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After The Marriage

After The Marriage

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After The Marriage ~ 2010
(Continuation to Marriage of Sorrows)
Story/ Screenplay – Okey Zubelu Okoh
Director – Kalu Anya
Producer – Chibuzor Emelu

Pat Attah – Dr Harrison
Oge Okoye – Rita
Ngozi Ezeonu – Susan
Fred Ariko – Pastor Obinna
Zubby Micheal – Pastor Desmond
Kalu Anya – Inspector
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Ofonze
Voke Stephen – Chizoba
Emmanuel Okonkwo – Duben
Regina Okonkwo – Onyinye
Esther Ugwu – Mama
Adagbor Jennifer – Mary
Nene Ugwu – Chioma
Rita Daniels – Elder

Themes Explored:
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 15%

Rita and Pastor Obinna are happily married and have three beautiful children. They live in perfect harmony until the day comes where Dr Harrison comes into her life to claim “his kids.” Children who have never known him as a father, but an uncle the reason being is that he is their father’s younger brother.


40 minutes into the movie and I am just completely bored. The production is lacklustre and slow paced, just tooo GD slooooow. Even the scene where Dr Harisson confronts his brother Obinna about “his children,” a scene that was supposed to be filled with drama and tension was anticlimactic. The movie just seemed to get worse and worse as I continued watching.

The oldest girl Chizoba looked way too old to play Rita’s daughter. They should have made her the house girl if she just had to be in the movie. She was looking about 20-24 and Rita looked to be 26-30. In another movie the two actresses could have easily been cast as roommates on campus. What a casting mishap.

If you were not told that Chizoba was Pastor Obinna’s daughter there is no way you would have even realised. Father and daughter do not relate as such, this is especially strange considering that the family is supposed to be close knit one. There is one scene where he offers her a lift to the market when he spots her on the road not far from the gate. It is as if he is approaching a stranger, there is not even the familiarity you would get with a house girl.

Instead of Obinna letting his brother Dr Harisson take the kids and have the shame of everyone knowing that his wife had been sleeping with him he decides to kill the children. The scene where pastor Obinna takes his daughter Chizoba to a field right by the side of the road to kill her is totally ridiculous, wooden and unrealistic. You want to commit murder and you don’t even go deep into woods. You just kill the girl right there by the side of the road. RUBBISH!

Even in the aftermath of the killing the scenes were unrealistic. Everything was just so fake. There was no turmoil in Obinna, no feasible emotion. Even his anger was subdued, and this from a man who raised three children as his own and just found out that biologically they were his brother’s. NAAAA! Not buying it. He was also too calm as he was carrying out the atrocities and the fake crying afterwards was just cringeworthy.

It is ridiculous for a man who has raised children he thought of as his own to be stripped of them just like that and handed over to a man they have hardly any contact with. It would be traumatic for both parties. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Dr Harrison snatched the children away from their lives but he could not force them to give him the love they would give to their father. This fool came to reap where he did not sow. That is a big fool manoeuvre!

Oge Okoye really tried in the scene where she finds out about the death of Chizoba. She is wailing and head clutching and it would have been very convincing had it been a different movie. This movie, however was too much of a flop for her efforts to even matter.

Pat Attah strikes back. I guess these trips from Germany are going to become a regular thing. His fineness has somewhat waned from his heyday so it is no longer acceptable for him to be so wooden. I mean he is watchable but noticeably stiff. I wonder why Ngozi Ezeonu was even in the movie. It was pointless. She was supposed to be Pat’s ex that he had been pining over. She just looked too old for him. It wasn’t a good match at all.

Throughout the movie we see the producer soliciting for distribution around the world, begging for people to contact him on What a mess! If you are serious why wouldn’t you get a proper email? It is so simple to set up your own domain name these days and you are not in the football business so why would people that are trying to do business with you need to know your love for Arsenal? Sheer unprofessionalism!

As the credits roll we see the faces of all those that made the production happen, from the Production Manager to the Location Driver. It would have been a great idea if it wasn’t such a wreck of a movie. Seeing all their faces just made me curse them individually through my TV screen one by one. They showed them all dancing around to Yori Yori and other tunes. There were some very very fruity looking men whining up on each other. Did anyone else catch that? Even the dancing was overload. It was never ending and all the razzness got a bit boring.

In the end we find out the whole palava involving the killings turns out to be a dream, or should that be nightmare, yes nightmare because watching this movie really was a nightmare and waste of time. In the end we see the children run into their father’s room as he cries about killing them. Their mother also comes back after a car crash where she was badly burnt, Kudos on the burn job done on Oge’s face. That was the only thing realistic in the whole movie.

I would not recommend this movie at all. I did not see Juliet Ibrahim at all despite her face on the cover. The storyline in itself as a whole was not bad but the execution and script were poor. There is not one scene that I can point to that made any kind of remarkable impression on me. Bloody boring, bad acting, rubbish script, poor execution. THUMBS DOWN!


Blue Blood

Blue Blood

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Blue Blood ~ 2010
(Continuation: NEVER TO RETURN)

Story – Okey Zubela Okoh
Screenplay – Okey Zubela Okoh, Onyinye Ukora
Director – Okey Zubela Okoh
Producer – Uche Nancy, Hyacinth Onwuka

Ini Edo – Princess Oluchi
Tonto Dikeh – Nkem
Collette Nkem Orji –
Yemi Blaq – Onyema
Eve Esiri – Jessy
Mary Uranta – Peace
Nse Ikpi Etim – Chimamanda
Jibola Dabo – Chied Iekmefuna
Andy Ike – Ndidi Amaka
Chigozie Okoli – Guard 1
Okoye Emeka – Guard 2
Uchester Eluaka – Lecturer
Uju Aroh – Mama Onye
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Bayo
Escort Kamar – Joseph
Uche Ebere – Mama Chimamanda
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Chief Daniel
Zainab Egwuonwu – Andy
Ed Nnasor – Elder
Micheal Godson – John

Themes Explored:
Tradition Vs Assimilation

My Rating – 40%

Ini Edo plays Princess Oluchi. She is thought of as a snob on campus because of her attitude, her royal attire and the guards that accompany her everywhere she goes. It is not until she makes friends with Nkem and realises that she too is a princess but stays understated that she starts thinking that it is not a necessity to flaunt her status at every given opportunity.

At one stage she is so full of herself that when she finds a student sitting in “her seat” in the library she slaps him after he refuses to move. This action haunts her terribly and she ends up apologising publicly. After this she becomes very close to him. This student is called Onye, played by Yemi Blaq.

Onye has a history. He was left to bring up his young son after his ex wife Chimamanda, played by Nse Ikpi-Etim  left him after an abusive relationship to begin a new life at university. Their paths soon cross when he ends up studying at the same university as her. She supposedly hates him but at the same time does not want to see him with the Princess either.



Both Ini and Tonto were rocking lakefronts and they both looked atrocious.

Nse and Yemi look too old to be students. Even if they are both 20 years old they most certainly do not look it so for me it defied realism. They both look at LEAST 30 yeas old Nse kept on putting on a baby voice that was rather strange and annoying.

For supposed royal chicks the accommodation we see Nkem and Princess Oluchi lodging in looks less that royal. It looks like any accommodation that a regular student would lodge in.

Why did the teacher approach Collette and the two guys to make the Princess apologise to Onye? What is his business? Why would he care to intervene?

For me the royal story line was a bust and I didn’t get why Tonto and Ini had to be made royal. Why not just make them from really rich or influential families? The whole concept of royalty as it was presented in the movie seemed somewhat dated in modern times. We see students laughing at Princess Oluchi as she walks through campus in her royal garb. There was no respect for her status but this avenue was not explored.

Chief wants Chimamanda to marry and bear a son for him as his wife has had 4 daughters and his wife cannot have any more children. He is searching for an heir. In Nollywood I wonder why the women who receive proposals like this don’t ever wonder what will happen to them if they bear a daughter instead of a son. Why don’t they ever think that they will get discarded just like the wife was? There also needs to be a point when a woman who is blamed for producing a girl turns to the man and tells him, OI! I only produce X Chromosomes and you produce X and Y, therefore it is YOU that is to blame.”

One ridiculous scene was when Princess Oluchi invites Nkem to a party. She pleads with her to go, her reason being that she does not want to go alone. We then find out that Onye has been invited too and then we see all three of them sitting at the party together and most of the time they are off together, leaving Nkem to sit alone. What a cheek! At the party we see waaaaaaay too much dancing where nothing at all is happening. Good editing is vital to keep the viewers attention and having ten minutes of dancing with no dialogue and NOTHING happening is not a good move.

Sound is a bit up and down I noticed that the sound was particularly low in the scenes featuring Chimamanda and Chief.

It wasn’t brilliant but I would recommend watching the movie when you are bored as it was somewhat entertaining. We learn something about Tradition vs Assmilation, forgiveness and giving second chances. Onye may have been a monster in his past but we can see in his behaviour how he has drastically changed and would deserved to be forgiven for his past actions. I felt that there wasn’t clear focus in the movie, it seemed a bit haphazard in the way that it was put together. Great cast but I feel they were a little wasted. The story and characters needed to be developed a bit more as it felt one dimensional.

22/02/10 UPDATE: After watching the continuation I had to lower the rating from 50% to 40%. How stupid can a movier get? The continuation focuses on Amanda marrying chief and their relationship. It is just boring and a waste of time. The basic premise is that what goes around comes around. Amanda realises the errors of her ways and vows to get her son back but then we see Onye reading Amanda’s letter where she says that she is going to disappear forever. WHAT? Contradiction.

At the end we see Yami during the credits talking about how he was honoured to take part in such a wonderful film? WHAT? Did he not read the stupid ass script? Why even disgrace yourself talking nonsense about a piece of trash movie? Nollywood Movie Nigerian Film African Film Movie Review

Behind The Ring

Behind The Ring

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Behind The Ring ~ 2009
(Repackaged as Black Mirror)
Story/ Screenplay – Chikere Guide
Director – Moses Ebere
Producer – Chikere Guide
An Eastwind production

Desmond Elliot – Colombo
Jackie Appiah – Cynthia
Mona Lisa Chinda – Vivian
Jim Lawson Maduike – Bazoka
Lynda Ekezie – Ella
Sele Kent-Sele – Edwin
Clems Onyeka – John
Ndidi Obi – Stella
Chikere Guide – Mako
Nathaniel Judgewill – James
Tegga Anighoro – Victor
Oscar Rodondo – Apostle
Stanley E Ozoemena – Bontum
Candace Jenny – Candace
Ugo White – Native Doctor
Joyce Kalu – Grandma
Muyiwa Onowu – Mako Jnr
Onyebuchi Ugwunna – Apostle Jnr
Mabel Etuk – Kate
Patricia Okolie – Magaret
John Lee – Hilary

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 46%

James and Vivian are happily married with one son, Victor. Madly in love their union is torn apart when James is killed during a burglary at their home one night. It is suspected that the killing was orchestrated by James’s junior brother Edwin as he was known to be desperate to get his hand on their late father’s property by any means necessary.

When Victor is kidnapped and taken to a ravine by assassins it becomes painfully clear that someone is out to break up the family. We find out that not only does his brother have the motive to carry out such a dastardly act but so does  James’s best friend Edwin. Who is behind the murder and kidnapping?


Six months after your husband’s death and you are telling your son to call his dad’s best friend Daddy and then you are surprised when he tells you, “he is not my daddy” A freaking six year old. What did you expect? After your husband’s death we saw Edwin declare undying love to you and you dismissed him. You were very assertive and clear that you were not interested and then all of a sudden I see a SIX MONTHS LATER caption and you guys are legally married. HABA! That is QUICK!

We can tell that Edwin is a slimy gold digger as he knows exactly how much Mona received from her husband’s death insurance payout despite her not telling him. We can see that he is a nasty piece of work in his opposition to Vivian leaving the money for her son Victor. Edwin just smells of trouble but Vivian is blinded. She thinks that it is love, exclaiming, “he even washed my panties!” My dear, who wouldn’t for 125 million Naira?

Why in the phone call Vivian has with Edwin discussing James’ disappearance can we hear Edwin’s voice as CLEAR AS DAY as if he is in an adjoining room?

I wasn’t convinced about Mona Lisa playing the role of Jackie’s mother. It just wasn’t believable to me. We have to remember she did not have this child very young. She had this child after Victor’s disappearance. She must have been at least 25 after Victor disappeared and realistically more like 30. Any way you arrange it the maths just does not work out. If we put Jackie at 26 and Mona at 35 it is just arrant nonsense.

My darling Dessy baby looked like a big fat greasy gigolo. CHEI! See braids, see satin shirt with chest exposed, see bright red blazer with shoulder pads… SEE HORROR! I am not loving how fat his bum bum is becoming, but such is life, na lie?

The movie started off ok but then as it went on it just got silly and became plagued with bad acting. Ella, her friends and her brother were all a big mess. The side story involving brother Mako (or was it Mike?), coke addict uncle Hilary came from nowhere and didn’t integrate well into the existing story. The movie started getting really boring around that time.

I would not recommend this movie. The story I felt was predictable, although it didn’t end it is just inevitable that somewhere along the way brother and sister are going to get into something with each other. The movie ends with a grown up Victor, now called Colombo trying to convince Mako to quit his life of crime. It started off well then all turned into a bit of a yawn fest. I’d give it a miss!

Bitter Generation

Bitter Generation

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Bitter Generation ~ 2009
Story – Lucy Awoji (Big Sister)
Screenplay – Chinedu Ejike Obim
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Stanley Ebonine
A Soul Rise Production

Olu Jacobs – Mr Oskos
Ini Edo – Adimka
Oge Okoye – Uche
Ali Nuhu – Kazie
Augusta Iheanacho Isaac – Stella
Kevin Uvo – Chris
Uju Aroh – Happiness
Nazareth Jesse – Titi
Ifeanyi Onu – Chidi
Stanley Ebonine – Osaro
Ed Nnasor – Odinaka
Stellamaris Emore – Nkiru
Okoye Emeka – Dan
Micheal Godson – Kanayo
Nonso Okereke – Kpanko
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Chima

Sibling Rivalry
Campus Cultism

My Rating – 57%

Kazie gets involved with a bad boy on campus. While dining out one day with his babe on campus he unknowingly beats up a guy who is the head of a notorious cult. This results in him dropping out of school as to escape the wrath of the cult. His family are bewildered by his actions and he refuses to tell them the reason behind his absence from school. His parents spend their time trying to figure out what is happening with their son and Adimka runs around campus trying to cull the excesses of her wayward sister Uche. Soon a family tragedy brings them all together and the focus in their lives changes. Now there is only one question. WHO DONE IT?


Ali Nuhu being miscast

In the opening scene we see Ali Nuhu as a bad boy, diamond earring and all. He is even swearing. Let me just say it once loud and clear – MISCASTING to the highest degree. When will whoever is casting this guy in these roles realise that he does not fit them at all? It was not believable to me at all, just made me cringe a little bit. In the opening scene he is out with his girl and a guy comes and says that he has a message to give the girl. Hear Kazie (Nuhu),

“She’s not going anywhere tell us what the fucking message is!”

It was such a WOW! moment. Even the “menacing glare” he adopted was sooooo NOT menacing, hence the quotation marks. Then to top it off he goes to beat up the same guy with some kung fu moves. WOW again! He has a bright yellow shirt on and was looking like some prissy ballet dancer or something, and you are meant to be a bad boy? *snicker snicker* Watch out for Ali kissing his teeth too. That is a comedy moment for sure.

The guy tried though and to his credit this is the best performance of his that I have seen despite the miscasting. There is a scene between Kazie and his mother where he threatens to sell the house and shoves her. That was the most passionate performance of his that I’ve seen.

Lacefront wigs

Adimka (Ini) and Uche (Oge) are sisters. You would have thought they were twins with the matching lacefronts, the wigs looked a hot ass mess. Oge’s was bad but Ini’s was absolutely disastrous! I know I have said it before but I NEED to say it again. These lacefronts are not THA BOMB, but they do look like you have been involved in a bomb explosion. They look like the old skool big ol yardie wigs where they would glue the tracks right onto the front of their heads. In fact these wigs are even worse because not only do you get that very fake hairline but you also get the horrible wispy bits in the front. They call them baby hairs Na wa ooo!

The movie is watchable, so I would recommend it. In part 1 I was ready to turn it off. It seemed to have no direction and was rather boring. It did however pick up tremendously in Part 2. There was more build up of tension and intrigue introduced to the point where when it finished I was PISSED because I wanted to know so badly what was going to happen next and the movie didn’t finish. No doubt there will be a continuation where it will turn into a murder mystery. The sound leaves much to be desired as it is echoic and up and down and I believe that it could have been made into two parts and just cut out most of part 1 as it did not seem that relevant to the plot. I will be looking forward to watching the continuation as I believe it will be much better than the first two parts.

A Note to add:

Lately it seems like nothing but rubbish is coming out. I have about 10 movie reviews with regards to movies that I watched over Christmas that I have not yet posted, I haven’t felt particularly compelled to because they were mostly junk or slightly above junk levels. I know people will come screaming blue murder that all the latest reviews are lows scores but I am simply telling it as it is. Someone being a nice person isn’t reason enough to cast them, even if you are sleeping with them, if you cast them and they are rubbish prepare to be told. Simple! If so much junk wasn’t being put out. I wouldn’t be able to be giving these low scores. It is very disheartening to write back to back reviews with nothing scoring higher than 70%. Yes many are watchable but I am craving something great… excellence, not even perfection but a production that has a very good go at it. Bring on Bursting Out, Holding Hope, Ije, Tango with Me, Private Storm, Memories of My Heart, Home in Exile and Nollywood Hustler! Nigerian Movies Nigerian Movie Review Nollywood film

Bloody Tussle

Bloody Tussle

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Bloody Tussle ~ 2009
(Also known as IN COLD BLOOD)
Story/ Screenplay – Aniedi Awah
Director – Ugo Ugbor (De General)
Producer – Paul Nwachukwu Anaruagu

Chika Ike – Elena
Majid Michel – Tony
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Nneka
Francis Duru – Matthew
Livinus Nnochiri – Kingsley
Ali Nuhu – Edmond
Jim Lawson Maduike – Chief Paul
Ricky Eze – Alao
Abel Mmadu – David
Joshua Johnson – Bro Michael
Blessing John – Bro Michael Wife
Taofeek Muyiba – Vanessa
Loveth Akpan – Gift
Lina Joseph – Art Woman
Oge Anyanwu – DPO
Ugo Peters – Policeman


My Rating 44%

Elena and Tony have been married for 2 years. It is a loveless marriage, Elena has been having extramarital affairs and it in a dilemma as to whether or not she should end the marriage. She approaches her father, who is the one that set her up with Tony and he warns her that if she is to divorce her husband it must come from her husband’s side. He adds that she must not be caught with any man. From this we can surmise that there must be some sort of arrangement made before the marriage pertaining to what would happen if they split and under which circumstances.


Tony wants Matthew, played by Francis Duru to seduce his wife Elena for 3 million Naira. He tells him,

“I have never seen a man as exquisite as you, so chiselled.”

Noooo, you did not hear wrong and no Francis Duru did not have some miraculous makeoever. Laugh wan kill me die! What part of Francis Duru would be called chiselled? The guy is short and dumpy. It was inconceivable to me that out of all the guys in the city it would be Francis that would be the sex bomb approached to be paid to seduce someone’s wife? What kind of nonsense is that? Seriously BAD CASTING!

You know that I have previously said that Majid was on fire and could create chemistry with a wood log, well check this he couldn’t create chemistry with Chika Ike, in fact he had more chemistry with Francis Duru. Chika has got to be the most boring Nollywood Actress ever! The lack of chemistry did make sense considering that they were supposed to be in a loveless marriage, however I bet if they were supposed to be in a loving marriage the chemistry would still remain at zero. *YAWN*

The movie is PROPERTY OF PAUL DANIELS LTD INT. and trust me you will not forget it. We see non stop scrolling to tell us this across the top of the screen. What is the point? It can’t be to stop the pirates as they will it pirate anyway big ass letters and all. It was just annoying and distracting.


The sound is abysmally bad and loud. It kept breaking in an out. I actually thought my scart lead was damaged because I couldn’t imagine the sound could be that bad. There is one scene in which Elena is explaining to her employer how she is married to an enemy and I was straining to hear what was being said. I changed the scart lead and the problem persisted. It was only when I turned off the auto volume on the TV that it was made a bit better. Even on volume 7 which is normally low the sound was loud and even vibrated when voices were raised.

The relationships in this movie were way more complex that I first imagined. It turns into a murder mystery whodunit and Elena in Jail. It is somewhat interesting but after two parts it doesn’t end and so many questions are unanswered. In fact nothing at all was answered. I guess I’d have to watch the rest to get it. I don’t think I’d bother though. Not recommended. Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses

Beyond Conspiracy

Beyond Conspiracy

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Beyond Conspiracy ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Ugezu J Ugezu

Ini Edo – Manari
Van Vicker – Michael
Amaechi Muonagor – King Nzeribe
Tonto Dikeh – Ugo
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Nwebe
Joyce Kalu – Okwuoma
Walta Anga – Baron
Collette Nkem Orji – Ngozi
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Okeke
Browny Igboegwu – Kingsley
Evelyn Esin – Sandra
Ugezu J Ugezu –Ozomma
Denis Osadebe – McCarthy
Okwudili Oguegbu

Social Class and Status

My Rating 22%

The movie tells a story about a Prince Michael who is due to be married to a girl from a rich family that his parents have picked for him but in actuality wants to marry his own choice who is a girl from a poor home. I can tell straight way that the movie is going to be boring. It starts off that way and continues that way. It is an uninspiring unoriginal below mediocre story about a prince and a pauper *YAWN* Similar to Palace Maid but even more drab. There is nothing new in this movie and nothing to evoke any sort of reaction but yawning.


The story is badly executed and a lot of the dialogue is unrealistic. In one scene we see Ugo played by Tonto begging the Prince played by Van to leave Manari his pauper girlfriend. The speech that she delivers to him is over the top and unbelievable. She tells him, “imagine us ruling the world together,” in a bid to convince him to get with her. For a pretty, rich girl it all seems so unnecessarily desperate, especially considering that she seems to barely knows him and we don’t see how their relationship has developed before this scene.

In another scene we see Prince Michael confront Ugo’s friend Ngozi to tell her to warn Ugo to steer clear of him as he is “engaged to another.”  This scene doesn’t even make sense as he issues this warning just after he has dumped Ugo because he thinks that she accepted money from the palace to stay away from him. Why would he even be in the frame of mind to at that time to talk about being engaged to Ugo whom he believes has just committed the biggest betrayal ever?

I said that after her performance in Street President that I wanted to see Collette Nkem Orji again but this was not the vehicle that that was going to allow her star to shine so let me not bother commenting on her performance and hope that next time I see her in something better.


Ugezu! Ugezu! Ugezu! OGA I do not know what is happening with you. I have not seen anything good from you since Millennium Lady and Strength to Strength. These were delightful way above average movies that I recommended highly and since then I have seen nothing but a slew of garbage unoriginal “royal” stories. Please pick the projects you choose to work on more carefully. I still have faith that you can make a comeback with works worth raving about. Let 2010 be a much better one.


I would not recommend this movie. The sound was echoey on and off throughout the movie. It is the kind of movie that is so uneventful; you will watch and forget what happened in about a week. I stopped half way through part 2. It seemed pointless as it was so predictable and quite a chore to watch.

Behind a Smile

Behind a Smile

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Behind A Smile ~ 2009
Story – Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche
Screenplay – Frank Rajah Arase
Director – Frank Rajah Arase

Majid Michel – Fred
Jim Iyke – Majid
Nadia Buari – Mara
Adaora Ukoh – Maria
Omoni Oboli – Stacey
Jibola Dabo – Chief Darcy
Gloria Young – Lucy
Florence Sunday – Fred’s Mum
Esther Audu – Jenny
Gabriel Okorie – Dr Rex
Tunde Alabi – Dr Sam
Nathaniel George – Dr Ben
Patrick Nnamani – Dr Smith

“Saving Face”

My Rating – 56%

Majid and Fred are as close as brothers but behind behind Majid’s show of brotherly love and concern lurks a sinister nature. Majid comes to live with Fred after a sojourn in Span. He comes back broke, with a hustler mentality and in no time at all he has already set Fred up to be robbed.

Fred is engaged to Stacey but when he meets a beautiful girl in a wheelchair who helps him out in a life or death situation they form a strong friendship and consequently fall madly in love.


Family Relationships
When Fred breaks up with Stacey he has ruined his family’s relationship with hers, and the repercussions are massive. Because he was employed by her family he loses his job and home as does his mother. His mother tells him,

“You have not only brought me shame but pain.”

The relationship break up is a huge strain too on his own relationship with his family.  When Stacey’s mother throws Fred and his mother out of their respective homes the shame that she feels as a result of the break up is used as a justification,

“Do you realise how many dignitaries we invited to the wedding?”

She would prefer them to marry to “save face” in front of others than look at the fact that her daughter has had a lucky escape from marrying a man that could abandon her in the future.

Stacey goes to go and tell her parents that she is going to get married and gives them an invite at the same time. Wouldn’t any decent daughter have mentioned the fact to her parents BEFORE making concrete plans and printing off wedding invitations?


Friendship is about give and take. Fred takes Majid into his home and supports him in his time of need but when the tables are turned Majid is not willing to support his friend and turns his back on him. We see from the beginning that Majid is not a true friend but what is the reason why he behaves the way that he does? He treats Fred more like an enemy. There is nothing to clue us in on this.

Why? Mara supposedly has kidney failure and is in a wheelchair not because her legs don’t work but because she is weak but then she is able to go horse riding. She can barely haul herself onto the bed from the wheelchair when she is about to make love with Fred. Would it not have made sense for her to have just walked the three steps to the bed since she clearly is not THAT weak?

Why? Fred is burnt and OMG do the burns look sooo fake! He looks like he has been placed in a toaster with stuck on sores. Reminded me of the black and white Minstrel days when white men would do black face. This was like a yellow man doing brownface!

Why? A lot of the dialogue sounded like Shakespeare being performed on the big stage, which was kind of weird and sort of inappropriate considering it was a modern day movie.

The story started off really well and then it descended into nonsensical chaos which was quite disappointing. In the movie Majid had always been horrible to Mara or ignored her existence when she used to visit Fred at the house so it did not make sense to me that just out of the blue we see him helping Mara and walking her out of the hospital. Huh when did this happen? The last we saw he was rude to her and had abandoned her boyfriend in his time of need.

The next ridiculous thing that happened was Majid claiming to be in love with Mara. Huh? When did this happen? Where was the build up? We never even saw ONE lingering look… NOTHING! Even more ridiculous was Mara supposedly falling in love with him too! Chineke!

The whole thing was so sudden. It was just like BAM Mara and Majid were a couple and having an affair behind Fred’s back. Then we get introduced to Maria and the story gets even stranger, where does she fit in? This is the first we have seen of her. In that sense the build up of suspense throughout the movie was good. The huge downfall is that those questions were never answered. There were questions constantly on my mind:

Does Majid really love Mara?
Or is he using her?
Why did Majid set Fred up?
Why does Maria feel so used by Majid? What is their story?

I would recommend this movie because on the whole it was wholly entertaining, even the ridiculous parts and Jim Iyke’s thugisms. Major kudos to Majid Michel and Adaorah Ukoh, they were the standouts for me. Adaroah Ukoh is wholly underrated as an actress. She needs to be getting bigger and better roles. I have never seen her fluff up a role I don’t know why she isn’t in more movies and as lead. I did think that by the end of the movie the questions that I had throughout would be answered and to my disappointment they were not. This is where the movie fell down for me. What was the motive behind the characters acting the way that they did? There were so many untied ends. It was as if halfway through the movie focus was just lost.