hours of your life going to watch the continuation Dangerous Beauty, another 2 part movie. However,  it is not all bad, some of it is so ridiculously stupid it will have you in hysterics. There were also some very good isolated scenes like when Mercy’s parents show up on campus looking like village rats and she denies them. Build of mystery was also good in parts, even when I thought the film was veering on ridiculous I still couldn’t help but to keep on watching. So it’s up to you!