Random Ramblings

So there is already a page where I told you how I got into Nollywood movies. I decided to create an extra page for any random ramblings that  pertain to the blog.  I will be updating this page as and when a random thought that I feel like sharing pops into my head!

So here goes:

Some of you may be wondering why you see certain covers on the flickr feed and then why you don’t see reviews. Put simply it is usually because the film is so awful (HEART OF MEN for example) I just could not finish it and didn’t see the point in reviewing it. Sometimes I do put the really awful ones up, but most times I don’t bother.

Other times I may not have watched the film for whatever reason. I may just not have got around to it, or perhaps someone put me off watching. Sometimes I watched it and left it too long that I can’t remember enough details to write a review about it. In these cases I will write a short review on the flickr page with a rating out of ten.


2 responses to “Random Ramblings

  1. Would Like you to be our movie critic for a magazine we are working on here in the USA.

  2. Wow, Heart of Men even has its own website. Nollywood is totally going Hollywood!

    I hope Al Musty is prepared to pay Nolly big bucks to be the movie critic!

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