Family Romance

Family Romance

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Family Romance ~ 2009
Continuation – FINAL ROMANCE
Story – Princess Loveline Nwosu
Screenplay – Princess Loveline Nwosu, Eric Stephenson
Director – Eric Stephenson
Producer – Princess Loveline Nwosu
(Bees Production)

Clarion Chukwura – Felicia
Desmond Elliot – Greg
Queen Nwokoye – Erica
Cynthia Okereke – Mama Matilda
Princess Loveline Nwosu – Matilda
Zack Orji – Chief Desmond
Kalu Ikeagwu – Alex
Uche Ogbodo – Natasha
Godwin Isong – Akpan

Step Families
Career Vs Family

My Rating – 58%

Chief Desmond’s wife Natasha is so preoccupied with work that she barely has enough time for her family. One day she leaves without telling him to go and represent in a big case in Abuja. Fed up, in her long absence he remarries a much younger local girl called Matilda. Matilda’s presence in the family home brings about much discord. His children are incensed that their father has married a girl that is younger than them all and treat her with much disdain.

At a loss for what to Chief’s children reach out to their oldest brother in the UK and their mother, who is still residing in Abuja to aid them in rectifying the situation. They believe that their mother and brother will fare better in persuading their father to remove Matilda from the home. Little do they know that their brother returning from the UK will only add a new dimension of complication to the whole situation.


Career Vs Family

Is career more important than your loved ones? What is the point in slaving away and never having time for your loved ones. Who will you share your successes with? In the movie Felicia is totally focused on work. She sees nthing else. The gravity of her blinsightedness comes all the more apparent when she is told that her husband is in hospital and she cannot find the time to go and see him. She tells the children to take care of him. What if he had died?

The double take effect was used in practically every scene and was soooo sooo annoying. Who on earth thought that this would be a good idea? Ok we get it you have learnt that special effect. It does not mean that you have to use it in every scene for no good reason.

Matilda’s hair was atrocious. I seriously wonder if that was done on purpose to emphasise her localness or if Princess Loveline actually walks around looking a hot mess. Hmmm… It was relaxed hair but with tonnes of regrowth. She had all the front sticking up in the air (not stylishly but haphazardly like the chick just woke up or was homeless) and attached from the middle to the back was a foot (ok slight exaggeration) of horse’s mane. I mean WTF happened to blending?

Uche Ogbodo is a very pretty girl but she needs to stop applying her make up with a paintbrush. She seriously looks like a clown. She also needs really focus on her craft and stop the overacting. She was shouting all the time when it wasn’t needed and overemphasising every gesture and facial expression. The movie would have been so much better without her in it.

Things that I loved about the movie was the dialogue and the interaction between the siblings. Princess and Eric did a great job with the script. The dialogue was rich and realistic. Some of the banter was hilarious and I laughed out aloud on more than one occasion. Greg, played by Desmond Elliot had some of the best lines and he carried them off brilliantly.

In one scene Alex is in the house, his sole purpose to persuade their father to get rid of Matilda. Matilda walks into the room and he greets her with grace, as well as giving her a warm smile. Greg is disgusted and tells him,

“You’ll just be smiling at any he goat or she goat you see.”

In another scene we see Desmond tries to pick up a girl on the side of the road by beeping his horn and thinking she will just walk over to the car and slide in. Of course it doesn’t work and it quickly turns nasty. Instead of driving out the guy gets out of the car and starts abusing her,

“A fine gentleman in a beautiful car honks at you and you don’t answer. Who the hell do you think you are? You are stupid.”

Overall I would recommend the movie. It was an absolutely great cast that meshed together really well with the exception of Uche who we could have done without seeing at all. I really enjoyed parts 1 and 2 but by the time I got onto part 3 and 4 my interest in the film was waning. It dragged on for a bit too long and would have been a much better film if they had made it shorter. Nevertheless it is one worth watching.  UPDATE:

After watching FINAL ROMANCE I lowered the rating from 68 to 58. It kind of got worse in the continuation. I won’t bore you with the details! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian Movie Review African Actors and Actresses




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Story/ Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Arsenal Bruno, Henrey Ukpai, Ikechukwu Onyeka

Kofi Adjorlolo – Murktar
Mike Ezuruonye – Ikenna
Ini Edo – Zainab
Tonto Dikeh – Aisha
Prince Eke – Ekene
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Deputy Governor
Pat Asore – Amina
Uche Ebere – Vivian
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Kola
Kennedy Kalu – Abiodun
Joseph Mike – Mike
Ikeh Kenneth – Gang
Emeka Osuji – Tutcha

Themes Explored:
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 72%

Zainab is due a visit home and her friend Aisha is accompanying her. Despite her father making reservations for the both of them to fly into Abuja, Zainab is hell bent on driving instead, seeking “adventure.” Although at first Aisha refuses to join Zainab on the drive to Abuja, she relents and ends up joining her. Zainab definitely finds the adventure that she was looking for. At first they get lost and the car breaks down. They manage to get help with the help of a stranger but when sunset hits and the gas runs out they are left no option but to follow and intimidating stranger into the bush. It remains to be seen whether he is to be trusted or not.


Zainab is a damn fool. Your father owns an airline and you are there wanting to drive from Lagos (I think it was Lagos, if anyone remembers different let me know) to Abuja. What adventure could she possibly be looking for? Perhaps the adventure of getting robbed and shot? Nonsense. Nigeria is not the sort of place that you take road trips just for the fun of it.

It was ridiculous that Zainab was so insistent on driving, especially when Aisha told her that she would go on ahead and catch the flight without her to the point that she walked out of the door. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would just follow her friend as what is the point seeking adventure on the roads between Lagos and Abuja by yourself? It would have made more sense if Zainab had been running late and then decided to drive, but she was not even running late. It seemed like the girl was on a suicide mission.

The Forest Scenes

Why does Zainab try and clobber the poor guy when they are in the woods after he has helped them so much. Is it because he is still in possession of her gun?

What sense did it make for Zainab to go and look for the stream to shower in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night? She was already mouthing off about how she would not cool or wash plates because it was her maids job so how realistic would it be that as prissy as she is she would want to go and wash in a stream. They had only been stranded 5 minutes.

It was in the forest scenes was when the tension really began to deepen. I never knew what was going to happen next, between Aisha licking her lips at the sight of the grunting stranger and Zainab attempting to clobber him every so often. So from trying to kill the guy Zainab now ends up spontaneously having sex with him up against a tree.

Reputation… Scandal… Jealousy

Aisha’s reaction to her friend getting with Ikenna was borne out of jealousy although she tried to disguise it as concern. After catching them in the act she tells Zainab,

“Wait until your parents find out about this… Wait until the scandal breaks in all the newspapers in Abuja.”

Er love you are such a hater. How can any scandal break unless you are the one to break it? She is an adult how is it your business if she sleeps with one random guy in a forest. Na wa! Aisha was taking hateration to another level. It would have been fine if Aisha were simply disappointed because she liked the guy. That is a natural feeling, but ultimately she had no claims to the guy so she needed to suck it up. Aisha was acting like Zainab had just snatched her husband. She even said to Zainab, “I could never throw myself at a filthy low life like that.” Erm but you did!!! Cooing how “fine” he was and constantly eyeing him up.

Zainab tells Ikenna that he cannot set foot in Abuja because she doesn’t want him creating scandal for her. Is the city not big enough to contain them both? It was looking to me like her own friend was more of a threat to her in terms of ruining her reputation and creating a scandal. She does not even know where the guy is headed to when she warns him. He does not even know who she is and all her yabbering about scandals would only serve the purpose to plant the idea of creating a scandal into his head.

Ikenna’s hotel room came like it had a revolving door attached to it. We see Vivian coming through to flash her bribes of cash, fake passports and houses in California in order to get Ikenna to leave the country so that the fact that she unduly sent him to prison is not exposed. We see Zainab throwing her cheque around to try and make him leave Abuja in order to avoid embroiling herself in a scandal and we see Aisha simply turning up full of lust trying to force him to sleep with her. It is quite funny watching these women get so heated up, scared what Ikenna’s next move is going to be while he just lays back coolly.

The general wants to give Ikenna a job because there is “something I like about him” WHAT? You have barely spoken to him and when he came into the compound you looked at him in disgust. So at which point was it I wondered, that he began to like Ikenna? That scenario would have been more realistic if there had been some banter between them or commonality explored. In that case we would be able to see where this “like” had suddenly emerged from following the initial disgust. We also see Zainab’s mother stand by and approve of the guy after she had only just recently seen him in the supermarket with Zainab and whispered in her ear that she did not like the guy.


When the girls hit the road in search of adventure the sound becomes appalling. A certain level of distortion is sound is inevitable when driving at high speeds with the wind interfering etc, however the sound was so terrible that you could barely hear the conversation between the two girls. At one point Zainab is driving at 120 MPH and Aisha panics and is told to shut up. Not only do we hear wind, static, and heavy vibrating noises but we hear loud orchestral dramatic music. It was overkill. The orchestral music was appropriate in some scenes in the film to heighten the tension but a lot of the time it was misplaced.


Ini Edo and Tonto Dikeh gave stellar performances, performances last seen in a Native Son. They had great chemistry as close friends and the fear they had of the stranger called Ikenna was very believable. Mike Ezuruonye played the silent but deadly character effortlessly; he embodied the character and gave nothing away in his movement, expression or eyes, which added to his character’s mystery.

Overall I really liked the movie, however I am getting annoyed about movies coming out and not finishing then you have to be waiting endlessly additional parts. What kinda buuuuuuuuuulsh… is that? It had its flaws as I have explored but after all the rubbish I have been watching lately I was so happy to actually watch something different and enjoyable. It kept me hooked to the screen wondering what was going to happen next. I just badly wish that more attention to detail had been paid in terms of realism in the story and script. If due care had been taken the movie could have been phenomenal. As it was it was simply just above average, but well worth watching. Watch Nigerian Movie Review Nollywood Production Nigerian Actress Actors



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Hot-Island ~ 2009
Story/Screenplay – Joy Stephen Anozie
Director – Emeka Jonathan
Producer – Okechukwu Ezechu

Scot Robert – Marcus
Mona Lisa Chinda – Sylvia
Ufuoma Ejenobor – Lucy
Emeka Ike – Richie
McKenzie David – Pedro
Patience Oseni – Mama Richie
Rosemary Onyebuchi – Naomi
Okoro Stanley – Dr Mickal
Dadi Uche – CY
Ndubuisi Onwuemena – Musa
Chioma Amadi – Prostitute
Manfred Uche – Eva

Themes Explored:
Social Class
Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 52%

Marcus, played by Scot Robert is a thug and the thorn in his father’s side. On the one hand he can be a superb gentleman but on the flipside he can be mean, nasty and aggressive to those around him. He had 3 sisters that question why he does not take them out as other brother’s take out their sisters and try to get a closer brotherly sisterly relationship with him, but to no avail. He does not appear to be particularly interested in any of them until his friend CY, played by Dadi Uche comes to him with a proposition. CY wants to marry Marcus’ sister Lucy (Ejenobor). At first he is opposed to the idea but after accepting a car as a gift from him throws himself wholeheartedly into the mission of getting his sister to accept CY as a suitor. The only problem is that his sister has her eyes on someone else.


I thought that casting Scot Robert in the character of Marcus was spot on. I get the feeling that he is good friends with Nonso Diobi because some of his mannerisms were akin to Nonso’s in the way that he shouted and twisted up his mouth. Nevertheless he played the bad boy role with mucho gusto. There is a funny scene where he is arguing with his father, because his father is upset about his friend CY buying him a car. He is questioning him harshly and Marcus turns to him and says,

“You will deal with me in my own father’s house. Go and deal with yourself in your own father’s house.”

Ruuude! I couldn’t stop laughing. How are you going to tell your own father that he should go to his father’s house?

Ufoma was too good for this movie. She put a lot of feeling and expression into the character but the whole scenario before it made it just not believable. The story was too simplistic and not developed enough so she didn’t have much to work with. The process of falling in love was way too simple. We are not shown any build up at all. We see Richie declare his love to Lucy in an instant, and in the same way Naomi too declares her love to Richie. Since when did seeing someone from a far for a few weeks and liking the way they look translate into love? This word is thrown around too easily, and took away the realism in the movie.

Dadi Uche was the perfect choice to play the character of CY, the junkie because he looked haggard with blackened lips and yellowed teeth. He definitely looked like he had been drinking, smoking and snorting in abundance.

If the father was so opposed to Lucy dating Richie because of their differing social classes why not just sack him? It was hardly like he had been there for 10 or even 20 years. The guy just arrived 5 minutes ago and now there is all sorts of chaos going on in your home. There was never a reason given as to why the father did not just get rid of Richie.

In one scene Lucy goes out with Richie and comes back gushing his praises to her sisters. Sylvia turns and says to her in response,

“What’s all this Richie, Richie, Richie, is that the name of some tomato puree or something?”

It is funny all the other girls were also singing his praises but then as soon as it becomes clear that he only has eyes for Lucy and they start making trips out alone things change and jealousy rears its ugly head. They start to call him scum and make her feel bad for liking him when they too were all trying to get with him.

Editing could have been much improved. 23 minutes into Part 2 and Marcus is having a conversation with CY about Richie and he starts to say CY’s name and then quickly corrects himself to say Richie. Why not just reshoot that bit because it was a glaring and very obvious mistake? The end of the movie was just plain ridiculous. We see Richie and Lucy running in fields hugging and kissing for what seems like eternity. What is that in aid of? We get it they are in love. All the running around was too much, like a freaking tampon advert.

The movie was decent enough so I’d recommend it if you have nothing better doing. However, ultimately is simply another rich girl falls in love with a poor driver story, the only difference being that they threw in a sibling rivalry storyline into the mix. None of the stories where particularly well developed or believable, but it is watchable, there are some good performances and comic moments.

After The Marriage

After The Marriage

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After The Marriage ~ 2010
(Continuation to Marriage of Sorrows)
Story/ Screenplay – Okey Zubelu Okoh
Director – Kalu Anya
Producer – Chibuzor Emelu

Pat Attah – Dr Harrison
Oge Okoye – Rita
Ngozi Ezeonu – Susan
Fred Ariko – Pastor Obinna
Zubby Micheal – Pastor Desmond
Kalu Anya – Inspector
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Ofonze
Voke Stephen – Chizoba
Emmanuel Okonkwo – Duben
Regina Okonkwo – Onyinye
Esther Ugwu – Mama
Adagbor Jennifer – Mary
Nene Ugwu – Chioma
Rita Daniels – Elder

Themes Explored:
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 15%

Rita and Pastor Obinna are happily married and have three beautiful children. They live in perfect harmony until the day comes where Dr Harrison comes into her life to claim “his kids.” Children who have never known him as a father, but an uncle the reason being is that he is their father’s younger brother.


40 minutes into the movie and I am just completely bored. The production is lacklustre and slow paced, just tooo GD slooooow. Even the scene where Dr Harisson confronts his brother Obinna about “his children,” a scene that was supposed to be filled with drama and tension was anticlimactic. The movie just seemed to get worse and worse as I continued watching.

The oldest girl Chizoba looked way too old to play Rita’s daughter. They should have made her the house girl if she just had to be in the movie. She was looking about 20-24 and Rita looked to be 26-30. In another movie the two actresses could have easily been cast as roommates on campus. What a casting mishap.

If you were not told that Chizoba was Pastor Obinna’s daughter there is no way you would have even realised. Father and daughter do not relate as such, this is especially strange considering that the family is supposed to be close knit one. There is one scene where he offers her a lift to the market when he spots her on the road not far from the gate. It is as if he is approaching a stranger, there is not even the familiarity you would get with a house girl.

Instead of Obinna letting his brother Dr Harisson take the kids and have the shame of everyone knowing that his wife had been sleeping with him he decides to kill the children. The scene where pastor Obinna takes his daughter Chizoba to a field right by the side of the road to kill her is totally ridiculous, wooden and unrealistic. You want to commit murder and you don’t even go deep into woods. You just kill the girl right there by the side of the road. RUBBISH!

Even in the aftermath of the killing the scenes were unrealistic. Everything was just so fake. There was no turmoil in Obinna, no feasible emotion. Even his anger was subdued, and this from a man who raised three children as his own and just found out that biologically they were his brother’s. NAAAA! Not buying it. He was also too calm as he was carrying out the atrocities and the fake crying afterwards was just cringeworthy.

It is ridiculous for a man who has raised children he thought of as his own to be stripped of them just like that and handed over to a man they have hardly any contact with. It would be traumatic for both parties. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Dr Harrison snatched the children away from their lives but he could not force them to give him the love they would give to their father. This fool came to reap where he did not sow. That is a big fool manoeuvre!

Oge Okoye really tried in the scene where she finds out about the death of Chizoba. She is wailing and head clutching and it would have been very convincing had it been a different movie. This movie, however was too much of a flop for her efforts to even matter.

Pat Attah strikes back. I guess these trips from Germany are going to become a regular thing. His fineness has somewhat waned from his heyday so it is no longer acceptable for him to be so wooden. I mean he is watchable but noticeably stiff. I wonder why Ngozi Ezeonu was even in the movie. It was pointless. She was supposed to be Pat’s ex that he had been pining over. She just looked too old for him. It wasn’t a good match at all.

Throughout the movie we see the producer soliciting for distribution around the world, begging for people to contact him on What a mess! If you are serious why wouldn’t you get a proper email? It is so simple to set up your own domain name these days and you are not in the football business so why would people that are trying to do business with you need to know your love for Arsenal? Sheer unprofessionalism!

As the credits roll we see the faces of all those that made the production happen, from the Production Manager to the Location Driver. It would have been a great idea if it wasn’t such a wreck of a movie. Seeing all their faces just made me curse them individually through my TV screen one by one. They showed them all dancing around to Yori Yori and other tunes. There were some very very fruity looking men whining up on each other. Did anyone else catch that? Even the dancing was overload. It was never ending and all the razzness got a bit boring.

In the end we find out the whole palava involving the killings turns out to be a dream, or should that be nightmare, yes nightmare because watching this movie really was a nightmare and waste of time. In the end we see the children run into their father’s room as he cries about killing them. Their mother also comes back after a car crash where she was badly burnt, Kudos on the burn job done on Oge’s face. That was the only thing realistic in the whole movie.

I would not recommend this movie at all. I did not see Juliet Ibrahim at all despite her face on the cover. The storyline in itself as a whole was not bad but the execution and script were poor. There is not one scene that I can point to that made any kind of remarkable impression on me. Bloody boring, bad acting, rubbish script, poor execution. THUMBS DOWN!

Stranger on my Bed

Stranger on my Bed

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Stranger On My Bed ~ 2010
Story – Austin Obah
Screenplay – Obah Augustine
Director – Chico Ejiro
Producers – Anugo Obah, Hilda Ndidi
Booben Movie Productions

Mercy Johnson – Felicia
Tony Umez – Samuel
Arinze Okonkwo – Dede
Ashley Nwosu – Noko
Ebube Nwagbo – Mary
Bahangura Miria (Uganda) – Madam Badmus
Babatunde Braihmoh – Johnson
Valentina Anugo Obah – Diana
Emeka Rollas – Reverend Father

Themes Explored:
Financial Independence

My Rating – 60%

Felicia has been married to Samuel for 5 years. She is lonely and bored within the marriage and feels trapped as a resulted of her limited freedom. Once called “Sexy Feli” in school in her husband’s house she feels like a boring housewife, largely ignored. She has no one to turn to, having recently moved to a new neighbourhood where she does not know anybody.

She craves her husband’s love and attention but instead he throws money at her, as if that alone can make her happy. One day she inquires in a supermarket about a job as a saleslady and is hired. In this job she finds an escape from the humdrum of her everyday life. Her husband is vehemently opposed to her accepting the job initially but soon enough comes round to the idea. Soon enough it is not only the job that she is paying attention to but a handsome stranger from her past.


The beginning of the movie came like a Nigerian horror film. I was holding my head aghast, not because it was scary but because I was cursing myself for having bought the movie and didn’t think I could sit through horror. We see Felicia about to be stabbed and she is screaming and writhing. LUCKILY she wakes up and we see her in bed with her husband Samuel. The whole scene turns out to be a nightmare that she was having, probably indicative of the way she is feeling within her marriage.

The flashback scenes were well interwoven into the main body of the movie. We are slowly given information on Dede and how he came to be in Felicia’s life. Initially the awkwardness was not explained but after we learn the couple’s history the awkwardness between the two on first meeting makes perfect sense. The differences between Felicia’s relationship with her husband and with Dede are a million miles apart. With Dede her whole body language is free. She lights up in his presence, can laugh, have fun and be sill with him. With her husband it is nothing but frowns, shouting and very uncomfortable body language.

Mercy Johnson
Mercy is a great actress. I am rarely disappointed when she is in a movie. She interprets both sides of her character perfectly. We see her as Sexy Feli the flirtatious, loud campus babe, as well as her role as a submissive downtrodden married woman. In showing her old self we see just how marriage has changed and subdued her character. There was great chemistry between Mercy Johnson and Arinze Okonkwo. It started off a gentle simmering chemistry and graduated to something deeper and stronger. I would love to see Mercy with Majid again. It could be fire and Shakira wasn’t a good enough vehicle to ignite the flames.

The scene where we find out the circumstances surrounding Felicia’s marriage to Samuel was a very emotional one. A revelation is made and if you judged Felicia harshly for cheating on her husband in this scene you will feel sympathy for her and perhaps even shed a tear too. You feel Felicia’s pain and Mercy acts out this scene, piercing sobs while her whole body trembles.

Tony Umez
Tony Umez has lost a lot of weight. This is the first time I have seen him in a movie without his shirt off and I am sure he did that purposely to show of his new physique.

What kind of nonsense was that when Felicia used Dede’s phone to call her husband? The man beats you up and rapes you and treats you like dirt. You know that he is capable of ANYTHING and then you use you ex man’s phone to call him without even blocking the number? WHAT???

There is a scene where Felicia and Dede are working out in the gym. Well… Felicia is working out and Dede is simply assisting. She is wearing ballet pumps. WHAT??? Who on earth wears ballet pumps to go and work out in a gym? Please note, she is not dancing or doing ballet she is attempting a hardcore workout. NONSENSE!

Role Reversal
Felicia’s relationship with Dede gives her the confidence to treat her husband in the way that he has always treated her in marriage – without regard. It is only after she has given her heart to Dede that her husband sits up and takes notice of her, but is it too late? They say you never miss a good thing until it’s gone and this is true in Samuel’s case. All of a sudden we see him pleading with his wife to go on outings with him. Before she met Dede it was always him missing appointments and her begging him to make some engagement or another.

We are told that marriage is for better of for worst. Felicia keeps being told this. It is all very well to pass out advice like that when you are not living in an abusive nightmareish situation. I felt like when Felicia confided in Mary instead of listening to her she would simply keep telling her that she is a Christian so she must stick to her husband. So if you are a Christian you must put up with any and everything in order to stick to your vow?

Always in Nollywood is the belief expressed that the unbeliever is inherently immoral, and that my friends is BUUUUULLLLSHHHAT! It’s a total myth based in ignorance and untruth but perhaps appropriate considering the religiosity of Nigerians at large. In once scene we see a man stand up in church and say that he is living with an unbeliever that is trying to recruit him into the 419 business. Oooh what a dilemma? NOT. Why not have the guy stand up and say that he is living with unbelievers that live the most moral and worthy lives that he knows of. Now wouldn’t that present more of a dilemma?

This whole issue of church presence being linking to morality kinda irks me big time. It is a huge LIE, and they reiterate this lie in the movie by showing how Samuel changes when he stops going to church. When his church visits cease he becomes a rapist and wife batterer. Religion is used as the excuse as to why he committed these acts. The devil indeed? He chose to commit these acts. Everybody has free will as far as I am concerned.

The End
I didn’t like the ending of this movie. I am thinking that there will be a continuation. Towards the end of the movie things took a nosedive for the worst in a big way with the disappearance of Dede. Why wasn’t Felicia surprised that he had gone missing? The way the police burst in her house to question her was just stupid. They asked a few questions and then just left, but not before threatening her. It all seemed a bit over the top. The movie does not finish and the scene being shot does not even end. I’m fed up of these movies not finishing and not being released all together. It is becoming very annoying.

I would recommend this movie. Mercy was great in it, overall it is a good watch and we learn that men shouldn’t treat their women like asswipes because there will be another man out there that will treasure her and when she gets the queen treatment she will not be coming back to your azz. Be warned! LOL

Blue Blood

Blue Blood

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Blue Blood ~ 2010
(Continuation: NEVER TO RETURN)

Story – Okey Zubela Okoh
Screenplay – Okey Zubela Okoh, Onyinye Ukora
Director – Okey Zubela Okoh
Producer – Uche Nancy, Hyacinth Onwuka

Ini Edo – Princess Oluchi
Tonto Dikeh – Nkem
Collette Nkem Orji –
Yemi Blaq – Onyema
Eve Esiri – Jessy
Mary Uranta – Peace
Nse Ikpi Etim – Chimamanda
Jibola Dabo – Chied Iekmefuna
Andy Ike – Ndidi Amaka
Chigozie Okoli – Guard 1
Okoye Emeka – Guard 2
Uchester Eluaka – Lecturer
Uju Aroh – Mama Onye
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Bayo
Escort Kamar – Joseph
Uche Ebere – Mama Chimamanda
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Chief Daniel
Zainab Egwuonwu – Andy
Ed Nnasor – Elder
Micheal Godson – John

Themes Explored:
Tradition Vs Assimilation

My Rating – 40%

Ini Edo plays Princess Oluchi. She is thought of as a snob on campus because of her attitude, her royal attire and the guards that accompany her everywhere she goes. It is not until she makes friends with Nkem and realises that she too is a princess but stays understated that she starts thinking that it is not a necessity to flaunt her status at every given opportunity.

At one stage she is so full of herself that when she finds a student sitting in “her seat” in the library she slaps him after he refuses to move. This action haunts her terribly and she ends up apologising publicly. After this she becomes very close to him. This student is called Onye, played by Yemi Blaq.

Onye has a history. He was left to bring up his young son after his ex wife Chimamanda, played by Nse Ikpi-Etim  left him after an abusive relationship to begin a new life at university. Their paths soon cross when he ends up studying at the same university as her. She supposedly hates him but at the same time does not want to see him with the Princess either.



Both Ini and Tonto were rocking lakefronts and they both looked atrocious.

Nse and Yemi look too old to be students. Even if they are both 20 years old they most certainly do not look it so for me it defied realism. They both look at LEAST 30 yeas old Nse kept on putting on a baby voice that was rather strange and annoying.

For supposed royal chicks the accommodation we see Nkem and Princess Oluchi lodging in looks less that royal. It looks like any accommodation that a regular student would lodge in.

Why did the teacher approach Collette and the two guys to make the Princess apologise to Onye? What is his business? Why would he care to intervene?

For me the royal story line was a bust and I didn’t get why Tonto and Ini had to be made royal. Why not just make them from really rich or influential families? The whole concept of royalty as it was presented in the movie seemed somewhat dated in modern times. We see students laughing at Princess Oluchi as she walks through campus in her royal garb. There was no respect for her status but this avenue was not explored.

Chief wants Chimamanda to marry and bear a son for him as his wife has had 4 daughters and his wife cannot have any more children. He is searching for an heir. In Nollywood I wonder why the women who receive proposals like this don’t ever wonder what will happen to them if they bear a daughter instead of a son. Why don’t they ever think that they will get discarded just like the wife was? There also needs to be a point when a woman who is blamed for producing a girl turns to the man and tells him, OI! I only produce X Chromosomes and you produce X and Y, therefore it is YOU that is to blame.”

One ridiculous scene was when Princess Oluchi invites Nkem to a party. She pleads with her to go, her reason being that she does not want to go alone. We then find out that Onye has been invited too and then we see all three of them sitting at the party together and most of the time they are off together, leaving Nkem to sit alone. What a cheek! At the party we see waaaaaaay too much dancing where nothing at all is happening. Good editing is vital to keep the viewers attention and having ten minutes of dancing with no dialogue and NOTHING happening is not a good move.

Sound is a bit up and down I noticed that the sound was particularly low in the scenes featuring Chimamanda and Chief.

It wasn’t brilliant but I would recommend watching the movie when you are bored as it was somewhat entertaining. We learn something about Tradition vs Assmilation, forgiveness and giving second chances. Onye may have been a monster in his past but we can see in his behaviour how he has drastically changed and would deserved to be forgiven for his past actions. I felt that there wasn’t clear focus in the movie, it seemed a bit haphazard in the way that it was put together. Great cast but I feel they were a little wasted. The story and characters needed to be developed a bit more as it felt one dimensional.

22/02/10 UPDATE: After watching the continuation I had to lower the rating from 50% to 40%. How stupid can a movier get? The continuation focuses on Amanda marrying chief and their relationship. It is just boring and a waste of time. The basic premise is that what goes around comes around. Amanda realises the errors of her ways and vows to get her son back but then we see Onye reading Amanda’s letter where she says that she is going to disappear forever. WHAT? Contradiction.

At the end we see Yami during the credits talking about how he was honoured to take part in such a wonderful film? WHAT? Did he not read the stupid ass script? Why even disgrace yourself talking nonsense about a piece of trash movie? Nollywood Movie Nigerian Film African Film Movie Review

Missing Child

Missing Child

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Missing Child ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay, Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Patience Ozokwor – Owakwe
Mike Ezuruonye – Detective
Tonto Dikeh – Jane
Emeka Amakeze – Nnamdi
Juliet Ibrahim – Princess Rose
Halima Abubakar – Amara
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Emeka
Biola Ige – Adamma
Mary Igwe – Juliet
Favour Chimobi – Chioma
Ujunwa Asuzu – Chinyere

Themes Explored:
Child Trafficking
Phantom Pregnancy

My Rating – 42 %

Jane is desperate to have a baby and believes that if she acts like she is already with child she will “take in.” She buys baby clothes and in her room she has a dolly in a cradle that she rocks on a daily basis as if it is a real child. Even her husband is so used to the charade that he plays along with her. Will Jane ever get the baby she so craves?


In Jane’s obsession to have a baby we see her on the streets reprimanding a woman for shouting at and smacking her child. If a child is not being treated how she deems fit she will make it be known. She swoops in on the boy that is being punished by his mother and screams at his mother that she should show the child a “little care and respect.”

Some things in the movie are not made clear to the viewer. We are introduced to Mike’s character but I got through to the end of part one and really didn’t know what his purpose in the movie was at all. We are shown text messages and secret packages, but the whole thing drags on for too long without any explanation as to his role.

By part 2 I can deduce that there is some child snatching going on as is evident when Nurse Amara goes to give a beggar on the street money and the beggar metamorphosises into some kids that chant at her, “we don’t want your money. We want to see our mummy.” She freaks out and takes to her heels, so I take it from this that she is telling people that their babies have died and is selling them on.

Assassins are paid to kill girls that end up keeping their babies. I was wondering how that would work and why suspicions wouldn’t have been aroused. Why did the assassin let Julie go and give her a fat stack of money too? He didn’t seem to know her. We can gather that he felt sorry for her, but what was so special about her in particular? This area should have been explored in slightly more detail. I couldn’t figure out if Owakwe was in on Julie going missing or if the surprise on her face is all an act?

Even when Biola Ige acts out crying she has a dead look in her eyes. She was marginally better than in Darkest Link, in terms of she wasn’t overacting as much but truthfully speaking that is nothing to go by. I am still amazed that this girl keeps getting cast and YES I will keep saying it till she gets to stepping or significantly improves her game.

Halima Abubakar plays the role of the mentally tortured nurse very well. You will believe that she is nurse Amara haunted by these children to the point that she confesses all. It is a role that I have seen her in before though. For those who have seen Wild and Dirty you will remember the character that she played in that movie too became haunted to the point that she took to excessive drinking to block it out.

Patience plays Owakwe a baby stealer that poses as a kindly woman that “rescues” lost pregnant girls for the streets providing them with support and accommodation. I thought it slightly odd that none of the pregnant girls in the house became suspicious when girls kept on coming back to the house without their babies.

Tonto Dikeh excelled in this role. It was one that gave her an opportunity to act out a range of different emotions and expressions. Desperations seeped heavily from every pore of her being. I thought the pair up with Emeka Amakeze could have been better, although he played his role (as well as he could) the character felt very one dimensional against Tonto’s more developed character.

Work needed to be done on these pregnant stomachs. Some of them were not even rounded, but instead just lumpy material shoved up girls’ tops. In one scene a girl is walking and the lump is moving around desperately trying to fall out of her top with each step that she takes.

What was the point of Juliet’s character Princess Rose? In one scene we see her rolling around on a bed wearing a mini skirt and tank top. Detective Mike comes in and tells her, “let me get you something better to wear.”  This guy’s something better to wear is a thin short white dress, which we then see her wearing on a hospital bed. In which era does this make sense?

While we are on the subject of dress let me ask, why is a nurse wearing stiletto heels? This is pure madness! I have never been to a hospital and seen a nurse in stilettos. This is where research comes into play where common sense and logical reasoning has been lost. A nurse is helping to save lives not parading the catwalk at a Christian Lacroix show. Stiletto heels are not appropriate for a nurse to wear to work. Nurses wear covered, flat, slip resistance shoes. It is details like this that take away from the realism of a movie.

There was a very nice twist at the end of the movie. I will not give it away, but if you watch it you will see. I did, however wonder what was the relevance for us to see the detective eating out, picking up chicks, rolling on the bed with Princess Rose? It is like the detective storyline was just thrown in there as an afterthought. Even the pregnancy at the end of the movie, I wondered; why was that thrown in there? How did that relate to anything?

At the end of the movie there is a scene where Halima addresses Mike, “Yes Doctor” when he asks her for the story about the goings-on at the hospital. I assume this was a mistake but mistakes like this need to be reshot because these mistakes become distracting. ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS VITAL! Sound was somewhat poor. Very often we hear loud music playing over dialogue, which simply means you have to higher the volume and strain to hear or miss out bits. It was quite annoying along with the sound cutting in an out at times.

I would not recommend this movie as ultimately the execution was poor, parts of the story were over confusing and attention to detail was lacking in a big way. There were however some very good performances from the cast. I loved the whole concept of the phantom pregnancy as it was something different to the run of the mill stories you often get, Kudos for the attempt at exploring this not widely talked about phenomenon