Dangerous Angels

Dangerous Angels

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Dangerous Angels ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay – Juliet Chisom Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Chimezie Emelonwu

Ini Edo – Amanda
Tonto Dikeh – Foxy
Nonso Diobi – Conrad
Halima Abubakar – Susan
Anita Joseph – Jojo
John Paul Nwadike – Oscar
Ene Miltex Ogiri – Ije
Amanda Ebeye – Carol
Remmy Ohajianya – Major
Hakeem Rahman – INEC President
Henry Chigbu – Blacky
Ubong Thompson – D Man

Themes Explored:
Campus Cultism

My Rating – 67%

Foxy mama is the head of a female cult group on campus called The Jezebels. The Jezebels are feared on campus and no one dares to cross them, no one except Amanda that is. Amanda has a run in with Foxy and they clash immediately. The rivalry becomes all the more serious when Foxy realises that Amanda is the daughter of her father’s arch enemy. She is ready to exact her revenge on her father’s behalf and so the war begins.



How can Carol and her brother, be sharing a room at university at her father’s insistence when they are both grown folk?

This is the first time I have noticed the elaborate branding on Anita Joseph’s arm? I wonder what that is in aid of?


Some scenes were too draggy to the point of overkill. We don’t need to see something for hours on end to get a point. Viewers must be given more credit. In one scene we see chief dancing with Susan and Jojo and the scene seems to go on foreeeeeever with Chief getting booty backed up onto his fat belly. We already know that Anita Jospeh‘s ikebe is super but enough already!

At the end of the movie Amanda approaches a lecturer with regards to getting Foxy’s results re-assessed, she tells him that her reason for making the request is that she is an “upright citizen” that doesn’t support corruption. She says this while slipping him something to “soothe” his nerves. HA! Fighting corruption and partaking in it all in the same breath. Can you imagine?

Standout performance for me was Amanda Ebeye. She played the role of the nosey, motor mouth to perfection. Her flow was effortless, her expressions on point and she had great comic timing. She is an actress you don’t see in movies very much and when you so it tends to be a very minor role so big ups to her. I have to give kudos to the rest of the cast as well because everybody played their parts well. I also have to give a very special mention to Tonto’s coiffure. I loved Tonto Dikeh‘s hair in this movie. It was looking absolutely fabulous.

I would recommend this movie. No it wasn’t the most original of stories but it was well done. The story was easy to follow and the battle between Foxy and Amanda kept me glued to the screen curious as to what atrocity each girl would next commit. This is a lesson for anybody who thinks that they are the BADDEST… there is always someone badder! Nollywood African Nigerian Movie Review


11 responses to “Dangerous Angels

  1. hope to see this movie i was wondering where Tonto was i heard she was in school ah get that education girl Ini alright i guess she just needs some more acting lessons,MY FAVORITE is Stephanie Okereke

  2. the story line sound like i movie i ve seen before lets hope it is not

  3. dangerous angel was gud not bad


    2010 UPGRADE YA ISH.

    if you dont know what i mean learn from Shirley Frimpong Manso, Vivian Ejike or Emem Isong for a job well dont in 2009.

    we are sick and tired of these story lines. Retire them already.

    BSoul, am back ohhh, got back to ATL today, Back to FAST internet service. Now we all wait for Bursting Out patiently

    • HEY GIRL! I thought u had gone to Ghana for good! Well I hope u enjoyed ya time… Watch out for me I’ma be in the in A in couple months…

      I don’t mind the campus story lines if they are well done… The royalty stuff… I leave it alone now… its always pure trash.


  6. Please stop spamming my blog with the multiple comments with different names. they will get deleted. Thank you.

  7. NF: There is a continuation to this movie titled Across The Enemies Line..lol.

    I really do not understand why some of these producers keep changing the names of the movies. It’s rediculos because some of the movies don’t even state that it’s a continuation.

    Just thought I should share this with you.

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