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Missing Child

Missing Child

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Missing Child ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay, Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Patience Ozokwor – Owakwe
Mike Ezuruonye – Detective
Tonto Dikeh – Jane
Emeka Amakeze – Nnamdi
Juliet Ibrahim – Princess Rose
Halima Abubakar – Amara
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Emeka
Biola Ige – Adamma
Mary Igwe – Juliet
Favour Chimobi – Chioma
Ujunwa Asuzu – Chinyere

Themes Explored:
Child Trafficking
Phantom Pregnancy

My Rating – 42 %

Jane is desperate to have a baby and believes that if she acts like she is already with child she will “take in.” She buys baby clothes and in her room she has a dolly in a cradle that she rocks on a daily basis as if it is a real child. Even her husband is so used to the charade that he plays along with her. Will Jane ever get the baby she so craves?


In Jane’s obsession to have a baby we see her on the streets reprimanding a woman for shouting at and smacking her child. If a child is not being treated how she deems fit she will make it be known. She swoops in on the boy that is being punished by his mother and screams at his mother that she should show the child a “little care and respect.”

Some things in the movie are not made clear to the viewer. We are introduced to Mike’s character but I got through to the end of part one and really didn’t know what his purpose in the movie was at all. We are shown text messages and secret packages, but the whole thing drags on for too long without any explanation as to his role.

By part 2 I can deduce that there is some child snatching going on as is evident when Nurse Amara goes to give a beggar on the street money and the beggar metamorphosises into some kids that chant at her, “we don’t want your money. We want to see our mummy.” She freaks out and takes to her heels, so I take it from this that she is telling people that their babies have died and is selling them on.

Assassins are paid to kill girls that end up keeping their babies. I was wondering how that would work and why suspicions wouldn’t have been aroused. Why did the assassin let Julie go and give her a fat stack of money too? He didn’t seem to know her. We can gather that he felt sorry for her, but what was so special about her in particular? This area should have been explored in slightly more detail. I couldn’t figure out if Owakwe was in on Julie going missing or if the surprise on her face is all an act?

Even when Biola Ige acts out crying she has a dead look in her eyes. She was marginally better than in Darkest Link, in terms of she wasn’t overacting as much but truthfully speaking that is nothing to go by. I am still amazed that this girl keeps getting cast and YES I will keep saying it till she gets to stepping or significantly improves her game.

Halima Abubakar plays the role of the mentally tortured nurse very well. You will believe that she is nurse Amara haunted by these children to the point that she confesses all. It is a role that I have seen her in before though. For those who have seen Wild and Dirty you will remember the character that she played in that movie too became haunted to the point that she took to excessive drinking to block it out.

Patience plays Owakwe a baby stealer that poses as a kindly woman that “rescues” lost pregnant girls for the streets providing them with support and accommodation. I thought it slightly odd that none of the pregnant girls in the house became suspicious when girls kept on coming back to the house without their babies.

Tonto Dikeh excelled in this role. It was one that gave her an opportunity to act out a range of different emotions and expressions. Desperations seeped heavily from every pore of her being. I thought the pair up with Emeka Amakeze could have been better, although he played his role (as well as he could) the character felt very one dimensional against Tonto’s more developed character.

Work needed to be done on these pregnant stomachs. Some of them were not even rounded, but instead just lumpy material shoved up girls’ tops. In one scene a girl is walking and the lump is moving around desperately trying to fall out of her top with each step that she takes.

What was the point of Juliet’s character Princess Rose? In one scene we see her rolling around on a bed wearing a mini skirt and tank top. Detective Mike comes in and tells her, “let me get you something better to wear.”  This guy’s something better to wear is a thin short white dress, which we then see her wearing on a hospital bed. In which era does this make sense?

While we are on the subject of dress let me ask, why is a nurse wearing stiletto heels? This is pure madness! I have never been to a hospital and seen a nurse in stilettos. This is where research comes into play where common sense and logical reasoning has been lost. A nurse is helping to save lives not parading the catwalk at a Christian Lacroix show. Stiletto heels are not appropriate for a nurse to wear to work. Nurses wear covered, flat, slip resistance shoes. It is details like this that take away from the realism of a movie.

There was a very nice twist at the end of the movie. I will not give it away, but if you watch it you will see. I did, however wonder what was the relevance for us to see the detective eating out, picking up chicks, rolling on the bed with Princess Rose? It is like the detective storyline was just thrown in there as an afterthought. Even the pregnancy at the end of the movie, I wondered; why was that thrown in there? How did that relate to anything?

At the end of the movie there is a scene where Halima addresses Mike, “Yes Doctor” when he asks her for the story about the goings-on at the hospital. I assume this was a mistake but mistakes like this need to be reshot because these mistakes become distracting. ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS VITAL! Sound was somewhat poor. Very often we hear loud music playing over dialogue, which simply means you have to higher the volume and strain to hear or miss out bits. It was quite annoying along with the sound cutting in an out at times.

I would not recommend this movie as ultimately the execution was poor, parts of the story were over confusing and attention to detail was lacking in a big way. There were however some very good performances from the cast. I loved the whole concept of the phantom pregnancy as it was something different to the run of the mill stories you often get, Kudos for the attempt at exploring this not widely talked about phenomenon


Naked Weapon

Naked Weapon

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Naked Weapon ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay and Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Mercy Johnson – Maureen
Jim Iyke – Mitch
Ngozi Ezeoni – Uchebuoku
Browny Igboegwu – Mr Leo
Emeka Amakeze – Boom
Juliet Ibrahim – Nneka
Zainab Egwuonwu – Adaora
Uche Jombo – Sandra
Biola Ige – Joke
Ikechukwu Siryume – Odenuan
Uchegbu Chukwuma – Mr Ugboh
Chinedu Odinachi – Barnabas
Prince Nwafor – Yul
Stella Francis – Juliet

Counterfeit Drugs

My Rating – 15%

Let me just say first of all I cannot give a proper synopsis as watching this movie I was lost most of the time. From what I could make out Maureen and her girls are carrying out a mission. What exactly their mission was in aid of I wasn’t 100 percent sure. I just know that they are being paid to carry out hits on people.


In one scene we see the girls go and pick up a guy from the poolside and take him back to their apartment. As they walk into the apartment with the guy Maureen in hiding behind the door, lunges out stabs and kills the man. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why.

The first few scenes are all over the place. I can’t make sense of the movie. We see:

– Girl with painted black spots on her face leaving the house.
– A guy giving money to some beggars
– A couple arguing in a restaurant
– A woman being threatened on the phone over the issue of counterfeit drugs
– A group of men having a discussion on an office

These were the first few scenes bullet pointed. They were not fluid and they did not seem related. The movie was disjointed and did not make sense to me Even after getting halfway through the movie I could only vaguely figure out what was going on.

It the opening scene we see a child walking out of a house with black spots painted onto her face. It looks like it is face paint. Perhaps she is going to a fancy dress party… Oops no. she is not wearing any costume. Amateur Amateur Amateur. Chimoooo! Oh my life the child is supposed to be diseased! 2009 and we have amateurish painted black spots on someone’s face to signify ill health.

In another scene a hired assassin calls his bosses and tells them he is returning the money he was given for hit as he no longer wants to carry it out. As he walks down the road the sexy chicas lead by Maureen come up beside him and stab him. What that was about I do not know.

There is no clear order of events and the numerous non dialogue scenes only add to the sense of disorientation you feel as a viewer. Added to that there is loud distracting music played haphazardly at random. The annoying weird extra terrestrial sound effects were simply dreadful.

Why did Mr Leo give the beggars money?

Juliet Ibrahim sure is very hippy/assy considering small upper frame. Why on earth was she wearing a swimming costume over cycling shorts? It looked ridiculous. If she didn’t wasn’t to expose all her body have her not in the pool or don’t do full body shots! Why one is swimming shorts AND cyling shorts looking like somebody’s great grandma, and these are supposed to be hot chicks… NONSENSE!

Mercy looks like the original area girl. She struts the strut perfectly. We see her with her legs akimbo, her lip snarled smoking a cigarette in just the way you would imagine an area girl would. All her friends were absolutely useless as actresses.

There is a yellow chick who does not even know how to hold the cigarette and looks like she is about to choke when she inhales. I was astonished at how bad these actresses were. We see Biola Ige – Useless. Juliet Ibrahim was pretty useless (but not as much as the others) too. In one scene they have her weeping for a good 5 minutes while reading a newspaper with a voiceover telling a story about counterfeit drugs and the tragedies they can cause. It was tedious.

I would not recommend the movie at all. The storylines did not tie in together and there was too much bad acting going on courtesy of the “glamour squad” that must have been hired to draw in male viewers. Uche and Jim were barely in the movie and I had to switch off halfway into part 2. I would applaud the attempt at trying to tackle the very important issue of counterfeit drugs, as this is something that is a major problem in Nigeria, however this movie failed to entertain, educate or make sense on a very grand scale.

Shakira (Face of Deceit)

Shakira (Face of Deceit)

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Shakira (Face of Deceit) ~2009
Story – Macdavies Odikah
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Pascal Amanfo

Majid Michael – Richie
Mercy Johnson – Shakira
Ziggy Narteyson – Ansah
Eddie Nartey – Ben
Kofi Adjorlolo – Bobby
Biola Ige – Yvonne
Prince David Osei – Dan
Gavivina Tamakloe – Tom
Luckie E Lawson – Racheal
Micheal Odikah – Karim
Edmond Quarshie – Kwame
Martha Ankomah – Amanda
Dominic Demordzi – Mike
Wendy Mensah – Receptionist


My Rating – 40%

Richie thought that his fiancée Yvonne was the love of his life that is until he discovered that she was having an affair with his boss. Unable to face reality he flees to his brother’s home and spends his nights drinking himself into a stupor at various bars. It is on the way home from a bar that he meets Shakira. It is a dark night and she throws herself in front of his car and orders him to drive. His involvement with Shakira turns into something much more dramatic than he could have ever imagined.


This film is in 3 parts. The only reason I can surmise is greed. They did not need three parts to this at all. Much of the movie is watching Richie drinking himself into a stupor at home and in various bars. These scenes were much too long. We do not need to see all of this to deduce that Richie is distraught about his fiancée’s infidelity and using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

The film was really getting a bit boring until Shakira’s appearance. She really woke the film up when she stood up in front of Richie’s jeep in that micro dress, got in the vehicle and screamed, “DRIVE!” Be warned part one is more or less a waste of time and could have been edited down to 15 minutes.

Much has been written/ said about the titillating sexy scenes in this movie. I found it all a bit over staged and fake. At one point we see Shakira supposedly going down on Richie. Now tell me how can you be going down on a man and your head is positioned just below his neck, but yet he is writhing like you are doing something? Nonsense! I didn’t know that men’s genitalia were now growing from their chest areas. And to top it off all you would see is Mercy Johnson’s matted moving wig. NOT SEXY at all!

So after we have the never ending Richie boozing scenes we now have to contend with Richie “thinking.” It was enough to send me to sleep. I’d nod off and dude would still be “thinking.”

From being cheated on by Yvonne Richie goes on to get involved with Shakira a married woman. I was amazed with the ease in which he got involved with a married woman. Does this show us the power of Shakira’s seduction skills? Or was Richie simply taking heed of his boss’ warning that “All women cheat,” and getting with the program?

Shakira tells Richie that her husband is a rapist. He falls for it but he should have realised that perhaps she was not telling the truth when he gets the opportunity to see/ hear them together. If I were Richie I would be thinking, “Wow he seems quite caring for a rapist.” Every time Richie was at the house their relationship seemed nothing but loving and caring. There was no evidence of maltreatment from him or resentment or fright from her.

One character that was grating on my nerves was Robby’s sister. She was atrocious. Her voice was like listening to someone scratching on a blackboard. She was screeching and shouting the whole time with the bird’s nest weave only adding to the atrocity of the whole situation. The character was a drug addict and the sniffing was waaaaaaaaaaay over the top. WE GET IT… She is a coke head!

I cannot recommend this film because it was way too slow for my liking. The slow music, the never ending boozing and thinking were making me feel sleepy. I felt insulted that they made the movie into three parts when a lot of it was just unnecessary filler. It did pick up tremendously in part 3. That’s when the drama really started, however it was too little too late.

Jealous Princess

Jealous Princess

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Jealous Princess ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Nonso Okonkwo

Van Vicker – Sam
Oge Okoye – Nneka
Chika Ike – Mercy
Ikem Chude – Mike
Biola Ige – Muriel
Stan Amandi – Edwin
Rose Ofuzim – Mother
Rita Daniels – Juliet
Ekene Ukadike – Andrew
Samgenta Igbokwe – Gateman
Sunny Davids – Bar Extra


My Rating 41%

Sam and Mercy are happily married but have fallen financially on hard times. One night Sam reluctantly gives a woman called Nneka whose car has broken down on a dangerous road, a lift. He gives her his card and she contacts him at a later date. At first Sam is delighted as Nneka offers to connect him to the right influential people that can help him revive his business. She appears to be an angel but it is not long before her devilish ways are exposed.


Oge’s dad’s grey hair looked really fake. Since his acting wasn’t too good. I was wondering why they wouldn’t just get an older man to play the character if indeed the hair was fake.

A lot of the lines in the film were highly unoriginal, overused clichés that made me cringe. I think Nonso Okonkwo should have got help instead of trying to do the whole movie himself. Let me give you some examples:

“Learn to keep that thing in between your legs in check.”

“Opportunity comes but once, grab it with both hands.”

“Life is full of ups and downs. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Aside from the lack of creativity in the dialogue there was also the problem of using words where they didn’t make sense. I always maintain the stance that if you don’t know what something means or are even slightly unsure, CHECK or DON’T USE THE WORD. We see Sam telling Nneka about his money troubles on their first meeting after he gave her the lift and she says,

“You are quite open minded, are you always like this?”

How does open minded come into it? OPEN? Yes that would have fit the situation. OPEN MINDED? No. Alternatively they could have used the word FORTHRIGHT, FRANK, or HONEST, but OPEN-MINDED… I don’t think so! Small details like this really help in making an OK movie kind of crappy, as this kind of thing looks sloppy.

In another scene Nneka tells Sam, her husband’s best friend,

“I feel that he’s having an affair with that girl Nneka.”

He replies,

“What? Are they having an affair?”

DUH!! Did she not just say that she feels that are having an affair and you are asking her back the same question. Nonsense! Again the script needed much work.

It seems funny that Nneka turns up to Sam’s house all the time uninivted and the door is always unlocked. Nneka was obsessed with Sam and he never reciprocated her affections. Even when she leaps on him to kiss him he fights her off, so to me it didn’t make sense that after she attempted to force herself on him she would say to him,

“Why did you kiss me?”

And he reply,

“I wasn’t in my right senses.”

I watched closely and he didn’t kiss her back, so what is this discrepancy between what we see and what is scripted? Again… SHODDY!

I would not recommend this movie. It was watchable but I can’t find much good to say about it. The story was ok and for the most part easy to follow but descended into madness and chaos at the end. It was as if they couldn’t work out and ending, so just put any random ending for the sake of ending. Andrew played by Ekene Ukadike had a small role and couldn’t even pull that off. He was very unconvincing. Biola Ige was as awful as she was in THE SHEPHERD. Van played his usual doormat role, which I for one am getting completely bored with and Oge and Chika did the best that they could, given what they were working with.

Holy City

Holy City

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Holy City
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Jim Iyke – Haruna
Oge Okoye – Angela
Mike Ezuruonye – Chibuzor
Emeka Amakeze – Ndubuisi
Biola Ige – Nneka
Chiendu Oga – Johnson
Oyin Omar – Ibrahim
Oniah Francis – Papa Haruna
Prince Nwafor – Eze
Malechi Chukwudebe – Mark Zero
Jonathan Gana Gana – Chief
Chidi Chijioke – Boss
Augustine Okeke – Ichie
Elochukwu Obinna – Landlord
Emmanuel Obi – Abubakar
Queency Asogwa – Abu’s wife
Chinedu Odinachi – Driver
Gabriel Obi – Vendor

Themes Explored:
Religious Hypocrisy

My Rating: 81%

Angela is betrothed to Chibuzor, however Haruna’s constant presence around Angela becomes a burning issue with Chibuzor. The relationship between the two is innocent. Haruna was friends with both Angela and her friend Nneka in secondary school; however a prank gone wrong ended in Haruna getting expelled from secondary school. He goes from and excellent student with a promising future from a wealthy background to a school drop out serving suya in a restaurant to fund his future studies. It is a turnaround indeed.

Feeling extreme culpability for the state of Haruna’s present lowliness Angela and Nneka join heads to make amends for their past actions, lavishing Haruna with gifts and attention in a bid to assuage guilt. In a fit of jealousy Chibuzor warns Haruna to stay away from Angela and so the battle begins. The stakes ever so more clearly defined as Haruna is a Muslim and Angela is a Christian. The backdrop is 2006 and religious war is taking place in the North where Muslims are killing Christians. In the East where the story takes place reprisal attacks begin.


Jim Iyke plays Haruna a Muslim, I assume he is meant to be Hausa, but the realness of the character is lost by the fact that he is an obvious Igbo and wearing robes and injecting “Walahi” into every other sentence while rocking a strong igbotic accent does not do much to convince the viewer that he is in fact a Hausa or a Muslim at all. The film would have been better served to get a true Hausa to play this role or at least some one who could roll with the accent convincingly. Apart from this flaw he played his role well with the understatement that such a character needed.

I think the girl that played Nneka was Biola Ige, (please correct me if I am wrong) the same girl that was appalling in The Shepherd. I can’t be 100% sure as a surname was not attributed to her in the credits. Anyhow if you were expecting any growth… DON’T she was just as bad in this movie. Thankfully she did not feature enough to spoil the whole thing.

Emeka Amakeze is brilliant as Haruna’s Christian friend and sidekick. He convincingly shows shock and bewilderment and we feel it deeply as a man is killed in front of him. After the killing he walks whilst mulling over the series of events that have taken place before him. He breaks down crying showing a subtle display of emotions that is more heartfelt that the dramatic overstated play of emotions that so often characterises Nollywood films.

This scene is the turning point in the movie and the point at which one begins to truly question the sense in killing in the name of religion. We see in Ndubuisi’s display of emotion that all men are essentially the same regardless of religion. We all have the same feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. We see men who were once as close as brothers and who played football together on a pitch, where they stood equally and where there were no differences forcefully divided by religion and occurrences that happened far away from them.

In the end the police are the heroes. This made me chuckle. I wondered how true to life this scenario could be? Call me cynical but I just could not see that happening myself.

I would definitely recommend this movie. The soundtrack was on point, melancholy and very similar to the mosque call and so tied in perfectly with the tone of the movie. My only gripe would be that sometimes dialogue was sometimes too low and could not be heard. This was always at crucial moments, and you know at crucial moments you don’t want to be rewinding and fiddling with the volume button!

The cast in general were a great bunch and worked well together. The movie was enjoyable to watch and had a bold and powerful message. We are all one regardless of religious affiliation/non affiliation or superficial labels that have been placed on us, often by birth. It emphasises the pointlessness in religious warfare, and the hypocrisy involved. There is a nice twist and at the end justice is served, and loyalty takes precedence over blind and discriminate faith.

The Shepherd

The Shepherd

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The Shepherd (2008)
Story/ Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Nonso Ekene Okonkwo

Jim Iyke – Raymond
Tonto Dikeh – Gina
Mercy Johnson – Jessica
Majid Michel/Michael – David
Ngozi Ezeonu – Raymond’s mother
Biola Ige – Anita
Emeka Okoye – Musa
Benson Okonkwo – Actor
Kenneth Modo – Photo Journalist
Junior Pope – Sammy

Domestic Violence
Drug Abuse

My Rating: 35%

Gina believes that she has met her prince charming, a film director. It seems like her dreams are about to come true, as not only does he make her a huge movie star but he marries her too. Little does she know that her Prince Charming is a brutal maniac that is about to make her life a living hell.

Jim Iyke plays his usual bad boy with a swagger wannabe American. He has just come from studying at New York Film School and wants to elevate Nollywood above it’s “mediocrity.” As is customary when coming from America one must have no manners, swear freely in front of your mother, abuse drugs and think themselves above everybody else. *sarcasm intended* His mother does not care for the movie business and is more concerned with him settling down with a nice girl.

Gina meets Raymond at the diner where she works. He steps in to defend her when a customer who refused to pay his bill slaps her. He then advises her to come and audition for a movie. He sees that she has great potential, casts her and nurtures her into a full-fledged star. At the same time he also declares his love for her and proposes.


It seems like Raymond has fallen in love with Gina but it soon becomes apparent that his concern lays more with her money making potential than anything else. Gina gives Raymond all her wages and starts getting beaten up by him too.

She falls pregnant twice and is forced into an abortion the first time.

Raymond tells his wife on hearing about her pregnancy,

“Abort it… there is no space for all that.”

He then tries to convince her to have an abortion by telling her,

“It’s called family planning. It’s no big deal. Every girl, an average of every girl that’s African… Fuck it, the whole world the ages of 11-25 has committed abortion and if they say no, let them come and meet me… Just open your legs, five minutes and it is over.”

The second pregnancy he beats out of her and the third she manages to keep by running to her mother in laws house until she gives birth.

Mercy Johnson appears in part 2 as a seductress Jessica in a club toilet. She and Jim unite over their fondness for coke. It seemed strange how the drug abuse was only made note of in the middle of part 2. Again the depiction of cocaine users was ridiculous. We see Jessica snorting coke haphazardly of the bonnet of her car and the powder smeared all over her face. Likewise we see Raymond in a toilet and he starts groaning as if he is high before the cocaine has even hit his bloodstream. NONSENSE. There is powder all over his face and jacket. Now what cokehead is going to be wasting all that powder?

If Nollywood producers want to portray drug abuse then they need to do research. If actors want to be credible then they too should do research. I mean how hard is it to find out how people take coke and how it makes them react? I’m sure this kind of thing can even be found on YouTube, even watch a Hollywood movie to find out. The whole drug thing was just so ridiculous and comical.

The dialogue was wack a lot of the time. They had Raymond dropping Jessica home after the night at the club and both of them telling one another, “I love you.” One word. NON-SENSE.

Majid Michael barely appears in this movie, so I don’t even know why he was on the front cover with a gun to his head. That never happened in the movie (unless there is a continuation) His performance as David, one of Gina’s best friends was as good as it could be in this flop of a film. He was convincing in that it seemed that he really cared about Gina and they had a deep connection in their non verbal body language.

His wife on the other hand was another story. Anita played by Biola Ige was just dreadful. This was the first time I have seen her in a movie and hopefully the last. She was just wooden and bore no emotion. She was supposed to be Gina’s best friend and it just didn’t translate. There was no connection between her and Gina or her and her husband. OH and what was that FAKE TATTOO doing scratched across the top of her breasts? It looked awfully tacky. She was pretty though and kinda looked like Jackie Appiah in certain shots.

Tonto Dikeh and Ngozi Ezeonu, who played Raymond’s mother were the standouts in this horrible movie. Tonto nailed her scenes for most part and played her part as the battered wife well, especially the crying scenes which she pulled off effortlessly. She appeared to be chunkier than she normally is and actually looked pregnant to me. Ngozi’s performance was flawless considering what she was working with. I normally like Jim but I have seen this character too many times now and I don’t think it was done particularly well this time.

Overall I would not recommend this film as the storyline wasn’t properly thought out. The characters were not well developed and the orchestral music they kept playing over dialogue was annoying and overbearing. This continued throughout the film! At one point in the beginning they had two lots of music overlapping each other AND dialogue. The story did not end either. All the ends were left open, not much made sense and the scene depicted on the front cover did not even happen which leads me to believe there must be more, which of course I will NOT be watching.

Another annoying point to add is that Mercy Johnson was not even listed in the credits of part 1 or 2. Half the names in the credits are prefixed with the letter E, for what reason I don’t know and the font was hella hard to read!