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The Power Of Her Majesty

The Power Of Her Majesty

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The Power of Her Majesty ~ 2009
Story – Felix Onu
Screenplay – Helen Ojukwu
Director – Evans Orji Kalu
Producer – Felix Onu

Eucharia Anunobi – Igwe Nneomma
Chiege Alisgwe – Ugbomma
Chiwetalu Agu – Ikenna
Stan K Amadi – Okoro
Ikem Chude – Uzo
Uche Ogbodo – Akwugo
Paul Udensi – Chief/ Priest
Abraham Nwodu – Okoh
Charles Murphy – Nwokedi
Precious Kalu –
Nancy Kalu – Akwugo’s Mother
Nweze O Collins – Adindu
Helen Ojukwu – Orienma
Nwosu Chidinma – Little Nneoma
Esther Uyanna – Ogemma
Udoh Ogbonna – Akwugo’s Father
Ebele Akosa – Adanne

Gender Roles
Village Life

My Rating – 60%

In this village tradition dictates that men stay as home, clean and cook while women tap wine, pay a groom price and carry out libations to the Gods. The men are not happy and want amendments to the traditions as they feel hard done by and know that things are not the same in other villages. There is a fear about fighting back as not only do they have the fearsome queen, Igwe Nneomma to contend with but also the wrath of the Gods. Will the men ever get what they want?


Igwe Nneomma has 3 “wives.” In my opinion they should have just called them husbands. They are men after all. The movie kind of reminded me of the John Travolta film – White Man’s Burden. Neither movie is a masterpiece but contained within each movie is a very strong message about the absurdity of prejudice. Sometimes it takes for people to see themselves in a disadvantaged role (men in this case) for realisation of personal prejudices to occur.

This is the first movie I have seen involving Polyamory, which is a woman with multiple husbands as opposed to polygamy which is a man married to multiple wives. Polygamy in Nigerian movies is a very much common theme and I guess that is because it is very much something that is present in Nigerian culture, whereas Polyandry is unheard of.

Gender Roles

I thought that it was a very nice attempt at challenging traditional gender roles by reversing them. It was an interesting concept that I’ve not come across before. I give major kudos to Felix Onu for the storyline. The movie is certainly thought provoking, however I would have found the conveyance of the message even more effective if it wasn’t so overdone, and by that I mean there should have been some adaptations to allow for the differences between men and women, as opposed to calling the men wives and Igwe Nneomma being so sexually aggressive, after all even if women were to become the more dominant sex, the testosterone/oestrogen in their bodies would remain the same.

In one scene the queen declares,

“I need a female child to succeed me,”

Wow! You never hear in a movie of a female child being desired. If you ever did hear it, it would only be because a woman has already had a ton of male children; that being said I have never even seen that scenario. In this statement we realise how devalued females are in Nigerian culture and the wider world society at large.

In another scene Igwe Nneomma demands for one of her husbands to, “come and ravish her.” In the meantime her other two husbands argue with her that it is their turn to sleep with her. It is funny because I am so used to seeing wives argue over a husband in Nollywood while the husband just seems to enjoy the bickering and in this movie we see a woman get to do the same.

In another scene we see the issue of childlessness/infertility come up. It has become so much the norm for a woman to get the blame for being able to produce children despite the fact that both a man and woman are needed for the task. In one scene a woman tells her husband,

“Ever since I have married you, you have refused to give me children… go back to your parents house. Wizard.”

This movie may make some men realise how pathetic their treatment of women is when they blame them for something like not producing babies which needs two people to be able to do effectively. It is a movie that will bring about self reflection because it can be seen just how easily the blame could be apportioned to the man as opposed to the woman.


Uche Ogbodo’s tattoos kind of ruined it for me. The movie is set in the village and not in modern times so they should have covered up the tats.

Eucharia Anunobi was a perfect choice for the role of Her Majesty. She had the ideal demeanour, carriage and powerful presence needed that you would imagine would invoke both fear and reverence among men.

There were three minor female characters that played their roles excellently, their characters in the movie were Akunna, Udoka and another one whose name was not mentioned, but they were not credited. I was impressed and it certainly is nice to see careful casting even in minor roles as very often little attention is played to these roles, but attention to the finer details like this that can elevate a movie.

I’d recommend the movie. I liked the village setting and it was a good effort at bringing life to an original concept, however there was some of it that I found simply boring or not thought about carefully enough. It was a bit slow in terms of being able to keep my attention, particularly towards the end of the movie where we see Chiege endlessly running through fields and singing like it was Bollywood *CRINGE* I felt like that was sheer self promotion because she is trying to get in the music arena, but that aside it was an interesting and thought provoking watch.



Pretender ~ 2002
Story/Screenplay – Sunday Ekegbo
Director – Chika Onu

Tony Umez – Okechukwu
Nkiru Sylvanus – Benita
Patience Ozokwor – Mama
Fabian Adibe – Papa Oke
Rita Edochie – Mama
Emeka Ike – Matthew
Promise Odika – Somto
Stephanie Okereke – Ifeoma
Prince Nwafor – Nnamdi
Jennifer Okoli – Nkechi
Andy Ike – Supervisor

Family Loyalty

My Rating – 70%

Ifeoma was living a life of bliss, engaged to be married to Okechukwu. She always got on with Benita and Somto, his brother and sister that live with him in the city. She gets on with them so well you would believe that they are her own siblings. Once Ifeoma becomes Matthews’s wife her mother’s meddling ways puts her marriage in jeopardy.

Mama persuades Ifeoma that she needs to push Benita and Somto out of her marital home for her to enjoy her husband fully. She tells Ifeoma that if she allows them to stay they will ruin her marriage. She then uses that opportunity move herself and her wayward son into Ifeoma’s home and immediately they start causing problems.


An oldie but a goodie, everybody played their parts well. As usual Patience Ozokor was phenomenal playing her usual wicked mama role. She has been typecast, yes but if it ain’t broke why fix it? Nkiru and Promise were on point, in fact where has Nkiru been these days? Tony Mumu played his usual role and he played it well.

I would recommend this movie. It was a predictable but enjoyable movie and there is a lesson to be learn about following your own mind and not allowing meddling family members to interfere in your affairs and sway you from what you know to be right for you. Even if you are going to make a mistake it is better that you make it of your own back. After all that is how were learn as humans and mistakes are inevitable on that learning curve.

Perfect Angel

Perfect Angel

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Perfect Angel ~ 2009

Story, Screenplay, Director – Willie Ajenge
Producer – Andy Nnawuihe
(Stone Gold Productions)

Nadia Buari – Jane
John Dumelo – Brown
Emeka Ike – Ken
Jake Aernan – Frank
Alero George – Mrs Ben
Queen Okocha – Rose
Psalm Ajefefio – Chief Ben
Emmanuel Amah – Jane’s Father
Emmanuel Emoabino – Aide 1
Dan Smith – Aide 2
Fauziya Hussein – Betty
Selma Mumin – Janet
Edmund Quarshie – Chemist

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 59%

Ken lives a life of crime and during a botched robbery attempts ends up wounded and bleeding to death in some remote fields. Jane comes across him and takes it upon herself to take him for treatment effectively saving his life. Jane lives with her extremely strict father and once he hears tales of his daughter with a mystery man he flips out and a fight between Jane and her father ensues. In the fracas Jane ends up shooting her father and ends up going on the run with Ken who convinces her that her life will not be worth living when other family members find out. Jane steals some money that her father had kept in the house and flees to the city with Ken. At first it appears that this charming stranger is her saviour, but in fact he turns out to be anything but everything changes when the money runs out and soon he is Jane finds herself living a nightmare instead of a dream.


There were quite a few instances where things happened and I would just shake my head at the TV like WTF? These were things that veered away from realism in the movie. Let me list them here:

1) Jane is being flogged by her father and we hear these loud harsh sound effects. For whippings so brutal you would expect her face and body to move more than they did, as well as for her to make some noises louder than the small whimpers that she makes. After the beatings which were also meted out to her face, her skin looks flawless, no redness at all.

2) The fight scene at the end which should be quite serious is made quite comical and unrealistic by loud over the top sound effects.

3) Jane is sent by Ken to go and collect her belongings as well as all the money in the house. She walks to the doorway and there is a small suitcase right there which she grabs. How fake is that? How is the suitcase gonna be ready packed AND in the doorway and there is no reference as to why that is so?

4) When Jane and Ken arrive at the hotel in the city Ken says to Jane, “Goodness your eyes are almost swollen shut,” in a reference to the crying that she had supposedly been doing. Please tell me why the camera pans to Nadia and she is sitting there with her eyes looking how they always looked, no swelling plus mascara and eyeliner perfectly applied?

5) The scene when the Jane and Ken set up the camera in the cupboard so they can blackmail Chief Ben is a bust. The camera is way too high up and it wasn’t even at an angle to capture anything but a wall.

6) Brown is seeing mother and daughter. Why didn’t the daughter Betty know he is with her mother after the scene where her mother brings him home in a drunken stupor? Brown told the mother that the daughters had seen him and knew that he was sleeping with her and was cool with it. That whole situation did not make sense to me at all.

7) The story Brown spun to Mrs Ben was not convincing at all. What fool would believe that story? He tells the mother that he had been coming around to the house every day because he liked her and was gaining her mothers approval. What a load of bull!

CHIEF CHIEF! See Chief Ben with the wickedest lyrics. In his bid to try and woo Jane and make her become second wife he tells her,

“I can buy you happiness. Don’t believe what they tell you, yes money can buy happiness!” Can you imagine? A guy actually trying to persuade a woman that she should marry him for money. He has no confidence at all in the attractiveness of his physical or mental being. What a shame. Kind of reminds me of the 50 Cent song, “Have a baby by me… baby be a millionaire…” SAD.

In the end Chief dies of shock. I was a little disappointed with that because in the Nollywood scenario this is a very common occurrence and very unoriginal. Funny in real life I have never known of someone to die of shock. Seriously how common is it for someone who is reasonably healthy to die of shock? We were not told that Chief Ben has a pre-existing heart condition or anything else similar so what gives?

A scene that will surely make you laugh is Emeka Ike in drag. Many of Nollywood’s finest have donned a frock and a face full of makeup so why not Emeka aye?

I was happy when Jane met Frank. It seemed that at last Ken was out of the picture and she had a chance of happiness with a decent man who seemed to truly love her ALAS! it was not meant to be as Ken was like a rash that had not been properly dealt with… He just kept on coming back! With regards to Jane’s new man Frank I thought it was absolute rudeness that his employee referred to Jane as a “piece of ass.” How rude is that. I am surprised Frank did not deal with her severely,

Drug Portrayal

Bravo for whoever did the research to get the crackpipe right. It was a good portrayal of a man hittin on a pipe… Don’t ask me how I know!


We learn something in this movie about the importance of never compromising on your moral stance. Compromising a little can turn into compromising a lot and eventually you can become a person that you don’t even like or recognise. Jane agrees to sleep with men for money as per Ken’s request. It is not that she even wants or cares about the money but she does it for his benefit because she believes that he loves her and she feels indebted to him. Sacrificing her body for him only leads to a lack of respect to the extent that we see Ken messing with other chicks in the hotel room that he shares with Jane.


This movie will make you ask the question, what is love? In the end Ken declares his love for Nadia and claims that he too cannot live without her, yet at the same time every time he would come back to take her away from Frank’s house he was always preoccupied with collecting money. To the viewer it would seem that he loved money more than anything else. Was he mistaking a sick obsession for love? I believe true pure love won in the end and we see Jane take a bullet for the right man, even though Ken had tried to taint her name by digging up her past misdeeds Ken was willing to accept her whole as she was and for that acceptance she was willing to risk her life for him.

The Title

I thought that the title was wholly appropriate. Jane was the perfect angel on paper when she met Ken. She was upright and moral and saved his life. She acted as his angel. Chief Ben had the perception of Jane being the perfect Angel, despite the fact that her life was already littered with immoral acts, what with her stories of virtuosity and being a Pastor’s daughter. Frank too saw Jane as his perfect Angel and although at this time she had taken drugs, sold her body, killed her father, he saw past her imperfections and in her imperfection she was still his perfect angel.

I would recommend this movie because it does get more interesting as the story progresses. After the first ten minutes I was ready to turn off. It seemed like a lot of action that wasn’t particularly well done what with the first scenes involving Ken and his gang with the botched robbery attempt. I am glad, however that I stuck with it. There is a good lesson to be learnt in that someone can be perfect for you despite their imperfections. Actions do not define a person’s whole being. Sometimes there is a strong back-story as to why a person undertakes certain behaviours. It was a nice ending in that Jane, through Ken’s death was given her life back, was re-united with her father and he was able to forgive her.

Power of Deceit

Power of Deceit

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Power of Deceit ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay, Director – Sylvia Ezen Eguakhide
Producer – Sylvia Ezen Eguakhide

Desmond Elliot – Charles
Uche Jombo – Ify
Tony Umez – Obinna Okere
Ashley Nwosu – Sunny Onwurdi
Sylvia Ezen Eguakhide – Nkechi
Ekaette Inyang – Mama
Sandra Ezenweani – Susan Okere
Olumide Fafunso – Chuks Onwurdi
Ama Ignis – Stone
Elizabeth Nwogazi – Kemi
Joy Nwogazi – Aunty Ruth
Olawale Aduroja – Lecturer
Royson Okafor – Kola

Parental Pressure
Peer Pressure

My Rating – 36%

Susan’s boyfriend Kola gets caught cheating and when confronted by her denies her in front of his other girl and ends up beating her. She is saved from a further beating by his friend Chuks. Chuks and Susan become firm friends after he approaches her for help with his schoolwork on the advise of his school mentor. Despite his initial insults towards her and bravado in front of his friends they soon fall in love. There is however something lurking that threatens to break their union.

In a side story Linda is Charles’ girlfriend but is only with him for money, money that she uses to cater for her lesbian lover. He soon puts her out and moves on but not before she manages to change his life forever.


The movie is very disjointed and we see different people introduced at random into the story without any explanation as to who they are or how they tie into the existing plot. For instance 20 minutes into the movie we are introduced to Obinna. We see him driving down the street and having flashbacks. How are we shown this random dude having flashbacks and we do not even yet know how he fits into a campus story which up until this point this movie is?

Throughout the movie we are shown ho stroll clips. Ashewos doing synchronised walking, “sexy” posing, touching themselves up and acting a fool. Granted, Chuks’ first girlfriend was a “runs girl” but apart from that small detail all these interspersed clips do not make sense.

The scenes where Chuks catches his girlfriend doing ashewo business on Allen Avenue dragged on for far too long. We see different men coming to “prize” the girl and then the subsequent arguments as all the men are trying to get discounts and the girls are not agreeing. It seemed that this was all in a bid to show us that Chuks’ girl was not virtuous. It was not necessary in my opinion, since that was a minor part of the story.

Chuks goes shopping for Susan and then one day she walks past the same group of guys that used to insult her for being dry, but wearing her new clothes. See the guys go gaga over her. I call BOOOOLSHEEEET! The girl still looked dry. That was pure falseness and overreaction. The girl is wearing a knee length skirt with trainers, a fitted football jersey looking top and one horrible, dated dry wig. Please tell me, what part of her looked like a hot babe? I wonder ooo!


Linda is going out with Charles but she is a fat slob. She literally lies on the sofa and drinks and smokes all day. Charles doesn’t seem to like anything about her, so I wonder why on earth he was going out with her. That didn’t make sense to me. What were her redeeming qualities? We don’t see any!

It is not until part 2 that we see a link between the stories. We find out that Obinna is Susan’s father. It is also not until the second part of the movie that we find out that Susan is a sickler. What? That was just thrown in there to create another storyline. It did not seem well thought out as it had never been mentioned or hinted to before.


The execution of this whole movie was poor. There were too many storylines. They should have focused on one or two and made it work. Editing was poor and the whole feel of the movie was very amateur, on top of that the editing job left a lot to be desired. At one point (23.15 in part 1) there is a complete visual blackout. The dramatic sound effects that were often used took away from the realism as they were too loud and overdramatic.

Uche barely features in this movie despite having her face emblazoned accross the cover.  She has a tiny role as Nkechi’s friend and confidant. I don’t have a problem with no name actors and actresses being used, but the marketers should give people more credit by putting the real leads on the front. They may be pleasantly surprised. If a movie is good then it is good, word will get out. Unfortunately this movie isn’t very good at all. The actors and actresses played their parts well but there was just too much going on with no clear direction or focus. There is a message at the end of the movie about condemning AIDS/ HIV stigmatization. They should have picked one “cause” and stuck to it.

I would not recommend this movie. It is watchable in that you will watch to see just how much more ridiculous the story can get, but ultimately it is a waste of time and money.

Prince of the Niger

Prince of the Niger

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Prince of the Niger ~ 2009
Story – Chidi Chijioke, Eriobu Chibuzor, Nwegwu Chinweike
Screenplay – Michael Jaja
Director – Michael Jaja

Mike Ezuruonye – Johnbull
Jackie Appiah – Olamma
Ngozi Ezeonu – Nneomma
Queen Nwokoye – Kate
Fabian Adibe – Edward
Prince Nwafor – Frank
Ali Nuhu – Dennis
Rose Ofuzim – Obidia
Frank Ukaegbu – Obi
Ngozi Aliboye – Ngozi
Emeka Obi – Pastor

Themes Explored:
Mental Illness
Drug Abuse

Rating – 15%

Johnbull is a prince with mental health issues. He was in love with a girl who treated him badly in one way or another and as a result literally lost his sanity. He is staying in a hotel to get away from the pressures of his life. We see him screaming obscenities and abusing staff amidst the heavy weed smoking and senseless muttering to himself in his hotel room.

Kate works at the hotel where Johnbull is staying and Johnbull has taken a liking to her. She however is engaged to Frank who works at another hotel. Frank in the meantime is being accosted by an older lonely widow who wants him as a kept man. Both Kate and Frank are committed to each other but are finding it increasingly difficult to escape those that are after them.


The movie was shot in the present and then the story was told with flashbacks to the past. We see the Mike in traditional gear in the palace, but he appears by no means sane at this point so it is not clear at what point he lost his sanity and whether the weed or the madness came first.

It was a disappointing and directionless performance by Mike Ezuruonye. All the grunting and werewolfishness behaviour were just ridiculous. His character was highly unconvincing and unfocused. At one point he was jumping up and down in the hotel room screaming, “WHO AM I?” like his name was Jim Iyke. His “crazy” scenes in the hotel room seemed to go on forever and ever, and after a while it just got boring and annoying.

The movie could have been a good vehicle to discuss the link between marijuana and mental illness but the opportunity was not taken. The issue was skimmed over and the execution in general was poor. Nothing in this movie particularly grabbed my attention, it dragged on and after 50 minutes I could not even continue watching. I did fast-forward to the end of part one and it was just more of the same. This one is a drab, boring flick. Give this one a miss!

Obscure Motives

Obscure Motives

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Obscure Motives ~ 2009
Story – Rukky Sanda
Screenplay – Rukky Sanda, Darlene Benson Cobham
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Bimbo Akintola – Narrator
Jackie Appiah – Debbie
Ramsey Noah – Robert
Rukky Sanda – Remi
Susan Peters – Mary
Cassandra Odita – Albert’s Sister
Yemi Blaq – Albert
Peaciman Akpata – John
Chris Abamba – James
Jemila Amaegbe – Lawyer
Bisi Ajayi – Doctor
Temitayo Ojekunle – Nurse


My Rating: 76%

Robert and Debbie have been together for 4 years and it is only during their anniversary lunch that Debbie summons the courage to speak to Ramsey about ending their relationship. She has come to the realisation that even though she cares a lot for Rob, she is no longer in love with him. It turns out that he feels the same way and so they agree to separate in terms of their romantic relationship, but to still live together as friends and flatmates. They also both begin dating again.

Early on Ramsey meets Remi and falls in love with her. Jackie on the other hand is a dating disaster. We see her on a date with a man who even answers the phone during their date and answers the phone, “hey honey.” It turns out he is married and never even thought to mention the fact. Her luck changes when she meets Albert who turns out to be Robert’s good friend from university. He comes to the house but their initial interaction appears tense like there has been bad blood between them.

Very soon the two couples are inseparable. They are all the best of friends and any hint towards the tension that was initially apparent dissolves.


Bimbo Akintola is very good as the narrator, but I personally did not see the benefit or the point in having a narrator. It did not necessarily hinder the story but it did not enhance it either.


I loved the concept of the movie. It started out as a beautiful portrayal of support, friendships and relationships. Although it descended into madness and chaos and a complete breakdown of the relationships, the original message still stood strong for me. It showed that the end of a romantic relationship has not always got to be heartbreaking or represent the end of an era, but on the contrary it can represent a good learning experience and the beginning of a new era. It also shows that (to an extent) males and females can have a platonic relationship when the boundaries are drawn.

The twists in the movie were unpredictable. It was this unpredictability that kept you glued to the screen, guessing as to what would happen next and getting it wrong. In the end we discover the true reason for the initial animosity between the two through a series of flashbacks. It is amazing that Rob pretended to be best friends with Albert for so many years, only for the purpose of wreaking revenge against him for an offence Albert committed against him during their school days. Debbie was only a means to an end and his love for Remi not strong enough to battle his hate for Albert.


The chemistry between Yemi Blaq and Jackie Appiah was flat. She looked like she didn’t even like him much, so it was a shock to me in the movie when I thought she was going to break up with him when in face she was mustering courage to tell him that she was pregnant. The lack of chemistry may well have been intentional to show how she was not really over Rob, even though it had been a mutual decision to break up.

I liked the way that the character of Robert was developed. All too often we see a character like Robert in Nollywood that is one dimensional. He will either be a fully bad guy and we won’t see any good side to his character. This never makes sense as how will he be able to have these women adore him and he has no good side? Then we get the character that is all good that turns all bad just like that, with no transition. There is no reasoning behind their actions and we cannot empathise with them because there is nothing about their manner, behaviour or actions come across realistic. With Robert even though he did a bad thing we can empathise with him because we see how Albert’s betrayal affected him. We also see that he was essentially a good guy that just never got over a bad thing that happened to him and most of us can relate to that because we have been there. We may have not hired hit men, but we may have had crazy thoughts that we never brought to fruition.


I would definitely recommend this movie. I thought this was a good solid effort from Rukky Sanda. I didn’t know what to expect with the slating of Lethal woman, and the accusations of full plagiarism of Martin Lawrence’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. However, I must say that I was impressed. Even the title matched the film perfectly. Until the very end of the movie when Rob is confronted by armed robbers his motives are completely obscure to us, the viewer. The one thing that worked against the movie were the long dialogue scenes that were interspersed throughout. They were entirely too long. There is absolutely no need for a whole 4 minutes of watching people sitting round a table mouthing words against the backdrop of loud background music. It is boring, and doesn’t tell us anything more than you could have interpreted in 30 seconds or less. Other than that… was lovin it!

The Prince’s Bride

The Prince’s Bride

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The Prince’s Bride ~ 2009
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Frank Rajah Arase, Pascal Amanfo
Director – Frank Rajah Arase

Yvonne Nelson – Solange
Jackie Appiah – Bernice
John Dumelo – Akila
Kalsoume Sinare – Mami
Gavivina Tamakloe – Owusu
Beverly Afaglo – Navida
Ingrid Elizabeth Alabi – Kalisha
Sika Da Diva – Nina
Roger Quartey – Kasim
Jessica Baah – Georgina
Soraya Mensah – Alicia
Eddie Coffie – Dr Kay
Louis Saah-Acquahman – Roger
Timothy Benthum – Fred
Emmy Akah – Brutus
Sylvester Tetteh – Obstacle
Joseph Baddoo – Obstacle
Fred Nuamah – Steve
Peter Pierre Korshie – Dr Alex
Ken Fiati – Male Mc
Adriana Addo – Female Mc

Spirit World

My Rating 80%

Solange falls for the Prince heir to the throne of Mazuland after he takes her to the hospital following running her over with his car in the street. At first Solange thinks that he is an ordinary guy and verbally attacks him for knocking her down. She accuses him of attempted murder and then asks him in the hospital,

“Are you a drunk?”

This all changes when she finds out that he is a prince. Her behaviour changes; She is bowled over and wants his contact details to right her wrongs. The Prince does not seem enthused and in the meantime falls in love with his late father’s best friend’s daughter Kalisha. On the day that he is to propose to her he finds out that she is betrothed to another. He is heartbroken but soon makes it his mission to replace that love with another.

It appears that he is going to choose Solange to love. He sends her a gift and then invites her out on a date, only to see Bernice, who was accompanying Solange to meet the Prince, and become completely besotted with her. Solange is understandably upset and embarrassed at the interest he is showing her friend, but tries to keep a brave face. It is when he turns up at the house that they share, the next day on Bernice’s birthday with a brand new car wrapped in a ribbon that Solange completely falls apart and plans to win back the Prince by any means necessary.


I thought the movie opened well. A car crash is a sure fire way to catch someone’s attention. It had heavy impact and had me gripped straight away. Yvonne gets better and better each time I see her. Loved her performance as the woman scorned. I really felt for her when the Prince dumped her. I could feel her devastation and desperation even more when just before the prince was about to marry Bernice she declares her undying love for him. It is here that we find out that she engineered the accident at the start of the movie in an attempt to lure him.

I’m loving the new guy John Dumelo. I haven’t come across him before, but he is a nice piece of eye candy and a natural actor. Yaaaaay! He badly reminds me of Yul Edochie in his expressions and mannerisms. Jackie really showed her chops when she was playing the spirit version of her self. She did really well. The spirit scenes were reminiscent of My Everlasting Love with Oge Okoye and Rukky Sanda.

Why now it has been decided to move on and to Bey’s sister Solange? What is up with that? Why leave out Matthew and Tina… may as well have the whole family involved

Why did Solange turn up to her date with the Prince wearing her Tiara and sash from her victory as Miss Legon Campus. Even if you were Miss World, how would you turn up to a date with your tiara and sash let alone you won one local uni beauty paegeant? Nonsense!

Why when the Prince came back with Solange’s laptop did they decide to do a close up of Yvonne’s hairy legs laying on the couch. Was that supposed to look sexy?

Why when Bernice’s eye got gouged out did they have her holding some fake googly eyes in her hands like they were popped out of her head? That was soooooo stooooooopid!!!

Why did Yvonne tell the hitman, “She’s my best friend I don’t want her dead. Why don’t you just make her blind and paralysed.” YEAH! Some friend you are!

Why the introduction of the girl Alicia that could see spirits? I thought she was meant to be Kalesha’s child but then she was too old. After the scene in the shop we don’t see her again, so what was the point of her?

Overall I really liked this movie. There was a good mix of intrigue, suspense and drama. There were subplots and they all came together nicely. The timeline was a little messed up with Akila marrying Alicia’s daughter. She looked at least twenty and they said only 11 years had passed, so tops she should have been only 13, but luckily this cock up doesn’t happen to until the end so its not too distressing. This movie teaches us that what goes around will surely come around. Solange forced Bernice,  her friend out of the beauty pageant that Bernice would have probably won by hiring thugs kidnap her sister. In return the Prince picked her friend instead of her as a bride, and even after killing her friend he still had no desire for her, thus karma was revisited upon her. One to watch I say! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota