Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth

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Moment of Truth ~ 2005
Story – Uju Onwuachu
Screenplay – Chuks Obiorah
Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen

Mike Ezuruonye – Frank
Benedict Johnson – Collins
Chioma Chukwuka – Evelyn
Georgina Onuoha – Kate
Obiageli Molobe – Grace
Fred Aseroma – Philip
Charles Okocha – Paul
Gloria Mba – Ann
Susan Peters – Gladys
George Davidson – Neighbour
Goddy Ezenwa – Landlord

Themes Explored:
Domestic Violence

My Rating – 71%

Evelyn sells bread on the roadside. One day she gets talking to a guy who is one of her regular customers and amazes him with the brilliance of her knowledge. When he finds out that she has dropped out of school and taking JAMB due to financial difficulties it bothers him deeply. It is one day when he comes across the family being evicted by their landlord for non payment of rent that he takes action. He shoulders their burdens by finding them a new place to stay, putting Evelyn’s brother in business and claiming financial responsibility for her schooling. This man seems too good to be true, and slowly find out that he really is too good to be true.


The relationship between Evelyn and Frank very soon turns from a platonic one into a romantic one. We see another side to him. He turns form a sweet caring man into a controlling and abusive monster.

I thought that the transition in Frank’s character was too sudden and unexpected. We should have been given more of a hint towards his abusive and violent nature earlier on in the movie for the situation to be believable.

Evelyn’s mother is an enabler encouraging his behaviour by always apologising for her behaviour even when she has done nothing wrong. We can see how poverty can mar even the strongest relationships. Evelyn’s mother clearly loves her but it is the fear of going back to poverty that pushes her to behave in the way that she does.

Watching this movie I can see how much Mike Ezuruonye has improved. In this movie his acting is more than adequate but he is overacting a tad too much and bouncing around all the time like a kangaroo.

At the end of the movie Evelyn meets Philip who offer her, a woman he has barely spoken to the offer to relocate to the US, along with her mother and brother and pay for it all… YEAH RIGHT!!! How unrealistic. The ending felt a bit rushed. We see Frank face his moment of truth in losing Evelyn. It is then that he goes on the charm offensive, an accurate depiction of the cycle of domestic violence.

The movie was unoriginal but yet highly watchable with some good performances. I would recommend it. We see how poverty and the chance to escape it can make people withstand abuse they ordinarily never would.


5 responses to “Moment of Truth

  1. I liked this movie a lot…. Mike scared the Be-JESUS out of me in this movie.

    But someone has to be a critic- I am volunteering for that job today. I really wish that Nollywood would stop hyping the US in their movies. This constant portayal of US as the golden ticket is not only poor judgement but also very misleading.

    Nigeria is a great place to live. For once I would like Nigerian producers to emphasize that.

  2. I like your reviews and have to say this one makes me want to look for the movie. Kudos.

  3. Thank you Myne. It is very easy to find!

  4. i think dis waz d 1st movie wia i noticed mike…my sista n i got a kick out of d whole “wen u were selling bread phrase”…watz up wit chioma these days? havn’t seen any of her recent works…cheers!!!

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