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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher ~ 2009
Story – Prince Iyke Olisa
Screenplay – Prince Iyke Olisa, Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Prince Iyke Olisa
Producer – Prince Iyke Olisa

Jackie Appiah – Margaret/ Immaculate
Desmond Elliot- Jude
Sylvester Madu – Ken
Livinus Nnochiri – Reverend Simon Onu
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Gift
Immmaculate Igwe – Agnes
Francis Umoh – Pastor George
Oluchukwu Nzeakor – Pastor George’s wife
Grace Ogwuche – Daisy
Uche Benjamin – Sylvia
Gloria Sarfo – Jenifer
Joy Attah – Annabel
Amanda Iwuese – Teresa
Amaka Uzoh – Ify

Societal pressure

My Rating – 52%

Margaret is a minister’s daughter. Her parents despair over her wayward behaviour. She clubs all night and often comes home drunk. Even her boyfriend Ken doubts her integrity as he remembers the dubious circumstance under which he met her and how he was warned against her by the guy that she was with that night. He was warned that she was a thief, and it was a warning that he ignored because Margaret put on an excellent act of innocence and he assumed that the guy reporting her was drunk.

It is only when Ken’s money goes missing that he begins to wonder whether or not Margaret is the virtuous minister’s daughter that he thought her to be. She has no limits. Even with her friends she is disloyal and we see her getting caught in bed with one of her friends’ boyfriend.


It is strange how the movie is subtitled in the first scene and then randomly in scenes afterwards. There seemed to be no reasoning behind it. You should either subtitle the whole thing or not at all. After all it wasn’t even in parts which were hard to hear or understand so what was the point?

Oh the irony in the name Immaculate. What a wonderful choice of a name for somebody that embodies in totality everything that is not immaculate. We do find out in the end that Immaculate behaves in the way that she does because she had been raped and never told anybody about it, so in that sense we can extend our sympathies’ to her. Her promiscuity stems from her bottled bitterness and pain as a result of the rape.

Funny Scene
The scene where Jackie was drunk in church was hilarious. She played the part of a drunk really well and you could just imagine yourself in the congregation cringing at her behaviour. I actually like her in this type of role as opposed to her playing the downtrodden crying wench all the time.

Societal Pressure
Gift feels a desperate need to get marriage because of her age. When Jude’s interest in her wanes she believes that it is because of her refusal to visit him at his home. She is so concerned with how her spinsterhood is viewed by society to the extent that she thinks about compromising her Christian values. Her mother lends her support and encourages her to stick to her values, telling her,

“Don’t allow the pressure of your age make you compromise your stand”

The movie ends with Jude and Margaret getting carted off to jail, as well as the director’s prayer session. Hmm what stupidness? it just didn’t seem appropriate. Maybe the hardcore Christians will like that. I don’t know! Watched the 3 and 4, not much more interesting. I’d recommend it only if you have nothing better to do. Jackie gave a good performance as did Desmond. The flow of the story was not too smooth. About halfway through a new storyline emerges and the new characters are just thrown in rather than introduced slowly. The titling may be similar but Sharon Stone this movie is not!


The Messenger’s Wife

The Messenger’s Wife

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The Messenger’s Wife ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay – Fred Asante Kotoko
Director – Samuel Nyamekye
Producer – Christopher Owusu Ansah

Jackie Appiah – Jacqueline
Joseph Pamfo – Chief
Ebenezer Donkor – Aygatu
Van Vicker – James
Tina Osei Owusu – Gina
Benny Agbemebiase – Mary Ann
Tony Osei Frimpong
Janet Ackon
Dora Kwateng


My Rating – 10%

He is half the height of a regular man but is due to be wed to a normal sized girl. Her parents are causing huge problems in the relationship in that they expect for him to cater to their every financial need and want. He brings them to Kumasi to live accommodate them and still they are not satisfied. His mother knows that the girl and her family are users and is determined to get rid of her.

James is jobless and lives off his girlfriend who is working. His girlfriend’s parents are putting her under to pressure to marry and have a man lined up for her. She is determined to marry James but his unstable financial situation is not one that she can present to her parents.


I found it funny how the little one’s mama called him chief.

The elders would talk in Twi (I assume) and the younger ones would reply in English. I found this strange. There was never any swap. The subtitles were annoying because someone would talk for a good minute and then you would see only two words in the subtitles so it was clear than probably half of the dialogue was getting lost in translation.

This is an absolutely useless and stupid film. The title did not relate to anything. The separate storylines and acting in itself were not bad but it seems like this film is two old movies put together and sold as a new one. The first paragraph relates to part 1 of the movie and the second to part 2. The two parts do not relate in any way at all and the characters do not overlap. It was not made in 2009 as everything in it is dated. Majid and Vivian Jill Lawrence are on the cover. I did not see them for even one second. BE WARNED! STEER CLEAR! Ghanaian Movie Review Ghollywood Nigerian Film Review

Missing Child

Missing Child

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Missing Child ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay, Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Patience Ozokwor – Owakwe
Mike Ezuruonye – Detective
Tonto Dikeh – Jane
Emeka Amakeze – Nnamdi
Juliet Ibrahim – Princess Rose
Halima Abubakar – Amara
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Emeka
Biola Ige – Adamma
Mary Igwe – Juliet
Favour Chimobi – Chioma
Ujunwa Asuzu – Chinyere

Themes Explored:
Child Trafficking
Phantom Pregnancy

My Rating – 42 %

Jane is desperate to have a baby and believes that if she acts like she is already with child she will “take in.” She buys baby clothes and in her room she has a dolly in a cradle that she rocks on a daily basis as if it is a real child. Even her husband is so used to the charade that he plays along with her. Will Jane ever get the baby she so craves?


In Jane’s obsession to have a baby we see her on the streets reprimanding a woman for shouting at and smacking her child. If a child is not being treated how she deems fit she will make it be known. She swoops in on the boy that is being punished by his mother and screams at his mother that she should show the child a “little care and respect.”

Some things in the movie are not made clear to the viewer. We are introduced to Mike’s character but I got through to the end of part one and really didn’t know what his purpose in the movie was at all. We are shown text messages and secret packages, but the whole thing drags on for too long without any explanation as to his role.

By part 2 I can deduce that there is some child snatching going on as is evident when Nurse Amara goes to give a beggar on the street money and the beggar metamorphosises into some kids that chant at her, “we don’t want your money. We want to see our mummy.” She freaks out and takes to her heels, so I take it from this that she is telling people that their babies have died and is selling them on.

Assassins are paid to kill girls that end up keeping their babies. I was wondering how that would work and why suspicions wouldn’t have been aroused. Why did the assassin let Julie go and give her a fat stack of money too? He didn’t seem to know her. We can gather that he felt sorry for her, but what was so special about her in particular? This area should have been explored in slightly more detail. I couldn’t figure out if Owakwe was in on Julie going missing or if the surprise on her face is all an act?

Even when Biola Ige acts out crying she has a dead look in her eyes. She was marginally better than in Darkest Link, in terms of she wasn’t overacting as much but truthfully speaking that is nothing to go by. I am still amazed that this girl keeps getting cast and YES I will keep saying it till she gets to stepping or significantly improves her game.

Halima Abubakar plays the role of the mentally tortured nurse very well. You will believe that she is nurse Amara haunted by these children to the point that she confesses all. It is a role that I have seen her in before though. For those who have seen Wild and Dirty you will remember the character that she played in that movie too became haunted to the point that she took to excessive drinking to block it out.

Patience plays Owakwe a baby stealer that poses as a kindly woman that “rescues” lost pregnant girls for the streets providing them with support and accommodation. I thought it slightly odd that none of the pregnant girls in the house became suspicious when girls kept on coming back to the house without their babies.

Tonto Dikeh excelled in this role. It was one that gave her an opportunity to act out a range of different emotions and expressions. Desperations seeped heavily from every pore of her being. I thought the pair up with Emeka Amakeze could have been better, although he played his role (as well as he could) the character felt very one dimensional against Tonto’s more developed character.

Work needed to be done on these pregnant stomachs. Some of them were not even rounded, but instead just lumpy material shoved up girls’ tops. In one scene a girl is walking and the lump is moving around desperately trying to fall out of her top with each step that she takes.

What was the point of Juliet’s character Princess Rose? In one scene we see her rolling around on a bed wearing a mini skirt and tank top. Detective Mike comes in and tells her, “let me get you something better to wear.”  This guy’s something better to wear is a thin short white dress, which we then see her wearing on a hospital bed. In which era does this make sense?

While we are on the subject of dress let me ask, why is a nurse wearing stiletto heels? This is pure madness! I have never been to a hospital and seen a nurse in stilettos. This is where research comes into play where common sense and logical reasoning has been lost. A nurse is helping to save lives not parading the catwalk at a Christian Lacroix show. Stiletto heels are not appropriate for a nurse to wear to work. Nurses wear covered, flat, slip resistance shoes. It is details like this that take away from the realism of a movie.

There was a very nice twist at the end of the movie. I will not give it away, but if you watch it you will see. I did, however wonder what was the relevance for us to see the detective eating out, picking up chicks, rolling on the bed with Princess Rose? It is like the detective storyline was just thrown in there as an afterthought. Even the pregnancy at the end of the movie, I wondered; why was that thrown in there? How did that relate to anything?

At the end of the movie there is a scene where Halima addresses Mike, “Yes Doctor” when he asks her for the story about the goings-on at the hospital. I assume this was a mistake but mistakes like this need to be reshot because these mistakes become distracting. ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS VITAL! Sound was somewhat poor. Very often we hear loud music playing over dialogue, which simply means you have to higher the volume and strain to hear or miss out bits. It was quite annoying along with the sound cutting in an out at times.

I would not recommend this movie as ultimately the execution was poor, parts of the story were over confusing and attention to detail was lacking in a big way. There were however some very good performances from the cast. I loved the whole concept of the phantom pregnancy as it was something different to the run of the mill stories you often get, Kudos for the attempt at exploring this not widely talked about phenomenon

Material Girl

Material Girl

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Material Girl ~ 2009
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

John Dumelo – Greg
Yvonne Nelson – Cassie
Kofi Adjorlolo – Jake
Gavivina Tamakloe – Jake
Amanobea Dodeo – Jessica
Jme Orighoye – Nicole
Eve Asare – Nicky
William Opare – Uncle Jamey
Fred Amagi – Hon Attah
Brenda Osei Bonsu – Missy
Abieku Segoe – Jasper
Dan Tei Mensah – Elvis
Gifty Temang – Anne
Louis Saah-Acquaman – Gateman

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 64%

Cassie is a bad girl who makes her money by picking up men, seducing them and robbing them, or keeping them as sugar daddies. She also uses the money to take care of her sick mother’s hospital bill even though her mother hates the method in which her daughter obtains  money.

Cassie’s immorality seems to have no limits and on the one hand she plays the hero saving a woman who she finds having a seizure in the road, taking her to the hospital and then on the other hand she uses that act of bravery to gain access into the woman’s life, and proceeds to have an affair with the woman’s husband. Jake and his wife of 29 years’ marriage now hangs in the balance and his  involvement with Cassie has devastating consequences for all parties involved.


The guy who Cassie rips off in the beginning of the movie was a big fool. You call someone that you are doing a business transaction with and immediately start spilling all the details of the contract without even so much as a “hello.” Who does that? You would at least expect to hear murmurs of agreements like mmhmmm or something!

The guy who has his phone stolen by Cassie is confronted by the guy who Cassie robbed, his business associate. He tells him, “You instructed me to bring the money to the hotel and you had me robbed.” Huh when was he instructed? Did Cassie get a man on the phone or is he referring to the time when he spoke to himself? Later he goes onto say, “I called you and you said you couldn’t talk.” Did she deepen her voice or what? We learn the rest of the instructions were through text. Mumu you are going to be heaving large sums of money and not even talk to the person you are doing business with? Nonsense!

The sex scene between Jake and Cassie was awfully bad. Here is this man who has the fine new hot thing in his bed, and granted maybe he just wanted to tear it up but it was horrible to watch his going at it like he wanted to kill her. YESSSSS that it what it looked like rather than a lustful devouring. While the whole scene seemed a bit fake to me Yvonne played it well and we see the downside in sex for money. The material things make you happy but what you have to do to get it doesn’t. We see a solitary tear at the corner of her eye.

There was great chemistry between John and Yvonne. The kissing was intense. One scene spring to mind in particular; and that would be after the two bump into each other in the supermarket after which he turns up uninvited at her home. He showed a great display of arrogance and self confidence and it only served to enhance his sexiness. Cassie throws Greg down on the sofa after he tries to kiss her. He doesn’t miss a beat and goes in for the kiss again. Hmm I was even felling like he was about to kiss me… oh wishful thinking.

If he were taller he would have been even more formidable and it would have given him more of a macho edge. Having him tower over Yvonne as opposed to stand eye to eye to her would have made the character even more powerful.

Yvonne smashes every outfit that she wears in this movie… From scene to scene her dressing is fantastic. Indeed she is a material girl, and it shows, from the clothes, to the shoes, to the earrings… Everything is absolutely on point.

I liked the movie and would recommend watching it. We learn something about consequences for one’s actions. You live a fast life and that surely will be your downfall. It was entertaining but I was disappointed that after watching 3 parts I did not feel like the movie really ended. I felt that the ending was a little over the top and rushed.

My Ghana Angel

My Ghana Angel

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My Ghana Angel ~ 2010
Repackaged as THE DIARY

Story/Screenplay – Uncredited
Director – Harrison Arokor, Felix Owusu Yeboah
Producer – Harrison Arokor

Nadia Buari – Candy
Julia Arokor – Kay
Yaw Gyamfi – Jonathan
Nash Alexis Smith – Jude
G-Ime Origboye – Sandra
Uchenna Chukwunta – Phillip
Sarah Adedeyi Oyinlola – Ruby
Bolanle Olawoyim Emilia – Pearl

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 58%

Candy is in love with JJ, her perfect dream man and is the envy of all her friends. While her best friend Kay ends up unknowingly falling for and getting pregnant and dumped by a married man her relationship with JJ goes from strength to strength. From nowhere JJ suddenly cuts off contact with Candy. She is not given any explanation and after a while has no option but to deal with the fact that he is no longer part of her life and throws herself into helping Kay raise her little girl Ruby.

Kay is a single mother after being left in the lurch by her married man. She finds it hard to trust men because of her past and so even though she is not in love with her fiancé Jonathan she sticks with him as he serves as a sort of security blanket and she knows that he is a good man that will not hurt her. However she is ready to put her “safe” relationship at risk when she bumps into a mystery guy called Jude one day on the street. From the day she meets him she cannot stop fantasising about him and is more than delighted when he turns up at her place of work as an employee. They embark on a friendship and start getting closer before a blast from the past comes to disrupt everything.


Things that did not ring true for me

The story about JJ going to jail and not being able to get in contact with Candy did not ring true for me. A whole four years and he supposedly could not get in contact with her. So I am taking it his whole family didn’t know where he was either. He was dead to the world right? They do not have phones in jail do they? I don’t buy it. Candy had not moved, she was still living in the same place, doing the same things. There was not even any mention in the movie of her phone number changing so why was it so hard for him to get in contact with her?

Candy and Kay are best friends I thought that as a best friend Candy should have picked up more on the fact that Kay was no ways in love with Jonathan. I mean come on! She was getting married to the guy and she was not in the slightest bit excited. Ok we know that you think that he is a good guy and he is a good stabilising influence, but he did mot make her happy. In fact every time she was around him he was on a downer. As a best friend she should have not got upset when Kay told her about the “mystery guy.” I would expect that sort of reaction from a more distant friend not a best friend that knew her like a sister.

In the beginning of part 2 there is a scene where Jonathan sees Kay and Jude together and proceeds to punch Jonathan’s lights out. This scene was so far from what was realistic that it had me cracking up. Jonathan is congratulating Kay on her engagement and they hug. Fair enough, but then they hug again, come apart and then hug again and again. Four spontaneous hugs in a row. Who does that? It has to be seen to be believed. I’m not surprised he got beat up. It would have been sufficient to just show us one congratulations hug. We would have gotten the point AND it would have been more realistic.

Relationships in the movie

When Kay moved in with Jude I thought that he had a cheek asking her if she still loved him when he was clearly still trying to get back with Candy. What would be the point in letting her reveal her feelings when you know that you are still after her best friend? I couldn’t even figure the guy out. He was sorta acting like he liked her but then at the same time when Candy came back into his life he didn’t give her feelings a second thought or have any guilt at all. They had clearly been becoming more than friends yet when Candy came back the relationship that had been forming between them was never discussed. Why didn’t Candy ever mention it or did she not know anything about it. Wouldn’t Kay have told her that the hunk she had bumped into had started working at her place?

You have to give it to him the guy is most definitely bold. He was calling Candy non stop every day and at the same time running after Kay asking her why she was running from him. ER HELLO! Why wouldn’t she run from you? She knows that if she looks at you she will succumb to your seductiveness and she does not want to put herself in any more trouble, after already being made homeless!

I didn’t feel like Kay betrayed Candy because as soon as she found out that Jude was in fact JJ she backed off completely and began to put her feelings on paper as a way of dealing with the hurt. It was a tricky situation. What would you do in such a scenario? I liked the movie ending with forgiveness; it was very simplistic but made you feel satisfied. However, could it really have gone down like that in real life? I feel that the ending needed more development before coming to the forgiveness for it to feel real.


Ghanaians are just throwing out these hotties left right and centre. There is now a new one to join the pack. Nash Alexis Smith is hot hot hot but his acting leaves a lot to be desired. He is very amateurish but hopefully in time he can improve a la Ramsey Noah. His case is not totally hopeless like some other actors and actresses who shall remain nameless.

Julia Arakor was excellent. This was my first time seeing her in a movie and I must say I was highly impressed. I look forward to seeing more from her. She kinda reminded me of Nse Ikpi Etim in the way that she looked as well as her mannerisms. Loove love looove the black silk Japanese style dressing gown that she wore throughout the movie. In fact I used to have one just like it… I digress…


The music started off well but descended into chaos. I loved the Spanish style music that they played when Kay was falling for Jude, it exuded romance but then from there it was downhill. Too many different styles of music were played and it didn’t always fit in with the scene. We got to hear operatic, 70’s porn, Mexican, marching band, majestic…  it was a bit messy.

The Title

I wondered what the significance of the title was; My Ghana Angel. It just sounds wrong. Even if it were changed to the more grammatically correct My Ghanaian Angel, what would it mean? Who was the angel and what has being Ghanaian got to do with it since they were all Ghanaian anyway?

I liked this movie and would recommend it. The beginning was a tad slow but it picked up a lot later on. My favourite scene was the one where Jonathan finds Kay’s diary and it about to expose the secret to Candy. Both Nadia and Julia were exceptional and very believable in this scene, the build up of tension had me at the edge of the sofa. Although it has a very amateurish feel to it, it was enjoyable to watch and there was some very good performances, scenes in which you were totally immersed into where you would forget that you were watching a movie. Watch it… You may like it.

Naked Weapon

Naked Weapon

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Naked Weapon ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay and Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Mercy Johnson – Maureen
Jim Iyke – Mitch
Ngozi Ezeoni – Uchebuoku
Browny Igboegwu – Mr Leo
Emeka Amakeze – Boom
Juliet Ibrahim – Nneka
Zainab Egwuonwu – Adaora
Uche Jombo – Sandra
Biola Ige – Joke
Ikechukwu Siryume – Odenuan
Uchegbu Chukwuma – Mr Ugboh
Chinedu Odinachi – Barnabas
Prince Nwafor – Yul
Stella Francis – Juliet

Counterfeit Drugs

My Rating – 15%

Let me just say first of all I cannot give a proper synopsis as watching this movie I was lost most of the time. From what I could make out Maureen and her girls are carrying out a mission. What exactly their mission was in aid of I wasn’t 100 percent sure. I just know that they are being paid to carry out hits on people.


In one scene we see the girls go and pick up a guy from the poolside and take him back to their apartment. As they walk into the apartment with the guy Maureen in hiding behind the door, lunges out stabs and kills the man. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why.

The first few scenes are all over the place. I can’t make sense of the movie. We see:

– Girl with painted black spots on her face leaving the house.
– A guy giving money to some beggars
– A couple arguing in a restaurant
– A woman being threatened on the phone over the issue of counterfeit drugs
– A group of men having a discussion on an office

These were the first few scenes bullet pointed. They were not fluid and they did not seem related. The movie was disjointed and did not make sense to me Even after getting halfway through the movie I could only vaguely figure out what was going on.

It the opening scene we see a child walking out of a house with black spots painted onto her face. It looks like it is face paint. Perhaps she is going to a fancy dress party… Oops no. she is not wearing any costume. Amateur Amateur Amateur. Chimoooo! Oh my life the child is supposed to be diseased! 2009 and we have amateurish painted black spots on someone’s face to signify ill health.

In another scene a hired assassin calls his bosses and tells them he is returning the money he was given for hit as he no longer wants to carry it out. As he walks down the road the sexy chicas lead by Maureen come up beside him and stab him. What that was about I do not know.

There is no clear order of events and the numerous non dialogue scenes only add to the sense of disorientation you feel as a viewer. Added to that there is loud distracting music played haphazardly at random. The annoying weird extra terrestrial sound effects were simply dreadful.

Why did Mr Leo give the beggars money?

Juliet Ibrahim sure is very hippy/assy considering small upper frame. Why on earth was she wearing a swimming costume over cycling shorts? It looked ridiculous. If she didn’t wasn’t to expose all her body have her not in the pool or don’t do full body shots! Why one is swimming shorts AND cyling shorts looking like somebody’s great grandma, and these are supposed to be hot chicks… NONSENSE!

Mercy looks like the original area girl. She struts the strut perfectly. We see her with her legs akimbo, her lip snarled smoking a cigarette in just the way you would imagine an area girl would. All her friends were absolutely useless as actresses.

There is a yellow chick who does not even know how to hold the cigarette and looks like she is about to choke when she inhales. I was astonished at how bad these actresses were. We see Biola Ige – Useless. Juliet Ibrahim was pretty useless (but not as much as the others) too. In one scene they have her weeping for a good 5 minutes while reading a newspaper with a voiceover telling a story about counterfeit drugs and the tragedies they can cause. It was tedious.

I would not recommend the movie at all. The storylines did not tie in together and there was too much bad acting going on courtesy of the “glamour squad” that must have been hired to draw in male viewers. Uche and Jim were barely in the movie and I had to switch off halfway into part 2. I would applaud the attempt at trying to tackle the very important issue of counterfeit drugs, as this is something that is a major problem in Nigeria, however this movie failed to entertain, educate or make sense on a very grand scale.



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Marshals ~ 2009
Story – Chibuzor Emelu Simon
Screenplay – Chibuzor Emelu Simon, Greg Chyke Inawodoh
Director – Kalu Anya

Emeka Ike – Andy
Van Vicker – Jerry
Tonto Dikeh – Cathy
Halima Abubakar – Silver
Ali Nuhu – Nick
Queen Nwokoye – Anita
Prince Eke – Emeka
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Braimor
Kalu Anya – Inspector James
Collins Chinedu Okoro – Morris
Mac-Donald Ekemezie – Osmond
Chioma Chris – Tracy
Chibuzor Emelu Simon – Rotimi
Eunan Chidomere – Ukonu
Victor Oguguo – Big Sam
Zubby Michaels – Abe

Chronic Unemployment

My Rating – 69%

Andy, Jerry and Emeka are three friends that have fallen upon hard times. Emeka is fired from his hospital job for stealing 11,000 Naira, despite paying 17,000 to secure the job in the first place. Jerry is a lawyer who quits his job in Port Harcourt because he is missing his girlfriend. Only to return and find that not only is she seeing someone else but she is not happy to see him. Andy is a US trained doctor who is getting paid next to nothing working in a local hospital. He is at a dead end as he cannot get a bank loan to start his own clinic as he so desires.

One day a guy called Braimor collapses in the hospital and Andy saves his life. On leaving the hospital he leaves Andy his business card and tells him that he can call anytime and “ask for anything.” One day in a state of desperation Andy calls and brings Jerry and Emeka with him to come and meet Braimor. In no time at all they accept his offer to join his “business enterprise,” believing this a sure fire way to improve their situations in life.


Nick is an old friend of the boys. When we first see him he is brandishing a gun on meeting them and it would appear that he is involved in a criminal lifestyle. Thinking that he is a criminal his friends welcome and embrace him with very open arms, wanting to get involved in whatever he is involved in, seeing that as a way out of their poverty stricken lives. Nick reveals that he is not actually a criminal but rather involved in State Security the reaction is one of repulsion,

“Police – Ah!”

“God forbid – Devil get behind me!”

“I’d rather stay a pocket lawyer than go chasing criminals”

What does this say about how the police are regarded in Nigeria, and the levels of crime or fierceness of it?

Nick as a detective finds it difficult to deal with the fact that he always has to appease corrupt officials as well as those with enough cash and connections to get away with their crimes. He expresses his woes to his friends and when he tries to give them forms to fill in for State Security jobs they request to be hooked up with 419ers and armed robbers instead. This scene had me in fits of laughter. Emeka tells Nick, “Wetin now? We no wan be police!”

When the boys actually start making money we see Andy tell the other boys,

“Why did I waste my life on messy, sticky medicine career, I should have been a drug baron my whole life.

We see how chronic unemployment can affect the minds of the youth. To be a doctor is a prestigious, respected profession yet Andy regrets not going into crime earlier. Even though he is fully qualified there was not the opportunity for him to fufill his dream of opening his own clinic and despite his qualifications he was not afforded the opportunity to be paid decently.

It has to be said. I am not feeling Ali Nuhu ATL ALL. I find his whole demeanour to be stiff and awkward. His voice grates on me. If I knew him in real life I’d probably always be shouting at him all the time, “SPEAK UP!”

I don’t normally like Emeka Ike but I thought that this was a good role for him. It allowed him to showcase his comic ability. It was soooooo good not seeing him in the lover boy role. In one of his funny scenes he shouts at Emeka, played by Prince Eke after taking his shoes off in his room,

“Today I dey battle hunger problem and you are trying to add toxic problem to it. Robbish! Mind yourself well well.”

Van was gisting in pidgin most of the time. His flow was effortless and he was actually a joy to watch. Van was looking very dark. At first I thought it was overexposure to the sun but then on closer inspection is seemed to be make up. If indeed it was make up then that the person applying was very heavy handed.

Tonto was supposed to be frumpy and dowdy, but she was in fact looking anything but. Her make up and weave were nice and subtle and her clothes were simple, classy and fitted. In one scene she was even wearing a boob tube, na wa ooo! What kind of frumpiness is this?

What was the point to Queen’s character? There didn’t seem any need for her to be there. Perhaps she has a bigger role in the part 3 which I have not yet watched.

I would recommend this movie. It was entertaining but at the same time tackled some real issues, like poverty, crime, and corruption. It was very funny in parts and highly dramatic in others. Van, Emeka and Prince made a good trio and it is a feel good movie in the sense that justice prevails in the end.