Bitter Generation

Bitter Generation

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Bitter Generation ~ 2009
Story – Lucy Awoji (Big Sister)
Screenplay – Chinedu Ejike Obim
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Stanley Ebonine
A Soul Rise Production

Olu Jacobs – Mr Oskos
Ini Edo – Adimka
Oge Okoye – Uche
Ali Nuhu – Kazie
Augusta Iheanacho Isaac – Stella
Kevin Uvo – Chris
Uju Aroh – Happiness
Nazareth Jesse – Titi
Ifeanyi Onu – Chidi
Stanley Ebonine – Osaro
Ed Nnasor – Odinaka
Stellamaris Emore – Nkiru
Okoye Emeka – Dan
Micheal Godson – Kanayo
Nonso Okereke – Kpanko
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Chima

Sibling Rivalry
Campus Cultism

My Rating – 57%

Kazie gets involved with a bad boy on campus. While dining out one day with his babe on campus he unknowingly beats up a guy who is the head of a notorious cult. This results in him dropping out of school as to escape the wrath of the cult. His family are bewildered by his actions and he refuses to tell them the reason behind his absence from school. His parents spend their time trying to figure out what is happening with their son and Adimka runs around campus trying to cull the excesses of her wayward sister Uche. Soon a family tragedy brings them all together and the focus in their lives changes. Now there is only one question. WHO DONE IT?


Ali Nuhu being miscast

In the opening scene we see Ali Nuhu as a bad boy, diamond earring and all. He is even swearing. Let me just say it once loud and clear – MISCASTING to the highest degree. When will whoever is casting this guy in these roles realise that he does not fit them at all? It was not believable to me at all, just made me cringe a little bit. In the opening scene he is out with his girl and a guy comes and says that he has a message to give the girl. Hear Kazie (Nuhu),

“She’s not going anywhere tell us what the fucking message is!”

It was such a WOW! moment. Even the “menacing glare” he adopted was sooooo NOT menacing, hence the quotation marks. Then to top it off he goes to beat up the same guy with some kung fu moves. WOW again! He has a bright yellow shirt on and was looking like some prissy ballet dancer or something, and you are meant to be a bad boy? *snicker snicker* Watch out for Ali kissing his teeth too. That is a comedy moment for sure.

The guy tried though and to his credit this is the best performance of his that I have seen despite the miscasting. There is a scene between Kazie and his mother where he threatens to sell the house and shoves her. That was the most passionate performance of his that I’ve seen.

Lacefront wigs

Adimka (Ini) and Uche (Oge) are sisters. You would have thought they were twins with the matching lacefronts, the wigs looked a hot ass mess. Oge’s was bad but Ini’s was absolutely disastrous! I know I have said it before but I NEED to say it again. These lacefronts are not THA BOMB, but they do look like you have been involved in a bomb explosion. They look like the old skool big ol yardie wigs where they would glue the tracks right onto the front of their heads. In fact these wigs are even worse because not only do you get that very fake hairline but you also get the horrible wispy bits in the front. They call them baby hairs Na wa ooo!

The movie is watchable, so I would recommend it. In part 1 I was ready to turn it off. It seemed to have no direction and was rather boring. It did however pick up tremendously in Part 2. There was more build up of tension and intrigue introduced to the point where when it finished I was PISSED because I wanted to know so badly what was going to happen next and the movie didn’t finish. No doubt there will be a continuation where it will turn into a murder mystery. The sound leaves much to be desired as it is echoic and up and down and I believe that it could have been made into two parts and just cut out most of part 1 as it did not seem that relevant to the plot. I will be looking forward to watching the continuation as I believe it will be much better than the first two parts.

A Note to add:

Lately it seems like nothing but rubbish is coming out. I have about 10 movie reviews with regards to movies that I watched over Christmas that I have not yet posted, I haven’t felt particularly compelled to because they were mostly junk or slightly above junk levels. I know people will come screaming blue murder that all the latest reviews are lows scores but I am simply telling it as it is. Someone being a nice person isn’t reason enough to cast them, even if you are sleeping with them, if you cast them and they are rubbish prepare to be told. Simple! If so much junk wasn’t being put out. I wouldn’t be able to be giving these low scores. It is very disheartening to write back to back reviews with nothing scoring higher than 70%. Yes many are watchable but I am craving something great… excellence, not even perfection but a production that has a very good go at it. Bring on Bursting Out, Holding Hope, Ije, Tango with Me, Private Storm, Memories of My Heart, Home in Exile and Nollywood Hustler! Nigerian Movies Nigerian Movie Review Nollywood film


20 responses to “Bitter Generation

  1. NF, I though I was the only one fed up with the beyond par movies coming out of nollywood.
    But I have to tell you that I was elated to understand that Dr Yerima et al will be in tango with me. That is a master actor who is highly underappreciated in the contemporary movie industry.

    I will be looking forward to seeing these movies (mentioned above) and your take on them. I am just hoping I don’t get bitterly disaappointed as my expectations are pretty high right now!

    • Trust me OA! You are not the only one… Disappointment is at an all time high right now… I am hanging on by a piece of fraying thread! LOL

      I do not know who Dr Yerima is but I am sure I will soon find out!

  2. Nice story but dis is normal nollywood I was readin’ 2ru,I knew d next tin.y cnt we try smfn new pls.

  3. i watch nollywood movies as comedies esp wen i’m bored. these guys put in a lotta energy for nufn. @lacewigs: d craze is jst annoyn. it dosnt fit wel on evri1. evri1 wan b fashionista.mschewww

  4. Why do they keep using this untalented dude Ali Nuhu. Who the hell keeps hiring him to act. He is so damn boring

    • I am wondering ma damn self. My research tells me that people hire him because he is firstly a nice guy, he is very professional and likeable… but damn so am I… Will people pay to come and see me sing even though I sound like a cat being strangled? I wonder!

  5. Well I mean damn, i heard canibalist serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer favourite food was salad, but that did not mean he had to kill, toss and dice human beings into his salad bowl as bacon bits

  6. This movie was soooooooooooooooooooooo boring I had to stop it.
    I am tired of such nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Emem Isong, Tchidi Chereke, Lancelot Oduwa (D’Govenor), Fred Amata………………………where are you ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please SAVE us from this torture!!

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!! You bought the part 3&4 why? why? why?
    I mean I love Olu Jacobs but Ali Nuhu just ruined it for me. Oge Okoye is good also but I’m not a fan of Ini Edo. I just hate it when she keeps licking her lips and always wearing tight clothes.
    Her role in White Hunters just pissed me the hell off!
    NF: please try and watch such movies online and save your money on the good ones!

  8. Nolly i think u must have a crush on this BORING NUHU guy cos u keep watching his movies.

    Anyway am only teasing.

    Its a slow 1st quarter – isnt it? Nothing but crap. If you want to laugh small watch WHITE HUNTERS – but please dont buy it. I rated it 5/10, and i am glad i did not buy it.

    So on a serious note tell me all these 10 movies you have did you BUY it with money or it was dash to you. If you bought it with money, am thinking you must be very rich, i gotta know you more. Girl why do you torture yourself so with such rubbish.

    Check out my blog, I listed about 10 upcoming movies, but please dont rush out to go buy it yet. Let me do my research and save u money (i know i damn sure aint spending my money). Three quarters may be rubbish.

    Oh Lord i hope 2010 is a good year with good movies. Please Lord dont let them bombard us with rubbish

    • NONSENSE! ROBBISH… Crush Ko Crush Ni…. My dear I have respecting you all this while… please respect yourself before you come accusing me of such… Na wa oooo… LOL

      The ten movies I got for Christmas because my parents were coming round. What a disappointment! Luckily they are not too fussy and just watched anyway.

      Ali Nuhu? What can I do when they insist on putting him in movies. I told you this is an addiction… My dear I buy them and then I move them on… That is the name of the game puff puff give. LMAO

      I watched White Hunters… At first I was like WTF is this stupidness but the more I watched the more I found it funny. that was some good comic relief. In fact I think I’d give it a 6 because its job was to make people laugh and it most def did that.

  9. Ali Nuhu 😆 – anyway sha – he must be related to some of these producers who keep using him.

  10. 😆 for real????

    And Ali Nuhu was also nominated for best actor for some award (i cant remember), I almost choaked on my food laughing. That dude must really have some strong connections in Nollywood.

    I dont understand why such a horrible actor can casted so much. Thank God he has a reputation of being a nice person as u said b4 – cos this type of talent plus arrogancy dont mix. Chei, can u imagine.

    The dude doesnt do any thing for me, no sense of believability in his character. I am sitting here imagining him being casted in the same movie with netos friend from silent scandal, plus Van Vicker and Pat Attah – chei, where is my tylenol????

    Ali Nuhu sit down and watch your own movies and be honest to yourself critique yourself. We dont have anything personal against u – we dont even know you. We simply telling u as it is.

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