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Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

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Heavy Heart ~ 2009

I won’t even bother listing all the credits for this one as it is basically part 3 of SOMEWHERE IN THE HEART so the credits are listed there. In the beginning there is the ten minutes of Uche Jombo getting dressed *YAWN* In the part 2 we see flashbacks to part 1. It is a complete CON, RIP OFF and WASTE of money. DO NOT FALL VICTIM LIKE I DID!

To top it off we do not find out who Awole is, and it ends off like there is more!!! Can you freaking imagine?

***419 ALERT*** You have been warned!




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Hot-Island ~ 2009
Story/Screenplay – Joy Stephen Anozie
Director – Emeka Jonathan
Producer – Okechukwu Ezechu

Scot Robert – Marcus
Mona Lisa Chinda – Sylvia
Ufuoma Ejenobor – Lucy
Emeka Ike – Richie
McKenzie David – Pedro
Patience Oseni – Mama Richie
Rosemary Onyebuchi – Naomi
Okoro Stanley – Dr Mickal
Dadi Uche – CY
Ndubuisi Onwuemena – Musa
Chioma Amadi – Prostitute
Manfred Uche – Eva

Themes Explored:
Social Class
Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 52%

Marcus, played by Scot Robert is a thug and the thorn in his father’s side. On the one hand he can be a superb gentleman but on the flipside he can be mean, nasty and aggressive to those around him. He had 3 sisters that question why he does not take them out as other brother’s take out their sisters and try to get a closer brotherly sisterly relationship with him, but to no avail. He does not appear to be particularly interested in any of them until his friend CY, played by Dadi Uche comes to him with a proposition. CY wants to marry Marcus’ sister Lucy (Ejenobor). At first he is opposed to the idea but after accepting a car as a gift from him throws himself wholeheartedly into the mission of getting his sister to accept CY as a suitor. The only problem is that his sister has her eyes on someone else.


I thought that casting Scot Robert in the character of Marcus was spot on. I get the feeling that he is good friends with Nonso Diobi because some of his mannerisms were akin to Nonso’s in the way that he shouted and twisted up his mouth. Nevertheless he played the bad boy role with mucho gusto. There is a funny scene where he is arguing with his father, because his father is upset about his friend CY buying him a car. He is questioning him harshly and Marcus turns to him and says,

“You will deal with me in my own father’s house. Go and deal with yourself in your own father’s house.”

Ruuude! I couldn’t stop laughing. How are you going to tell your own father that he should go to his father’s house?

Ufoma was too good for this movie. She put a lot of feeling and expression into the character but the whole scenario before it made it just not believable. The story was too simplistic and not developed enough so she didn’t have much to work with. The process of falling in love was way too simple. We are not shown any build up at all. We see Richie declare his love to Lucy in an instant, and in the same way Naomi too declares her love to Richie. Since when did seeing someone from a far for a few weeks and liking the way they look translate into love? This word is thrown around too easily, and took away the realism in the movie.

Dadi Uche was the perfect choice to play the character of CY, the junkie because he looked haggard with blackened lips and yellowed teeth. He definitely looked like he had been drinking, smoking and snorting in abundance.

If the father was so opposed to Lucy dating Richie because of their differing social classes why not just sack him? It was hardly like he had been there for 10 or even 20 years. The guy just arrived 5 minutes ago and now there is all sorts of chaos going on in your home. There was never a reason given as to why the father did not just get rid of Richie.

In one scene Lucy goes out with Richie and comes back gushing his praises to her sisters. Sylvia turns and says to her in response,

“What’s all this Richie, Richie, Richie, is that the name of some tomato puree or something?”

It is funny all the other girls were also singing his praises but then as soon as it becomes clear that he only has eyes for Lucy and they start making trips out alone things change and jealousy rears its ugly head. They start to call him scum and make her feel bad for liking him when they too were all trying to get with him.

Editing could have been much improved. 23 minutes into Part 2 and Marcus is having a conversation with CY about Richie and he starts to say CY’s name and then quickly corrects himself to say Richie. Why not just reshoot that bit because it was a glaring and very obvious mistake? The end of the movie was just plain ridiculous. We see Richie and Lucy running in fields hugging and kissing for what seems like eternity. What is that in aid of? We get it they are in love. All the running around was too much, like a freaking tampon advert.

The movie was decent enough so I’d recommend it if you have nothing better doing. However, ultimately is simply another rich girl falls in love with a poor driver story, the only difference being that they threw in a sibling rivalry storyline into the mix. None of the stories where particularly well developed or believable, but it is watchable, there are some good performances and comic moments.

Heat of the Moment

Heat Of The Moment

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Heat of the Moment ~ 2009
Story – Innocent Isiakpu
Screenplay – Innocent Isiakpu & Prince Samson Onyejiuwa
Director – Prince Samson Onyejiuwa
Producer – Martina N. Okafor

Emeka Ike – Dr Richard
Mercy Johnson – Anna
Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Douglas
Emma Ayalogu – Chief Magnus
Cassandra Odita – Mrs Adams
Patience Oseni – Mrs Douglas
Vitalis Ndubuisi – Mr Adams
Barry Lukeman – Barrister James
Amanda Ebeye – Rita
Amina Atairu – Vivian
Peachman Akputa – Ben

Mistaken Identity

My Rating – 33%

Anna claims that she was raped by local politician and human rights activist Dr Richards while walking home late one night. He, however is adamant that he never even saw her at any time let alone touched her. Who is telling the truth? His family believe it is a set up at the hands of his political opponents, whilst Anna has the back up of her best friend who claims to have been present at the time of the rape.


The beginning of the movie is boring beyond belief. I rewound uncountable times because it just wasn’t holding my attention and I kept getting distracted… made a cup of coffee, tweeted, went on Facebook. I say grab the viewer early! So that even if later on the film gets a bit rubbish their attention will have already been snared. I only actually started properly paying attention about 25 minutes in when Anna got into an argument on the street with a random man.

The movie slowly starts getting more interesting after the rape, only slightly though, not too much. It was still rather slow and I fell asleep more than once. There was a rituals part that I didn’t get. Perhaps it didn’t make sense or maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Who knows?

Doctor James is put on trial for the rape and he is cross questioned by none other than *drumroll please* Barrister James, Anna’s boyfriend. How can the rapist be questioned by the raped one’s boyfriend? This is pure nonsense. That could never happen in real life! I have seen this sort of scenario in a few films and it is just foolish. They need to stop.

In the end we see Anna in jail telling a group of convicts her story. We then cut to seeing her released. The ending was sudden and we don’t find out how Doctor Richard’s DNA came to be on her person if he was not actually the one that raped her or not. Maybe it is a twin story. Maybe it is a ghost story. It looks like there will probably be a part 3 and 4. Either way I won’t be watching to find out.

This is one of the only movies where the issue of “light” is brought up. So a *round of applause* for that. Anna is watching Doctor Richards on TV talking about the “light problem” and the lights go off. I haven’t seen lights go off in a movie before and considering that lack of electricity is a widespread and major problem in Nigeria I’m surprised there is less talk of NEPA in the movies. NEPA affects all Nigerians’ everyday life, why is it never mentioned? Is it censorship?

I would not recommend this movie. I found the pace too slow and the movie draaaaagged and draaaaaaagged and draaaaaaaaaaaged. When I was almost at the end of part 2 I wanted to press the eject button but thought that I may as well watch until the end since I had come so far. It didn’t make a bit of difference. I came away feeling that I had just wasted 2+ hours of my life. Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

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Guilty Pleasures ~ 2009
Prooduced by Emem Isong & Desmond Elliot
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Uyai Ikpi Etim
Directors – Daniel Ademinokan, Desmond Elliot

Ramsey Noah – Tessa
Mercy Johnson – Boma
Majid Michel – Bobby
Nse Ikpi Etim – Liz
Omoni Oboli – Nse
Desmond Elliot – Mr Okoro
Rukky Sanda – Chidinma
Rob Loner – Kenechi
Paul Frank – Oriafo
Beverly Naya – Bella
Esther Eyibio – Efe
Leena Mourgabel – Janet
Archie Sam – Lucas
Ibiwari Etuk – Tosan

Relationship Issues

My Rating – 80%

This is a story about relationships, infidelity, betrayal, love and deceit. The story is told through a conversation at the beginning of the movie between two women in a travel agency. Liz played by Nse-Ikpi Etim feels neglected by her husband. In all their years of marriage she has never spent more than 5 consecutive days with her husband as he is always working and as a result away on business trips. He is also possessive and controlling, not allowing her to take up employment as well as dictating her wardrobe and friends. She has had enough and is driven into the arms of someone who should have been off limits.

Nse played by Omoni Oboli has been married for a mere 3 weeks and already the cracks are showing. When she met her husband he was a struggling photographer and she was the one supporting him. In four years of dating there was never any sign of cheating and then one day not long before their wedding he meets Boma in a bar during a business trip and everything changes. This one affair has devastating consequences.


After all the hype I was sooooo excited to see this movie, with the likes of Emem, the great cast and especially after watching the masterpiece that was Reloaded I could only imagine that this just had to be better. WRONG. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad or anything, as you can see from the rating, in the grand scheme of things it was a whole lot better than the average Nollywood fare. I guess having read the rave reviews and having watched Reloaded I was expecting this one to top that and for me it just didn’t.

I liked the way the story was told from the end backwards and the way the women’s stories were interwoven back to back, however the story with Nse, Boma and Kenechi was not properly explored or developed. It was as if it were a mere afterthought. It would have been better to either develop the story properly of scrap it totally. I also liked the use of the Facebook status to announce Bobby’s arrival in Nigeria. That was a nice touch.

Majid was the stand out performance for me. He is on fire as Bobby, Tessa’s brother. There was great sexual chemistry between him and Nse. With a smile that lights up a room he was so positively smouldering that he could create fire with a brick wall. The passion between him and Nse was intense and convincing, definitely more so than with Nse and Ramsey.

One scene that was very powerful for me was the face to face gut wrenching scene at the end of the movie between Liz and Tessa. Nse and Ramsey played their roles in this scene to perfection. Although Ramsey’s character is a heavily flawed individual and to some extent took his wife for granted we can still feel his pain in this scene and equally we can feel Liz’s turmoil in hurting him and ruining the relationship between the two brothers.

Two things that didn’t add up for me were the choice made for Liz’ friends. We had 3 young girls that were her friends that she would go shopping with. They also came to the house and were swooning over Bobby. These girls looked waaaaaaay younger than Nse. It was just not realistic to me. On one shopping trip it seemed like the clothing and baseball cap put on Nse was in an attempt to youth-ify her and it failed miserably. It only served to add age on her. These girls looked to be between 18 and 24 and Nse looked to be in her mid to late 30’s. It just didn’t add up. We see Nse shopping, no talking, just music for what seems like forever, just unnecessary.

The other thing that didn’t feel real at all to me what Nse as a fashion model. Yes she is pretty. Yes she has a nice figure, but fashion model. No. And the shots taken by Bobby did not look like they would be on the cover of any magazine either. Perhaps it would have been better if we didn’t actually see her modelling and pictures being taken of her, then we would only be able to use our imaginations. Actually seeing the modelling confirmed what we were thinking already – “Nah she doesn’t look like a model.”

I would recommend this movie. We learn a lesson about consequences for ones actions. It was a slow starter but it got way more engrossing towards the end of the first part. The picture was glossy and seamless. The special effects that were used were integrated well and used to great effect. A great cast was used with the exception with Rukky Sanda (I don’t know what she was doing there.) My only complaints would be that the movie did not feel finished, the undeveloped side story and the long drawn out non dialogue scenes that could have been cut out completely. However, on the whole… THUMBS UP. Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

Honest Deceiver

Honest Deceiver

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Honest Deceiver ~ 2009
Story – Fatima Zanna
Screenplay – Wonder Obinna Obasi
Director – Andy Chukwu

Ini Edo – Diana
Justus Esiri – Denis
Benedict Johnson – Flobert
Ali Nuhu – Damian
Fatima Zanna – Eva
Steve Eboh – Senator
Tony Ezimadu – Chief Williams
Kingsley Precious – Raymond
Maureen Ihua – Maira
Ngozi Duru – Annabel
Veronica Dafe – Doctor
Lilian Ume – Sophie
Sylvia Oluchi – Lara
Esther Okereke – Regina
Marcus Pilla – Nico
Inno Nwafor – Smack
Andy Chukwu – Oscar
Oge Madu – Court Clerk
Chinonso Ogbuka – Rose

Themes Explored:
Mental Illness
Marriage of Convenience
Domestic Violence
Family Secrets
Money Rituals

My Rating – 50%

Diana is in a long term relationship with Flobert. Her relationship is being threatened by her parents who want her to marry Chief Williams’ son Damian in order to aid her father in realising his political ambitions. They will not accept Flobert, deeming him a “pauper” and below their social standing and this is despite the fact that he helped put both Diana and her sister through school. Eventually Diana is persuaded to accept Damian’s proposal and wedding arrangements are made. At the same time Flobert discovers a secret about Damian that could have a devastating effect on Diana’s future. Flobert tries to tell Diana the secret about Damian but she refuses to listen, misreading his intentions. However it is not long after marriage that she discovers the secret for herself, and slowly throughout the plot other secrets emerge.

Senator Macauley’s political ambitions are under threat by the appearance of someone from his past that he would have rather forgotten. He now has to make the decision between his son’s future happiness versus his political future.


We are shown how money and greed can ruin relationships. Before Diana’s family came into money they were accepting of Damian, especially because at that time they needed him. In the same way Flobert’s friend was formerly good friends with Damian before Damian’s family came into money and resulted in the end of that relationship. We can see that conditions are temporary and the same way that one acquires money is the same way that one can lose money. Relationships should be based on personal qualities and characteristics, not superficial material things. Both of the sister’s marriages were arranged by their gather for greedy ulterior motives, and we see the grief that is caused in the process.

In Diana’s time of need it is her friends that the family looked down upon that are sitting by her hospital bedside giving support after she has been battered by the crazy man that her parent’s set her up with simply because of his father’s positioning in the society. We can see how money is not important in the grand scheme of things. It cannot buy sanity or happiness. What good is marrying a rich man whose family are connected when he is crazy and batters you? Can you enjoy money and status when you are lying in a coffin?

Damian’s secret is his mental illness. In my opinion it was badly portrayed (what’s new right?) He was made into some sort of Jekyll and Hyde sort of character. He supposedly went for treatment in London. The treatment is supposed to have worked so why is his behaviour still off? Is he still supposed to be on medication or what? It is unbelievable that NO symptoms whatsoever are displayed before the marriage but then immediately afterwards his madness is full throttle. As I have said before RESEARCH IS VITAL. If he was treated in London why is there no name for his condition apart from “madness.” It doesn’t take much to google schizophrenia or bi-polar and make the symptoms fit.

The whole wedding set up was hella confusing! Maucauley says that his own son is supposed to marry Eva, Diana’s sister and because he is being blackmailed by his wife’s long lost son Oscar, he agrees to pretend to be Oscar’s father in order for Ocar to wed Eva and prevent any scandal. I found it weird that Eva’s parents did not look shocked to see another guy being brought to them. Are we supposed to believe that neither Eva or her parents or sister had never even met or seen a picture of the guy that she had planned to marry? NONSENSE! Raymond presents himself at Eva’s parents house after the wedding and they look shocked when he announces his name. Hold up! I don’t remember Oscar pretending his name was Raymond so why the shock?

After Oscar locks up Eva in a hotel room after their marriage he tells her the truth behind the situation, and tells her,

“I did it because I love you so much.” HUH? How? They apparently haven’t ever met so how does he figure he loves her? Then at the end of the movie we see Raymond enter the picture and come to claim Eva. Raymond has come with a gun and ready to kill for his “wife.” This is superstoooooopid. She apparently has never met either of them and they are both going postal over her. During the confrontation Oscar asks Eva who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Hmmm… Great choices, which one should she choose, a kidnapper or a potential killer?

In the end we learn that Damian’s father used his brains for money rituals and this is what caused the madness. I thought it was a ridiculous ending. I find that Charm/rituals always used as a cop out to explain someone’s behaviour. If Damian’s father had in fact used his brains for money rituals as is claimed, then why was he sent to London for treatment? Why are we told that the treatment worked? How can the treatment have worked if he wasn’t really mentally ill? After the children in the movie being sacrificed by their parents for their own selfish gains it was nice that it ended with everybody with someone that they actually wanted to be with and their parents accepting of the choices made. Ali Nuhu is popping up everywhere and is stiff like cardboard, as is Fatima Zanna. Her acting was patchy as was her story; both needed a lot of work. Kingsley Precious is swaggalicious and a nice piece of eye candy. On the whole I found the movie a little too far fetched for my liking and there were too many holes in the story. If the execution was better it could have been a really good movie, but the execution was weak. I’m indifferent about recommending this. You decide!

Holy Cross

Holy Cross

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Holy Cross ~ 2006
Story & Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Dickson Iroegbu

Sylvester Madu – Santos
Nonso Diobi – Mike
Tonto Dikeh – Cynthia
Jim Iyke – Cross
Uche Elendu – Monica
Ebele Okaro – Mrs Bsdmus
Pete Edochie – Chief Badmus
Jim Lawson – Papa Mike
Emma Ayologu – H.O.D
Ada Nzekwe – Tracey
Ramon Akeem – VC
Mirabelle Osuoza – Mrs Douglas

Campus Cultism

My Rating – 42%

Cross is the Capone of THE SKELETONS, a secret cult on campus. Mike is a hardworking boy from a rich home whose sole aim at university is to educate himself and become a productive member of society in his own right. One day at a restaurant he falls into a trap set up by Cross to search for new recruits. It is set up for Cross’ sister Monica to be verbally attacked publicly in the restaurant by another cult member. Mike shows his bravery by defending Cynthia and Cross is impressed by his steadfastness and courage and is determined to recruit him into the group by any means necessary. The influence of The Skeletons reaches great lengths and into the higher echelons of society and after Mike’s family is threatened he succumbs to the pressure of joining the cult. From here the events that take place spiral rotate his life into a completely different direction.


At the beginning of the movie Jim Iyke is talking and he says, “Meet my sister. She’s a skeleton” and the camera pans to Uche Elendu. I was looking hard and thinking, that the chick just did not look skeleton skinny to me. Why on earth was I thinking that perhaps the movie was about eating disorders? LOL! Only to find out shortly afterwards that Skeleton was the name of the cult!

One thing that I didn’t get was how Monica was part of the FRATERNITY. Is a fraternity not a BROTHERHOOD and are “brothers” not men? Yes women are closely related with some fraternities, like the Kappa Sweethearts, Omega Pearls, Sigma Doves and Alpha Angels that exist alongside Black American Fraternities, but she was an integral member of the group sporting the tattoo and taking part in ceremonies.

The skeleton tattoos were ridiculously fake, like they had been drawn on with Tippex. We know that a skull is white, but for the sake of the tattoo they should have just added an outline to make it look real. Cynthia is horrified at her friend Monica’s tattoo and even more so when she is told that it is permanent. Why then not long after when she sees the same tattoo on her boyfriend does she tell him to “clean it.” Why are you talking about cleaning when you know it is permanent? Or perhaps she was offering to pay for laser surgery?

In this movie we learn how sometimes good people are cajoled into doing bad things. Mike only ended up joining the cult to protect his family and keep them out of harm’s way. Monica only joined under pressure from her big brother whom she idolised. It is however a dangerous cycle because that same person that was cajoled and so reluctant to join will be the same person encouraging the next person to join and using the same strong-arm tactics, as we see in the movie.

In the end we see father convicting his son to death. He does not bear any visible emotion and it is all very unconvincing. This whole parent convicting child business is obviously done for shock purposes but is so unrealistic that it is pointless. I would not recommend this movie. It was watchable but there are other campus flicks that are much better like Black Bra, War Game, even Last Supper is better than this. One thing that was very annoying throughout the film was the music. It was truly awful. They were playing loud eerie ghoulish sounding music, chiming bells and all sorts of noise that were thrown in anywhere without matching the scene.

Honour My Will

Honour My Will

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Honour My Will
Story – Bright Chibuzor
Screenplay – Shadrack Nwora
Director – MacCollins Chidebe

Emeka Ike – Richard
Uche Ogbodo – Peace
Juliet Ibrahim – Fina
Kofi Adjorlolo – Barrister Mike
Ernest Asuzu – Stanley
Geraldine Ekeocha – Rachel
Browny Igboegwu – Zero
Uju Aroh – Mabel
Idowu Ijabiyi – Glory
Nnamdi Abonyi – Luke
Val Chukwu – Gateman

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 54%

With their father is dying and Richard and Peace are sure to be by his bedside providing comfort in his time of need. On the contrary their wayward brother Stanley is busy entertaining random chicks and spraying bottles of Star in the bar. When his father does actually die he seems intent on making his mother’s life miserable nagging her about boosting his financial support and buying him a car. It is not long before his wrath extends to his brother and sister and the whole family unit is thrown into turmoil and disarray.


In the opening scene we see the father dying. You can tell that he is about too die because he keeps on coughing. Why is it that no matter what someone is sick in hospital with, whenever they are about to croak they start coughing? We need a new dying sign in Nollywood because this coughing one is overused and unrealistic. Every time I see it I groan because it is soooooooo predictable what will happen next.

Uche Ogbodo needs to stay off the bright lipstick. In one scene she had salmon coloured lipstick which she then plastered heavy lip gloss on top of. Coupled with her bright yellow skin tone she was looking like a Day-Glo bright Bobo the Clown. There was more than one occasion that her belt came swinging open. When you have a gut its not a good idea to wear those belts that only have a small hook holding you together, let alone to wear one on a movie set.

I would recommend this movie. Part 1 did drag a little but the movie really picked up in Part two. Ernest Asuzu was well casted as the loppy and deranged Stanley. He was listed in the credits as “Ernst Obi”… Strange? The movie is worth watching for his performance alone. The way he was shouting and screaming you would think that he was about to bust a vein in his neck. He kind of reminds me of Jim Iyke, but preferable because we don’t have to hear the exaggerated Americanisms. It was a nice ending in that justice prevailed but why oh why do we have a family member delivering the verdict again, like in Blood Game?