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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher ~ 2009
Story – Prince Iyke Olisa
Screenplay – Prince Iyke Olisa, Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Prince Iyke Olisa
Producer – Prince Iyke Olisa

Jackie Appiah – Margaret/ Immaculate
Desmond Elliot- Jude
Sylvester Madu – Ken
Livinus Nnochiri – Reverend Simon Onu
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Gift
Immmaculate Igwe – Agnes
Francis Umoh – Pastor George
Oluchukwu Nzeakor – Pastor George’s wife
Grace Ogwuche – Daisy
Uche Benjamin – Sylvia
Gloria Sarfo – Jenifer
Joy Attah – Annabel
Amanda Iwuese – Teresa
Amaka Uzoh – Ify

Societal pressure

My Rating – 52%

Margaret is a minister’s daughter. Her parents despair over her wayward behaviour. She clubs all night and often comes home drunk. Even her boyfriend Ken doubts her integrity as he remembers the dubious circumstance under which he met her and how he was warned against her by the guy that she was with that night. He was warned that she was a thief, and it was a warning that he ignored because Margaret put on an excellent act of innocence and he assumed that the guy reporting her was drunk.

It is only when Ken’s money goes missing that he begins to wonder whether or not Margaret is the virtuous minister’s daughter that he thought her to be. She has no limits. Even with her friends she is disloyal and we see her getting caught in bed with one of her friends’ boyfriend.


It is strange how the movie is subtitled in the first scene and then randomly in scenes afterwards. There seemed to be no reasoning behind it. You should either subtitle the whole thing or not at all. After all it wasn’t even in parts which were hard to hear or understand so what was the point?

Oh the irony in the name Immaculate. What a wonderful choice of a name for somebody that embodies in totality everything that is not immaculate. We do find out in the end that Immaculate behaves in the way that she does because she had been raped and never told anybody about it, so in that sense we can extend our sympathies’ to her. Her promiscuity stems from her bottled bitterness and pain as a result of the rape.

Funny Scene
The scene where Jackie was drunk in church was hilarious. She played the part of a drunk really well and you could just imagine yourself in the congregation cringing at her behaviour. I actually like her in this type of role as opposed to her playing the downtrodden crying wench all the time.

Societal Pressure
Gift feels a desperate need to get marriage because of her age. When Jude’s interest in her wanes she believes that it is because of her refusal to visit him at his home. She is so concerned with how her spinsterhood is viewed by society to the extent that she thinks about compromising her Christian values. Her mother lends her support and encourages her to stick to her values, telling her,

“Don’t allow the pressure of your age make you compromise your stand”

The movie ends with Jude and Margaret getting carted off to jail, as well as the director’s prayer session. Hmm what stupidness? it just didn’t seem appropriate. Maybe the hardcore Christians will like that. I don’t know! Watched the 3 and 4, not much more interesting. I’d recommend it only if you have nothing better to do. Jackie gave a good performance as did Desmond. The flow of the story was not too smooth. About halfway through a new storyline emerges and the new characters are just thrown in rather than introduced slowly. The titling may be similar but Sharon Stone this movie is not!


Family Romance

Family Romance

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Family Romance ~ 2009
Continuation – FINAL ROMANCE
Story – Princess Loveline Nwosu
Screenplay – Princess Loveline Nwosu, Eric Stephenson
Director – Eric Stephenson
Producer – Princess Loveline Nwosu
(Bees Production)

Clarion Chukwura – Felicia
Desmond Elliot – Greg
Queen Nwokoye – Erica
Cynthia Okereke – Mama Matilda
Princess Loveline Nwosu – Matilda
Zack Orji – Chief Desmond
Kalu Ikeagwu – Alex
Uche Ogbodo – Natasha
Godwin Isong – Akpan

Step Families
Career Vs Family

My Rating – 58%

Chief Desmond’s wife Natasha is so preoccupied with work that she barely has enough time for her family. One day she leaves without telling him to go and represent in a big case in Abuja. Fed up, in her long absence he remarries a much younger local girl called Matilda. Matilda’s presence in the family home brings about much discord. His children are incensed that their father has married a girl that is younger than them all and treat her with much disdain.

At a loss for what to Chief’s children reach out to their oldest brother in the UK and their mother, who is still residing in Abuja to aid them in rectifying the situation. They believe that their mother and brother will fare better in persuading their father to remove Matilda from the home. Little do they know that their brother returning from the UK will only add a new dimension of complication to the whole situation.


Career Vs Family

Is career more important than your loved ones? What is the point in slaving away and never having time for your loved ones. Who will you share your successes with? In the movie Felicia is totally focused on work. She sees nthing else. The gravity of her blinsightedness comes all the more apparent when she is told that her husband is in hospital and she cannot find the time to go and see him. She tells the children to take care of him. What if he had died?

The double take effect was used in practically every scene and was soooo sooo annoying. Who on earth thought that this would be a good idea? Ok we get it you have learnt that special effect. It does not mean that you have to use it in every scene for no good reason.

Matilda’s hair was atrocious. I seriously wonder if that was done on purpose to emphasise her localness or if Princess Loveline actually walks around looking a hot mess. Hmmm… It was relaxed hair but with tonnes of regrowth. She had all the front sticking up in the air (not stylishly but haphazardly like the chick just woke up or was homeless) and attached from the middle to the back was a foot (ok slight exaggeration) of horse’s mane. I mean WTF happened to blending?

Uche Ogbodo is a very pretty girl but she needs to stop applying her make up with a paintbrush. She seriously looks like a clown. She also needs really focus on her craft and stop the overacting. She was shouting all the time when it wasn’t needed and overemphasising every gesture and facial expression. The movie would have been so much better without her in it.

Things that I loved about the movie was the dialogue and the interaction between the siblings. Princess and Eric did a great job with the script. The dialogue was rich and realistic. Some of the banter was hilarious and I laughed out aloud on more than one occasion. Greg, played by Desmond Elliot had some of the best lines and he carried them off brilliantly.

In one scene Alex is in the house, his sole purpose to persuade their father to get rid of Matilda. Matilda walks into the room and he greets her with grace, as well as giving her a warm smile. Greg is disgusted and tells him,

“You’ll just be smiling at any he goat or she goat you see.”

In another scene we see Desmond tries to pick up a girl on the side of the road by beeping his horn and thinking she will just walk over to the car and slide in. Of course it doesn’t work and it quickly turns nasty. Instead of driving out the guy gets out of the car and starts abusing her,

“A fine gentleman in a beautiful car honks at you and you don’t answer. Who the hell do you think you are? You are stupid.”

Overall I would recommend the movie. It was an absolutely great cast that meshed together really well with the exception of Uche who we could have done without seeing at all. I really enjoyed parts 1 and 2 but by the time I got onto part 3 and 4 my interest in the film was waning. It dragged on for a bit too long and would have been a much better film if they had made it shorter. Nevertheless it is one worth watching.  UPDATE:

After watching FINAL ROMANCE I lowered the rating from 68 to 58. It kind of got worse in the continuation. I won’t bore you with the details! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian Movie Review African Actors and Actresses

Behind The Ring

Behind The Ring

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Behind The Ring ~ 2009
(Repackaged as Black Mirror)
Story/ Screenplay – Chikere Guide
Director – Moses Ebere
Producer – Chikere Guide
An Eastwind production

Desmond Elliot – Colombo
Jackie Appiah – Cynthia
Mona Lisa Chinda – Vivian
Jim Lawson Maduike – Bazoka
Lynda Ekezie – Ella
Sele Kent-Sele – Edwin
Clems Onyeka – John
Ndidi Obi – Stella
Chikere Guide – Mako
Nathaniel Judgewill – James
Tegga Anighoro – Victor
Oscar Rodondo – Apostle
Stanley E Ozoemena – Bontum
Candace Jenny – Candace
Ugo White – Native Doctor
Joyce Kalu – Grandma
Muyiwa Onowu – Mako Jnr
Onyebuchi Ugwunna – Apostle Jnr
Mabel Etuk – Kate
Patricia Okolie – Magaret
John Lee – Hilary

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 46%

James and Vivian are happily married with one son, Victor. Madly in love their union is torn apart when James is killed during a burglary at their home one night. It is suspected that the killing was orchestrated by James’s junior brother Edwin as he was known to be desperate to get his hand on their late father’s property by any means necessary.

When Victor is kidnapped and taken to a ravine by assassins it becomes painfully clear that someone is out to break up the family. We find out that not only does his brother have the motive to carry out such a dastardly act but so does  James’s best friend Edwin. Who is behind the murder and kidnapping?


Six months after your husband’s death and you are telling your son to call his dad’s best friend Daddy and then you are surprised when he tells you, “he is not my daddy” A freaking six year old. What did you expect? After your husband’s death we saw Edwin declare undying love to you and you dismissed him. You were very assertive and clear that you were not interested and then all of a sudden I see a SIX MONTHS LATER caption and you guys are legally married. HABA! That is QUICK!

We can tell that Edwin is a slimy gold digger as he knows exactly how much Mona received from her husband’s death insurance payout despite her not telling him. We can see that he is a nasty piece of work in his opposition to Vivian leaving the money for her son Victor. Edwin just smells of trouble but Vivian is blinded. She thinks that it is love, exclaiming, “he even washed my panties!” My dear, who wouldn’t for 125 million Naira?

Why in the phone call Vivian has with Edwin discussing James’ disappearance can we hear Edwin’s voice as CLEAR AS DAY as if he is in an adjoining room?

I wasn’t convinced about Mona Lisa playing the role of Jackie’s mother. It just wasn’t believable to me. We have to remember she did not have this child very young. She had this child after Victor’s disappearance. She must have been at least 25 after Victor disappeared and realistically more like 30. Any way you arrange it the maths just does not work out. If we put Jackie at 26 and Mona at 35 it is just arrant nonsense.

My darling Dessy baby looked like a big fat greasy gigolo. CHEI! See braids, see satin shirt with chest exposed, see bright red blazer with shoulder pads… SEE HORROR! I am not loving how fat his bum bum is becoming, but such is life, na lie?

The movie started off ok but then as it went on it just got silly and became plagued with bad acting. Ella, her friends and her brother were all a big mess. The side story involving brother Mako (or was it Mike?), coke addict uncle Hilary came from nowhere and didn’t integrate well into the existing story. The movie started getting really boring around that time.

I would not recommend this movie. The story I felt was predictable, although it didn’t end it is just inevitable that somewhere along the way brother and sister are going to get into something with each other. The movie ends with a grown up Victor, now called Colombo trying to convince Mako to quit his life of crime. It started off well then all turned into a bit of a yawn fest. I’d give it a miss!

Power of Deceit

Power of Deceit

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Power of Deceit ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay, Director – Sylvia Ezen Eguakhide
Producer – Sylvia Ezen Eguakhide

Desmond Elliot – Charles
Uche Jombo – Ify
Tony Umez – Obinna Okere
Ashley Nwosu – Sunny Onwurdi
Sylvia Ezen Eguakhide – Nkechi
Ekaette Inyang – Mama
Sandra Ezenweani – Susan Okere
Olumide Fafunso – Chuks Onwurdi
Ama Ignis – Stone
Elizabeth Nwogazi – Kemi
Joy Nwogazi – Aunty Ruth
Olawale Aduroja – Lecturer
Royson Okafor – Kola

Parental Pressure
Peer Pressure

My Rating – 36%

Susan’s boyfriend Kola gets caught cheating and when confronted by her denies her in front of his other girl and ends up beating her. She is saved from a further beating by his friend Chuks. Chuks and Susan become firm friends after he approaches her for help with his schoolwork on the advise of his school mentor. Despite his initial insults towards her and bravado in front of his friends they soon fall in love. There is however something lurking that threatens to break their union.

In a side story Linda is Charles’ girlfriend but is only with him for money, money that she uses to cater for her lesbian lover. He soon puts her out and moves on but not before she manages to change his life forever.


The movie is very disjointed and we see different people introduced at random into the story without any explanation as to who they are or how they tie into the existing plot. For instance 20 minutes into the movie we are introduced to Obinna. We see him driving down the street and having flashbacks. How are we shown this random dude having flashbacks and we do not even yet know how he fits into a campus story which up until this point this movie is?

Throughout the movie we are shown ho stroll clips. Ashewos doing synchronised walking, “sexy” posing, touching themselves up and acting a fool. Granted, Chuks’ first girlfriend was a “runs girl” but apart from that small detail all these interspersed clips do not make sense.

The scenes where Chuks catches his girlfriend doing ashewo business on Allen Avenue dragged on for far too long. We see different men coming to “prize” the girl and then the subsequent arguments as all the men are trying to get discounts and the girls are not agreeing. It seemed that this was all in a bid to show us that Chuks’ girl was not virtuous. It was not necessary in my opinion, since that was a minor part of the story.

Chuks goes shopping for Susan and then one day she walks past the same group of guys that used to insult her for being dry, but wearing her new clothes. See the guys go gaga over her. I call BOOOOLSHEEEET! The girl still looked dry. That was pure falseness and overreaction. The girl is wearing a knee length skirt with trainers, a fitted football jersey looking top and one horrible, dated dry wig. Please tell me, what part of her looked like a hot babe? I wonder ooo!


Linda is going out with Charles but she is a fat slob. She literally lies on the sofa and drinks and smokes all day. Charles doesn’t seem to like anything about her, so I wonder why on earth he was going out with her. That didn’t make sense to me. What were her redeeming qualities? We don’t see any!

It is not until part 2 that we see a link between the stories. We find out that Obinna is Susan’s father. It is also not until the second part of the movie that we find out that Susan is a sickler. What? That was just thrown in there to create another storyline. It did not seem well thought out as it had never been mentioned or hinted to before.


The execution of this whole movie was poor. There were too many storylines. They should have focused on one or two and made it work. Editing was poor and the whole feel of the movie was very amateur, on top of that the editing job left a lot to be desired. At one point (23.15 in part 1) there is a complete visual blackout. The dramatic sound effects that were often used took away from the realism as they were too loud and overdramatic.

Uche barely features in this movie despite having her face emblazoned accross the cover.  She has a tiny role as Nkechi’s friend and confidant. I don’t have a problem with no name actors and actresses being used, but the marketers should give people more credit by putting the real leads on the front. They may be pleasantly surprised. If a movie is good then it is good, word will get out. Unfortunately this movie isn’t very good at all. The actors and actresses played their parts well but there was just too much going on with no clear direction or focus. There is a message at the end of the movie about condemning AIDS/ HIV stigmatization. They should have picked one “cause” and stuck to it.

I would not recommend this movie. It is watchable in that you will watch to see just how much more ridiculous the story can get, but ultimately it is a waste of time and money.

Through The Fire

Through The Fire

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Through The Fire ~ 2009
(Continuation called Entanglement)
Story – Uduak Isong Oguamanam
Screenplay – Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Emem ISong, Omoni Oboli
Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen

Uche Jombo – Tega
Mercy Johnson – Chidera
Yemi Blaq – Patrick
Omoni Oboli – Gertrude
Kalu Ikeagwu – Pastor
Francis Duru – Deacon Gabriel
Desmond Elliot – Aniete
Ngozi Ezeonu – Gertrude’s mum
Rukky Sanda – Bimbola
Whoba Ogo – Esosa
Lyon Tita – Cathy
Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen – Pastor Osagie

Themes :
Spousal Rape
Societal Pressure
Family Pressure

My Rating – 73%

We see the relationships between three friends as well as their additional romantic relationships. Tega is in a marriage where being beaten and raped by her husband is a regular occurrence. He actually seems to derive pleasure from his horrific acts of violence and verbal abuse. Gertrude is about to wed a man that appears to be the perfect match on paper but that she is not actually in love with. Chidera is desperate to get married but chronically single, and has been so for 3 years. She seems only to be able to attract married men, which her friend Gertrude thinks is inevitable considering her skimpy dress.


Family Pressure
Family play a big role in the pressure a woman feels to get married. We see Gertrude’s mum lay the pressure on thick for her to marry Patrick, even though she can sense that her daughter has doubts about the relationship. She tells her,

“Do you remember Mrs Fela’s daughter? She is 37 and not married. Will career produce the cry of a baby?”

Children and family is a big part of African culture hence it being the central theme in many Nollywood movies. I’d love to see a movie where a woman actually stood up and said she didn’t want to have children, and even better where she was married to a man that had no desire to be a father either. Now that would be interesting. No doubt they would have had to have lived abroad for the African audience to be able to relate.

Gertrude tells her mother that she and Patrick “are not ready” to marry and her mother is adamant that that, it is not in a man’s place to be ready, it’s a woman’s place.”

Gertrude does not even want to kiss her fiancé Patrick. He says he just wants to hold her and the woman is screaming “blood of Jesus” It seemed to be she was using the whole not wanting to have sex before marriage thing as a crutch to not be close to him at all. Isn’t it funny how she hugged Aniete with ease when she went to go and look at his new place? Religion is used in the movie as well as a justification for staying in a bad marriage. Tega does not want to divorce because of her commitment to following the tenets of Christianity.

Tega is torn and she tells Chidera,

“I know the bible says we can divorce on grounds on sexual immorality. That is why I am confused.”

She is taking the bible to literally to the extent that she is not considering her own welfare and happiness because she cannot find something relating directly to domestic violence and marriage in the bible.


Rape is rape Marriage or no marriage. No is no. A woman should always have the right to say no to sex, regardless of whether she has previously had consensual sex with the man or not. Forced intercourse within marriage or a relationship is still rape. In Entanglement the continuation of Through the Fire we see Gertrude going through feelings of immense guilt over her rape. We also see Tega stay with her husband because he is her husband and thereforew she does not see his actions as rape.

Societal Pressure
Societal pressure is massive especially for a woman of a certain age to get married we see this especially when Chidera confronts Gabriel about promising to marry her. She seems upset that she has been used as a plaything. Honey what did you expect? HE is your friend’s husband? How did you think he would respect you let alone wish to marry you? It is also inconceivable to me that Chidera would even want Gabriel to marry her considering the fact that she KNOWS how he has battered her friend. Is this what pressure can do to a woman? Make her so desperate that she will go to any length so becomes a MRS even if it means betraying loyalties and living a life full of abuse?

We know that she knows the full extent of the abuse because she tells Tega at one point,

“Divorce the bagga! Divorce him before he kills you.”

She is advocating divorce yet quick to jump into bed with the same man.

Love and Friendship
Was Gertrude wrong for spending so much time with Aniete? Can men and women be platonic friends? Would her behaviour have been appropriate for a married woman? It is clear that Patrick is the wrong guy for her regardless of his credentials. We can see how uncomfortable she is around him in comparison to her comfortableness around Aniete. It is clear to the viewer that Aniete and Gertrude would be the perfect match. In fact it is frustrating watching the two of them get along so well but not come to the realisation that they are made for each other! You can imagine my joy in Entanglement when Aniete declares his love for her. It was beautiful. It was breathtaking. I wanted to cheer… well until Gertrude turns him down. That then turned into wanting to slap her. Nevertheless the right result came about in the end.

I would recommend this movie. Mercy was fire. She was razz she was flirtatious, she really shone. I thought the cast were well picked and the story flowed. Important issues were raised and explored. However in the continuation Entanglement I was disappointed that we didn’t see Tega, her husband and the pastor again. I also didn’t like the whole HIV storyline and the whole if you believe you can be delivered from HIV aspect. I found this to be quite irresponsible and disturbing. Yes faith can help you thorough moments of darkness, but leaving it to God to cure HIV and not taking any medicines or accepting that you have it? Naaa, not buying it! Despite its flaws it was enjoyable to watch. THUMBS UP!

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

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Guilty Pleasures ~ 2009
Prooduced by Emem Isong & Desmond Elliot
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Uyai Ikpi Etim
Directors – Daniel Ademinokan, Desmond Elliot

Ramsey Noah – Tessa
Mercy Johnson – Boma
Majid Michel – Bobby
Nse Ikpi Etim – Liz
Omoni Oboli – Nse
Desmond Elliot – Mr Okoro
Rukky Sanda – Chidinma
Rob Loner – Kenechi
Paul Frank – Oriafo
Beverly Naya – Bella
Esther Eyibio – Efe
Leena Mourgabel – Janet
Archie Sam – Lucas
Ibiwari Etuk – Tosan

Relationship Issues

My Rating – 80%

This is a story about relationships, infidelity, betrayal, love and deceit. The story is told through a conversation at the beginning of the movie between two women in a travel agency. Liz played by Nse-Ikpi Etim feels neglected by her husband. In all their years of marriage she has never spent more than 5 consecutive days with her husband as he is always working and as a result away on business trips. He is also possessive and controlling, not allowing her to take up employment as well as dictating her wardrobe and friends. She has had enough and is driven into the arms of someone who should have been off limits.

Nse played by Omoni Oboli has been married for a mere 3 weeks and already the cracks are showing. When she met her husband he was a struggling photographer and she was the one supporting him. In four years of dating there was never any sign of cheating and then one day not long before their wedding he meets Boma in a bar during a business trip and everything changes. This one affair has devastating consequences.


After all the hype I was sooooo excited to see this movie, with the likes of Emem, the great cast and especially after watching the masterpiece that was Reloaded I could only imagine that this just had to be better. WRONG. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad or anything, as you can see from the rating, in the grand scheme of things it was a whole lot better than the average Nollywood fare. I guess having read the rave reviews and having watched Reloaded I was expecting this one to top that and for me it just didn’t.

I liked the way the story was told from the end backwards and the way the women’s stories were interwoven back to back, however the story with Nse, Boma and Kenechi was not properly explored or developed. It was as if it were a mere afterthought. It would have been better to either develop the story properly of scrap it totally. I also liked the use of the Facebook status to announce Bobby’s arrival in Nigeria. That was a nice touch.

Majid was the stand out performance for me. He is on fire as Bobby, Tessa’s brother. There was great sexual chemistry between him and Nse. With a smile that lights up a room he was so positively smouldering that he could create fire with a brick wall. The passion between him and Nse was intense and convincing, definitely more so than with Nse and Ramsey.

One scene that was very powerful for me was the face to face gut wrenching scene at the end of the movie between Liz and Tessa. Nse and Ramsey played their roles in this scene to perfection. Although Ramsey’s character is a heavily flawed individual and to some extent took his wife for granted we can still feel his pain in this scene and equally we can feel Liz’s turmoil in hurting him and ruining the relationship between the two brothers.

Two things that didn’t add up for me were the choice made for Liz’ friends. We had 3 young girls that were her friends that she would go shopping with. They also came to the house and were swooning over Bobby. These girls looked waaaaaaay younger than Nse. It was just not realistic to me. On one shopping trip it seemed like the clothing and baseball cap put on Nse was in an attempt to youth-ify her and it failed miserably. It only served to add age on her. These girls looked to be between 18 and 24 and Nse looked to be in her mid to late 30’s. It just didn’t add up. We see Nse shopping, no talking, just music for what seems like forever, just unnecessary.

The other thing that didn’t feel real at all to me what Nse as a fashion model. Yes she is pretty. Yes she has a nice figure, but fashion model. No. And the shots taken by Bobby did not look like they would be on the cover of any magazine either. Perhaps it would have been better if we didn’t actually see her modelling and pictures being taken of her, then we would only be able to use our imaginations. Actually seeing the modelling confirmed what we were thinking already – “Nah she doesn’t look like a model.”

I would recommend this movie. We learn a lesson about consequences for ones actions. It was a slow starter but it got way more engrossing towards the end of the first part. The picture was glossy and seamless. The special effects that were used were integrated well and used to great effect. A great cast was used with the exception with Rukky Sanda (I don’t know what she was doing there.) My only complaints would be that the movie did not feel finished, the undeveloped side story and the long drawn out non dialogue scenes that could have been cut out completely. However, on the whole… THUMBS UP. Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted

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All I Ever Wanted ~ 2009
Story – Ral Nwanko, Amaka Chukwogo
Screenplay – Chinelo Ndigwe (credited Uzoigwe)
Director – Daniel Ademinokan

Desmond Elliot – Eddy
Mercy Johnson – Bimye
Uche Ndigwe – Chike
Chinelo Ndigwe – Lara (credited Uzoigwe)
Comfort Bruno – Grace
Sandra Uchemba – Didi
Nkemika Ejikeme – Ral
Chidera Anih – Kachi
Buchi Ndigwe – Amaka
Jenifer Okoli – Adaugo
Chigozi Okoli – Mustapha
Uzoaku Nkwocha – Sister Rose


My Rating: 52%

Desmond is the father of three daughters, Kachi (8), Ral (11) and Didi (14). He is raising them singlehandedly since his wife died. He is devoted to them but is so dedicated to his parenting that he leaves no time for dating.  His daughters see this and are determined to find a wife for him.


One daughter asks Eddy,

“Daddy when are you getting us a new mummy?” It is as if it is a pet rabbit or dog she is talking about.

“Daddy I need a new mummy, “ another says. What kid says that? Your mama dies and you are begging for a new one like it was simply a shoe that got scuffed. I didn’t find the children’s dialogues convincing.

In the earlier scenes the girls are talking about how much they appreciate their father and want to make him happy and then a few scenes later we see them begging for a mother to replace their own. I thought that the story was angled wrongly. It would have made more sense to me if they had focused on the girls wanting to find their father a wife to make him happy, as opposed to make them happy.

We find out more about the girl’s dead mother. We hear that she wasn’t always there for them physically as she was working. Even kids that are abused have love for their parents so are we to believe that because their mother comes home late from work her kids will desecrate her memory in death to be begging for a new mother just like that? I don’t buy it. These are not young young children. They are 8, 11 and 14 and in the clip that we see of them with their mother still alive they did not look too much younger.


The story really pushes the point that these girls want a mummy to the point of excruciating torture. In one scene one of the girl’s has a nightmare and wakes screaming, “mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” You would have thought that screaming for her dead mother, wanting to be comforted, but when father goes to comfort her, does she say, “Oh I miss my mummy!” Nooooooooo She doesn’t. she tells him, “I need a mummy.” Real feelings and emotions do not work like that. It is if she wants any woman that she can attach the title “mummy” to.

On another occasion we see one of the girls telling her classmate that she wants a new mummy so that she can have a new brother like another girl at school. All the repetition and begging from the girls gets very boring. I tell you I was ready to give up half way through part 1. there is however improvement towards the end of part 1 when we get to see the connection between Mercy and Desmond. They should have cut out half of what they were showing beforehand and got to this part of the movie a lot earlier. There was some very real and beautiful chemistry between Desmond and Mercy, reminiscent of what was seen in Before the Light.

Didi is resentful towards Bimye. She is annoyed that this women has come into their lives and is being referred to as mummy immediately. The movie makes this seem unreasonable. Seriously! Why wouldn’t a 14 year old whose father has just started a new relationship feel peeved that this woman is now being referred to as mummy? However at the same time she not long before she was all for finding a “mummy.


This movie didn’t ring true to me. I didn’t feel that the emotions showed to us was a depiction or true emotion. It was however to some degree a feel good film and suitable for family viewing. My main problem was with the script and the fakeness of the dialogue. Apart from that it could have worked. The picture and sound were good and I loved the soundtrack. I would recommend it as one to watch with children, but as for me personally I could have done without watching it. Must give kudos to the dance off at the end of the movie where the cast members dance alongside the credits to a jazz version of Timaya’s True Story.