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Pretender ~ 2002
Story/Screenplay – Sunday Ekegbo
Director – Chika Onu

Tony Umez – Okechukwu
Nkiru Sylvanus – Benita
Patience Ozokwor – Mama
Fabian Adibe – Papa Oke
Rita Edochie – Mama
Emeka Ike – Matthew
Promise Odika – Somto
Stephanie Okereke – Ifeoma
Prince Nwafor – Nnamdi
Jennifer Okoli – Nkechi
Andy Ike – Supervisor

Family Loyalty

My Rating – 70%

Ifeoma was living a life of bliss, engaged to be married to Okechukwu. She always got on with Benita and Somto, his brother and sister that live with him in the city. She gets on with them so well you would believe that they are her own siblings. Once Ifeoma becomes Matthews’s wife her mother’s meddling ways puts her marriage in jeopardy.

Mama persuades Ifeoma that she needs to push Benita and Somto out of her marital home for her to enjoy her husband fully. She tells Ifeoma that if she allows them to stay they will ruin her marriage. She then uses that opportunity move herself and her wayward son into Ifeoma’s home and immediately they start causing problems.


An oldie but a goodie, everybody played their parts well. As usual Patience Ozokor was phenomenal playing her usual wicked mama role. She has been typecast, yes but if it ain’t broke why fix it? Nkiru and Promise were on point, in fact where has Nkiru been these days? Tony Mumu played his usual role and he played it well.

I would recommend this movie. It was a predictable but enjoyable movie and there is a lesson to be learn about following your own mind and not allowing meddling family members to interfere in your affairs and sway you from what you know to be right for you. Even if you are going to make a mistake it is better that you make it of your own back. After all that is how were learn as humans and mistakes are inevitable on that learning curve.


Blue Blood

Blue Blood

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Blue Blood ~ 2010
(Continuation: NEVER TO RETURN)

Story – Okey Zubela Okoh
Screenplay – Okey Zubela Okoh, Onyinye Ukora
Director – Okey Zubela Okoh
Producer – Uche Nancy, Hyacinth Onwuka

Ini Edo – Princess Oluchi
Tonto Dikeh – Nkem
Collette Nkem Orji –
Yemi Blaq – Onyema
Eve Esiri – Jessy
Mary Uranta – Peace
Nse Ikpi Etim – Chimamanda
Jibola Dabo – Chied Iekmefuna
Andy Ike – Ndidi Amaka
Chigozie Okoli – Guard 1
Okoye Emeka – Guard 2
Uchester Eluaka – Lecturer
Uju Aroh – Mama Onye
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Bayo
Escort Kamar – Joseph
Uche Ebere – Mama Chimamanda
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Chief Daniel
Zainab Egwuonwu – Andy
Ed Nnasor – Elder
Micheal Godson – John

Themes Explored:
Tradition Vs Assimilation

My Rating – 40%

Ini Edo plays Princess Oluchi. She is thought of as a snob on campus because of her attitude, her royal attire and the guards that accompany her everywhere she goes. It is not until she makes friends with Nkem and realises that she too is a princess but stays understated that she starts thinking that it is not a necessity to flaunt her status at every given opportunity.

At one stage she is so full of herself that when she finds a student sitting in “her seat” in the library she slaps him after he refuses to move. This action haunts her terribly and she ends up apologising publicly. After this she becomes very close to him. This student is called Onye, played by Yemi Blaq.

Onye has a history. He was left to bring up his young son after his ex wife Chimamanda, played by Nse Ikpi-Etim  left him after an abusive relationship to begin a new life at university. Their paths soon cross when he ends up studying at the same university as her. She supposedly hates him but at the same time does not want to see him with the Princess either.



Both Ini and Tonto were rocking lakefronts and they both looked atrocious.

Nse and Yemi look too old to be students. Even if they are both 20 years old they most certainly do not look it so for me it defied realism. They both look at LEAST 30 yeas old Nse kept on putting on a baby voice that was rather strange and annoying.

For supposed royal chicks the accommodation we see Nkem and Princess Oluchi lodging in looks less that royal. It looks like any accommodation that a regular student would lodge in.

Why did the teacher approach Collette and the two guys to make the Princess apologise to Onye? What is his business? Why would he care to intervene?

For me the royal story line was a bust and I didn’t get why Tonto and Ini had to be made royal. Why not just make them from really rich or influential families? The whole concept of royalty as it was presented in the movie seemed somewhat dated in modern times. We see students laughing at Princess Oluchi as she walks through campus in her royal garb. There was no respect for her status but this avenue was not explored.

Chief wants Chimamanda to marry and bear a son for him as his wife has had 4 daughters and his wife cannot have any more children. He is searching for an heir. In Nollywood I wonder why the women who receive proposals like this don’t ever wonder what will happen to them if they bear a daughter instead of a son. Why don’t they ever think that they will get discarded just like the wife was? There also needs to be a point when a woman who is blamed for producing a girl turns to the man and tells him, OI! I only produce X Chromosomes and you produce X and Y, therefore it is YOU that is to blame.”

One ridiculous scene was when Princess Oluchi invites Nkem to a party. She pleads with her to go, her reason being that she does not want to go alone. We then find out that Onye has been invited too and then we see all three of them sitting at the party together and most of the time they are off together, leaving Nkem to sit alone. What a cheek! At the party we see waaaaaaay too much dancing where nothing at all is happening. Good editing is vital to keep the viewers attention and having ten minutes of dancing with no dialogue and NOTHING happening is not a good move.

Sound is a bit up and down I noticed that the sound was particularly low in the scenes featuring Chimamanda and Chief.

It wasn’t brilliant but I would recommend watching the movie when you are bored as it was somewhat entertaining. We learn something about Tradition vs Assmilation, forgiveness and giving second chances. Onye may have been a monster in his past but we can see in his behaviour how he has drastically changed and would deserved to be forgiven for his past actions. I felt that there wasn’t clear focus in the movie, it seemed a bit haphazard in the way that it was put together. Great cast but I feel they were a little wasted. The story and characters needed to be developed a bit more as it felt one dimensional.

22/02/10 UPDATE: After watching the continuation I had to lower the rating from 50% to 40%. How stupid can a movier get? The continuation focuses on Amanda marrying chief and their relationship. It is just boring and a waste of time. The basic premise is that what goes around comes around. Amanda realises the errors of her ways and vows to get her son back but then we see Onye reading Amanda’s letter where she says that she is going to disappear forever. WHAT? Contradiction.

At the end we see Yami during the credits talking about how he was honoured to take part in such a wonderful film? WHAT? Did he not read the stupid ass script? Why even disgrace yourself talking nonsense about a piece of trash movie? Nollywood Movie Nigerian Film African Film Movie Review



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Emerald ~ 2009
Story – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Screenplay – Juliet Chisom Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Genevieve Nnaji – Emerald
Majid Michel – Max
Tonto Dikeh – Becky
Geraldine Ekeocha – Mrs Davies
Halima Abubakar – Mery
Ladi Tortty – Clarissa
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Stan
Andy Ike – Adaeke
Kingsley Uche – Gateman
Chigozie Ibe – Carrier

Time Travel
Family Heirloom

My Rating 50%

Becky returns to Nigeria from the UK to open an antiques shop. She enlists the help of her cousin Emerald who has recently graduated from a Nigerian university in Business Administration.

One day they go to purchase stock when Emerald comes across an emerald ring. A woman in the shop whom one would assume to be a sales assistant sees Emerald admiring the ring and seems intent on her having the ring, despite Emerald’s refusals. When the woman tells Emerald that she can pay whatever she likes for it Emerald succumbs and pays the woman 5000 Naira.

Later when Emerald meets with Becky she is shocked that she values the ring at 10000 Euro. It also seems strange that Becky does not recognise the description of the woman that sold the ring. Things get even stranger when Emerald falls asleep that night with the ring on. Very strange indeed!


I must say it is a peeve of mine when names are spelt wrong in the credits. It happens in many films but since the credits were done so badly in this movie I thought I’d mention it here. It is especially annoying with obviously spelt names, like spelling “Geraldine” “Geraldin.” Not only is it unprofessional but it’s kinda rude and disrespectful towards the person who’s name you are misspelling, in my opinion.

I must say I was disappointed after all the hype of a Majid/ Genny pairing. I was really looking forward to watching this film but it really didn’t live up to the hype AT ALL. To their credit Genevieve and Majid had electrifying chemistry and it was a good pairing, but the storyline was a let down. At first it seemed like it was going to be an excellent movie and in fact it had the potential to be a really good movie as the story was original and different to the usual Nollywood fare.

If only all the loose ends were tied up it could have been really really good. There is the possibility that there is a continuation that will tie up these loose ends but as long as I have only watched Part 1 and 2 then it was something of a flop. These are the things that we as the viewer need to understand by the end of the movie:

We see Masters of the plantation, servants, afros and bowties. What is all this in aid of? Where and when is the setting?

How does the modern day Emerald tie in with the servant Emerald except both falling in love with a married man called Maximillian?

Reincarnation? Past Life?

We need to know more about the history of the emerald ring. We know that it was a stolen family heirloom but this is not enough for the events that take place to make sense.

Apart from the issues with the holes in the story we also had the issue of very poor indoor lighting. Many scenes were dark to the point that faces only looked like shadows. It was a hot mess. There was this background music that they used in a few scenes too that was very annoying. It sounded like someone playing a computer games, like a dull pinging noise.

Majid and Genny were on point, and all their scenes together were magical. Tonto did not perform as well as she usually does. I think that this was because she was too dramatic for the understated feel of the movie. She needed to stop gesticulating so much and take a chill pill, especially being next to cool as a cucumber Genny. That kind of acting can work when you are in a Jim Iyke beating you senseless kind of setting, but for this setting it just did not work.

Halima Halima Halima… Where do I start? She isn’t too bad as in acting wise but it has come to my attention that she is always looking so hookerish. What is up with that? I am wondering if she is put in these clothes or she insists on them. She had her bazukas pushed up to her chin and the tacky tattoos on her cleavage exposed. It was just so not necessary. In one of the scenes she is wearing a thing yellow summer dress and as she is walking the material is slipping between her butt cheeks… WHY??

Overall I would not recommend this movie as it just didn’t make sense. The film ends with Max and Emerald kissing on a sofa. There is not even indication that there is anything more to the movie. If there is a continuation that addresses all these issues then that is a different story, but as it stands… THUMBS DOWN.

Dry My Tears

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Dry My Tears



Patience Ozokwor – Susana

Enebeli Elebuwa – Chief

Ngozi Ezeou – Esther

Chioma Chukwuka – Kate

Kassandra Odita – Uloma

Vitalis Ndubuisi – David

Andy Ike – Osondu

Emeka Ejiofor – Chukwukdi

Victor Nwaosu – Paul


Themes Explored







The film opens with a woman called Esther going through a miscarriage. At the hospital she exclaims, “not again!” which makes us aware that she must have been through this on other occasion(s). We find out this is Esther’s third pregnancy.


Susana is Esther’s “best friend”. Quotations must be used here as her actions don’t convey that of someone who is a best friend. Susana spreads the news of Esther’s miscarriage with glee declaring her a “witch” and a “ritualist.” She curses her to the point of calling her a gold digger and skin bleacher.


After blackening Esther’s name Susana approaches her and tells her that she dreamt that Esther was carrying twins. Unbelievably two faced. She also spring cleans Esther’s house and brings gifts. While at Esther’s house Esther’s husband Festus tells Susana that he bought his wife a jeep after the miscarriage to cheer her up a little. Susana quickly relays this news as,


“Do you know that Esther, after using her unborn child to do Sacrifice in witchcraft. Festus went and bought her a new car.”


She also makes claims that Esther has used her charms to prevent him from taking another wife. Another friend asks Susana why she doesn’t advice Esther against such actions to which Susana replies,


“Can the devil ever stop committing sin?”







Susana sends her daughter to seduce Festus. It is as though she is jealous of the caring and loving relationship between her friend and her husband and seeks to destroy it. The plan works and her daughter becomes pregnant. Festus is forced to take Susana’s daughter Kate as a second wife. It is not long after that Susana and Kate are ruling the roost and attempting to push Esther out of her matrimonial home.


One day Kate’s baby is taken ill and whisked into intensive care. The baby is in need if blood and it is then that the truth comes to light. Festus is not the father of Kate’s child. Both Festus and Susana are in shock. It turns out that Kate knew that Paul, a village boy was the father as she experienced morning sickness before even sleeping with Festus. Festus is free to cut ties from those who have made his recent life a misery and that he does. In a miraculous twist of events his wife Esther becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy after 15 years of trying.


This film teaches us that what is done is darkness shall surely come to light; we also learn that what seems the impossible too can come true.



Junny (Jonny) Just Come

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Junny (Jonny) Just Come

Story by Louis Isikaku

Screeenplay by Reginald Ebere

Director – Charles Inojie



Larry Koldsweat – Sylvanus

Sam Loco Efe – Malachi

Chinyere Winfred – Adaugo

Osita Iheme – Johnson

Amaka Festus – Eno

Andy Ike – Teacher

Chukwudi Ike – John

Lynna Augustine – Helen

Steve Pepple – James

Ken Odurukwe – Principal



My Rating: 89%


This film is definitely one that I would recommend, even if you are not one for THE TWO RATS. It was absolutely hilarious! I myself usually avoid movies where any of them (Osita and Chinedu) are involved, but to my surprise I really enjoyed this one!


Malachi turns up to his brother’s house from the village with his two sons in tow. He is not able to financially take care of them and wants his brother and his wife to put them through school. What can I say? This is where the razzness begins. From doing sums at school with sticks and stones, to declaring themselves “dead” through poisoning through coffee!

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