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Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls

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Sexy Girls
Story, Screenplay, Director – Rahim Caz Chidiebere

Uche Ogbodo
Mercy Johnson
Nonso Diobi
Chinelo Oloh
Benita Akpofe
Uju Aroh

Campus Life

My Rating: 3%

Movie starts with Uche Ogbodo approaching a chick called on campus to be her lover. She tells her,

“I been searching for a girlfriend.”

From nowhere a dude steps in to save the girl in question. With a deadpan expression and voice he says,

“No all you need is a man and not a girl.”

Already I can see the movie is a big flop but I decide to persevere a little longer. The next scene is Uche and her friends in a restaurant beating up a guy who is just as expressionless and deadpan as the first guy.

It is in the next scene in the movie that I give up altogether. We see two girls asleep in a bed at night. One of them reaches over and touches her roommates breast. Oh how pathetic. The whole scene was pathetic. The girl who was doing the touching did not look like she wanted to touch any breast, the girl who was getting touched was just as useless and actress. What a stupid useless movie and concept.

It must be said that Uche Ogbodo needs to find some clothes that fit her. Just because Eucharia Anunobi wears clothes that are too small and people love her it doesn’t mean that you should do the same. She at least has some talent. This is the second time that I am seeing Uche wearing some clothes that are too small since she has put on weight. Baby girl, accept the fact that the weight is there and get some new clothes!!!

It seems like Mercy and Nonso no longer respect themselves. What on earth would make a heavyweight like Mercy even get involved in this trash is beyond me. The others can be forgiven because they are up and coming and would ruin any movie that had any hope. This movie was seriously bad… So So bad. I think I got through about 15 minutes. It is not watchable. DO NOT even do it to yourself, but if you do please make sure to come by and tell me so I can tell you… I TOLD YOU SO!!!