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Heat of the Moment

Heat Of The Moment

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Heat of the Moment ~ 2009
Story – Innocent Isiakpu
Screenplay – Innocent Isiakpu & Prince Samson Onyejiuwa
Director – Prince Samson Onyejiuwa
Producer – Martina N. Okafor

Emeka Ike – Dr Richard
Mercy Johnson – Anna
Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Douglas
Emma Ayalogu – Chief Magnus
Cassandra Odita – Mrs Adams
Patience Oseni – Mrs Douglas
Vitalis Ndubuisi – Mr Adams
Barry Lukeman – Barrister James
Amanda Ebeye – Rita
Amina Atairu – Vivian
Peachman Akputa – Ben

Mistaken Identity

My Rating – 33%

Anna claims that she was raped by local politician and human rights activist Dr Richards while walking home late one night. He, however is adamant that he never even saw her at any time let alone touched her. Who is telling the truth? His family believe it is a set up at the hands of his political opponents, whilst Anna has the back up of her best friend who claims to have been present at the time of the rape.


The beginning of the movie is boring beyond belief. I rewound uncountable times because it just wasn’t holding my attention and I kept getting distracted… made a cup of coffee, tweeted, went on Facebook. I say grab the viewer early! So that even if later on the film gets a bit rubbish their attention will have already been snared. I only actually started properly paying attention about 25 minutes in when Anna got into an argument on the street with a random man.

The movie slowly starts getting more interesting after the rape, only slightly though, not too much. It was still rather slow and I fell asleep more than once. There was a rituals part that I didn’t get. Perhaps it didn’t make sense or maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Who knows?

Doctor James is put on trial for the rape and he is cross questioned by none other than *drumroll please* Barrister James, Anna’s boyfriend. How can the rapist be questioned by the raped one’s boyfriend? This is pure nonsense. That could never happen in real life! I have seen this sort of scenario in a few films and it is just foolish. They need to stop.

In the end we see Anna in jail telling a group of convicts her story. We then cut to seeing her released. The ending was sudden and we don’t find out how Doctor Richard’s DNA came to be on her person if he was not actually the one that raped her or not. Maybe it is a twin story. Maybe it is a ghost story. It looks like there will probably be a part 3 and 4. Either way I won’t be watching to find out.

This is one of the only movies where the issue of “light” is brought up. So a *round of applause* for that. Anna is watching Doctor Richards on TV talking about the “light problem” and the lights go off. I haven’t seen lights go off in a movie before and considering that lack of electricity is a widespread and major problem in Nigeria I’m surprised there is less talk of NEPA in the movies. NEPA affects all Nigerians’ everyday life, why is it never mentioned? Is it censorship?

I would not recommend this movie. I found the pace too slow and the movie draaaaagged and draaaaaaagged and draaaaaaaaaaaged. When I was almost at the end of part 2 I wanted to press the eject button but thought that I may as well watch until the end since I had come so far. It didn’t make a bit of difference. I came away feeling that I had just wasted 2+ hours of my life. Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses


Obscure Motives

Obscure Motives

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Obscure Motives ~ 2009
Story – Rukky Sanda
Screenplay – Rukky Sanda, Darlene Benson Cobham
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Bimbo Akintola – Narrator
Jackie Appiah – Debbie
Ramsey Noah – Robert
Rukky Sanda – Remi
Susan Peters – Mary
Cassandra Odita – Albert’s Sister
Yemi Blaq – Albert
Peaciman Akpata – John
Chris Abamba – James
Jemila Amaegbe – Lawyer
Bisi Ajayi – Doctor
Temitayo Ojekunle – Nurse


My Rating: 76%

Robert and Debbie have been together for 4 years and it is only during their anniversary lunch that Debbie summons the courage to speak to Ramsey about ending their relationship. She has come to the realisation that even though she cares a lot for Rob, she is no longer in love with him. It turns out that he feels the same way and so they agree to separate in terms of their romantic relationship, but to still live together as friends and flatmates. They also both begin dating again.

Early on Ramsey meets Remi and falls in love with her. Jackie on the other hand is a dating disaster. We see her on a date with a man who even answers the phone during their date and answers the phone, “hey honey.” It turns out he is married and never even thought to mention the fact. Her luck changes when she meets Albert who turns out to be Robert’s good friend from university. He comes to the house but their initial interaction appears tense like there has been bad blood between them.

Very soon the two couples are inseparable. They are all the best of friends and any hint towards the tension that was initially apparent dissolves.


Bimbo Akintola is very good as the narrator, but I personally did not see the benefit or the point in having a narrator. It did not necessarily hinder the story but it did not enhance it either.


I loved the concept of the movie. It started out as a beautiful portrayal of support, friendships and relationships. Although it descended into madness and chaos and a complete breakdown of the relationships, the original message still stood strong for me. It showed that the end of a romantic relationship has not always got to be heartbreaking or represent the end of an era, but on the contrary it can represent a good learning experience and the beginning of a new era. It also shows that (to an extent) males and females can have a platonic relationship when the boundaries are drawn.

The twists in the movie were unpredictable. It was this unpredictability that kept you glued to the screen, guessing as to what would happen next and getting it wrong. In the end we discover the true reason for the initial animosity between the two through a series of flashbacks. It is amazing that Rob pretended to be best friends with Albert for so many years, only for the purpose of wreaking revenge against him for an offence Albert committed against him during their school days. Debbie was only a means to an end and his love for Remi not strong enough to battle his hate for Albert.


The chemistry between Yemi Blaq and Jackie Appiah was flat. She looked like she didn’t even like him much, so it was a shock to me in the movie when I thought she was going to break up with him when in face she was mustering courage to tell him that she was pregnant. The lack of chemistry may well have been intentional to show how she was not really over Rob, even though it had been a mutual decision to break up.

I liked the way that the character of Robert was developed. All too often we see a character like Robert in Nollywood that is one dimensional. He will either be a fully bad guy and we won’t see any good side to his character. This never makes sense as how will he be able to have these women adore him and he has no good side? Then we get the character that is all good that turns all bad just like that, with no transition. There is no reasoning behind their actions and we cannot empathise with them because there is nothing about their manner, behaviour or actions come across realistic. With Robert even though he did a bad thing we can empathise with him because we see how Albert’s betrayal affected him. We also see that he was essentially a good guy that just never got over a bad thing that happened to him and most of us can relate to that because we have been there. We may have not hired hit men, but we may have had crazy thoughts that we never brought to fruition.


I would definitely recommend this movie. I thought this was a good solid effort from Rukky Sanda. I didn’t know what to expect with the slating of Lethal woman, and the accusations of full plagiarism of Martin Lawrence’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. However, I must say that I was impressed. Even the title matched the film perfectly. Until the very end of the movie when Rob is confronted by armed robbers his motives are completely obscure to us, the viewer. The one thing that worked against the movie were the long dialogue scenes that were interspersed throughout. They were entirely too long. There is absolutely no need for a whole 4 minutes of watching people sitting round a table mouthing words against the backdrop of loud background music. It is boring, and doesn’t tell us anything more than you could have interpreted in 30 seconds or less. Other than that… was lovin it!

Twilight Sisters

Twilight Sisters

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Twilight Sisters ~ 2009
Story – Oby Somina Okafor
Screenplay – Oby Somina Okafor & Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ugezu J Ugezu

Van Vicker – Micky
Oge Okoye – Alicia
Emeka Enyiocha – Joe
Andy Chukwu – Pastor Frank
Cassandra Odita – Mrs Davies
Ada Ameh – Mabel
Nnadi Ihuoma   – Angel
Uche Elendu – Havilla
Tom Njemanze – Micky’s Dad
Ifeanyi Nnaso – Buddy
Zubby Egwu – Bruno
Ijeoma Azuka – DPO
Okwudili Oguegbu – Angel’s Friend
Sharon Umoh – Micky’s girl
Ndidi Diala – Chief White
Oby Somina Okafor – Soso
Gloria Mba – Emem
Azimma Juliet Eboh – Joan
Walta Anga – Charles
Somina Anthony – Lucy
Oluchi Egbuska – Mimi
Martins Phil Odili – Doctor
Sylvia Amaso – Jane
Fugene Odu – Mark

Themes Explored:
Campus Life

My Rating – 37%

The movie is named after the female cult that feature in the film. They are called the Twilight Sisters, perhaps because most of their cult  like ceremonies are performed at twilight, or perhaps not. It is more than likely the makers just thought that the title sounded good. I digress.

The leader of the Twilight Sisters is Soso. Soso is in conflict with her boyfriend Joe’s sister, Angel. Angel is continuously battling with Soso to leave her brother alone. She believes that Soso is a bad influence.

In a bid to make Angel’s life a misery Soso enlists the help of Charles, a known ladies man. His job is to seduce Angel, make her fall in love and then dump her. The plan backfires and Charles and Angel fall madly and deeply in love, much to the chagrin of Soso.

After Charles and Angel fall for each other we see Charles’ ex girlfriend Alicia’s brother Micky goes and threatens Charles to get back with Alicia. He also goes to threaten Soso because he believes she is leading Alicia astray.


We then see Alicia and Mickey who are brother and sister get thrown into jail for Angel’s death. When they come out their mother is dead. On the other hand Soso leaves university but not before her younger cousin Havilla is inducted into the sisterhood by force. It is not long before Havilla turns from a coy church girl into a fearsome campus cultist.

Havilla has her eyes on Charles and mkes it her mission to seduce him. When he rebuffs her in anger she beats up Angel causing her death. She then starts seeing Joe and finds out deep into their courtship that Angel is his sister. She is racked with guilt and confesses. She then is thrown into jail and Alicia and Mickey released. It is only at the end of the movie that amends are made between herself and Joe’s family.

This one is a campus cultism flick a la Black Bra and War Game. The only difference being that this movie is NOWHERE near as good as the previous two mentioned. This movie was very poorly executed. Too many storylines made it very confusing to watch, and much of it did not seem integral to one central plot. It was just a mish mash of mess.

Overall I get the message that was trying to be sent out, which was basically “Whatever is done in darkness shall come to light” but the vehicle in which it was done was shoddy. The sound was bad varying hugely between scenes. The chemistry between members of the sisterhood was not natural and felt false. The dialogue didn’t flow and much of it felt disjointed. It did however get better and pick up slightly in part two as the story began to flow more, and intrigue added to the plot but still the flaws screamed at me like a new born baby seeing light for the first time.

There was one scene in particular that I thought was nonsense. Havilla goes to see Soso for the first time and Soso on seeing her with bags in her hands asks her what the bags are for,

“My mother bought some things for you.”

Please note that Havilla does not give any indication of what is in the bags, and Soso replies,

“She shouldn’t have. I don’t really need them.”

She then tells her to leave the bags outside on the doorstep. The camera pans over the bags and they are closed, leaving no indication of what is in them so how does this make sense? It would have made more sense for Havilla to have indicated what was in the bags or for a bag to have ripped open accidentally.

Van Vicker was cast as a bad boy cultist. How ridiculous! His attempts at playing the tough guy were pathetic. I don’t know if it was the cliché ridden lines he was given or simply his acting. Put simply he was very unconvincing and more comedic that anything else. The majority of the supporting cast were less than mediocre. Uche Elendu and Oby Somina Okafor were the standout performances for me in this movie. They were the only ones that had characters that felt believable and we not addled too much by the poor script and plot.

In short I would not recommend this movie. It was a watchable, as in I got to the end of it without slitting my wrists, but it’s best you save your money if you love yourself.

Same Blood

Same Blood

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Same Blood
Story – Princess Maureen Amanfo
Screenplay – Marvellous E Man Ekuma
Director – Henry Czar Ejeta

Mercy Johnson – Alice
Muna Obiekwe – Collins
Benedict Johnson – Ade
Teejay Morgan – Ahiazim
Jim Lawson – Orji
Vivian Oyakhire – Uzoma
Cassandra (Kassandra) Odita – Bernice
Prince Johnson – Tom
Linn Joseph – Bukky
Benson Izuchukwu – Dr Gozie
Ejiroghene Ejokpawhu – Nora
Thelma Moore – Juliet
Daniel Okojie – Ken
Lucky Ewah – Kojo
Olisa Mba – Iche
Chinaemerem Amanfo – Ikenna

Themes Explored:



My Rating 20%

Alice is from a poor family. One day she comes home from school to be told that her parents can no longer afford to educate her. Her mother tries to send her to her grandmother’s house but Alice is adamant that she wants to stay at home.

Eventually Alice is persuaded to go to her uncle and his wife’s house as a house girl. They tell her mother that they will send her to school in the city, of course this falls apart pretty quickly as her uncle’s wife has her own plans for Alice.


The opening of the movie is dramatic. We see Alice, played by Mercy Johnson running out of a compound with Collins played by Muna Obiekwe running after her. She is knocked down by a passing car and the driver Ade, played by Benedict Johnson takes her to the hospital for treatment.

From here the story just gets more and more confusing. The story goes from present day into the reverse to give us the background as to how Alice ended up in Collins’ house. The only problem is you never find out exactly what the deal is with Alice, Collins or Ade. The whole story seems pointless and by the end of part one I was pretty disappointed that I did not have much of a clue as to what was going on.

The film drags on and is boring. As I fell in and out of sleep so many of the scenes seemed to repeat themselves in different variations. It was soooo slow and sluggish and only the vibrancy of the Mercy, Muna and Cassandra’s performaces caught my attentions every now and then.

The whole situation with Alice’s uncle’s wife was confusing. She wanted her to become a prostitute and Alice did not want to so was the guy stopping Alice on the street and claiming to know her a set up or not? The aunt then tells her husband that she wants to “send her to a shop to work.” She sends her to meet a guy under false pretences and when Alice realises what she is there for she runs way. What was the point?

The end of part 2 brings us full cycle. We see Alice fleeing to Collins’ house to escape her dreaded aunt and uncle. That brings me to the question, so why then in the beginning is she running from Collins’ house. What has Ade the guy that found her have to do with the whole situation? Where does he fit in?

In short this film is a complete and utter waste of time. This isn’t the sort of junk actors like Mercy, Muna and Cassandra should be wasting their talent in. It was nonsensical and boring.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not (2008)
Story/ Screenplay – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Desmond Elliot – Kelvin
Muna Obiekwe – Nelson
Ini Edo – Chioma
Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Jombo
Tonto Dikeh – Olivia
Cassandra Odita – Ngozi
Esther More – Dora
Nosa Obaseki – Uche
Ifunaya Onunwa – Benita
Uche Odoputa – Alex
Chukwudi Nwafor – Jonah
Esther Aikpokpoje – Olivia’s Mother
Jim Lawson – Chief Mbah

Marriage Of Convenience

My Rating: 65%

Two couples find themselves in relationships of circumstance and convenience rather than love.

Kelvin ends up marrying his wife Dora after she tells him that she is pregnant after casually sleeping together a few times. He does not love her but wants to face up to his responsibilities as a man and make an “honest woman” of her. His best friend Nelson knows that he is pining for his one true love that he has recently split up with and advises him against the marriage seeing it as a recipe for disaster.

Kelvin does not heed Nelson’s advice and quickly marries Dora in a registry office ceremony. The bride’s father is not even present. It is not long into the marriage that his forever alcohol guzzling wife informs him that she is not pregnant and was never pregnant for him. It was simply a story that she concocted to trap him into marriage.

Chioma on the other has is in a relationship with a very nice, caring and supportive man that dotes on her and her fiver year old child from a previous relationship. He has proposed to her many times and she finally accept after he pleads with her to give him the commitment he deserves. She cares about him, but she is not in love with him. She tells her friend Olivia,

“He is nice… I think I like… love him.”

Can either couple remain in their relationships and sustain happy and fulfilled lives?


The question has to be asked what exactly is love? Does it have to be that heart racing, giddy love that you find in the romance novels to work?

Can Kelvin’s marriage work? When he married his wife, he went into it thinking that love would grow as he believed she had the qualities needed for that, namely she could give him children, provide support and a good home.

Can love grow from the love that someone else has for you? As in the case with Chioma. She stayed with her boyfriend because of the love he showed for her and her child and that was enough for her.

Does there need to be a romantic type of love for a successful marriage to occur?


1) What was up with Tonto Dikeh’s pregnancy bulge? Or should I say BOX, because that’s exactly what it looked like… a gatdam box! Totally unrealistic. A pregnancy bulge should be curvy like a woman, not angular like a telephone box.

2) Why were Ini and Tonto so matchy matchy? I though it was too much. The whole styling was too much. It looked a little or should I say a LOT fashion victimy. Don’t get me wrong, there were some nice outfits but a bit too many matching bag, shoe, top and jewellery scenarios. I noticed in some scenes they had Ini and Tonto actually matching EACH OTHER. Now that is not a good look unless you are twins in kindergarten. At one point hey had them both in these below the boobie vest top jobs and Ini’s had both straps falling off. Her top underneath the vest thingy was too tight so it was rolling up exposing her back flesh and her underwear… A little sloppy. What suits one does not necessarily suit another.

Overall the film was easy to watch and enjoyable. All of the cast did a nice job, except for the lady playing Dora (that was a little messy), and the little girl playing Benita (she was WOODEN.) There were a few nice twists, although on the whole it was predictable. A little more work was needed on Kelvin’s character development. On minute he was coming across sincere like he loves Chioma and the next like and arrogant asshole that didn’t care.



Solid Affection

Solid Affection

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Directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka

Story by Oluma Okonkwo

Screenplay by Tai-Emaka Obasi






Ramsey Noah – Stanley

Oge Okoye – Sandra

Uche Jombo – Patricia

Livinus Nnochiri – Igwe

John Paul Nwadike – Paul

Muma Gee – Jane

Hakeem Rahman – DPO

Vitalis Ndubuisi – Jona

Cassandra Odita – Christy

Florence Onuma – Florence




Themes explored in the film






 My Rating 52%




Stanley has recently graduated from college and is unemployed. His father is constantly on his case about him finding a job. He does find a job with good pay as assistant to a company CEO. The future looks bright; however all that glitters is not gold.


Sandra and her older sister are at loggerheads. Sandra is a born again Christian and is determined to expose her sister as receiving funds through dishonourable means to their parents.


Here are two separate families that are brought together in more than one way.


If you have not watched this film, you may want to stop reading here.



Stanley and Sandra both find themselves employed at Nepa Surulere where senior bosses are defrauding money. They find out and then collect evidence to present to the EFCC in Abuja. However their plan is found out and everybody who has something to gain from the fraud is trying to put a stop to them getting to the EFCC office in Abuja.


Stanley and Sandra are the two main characters and both born again Christians. The Christianity agenda was pushed at every given opportunity and grew to be quite tiresome. Although the aims were to paint Christians in a good light, I just didn’t buy it. It made Christians look like sheep who are unable to think or have any opinion (in my opinion) It didn’t paint Christians in a good light to me.


Stanley‘s boss is trying to embark on a sexual affair with him. When he refuses her advances he gives his reason as,


“I can’t I’m a Christian.”


Why couldn’t he say,


“No I don’t want to. I don’t even know you and I don’t believe in casual sex.”


Just saying that you are a Christian does not give a proper answer. It as if you have no brain and have been dictated to… speaking of the verb “dictate”


In one scene Stanley’s boss asks him to be a gentleman and put her jacket on for her. Why did the fool Ramsey look like he’s just been asked to shoot a new born baby? He just stares dumbfounded and doesn’t move. His boss Jane then says,


“Do I dictate hesitation?”


Huh DICTATE? How the hell do you dictate hesitation, if your name ain’t Fidel or Gadaffi? I had to rewind the make sure I heard correctly… Who wrote this script? Oh yeah it was IKECHUKWU ONYEKA. They must have told her to say detect (I would hope anyway.)



So mixed in with all the Christianity stuff was the lesbian storyline. This is getting really common in Nollywood now. Funny, a film about a man to man sexual relationship cannot make it past the censors but all this lesbian stuff is being churned out week in week out.


Ramsey loses his job pretty quickly for not wanting to sleep with his boss. She does refer him onto another company though. I didn’t see what the point of that was as the whole point for sacking him was to punish him for not paying ball, by giving him a job at another company and letting him keep the car and house that he was given, where is the punishment?


Stanley‘s new job is as an account manager. His secretary is played by Oge. On her first day Stanley asks,


“Why are you late?”


She then says something about traffic. He then says,


“Are you a Christian?”


Surely there had to be a better way to let the viewer know that they are both born again?


The Christian agenda is pushed all the way through the film. We see one of the police Sergeants that had been instructed to kill Stanley let him go. Stanley asks him why he was freeing him and he replies,


“I am a practising Christian.”


The whole thing is like an advertisement for the church.


A big two hour plus advert.


After the Sergeant frees Stanley, he and Sandra take refuge in a church. They have escaped death and have been given food by the church’s pastor. The good Christians that they are (as has been shoved down the viewer’s throats the whooooole film) they get straight to gobbling and don’t even say grace! SHOCKER! Then to top it off Sandra AKA Virgin Mary (As her sister Patricia refers to her) talks of wanting to see the fraudsters at their workplace “hanged.” Such nice Godly talk? NONSENSE.


I preferred part 2 to Part 1. Part 1 was a little slow. Part 2 is where the tension picks up. We see Stanley and Sandra on the run with the Pastors nephew trying to get to Abuja by any means necessary. Every time it looks like they just might make it something happens to deter them. The pace towards the ending was good, but at the same time the events highly unrealistic.


After making it to EFCC in Abuja they receive 10million each for being “patriots” The EFCC agents come back to Lagos to come and give Stanley’s dad 20 million compensation for reporting fraud in his company 20 years previously and being sacked for it. They also tell Stanley and Sandra they can have any job at any government office. YEAH RIGHT? How would all that happen? There was nothing about being honest or fighting criminals, they just kept bandying the word “patriot” around. It was really used incorrectly in this film.


It was a fairytale ending somewhat, but we never did see what happened with the Lesbian lovers, so that was disappointing considering they played a major role in the film. We never did find out exactly what Pat did for Jane was she just her toy girl? Who knows? Maybe there is a part 3-4. If there is I know I won’t be watching it!