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The King is Mine

The King is Mine

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The King Is Mine ~ 2009 
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

Starring :
Jackie Appiah – Rose
Nadia Buari – Louisa
John Dumelo – King Duala
Kofi Adjorlolo – Agyemang
Kalsum Sinari – Esther
Eddie Nartey – Justice
Amanorbei Opoku Boakye –
Eve Asare – Cecilia
Luckie E Lawson – Queen Serwa
Helen Asante – Sandy
Omar de 1st – Clint
Roger Quartey – Messenger
Moses Lamptey – Boateng

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 39%

The King has chosen Rose to be his new bride, despite the fact that she already hs a fiance. It is a love triangle in that while the King is after Rose, Rose’s sister Louise is after him. Louise is bitter that the King chose her sister when she was the one that firstly expressed interest in him. When it becomes apparent that the Prince has no interest in her whatsoever the already fraught relationship between the sisters reaches breaking point. Although Rose is at first reluctant to begin a relationship with the King she eventually relents, dumping her fiance and seemingly really falling in love. This relationship with the King is soon in jeapoardy at the hands of her jealous and vengeful sister.


Here I am going to list all the questions I had while watching this movie, since I had so many:

Why do Jackie’s eyes keep changing colour? Not only is she Rainbow Brite in her dressing, but now her eyes too?

We see the King handing Jackie a Cerruti 1881 box with a piece of jewellery in it. They may have been founded in 1881 but they sure didn’t have boxes like that in 1881! The modern day jewellery does not seem to go with the olden day set. So when on earth is the movie supposed to be set?

The shakespearian language used would suggest it is set in olden times but then if in fact the movie is set in modern times as the jewellery would suggest then why wouldn’t the King just to a DNA test on Jackie’s baby once it was born?

The digital camera used in the movie by the maid to photograph Louisa and Justice further adds to the cunfusion as to when the movie is supposed to be set. So when is the movie supposed to be set I ask?

Queen Serwa tries to persuade the king to save their so called “loving marriage” but what kind of love or affection have we seen between them? In fact there is no chemistry between them and we never even see him speak fondly of her.

Why can’t Queen Serwa be sent away? She was not born into royalty so shouldn’t the King have a say on who should and shouldn’t be his wife?

The King went to all lengths to make Lousia his after growing bored with Rose so why does he not even want to make love to her to the extent that she says she has to force him? After he is forced he is angry with her and himself… WTF?

Louisa begs her brother Justice to impregnate her. I was inceredulous. At this point I am thinking, naaa that can’t be her brother, maybe I got something wrong somewhere, until I hear him say, “this is incest.” They are about to get busy in order for him to impregnate her and she starts kissing him softly. Er why would she be doing all that if he is just trying to impregnate her? Even prostitutes generally don’t kiss. It is supposed to be a means to an end so whats up with all the romancing?

Rose is walking around the place constantly tap tap tapping her wig. Why didn’t Jackie just take the darn thing off and have a good itch instead of doing all that during filming?

Why would Rose have a kid for the King with no marriage? Wasn’t the whole point that she become his wife?

At the end of the movie Louisa is rolling around on the dirt floor wearing a sack dress about to be executed and what do we see on her head but a brand new looking shiny Louis Vuitton scarf? What was that about? It looks so misplaced.

The bit where Louisa stabs herself did not make any sense to me. Wasn’t she just saying how much she wanted to live and begging for her life to be spared? As she is about to be saved she stabs herself and with the knife in her manages to give this whole eloquent speech on pity. Nonsense.


I would not recommend the movie. I did however enjoy the soundtrack and recognised the the voice of the guy singing from some of their other movies. It is not as fast paced or dramatic and Frank and Abdul’s other offerings which added to the poor execution and stiff feel makes it quite an uninteresting watch. It it watchable only if you are interested in carrying out a spot the absurdity exercise.


Koko Babes

Koko Babes

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Koko Babes ~ 2009
Story – Mac Collins Chidebe (Mr China)
Screenplay – Nkem Alu
Director – Mac Collins Chidebe

Emeka Ike – Dj Koko
Adaora Ukoh – Titi
Uche Jombo – Esther
Uche Elendu – Princess
Emeka Enyiocha – Foster
Queen Nwokoye – Halima
Ogochukwu Anwuruebo – Ify
Chiendu Chukwu-Njoku – Elena
Vera Nwoha – Janny
Umez Connack – Musa
Emeka Okalibe – Bako
Dayan Nzereogu – Doctor
Ngozi A Nwaosu – Matron
Azi Eboh – Ege
Mac-Collins Chidebe – Mike

Themes Explored:
Fraud (419)

My Rating – 62%

This movie was a little bit like an amalgamation of Girls Cot and Boys Cot. This is a story about four girls living together in the city, three of them are getting by doing some sort of illegal activity. Only one of them, Halima played by Queen Nwokoye is on the straight and narrow working as a banker. The other girls try to keen to get her involved in their runs” and are constantly trying to persuade her to use her position in the bank to aid them with their fraudulent activities. Titi is the main instigator pleading with her,

“Halima I have told you times without number; come and kokorise with us.”

Besides doing runs the other thing the girls have in common in their love for DJ Koko. He is the hottest DJ in town and they all love his music. Princess is the most obsessed with him. She loves him beyond the music and has created a fantasy life between her and DJ which she relays to the other girls. She is willing to do anything to make DJ Koko hers, but the question is how far will she go?


The thing that I loved the most in this movie was the easy and comfortable interaction and gisting in pidgin between the girls. The dialogue was sharp. Adaora’s character was the funniest. In one scene she is praying and says,

“Lord teach me how to take my destiny by force… It is time to shine in the kingdom of Yahoo. Thank you Lord. Amen.”

Nkem Alu did a good job with the script until the introduction of DJ Koko’s character played by Emeka Ike. I would like to know why whoever is casting in these movies keep giving Emeka Ike lover boy roles? I mean have they seen his past lover boy depictions and thought, mehn this guy can make the ladies swoon? Emeka’s character was just wack. He is meant to be this highly sought after charismatic superstar and he was there telling Halima he loved her on the first date like some insecure wimp. Oh please! It also came across as so insincere.

At one point DJ Koko is trying to seduce Halima in the supermarket. He is looking super fruity rolling his eyes and lip licking like his name was LL. On top of this he is nancying about with a tight ass vest stretching over his pot belly and some tight tight jeans which are all hitched up in his crotch. Na wa! It was a sight that has the ability to give one nightmares.

Like I have said before and I will say it again. The guy has no swag. Which part of him is sexy or charismatic I wonder? The fake pseudo American accent was just ugh. The whole depiction of the character was just ugh… mess! Mess! Mess! He totally ruined it for me, bad casting to the highest degree.

The sound was a bit patchy. It would go totally silent in parts and the volume would change dramatically between scenes which was highly annoying. the spelling mistakes in the credits looked like the people that put the movie together just did not give a hoot, and the people that wrote the credits a bunch off illiterates. Screenplay was spelt SEREENPLAY, Continuity – CONTIUNITY, Costume – COUSTUM, Equipment – EQIPTMENTS.  A hot mess!

Oh and what is this new craze with men in drag in Nollywood? We saw Desmond in Dangerous Beauty, Nonso in Tommorrow must wait and now Emeka Enyiocha in this movie, playing an undercover female detective.

When Esther kills the guy in the hotel room at the beginning of the movie I thought it strange that when the maid asked her if she needed to clean the room she told her, “in 5 minutes.” You have just killed a guy why would you want to draw attention to that when you could easily be caught since you have just left the hotel? I thought it would have made more sense for her to say that she didn’t want the room cleaned at all, or requested for the room to be cleaned much much later.

Esther gets called Halima by Foster and another guy in the movie. Was this a mistake or intentional? It was never indicated anywhere in the movie that she was lying about her name to people and using her friend’s name, so what gives?

I would recommend this movie. Even though Emeka Ike kinda dragged it down a little and the story was all over the place, the four girls were all superb in this movie. I commend them all for a job well done. There was also a nice little twist at the end. Thumbs up.

Last Victory

Last Victory

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Last Victory ~ 2008
Story – Macdavies Odikah & Micheal Martins Odikah
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Iyke Odife

Ebube Nwagbo – Demola
Tony Umez – Lanre
Jackie Appiah (Agyeman) – Paris
Kofi Adjorlolo – Enyinnaya
George Williams – Bankole
Grace Nortey – Wunmi
Vivien Achor – Paris
Emmanuel Armah – Kelvin
Samuel Mensah – Dike
Gifty Temang – Brenda
Nneka Chris – Jessica
Roselyn Ngissah – Claribel
Louis Saa-Acquahman – Cornel
Ziggy Nartteyson – Rabia
Omar de 1st – Doctor
Raaba Mensah – Chioma
Eva Asare – Maid
Henry Adu Amoyaw – John
Williams Opare – LPO


My Rating: 60%

Kelvin and Bankole were business partners but a fall out over money resulted in Bankole going to Kelvin’s home in the middle of the night and gunning down him, his wife, daughter and house help down in front of their home in cold blood. The bodies are found not long after the shooting by Kelvin’s brother Enyinnaya and his wife.

All is not lost and it is discovered that Kelvin’s 8 year old daughter Jessica is still alive. After hospital treatment she makes a full physical recovery, although haunted by the turn of events that night. It is suggested that a change of scene will do her good and so she is shipped off to an uncle in America where she remains until returning back for a visit 22 years later, however she has come back for a reason other than to see family.


I started watching this movie on about 5 different occasions and actually turned it off every time. Why? The beginning is confusing. We see Kelvin and Bankole discussing business matters, but exactly what the issue is that made one go and assassinate the other’s whole family I couldn’t really get a grasp of. We then cut to a scene with Kelvin’s brother and this too was a bit confusing, in fact I even thought that the movie was a continuation of something else. In fact it may well be!

After rewinding a few times I finally “got it” and I am glad that I took the times to persevere through the first few scenes because the movie was worth watching despite the few flaws.

Enyinnaya played by Kofi was excellent in his role as the grieving brother, as was the actress that played his wife in the movie. After his brother dies we see a scene where he and his wife consoling each other. This scene is very touching and believable from the tears welling up in the eyes to the subtle built up to understated sobs. These two had great chemistry together and flowed naturally.

One thing that got me confused was why the film was supposedly set in Ghana (They kept mentioning Accra and Kumasi) but the characters names were either English or Nigerian. Why didn’t they just set it in Nigeria since everybody seemed to be Nigerian anway? When the police come to Enyinnaya’s house to investigate his brother’s murder, he is asked about his brother’s business partners. He mentions some in Dubai which prompts the officer to ask,

“No Nigerian partners?”

Why would the police ask about Nigeria partners? What would the relevance be? Or is this just an error?

One thing that I saw as a major flaw in he  film was where the policeman investigating the murder case comes and wants to talk to Jessica (which they were first of all calling Princess, in fact I thought that was her name until she came back as an adult) about her parents murders. The one who is the policeman is now calling himself a “psychologist.” Is this how multitasking happens in Naija? His form of therapy is to tell Princess to close her eyes, that he has a surprise for her, only to then pull a gun on her and tell her to open them. Which kin of NONSENSE be this? The policeman/ psychologist then analyses the situation,

“For a normal child this could be a piece of metal.”

Er Noooooooo it would be a freaking gun for a “normal” child even if they hadn’t come face to face with one like Jessica had. Most kids would know that it was a gun that is capable of killing. He continues with his useless nonsense psychological analysis,

“Suddenly it’s an object of fright.”


And there is even more nonsense,

“Except that child has been through a terrifying experience, like seeing her mummy and daddy lying dead before her.”

Hold up! So that would be mean a gun is an object of fright, unless you parents have been gunned down? Which would mean she would be happy to see a gun, but she wasn’t she jumped and was scared. In any case gunned down parents or not… a gun is an object for fright for anyone. Hmmm… These are meant to be profound words of wisdom from a PSYCHOLOGIST. It does not even make sense. Whoever wrote that crap needs to pay attention to detail and make sure their sentences tie up with one another and MAKE SENSE.

The PSYCHOLOGIST then gives his advice,

“This child needs special care maybe a change of environment would help.”

DUUHHH… Talk about stating the obvious! Who needs a psychologist to tell them a kid that just saw her parents gunned down in front of her needs special care? This whole scene was extremely insulting to the viewer and poorly thought out.

What is a toddler? I thought a toddler is between 12 months and 3 years at a push. After all isn’t a toddler called so because they are toddling (learning to walk) An 8 year old child is waaaay past toddler age. Throughout the movie the young pre-America Jessica of 8 years old is referred to as a toddler. People should learn the meanings of words before they start using them anyhow.


Once you got into it the movie it was enjoyable. For that reason alone I would recommend it, however something funny was going on with the names, where the names in the credits weren’t necessarily the names in the film and the fact that Jessica/ Princess was referred to as a toddler. I have a feeling that perhaps the movie was filmed at different times, hence these discrepancies. The first part was somewhat predictable in that I knew the reason for putting Jessica and Tony together, however there was a nice twist at the end that I didn’t see coming that tied up all the other subplots in the movie.

Loosing You

Loosing You

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Loosing You
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Tchidi Chikere

Van Vicker – Ernest
Tonto Dikeh – Theresa
Juliet Ibrahim – Rose
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Mark
Prince Eke – Justus
Jnr Pope Odonwodo – Martin
Linda Kurt – Augusta
Kpobo Ekwaraye – Katie

Themes Explored
Sickle Cell

My Rating – 72%

Ernest and Theresa are madly in love, engaged and about to be married. During their engagement they find out that they both possess the AS genotype which means that if they have children there is the chance that they could be a sickler. They are told in no uncertain terms by Ernest’s father that they must stop seeing each other as the health of their future children is of greater importance than the love that they share.

If you were madly in love and about to get married would you give up your love because your kids MIGHT have sickle cell? That is unimaginable to me, but obviously these things do happen. Theresa and Ernest are treated as if they are murderers by their friends and family. The empathy is totally lacking as if it were solely a business arrangement they had been planning and not a couple in love planning a life long union.

After they are spoken to by Ernest’s father Theresa flees the house and they agree to separate. Both parties take it badly, turning to booze in a bid to numb the pain of the break-up. We see them both on separate occasions chatting up the opposite sex while drunk, the heartbreak so abundantly clear.


Before the movie even starts we have Tchidi showcasing his music…What can I say? Movies is his thing (except actually starring in them) and he should stick to that as he does it well. As for the music… it was pretty bad but I guess it was catchy because as I type this I can remember the melody and some of the lyrics. Although that is probably because he also had his music as the ring tone for one of the characters in the movie, and as the backing tracks throughout.

In one of the songs he was wailing “hoooold meeeeeeeeee..” This was accompanied by one long ass scene between Ernest and Theresa crying, wailing and holding onto each other because they just found out they were both AS and couldn’t be together. They are both crying buckets of tears and in the beginning it is touching, but then it goes on and on and on. In fact it was a whole four long minutes of “hoooold meeeeeeeeee.” and wailing… Wow excruciating. Every time the camera shot would change I would prepare myself for the next scene but then it would be “ hoooold meeeeeeeeeeee!” Looking back its kinda funny but at the time it so was not.

Enough of Tchidi’s music. The story was kind of slow in the first half of part one but then started to pick up in the latter part and then again in part two the pace really quickened and it became more interesting with the introduction of Juliet and Justus. The picture and sound were fine and most of the cast gave good solid performances.

One scene that I just have to comment on is when Justus wants to surprise Theresa with some new things. He arranges for some thugs to accost her in front of her workplace and strip her of her bag, shoes and accessories… I mean what kind of surprise is this? I wouldn’t find it funny at all. The thugs then present her with a bag with new things in it, but they walk away taking her old things, including her phone with the sim card. What kind of nonsense is that really? Would she not want her old bag and shoes and phone? Then to top it off the plastic bag they present to her with the new things in is one manhandled, wrinkled old looking bag. As soon as she saw the new things Theresa was jumping for joy. She even went as far as to say,

“That is the craziest, most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.”

Wow it didn’t look romantic to me at all… Who even thought of that crap? Oh yeah Tchidi probably… Oh and let me mention this again… WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PINK DOT? YES it was there again! How many times will I have to say it? And yet again the common factor is Tchidi Chikere, so until advised otherwise I am blaming him.

Hypocrisy is one of the themes in this movie. Ernest is the hypocritical one. He knows that she is distraught about the break up yet he rings her to flaunt his new flame. I thought that that was very insensitive, and the nerve for him to expect her to be happy about it. Why would she be when she is hurting? Theresa on the other hand doesn’t go out of her way to tell Ernest anything about her new man yet when he sees them together in the car park of a restaurant he totally flips out and calls her to chastise her for going with him to the restaurant that they used to go to as a couple. He even turns up at her work place and tries to prevent her from going to lunch with Justus when he was the one to move on first. He later even has the nerve to turn up at her house and complain that he complained to rose and she refused, and expect her to comfort him. Ernest was entirely too much!

Overall the film was solidly good. After you got past the first half of part one it became more enjoyable, The standout performance was Tonto Dikeh (have I said that one before?) I am beginning to feel like a parrot but this girl really knows how to emote and you could see how the crying scenes really drained her. She really gave her all. She had chemistry with Van but I feel it was more on her side than his. His performance was slightly flat. Juliet Ibrahim was consistently ok but then lost it at the part where her character and Justus catch their prospective partners together. I don’t know what emotion she was trying to show but it just looked like she was practising emotions. It was a mess. More practise methinks. Tonto’s hair looked fab … in fact I thought it was real until she placed her palm at the top of her head to brush it. Nollywood really has come a long way from the SOCIETY LADY days where the women wore big blond wigs with the black naps showing underneath. This is progress ooo! I would recommend the film. Go and get it, unless you are fed up of the pink dot. If you can no longer take the pink dot then leave this one alone. LOL

Lost Desire

Lost Desire Originally uploaded by NollywoodForever

Lost Desire
Story – Stephen Onuoha
Screenplay – Adanne Onuoha Dede/ Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Asare Bediako 

Kanayo O Kanayo – Nana Sarpong
Ecow Smith Asante – Kelly
Samuel Ruffy Quansah – Maxwell
Kalsum Sinare – Mary
Jackie Appiah – Chantel
Naana Hayford Domfeh – Agnes
Rama Brew – Madam Serwa
Evelyn Adobea Addo – Little Chantel
Mark Kofie – Agnes Driver
Afriyie Forso – Maama
Tiwaa Twumasi – Cassandra (little Chantel friend)
Juliet Ibrahim – Suzzy
Kwane Kari Kari – Musa
Alexandra Ukana – Monica
Kwame Agyetia – James (Bailiff)

Themes Explored:

My Rating 80%

Chief Sarpong is married with two sons and a daughter. At the very beginning we see him getting caught cheating with his secretary by his wife. The opening scene is dramatic and grabs your attentions. The credits are boldly interspersed while the Chiefs wife confronts him over his affair. This alongside the music used serves to build up tension and suspense.

We find out that not long after Chief is caught having the affair his wife dies. He then remarries only two months later. The rest of the film takes place 15 years after the opening scene. At this time he is living happily with his former secretary and has a young daughter with her. When his sons return home from abroad (From where I don’t know as one has a British accent and one American!) all hell breaks loose as they take out their anger on their stepmother and sister.

It is apparent that they are still resentful towards their father cheating on their mother and then disrespecting her by marrying so soon after her death. They go on a mission to drive their stepmother out of the house.


We see the chief with his new wife and daughter and his sons from his previous marriage but his daughter from his previous marriage is nowhere to be seen. This is because when she found her mother dead she ran away to another city and happened to be taken in by a woman who raised her as her own. As we watch the film the full story begins to unfold. I’d like to see exactly what happened with that because it did not really make sense to me. Why did her neither her father nor her brothers ever bring her name up? Why didn’t her brother think about his sister when he meets a girl called Chantel, especially since they weren’t that young when she ran away? Unfortunately I only watched part 1 and 2 and it didn’t finish there so I’ll be on the lookout for part 3.

I would definitely recommend this movie. It flowed well and was funny in many parts. It was enjoyable to watch. The most comic moments are those when there is war within the family. At one point the step mum calls Maxwell a “baby elephant” Samuel Ruffy Quansah in particular was the funny guy in the movie. Just watching him washing the car getting crunk to Lil John “Snap Yo Fingas” was hilarious. There was another bit where he sees his half sister for the first time and turns to his equally dark skinned brother and exclaims “That’s not our sister… We black!”

Love My Way

Love My Way

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Love My Way ~ 2008
Story – Anthony Nwatu
Screenplay – Kehinde Olurunyomi
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Genevieve Nnaji – Kayla
Jim Iyke – Tekena
Tonto Dikeh – Oge
Kalu Ikeagwu – Richard
Nneka Atako – Kemi
Jessy Sahaaf – Florence
Temple Ugo Ikeji – Chiejina
Nwosu Richard – Donye
Malachy Hart – Oly Man

Themes Explored:
Unrequited Love
Family Secrets

My Rating – 77%

Tekena wants to marry Kayla But finds it hard to come to terms with her incessant drinking and smoking. He does not feel that she is domesticated enough for him, but is madly in love with her nevertheless. On one occasion she answers his request to come home to a clean house with,

“I’ll get someone to do it.”

Oge is Tekena’s work colleague as well as one of his best friends. Oge, Tekena and Richard meet up regularly and confide in each other about everything, well almost everything. Oge has in fact being hiding a secret from Tekena. The secret is that she is in love with him

Kayla is being nagged by Tekena until she reaches breaking point. She leaves him for a little “space” not informing anyone as to her whereabouts. She is also refusing to answer calls.

While Kayla is missing, Oge takes the opportunity to reveal her feelings to Tekena. Tekena is vulnerable and is drawn into a moment with Oge. They kiss and as they are about to get intimate when his phone rings. It is his best friend Richard who tells him that Kayla is in the hospital disorientated and suffering form amnesia. It is as though Oge does not exist and he leaps up to rush to the hospital to be with Kayla.

The question is who will win his love in the end? Will it be Kayla or will it be Oge? Or perhaps none of them will?


Kayla comes around from the coma a completely different person. Not only does she now cook but she is horrified when Tekena brings her alcohol and cigarettes in a bid to jog her memory on pre-accident life. With a raised eyebrow she disbelievingly questions Tekena, “I drink… I smoke?”

This is a twin movie and having just watched Caught in the Act/ Titanic Sister with Genny doing the good twin/ bad twin thing I was getting a serious case of déjà vu. However if I hadn’t of watched Caught in the Act I would not feel that way. Genny interpreted her role very well playing the coy inexperienced girl as well as she played the undomesticated, boozing bad girl.

I found the bit where Kayla came face to Face with her twin Kaylen very unrealistic. You see someone that is your MIRROR IMAGE and you are busy quarrelling with the boyfriend that you were trying to dump in the first place. Does that make sense? Would you not be focused on the person that is clearly your twin. You would want to know why you did not know about them and where they have been all these years. Instead you are cussing your boyfriend out over bringing another woman to his house. A woman that he clearly believed was YOU!

Then Kayla’s stupid azz friend suggests that perhaps Tekena has done “Cloning.” This was stupidity at its finest. Since when have we been cloning humans? The film was not a science fiction one and the friend was not supposed to be drunk or high on some drug when she said it so all I could say to that was NON-SENSE!

The other bit which made me say WTF was where Kayla/Kaylen is trying to process the shock of not being whom she has been told she is. She grabs her head. She is pushing her head in on both sides as if she is trying to squash it together and bust her skull, then she is complaining “My head… my head.” Why wouldn’t your head hurt with the way you are squeezing it? So after a few seconds of this she then faints and it is meant to be a serious scene but the whole thing is pure comedy.

Yes Tonto does say “innit” a lot (a complaint I’ve heard many times) which can be quite annoying but it has to be given to her she really knows how to draw emotion from within and give her all to a character. When Tonto is emoting you can really feel whatever it is that she is trying to put across to the viewer. It never comes across as lacking, fake, or over the top. She nails emotional scenes. She played the victim of unrequited love with so much conviction. It is heartfelt to watch. Her crying scene is subtle yet dramatic in its simplicity.

It was nice to see Jim in this movie shed that bad boy character that we know him so well for. It was refreshing and a bit of a surprise to not hear “Ni**a” and “Motherfuc*er being shouted every other second. Kalu injected some humour into his scenes, he was charming and charismatic. I had no inkling that he had a thing for Oge until close to the end.

The movie was a happy ending for all involved. I couldn’t help feel like Oge got the short straw ending up with Richard though. Yes they tried to make it like she was happy, but essentially she didn’t get the man SHE wanted she just had to make do whoever wanted her which was a bit of a shame. I haven’t seen a movie where it is the man that has to be happy and make do. It is always the woman… Oh well I guess that is reflective of the society that it is set in.

I would recommend this film. It was enjoyable to watch. The cast was great and the storyline was gripping and somewhat unpredictable.

Keep My Love

Keep My Love

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Keep My Love ~ 2008
Story – Uchenna Mbunabo
Screenplay – Ubong Bassey
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Jackie Appiah – Mirabel
Chidi Mokeme – Murphy
Yvonne Nelson – Carinn
Patience Oseni – Amaka
Florence Sunday – Agatha
Austin Okudiri – Dray
Stanley E Ozoemenam – Kizito
Valentino Agwulonu – Brown
Judith Samuel – Winnie
Uche Chibuzor – Susan

Themes Explored:
Armed Robbery

My Rating – 79%

The film opens with a couple being attacked inside their home by armed robbers. Even when the man is at risk of being killed and has a gun to his head he still refuses to tell the robbers where the money is. Is money more important than your family’s life? Even when he hears one of the robbers telling another that the informant has given reliable information that there is 200,000 in the house the man is still resistant. Of course in the end the robbers get their hands on the loot and the man gets to keep his life.

In the aftermath of the robbery we see the robbers discussing what had transpired with one of the gang members busy raping a girl in the house when the others were trying to leave. We see opposing views on rape and sex. One school of thought believes the enjoyment in sex is the mutual enjoyment of the act, to please the girl and make her happy. On the other hand the rapist enjoys sex when he is conquering the girl. When questioned he said that the fear in the eyes turned him on more. Na wa o!

Elsewhere we are introduced to Carrine, played by Yvonne Nelson. She appears to be an ashewo. We see her getting out of a man’s car and cursing him out because he pays her 2000 Naira instead of 10000. Yvonne plays the role of the loud mouth street girl to a T. I am liking this character for her. It is a more complex one than the usual Princess Tyra/snobbish campus girl that I’ve seen her play. She slaps the guy for not paying her and then proceeds to argue with him in the street while her friend has been briefed beforehand to snatch his wallet. We then see her fight with the girl who snatched the wallet for withholding money.

The girl she is squatting with at university then throws her out of the room and she is forced to return home. This bit was a bit confusing because it seemed like Carinne had been on campus for a while pretending to her parents that she was a student, but then when she returns home her mother seems to be worried about not knowing where she was for only that weekend.

The next character we meet is Jackie Appiah’s. After watching her wooden and sub par performance in My Last Wedding I wasn’t too much looking forward to seeing her again so soon. Surprisingly she wasn’t bad. We meet Chika (or so she says her name is) when the armed robber gang lead by chief robber Murphy are about to carry out a robbery on a bus to Onitsha. Their informant has tipped them off that this heist is worth 4.5 million. When the time comes for the attack to be carried out Murphy is busy chatting to a girl he has met on the bus and the gang are PISSED, in fact more than pissed! As he is the leader the plan can not come to fruition without his say so. As he is toasting the girl he obviously does not want her to know he is an armed robber and so the journey is completed without the robbery taking place.

After a lengthy chasing period Murphy and the girl from the bus start a romantic relationship and it is beginning to affect Murphy’s relationship within the gang. They are beginning to feel his relationship with her is taking priority over “business” and on the other side of the coin he is having to tell her endless lies to cover up the true nature of his “job.”


The story comes together and we find out the wayward Carrine is the sister to Murphy’s girlfriend. And she will feature in their relationship in a way that could never be imagined. The movie is a somewhat serious one splashed with high comedy moments (all involving Yvonne Nelson):

The scene where Carrine curses the man out on the street for not paying her is hilarious. She shouts him “You stupid boy… cheap boy” While walking around him glaring disapprovingly all the while knowing that her friend has just swiped his wallet.

There is a scene where Carrine is being intimate with a married man on the sofa in his house wearing his wife’s wrapper and the wife walks in. The wife chases her around the sofa screaming, “Show me what to do.” This is hilarious

Another scene is where the same married man turns up at her mother’s home and confronts her over stealing his card. She does not even deny it but then even goes on to tell the man that he must get his wife to write her a written letter of apology for embarrassing her at the house. All in front of her mother! She is shameless!

The plot is engaging and well paced. Every step of the way you wonder whether or not the girl from the bus will discover Murphy’s omissions about his life. There is also the question of whether or not Murphy’s gang will turn on him and whether or not Murphy will ever be able to get out of the criminal life he is accustomed to living. The film ends and you know there is a continuation, as much as I hate this 4-8 film part craze I will definitely be watching the rest.

My one annoyance about this film was the fact that the blurb on the back ruins the film watching experience because it gives the whole plot away (which is why I read the back cover after watching the film!) Of course this is a problem not exclusive to just this film, however this one went one step further and gave away the plot for the continuation because what I reading on the back of Part 2 had not even happened! Oh and another one, (so excuse me; two annoyances) when the credits rolled the first letter on each name was cut off. What is that about? Nevertheless it was a solidly good film and I would recommend it.