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Emerald ~ 2009
Story – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Screenplay – Juliet Chisom Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Genevieve Nnaji – Emerald
Majid Michel – Max
Tonto Dikeh – Becky
Geraldine Ekeocha – Mrs Davies
Halima Abubakar – Mery
Ladi Tortty – Clarissa
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Stan
Andy Ike – Adaeke
Kingsley Uche – Gateman
Chigozie Ibe – Carrier

Time Travel
Family Heirloom

My Rating 50%

Becky returns to Nigeria from the UK to open an antiques shop. She enlists the help of her cousin Emerald who has recently graduated from a Nigerian university in Business Administration.

One day they go to purchase stock when Emerald comes across an emerald ring. A woman in the shop whom one would assume to be a sales assistant sees Emerald admiring the ring and seems intent on her having the ring, despite Emerald’s refusals. When the woman tells Emerald that she can pay whatever she likes for it Emerald succumbs and pays the woman 5000 Naira.

Later when Emerald meets with Becky she is shocked that she values the ring at 10000 Euro. It also seems strange that Becky does not recognise the description of the woman that sold the ring. Things get even stranger when Emerald falls asleep that night with the ring on. Very strange indeed!


I must say it is a peeve of mine when names are spelt wrong in the credits. It happens in many films but since the credits were done so badly in this movie I thought I’d mention it here. It is especially annoying with obviously spelt names, like spelling “Geraldine” “Geraldin.” Not only is it unprofessional but it’s kinda rude and disrespectful towards the person who’s name you are misspelling, in my opinion.

I must say I was disappointed after all the hype of a Majid/ Genny pairing. I was really looking forward to watching this film but it really didn’t live up to the hype AT ALL. To their credit Genevieve and Majid had electrifying chemistry and it was a good pairing, but the storyline was a let down. At first it seemed like it was going to be an excellent movie and in fact it had the potential to be a really good movie as the story was original and different to the usual Nollywood fare.

If only all the loose ends were tied up it could have been really really good. There is the possibility that there is a continuation that will tie up these loose ends but as long as I have only watched Part 1 and 2 then it was something of a flop. These are the things that we as the viewer need to understand by the end of the movie:

We see Masters of the plantation, servants, afros and bowties. What is all this in aid of? Where and when is the setting?

How does the modern day Emerald tie in with the servant Emerald except both falling in love with a married man called Maximillian?

Reincarnation? Past Life?

We need to know more about the history of the emerald ring. We know that it was a stolen family heirloom but this is not enough for the events that take place to make sense.

Apart from the issues with the holes in the story we also had the issue of very poor indoor lighting. Many scenes were dark to the point that faces only looked like shadows. It was a hot mess. There was this background music that they used in a few scenes too that was very annoying. It sounded like someone playing a computer games, like a dull pinging noise.

Majid and Genny were on point, and all their scenes together were magical. Tonto did not perform as well as she usually does. I think that this was because she was too dramatic for the understated feel of the movie. She needed to stop gesticulating so much and take a chill pill, especially being next to cool as a cucumber Genny. That kind of acting can work when you are in a Jim Iyke beating you senseless kind of setting, but for this setting it just did not work.

Halima Halima Halima… Where do I start? She isn’t too bad as in acting wise but it has come to my attention that she is always looking so hookerish. What is up with that? I am wondering if she is put in these clothes or she insists on them. She had her bazukas pushed up to her chin and the tacky tattoos on her cleavage exposed. It was just so not necessary. In one of the scenes she is wearing a thing yellow summer dress and as she is walking the material is slipping between her butt cheeks… WHY??

Overall I would not recommend this movie as it just didn’t make sense. The film ends with Max and Emerald kissing on a sofa. There is not even indication that there is anything more to the movie. If there is a continuation that addresses all these issues then that is a different story, but as it stands… THUMBS DOWN.


35 responses to “Emerald

  1. Bu ha ha! Nolly, have you seen wild passion? well I did yesterday and I must say it was a waste of time as much as Emerald was. My problem is no matter how bad a movie is, I will still watch it as long as my star actress (Genevieve) is in it. The end of the movie was so stuuuuuuupid and senseless, maybe there is another part to it that I have not seen. Genevieve would always play her part well, I still loved her in the movie anyhow, my only question is, why did she accept that stupid script. Anyway I will let you watch it and pls let me know what your thoughts are. Enjoy!

  2. Hmmm Jumoke I dont know if I even have the patience to watch it especially knowing that it is repetitive trash!!!

  3. The movie was quite confusing on the first part or if i must say suspense filled,but i’ll try to watch the remaining parts cause it was interesting to see 2 of my wonderful actors together,Genny/Majid i love them both.Keep it up ya.

  4. I must add my two cents here … maybe I am a just a dreamer but I understood Emerald and its continuation Wild Passion… The whole idea of the storyline (and this is just my opinion here) was that it was a ‘what if”. What if the two protagonists were ever to meet and pursue an affair then the result would be the demise of Majid’s character (Max). So yeah, I too really wanted them to end up together and live happily ever after and all that good stuff BUT from the dreams, we all knew this wasn’t the destiny of the relationship/extra-marrital affair. In the end, instead of pursuing Max in Becky’s questionable party, Emerald made a sacrifice … Some days we just cant get a happy ending but instead we get another day to create one.

  5. MonicaB, I totally agree with you on all that you’ve said. Maybe some of us who watched it needed to be a little bit more open minded to get it. It’s like when I watched “Hidden Treasure” and a lot of people were complaining about the language, almost shakespareanish and they thought it was an awful film, I loved it. Nolly I think ur review was a bit harsh, I am glad I didn’t see your review before watching or else i wouldn’t have watched. When i found your site 3weeks ago, I use it as a guide to my nollywoodwatch, some of your reviews are dead on but others, hmmm. I would give Majid and Gene 5out of 5stars even if they just stand there on film, because they command attention and they are wonderful to watch in or out of action. I would like to see them do more movies together. The ice cream scene was the hottest scene on any African scene everrrr and no one had to take off any clothes.

  6. Bottom line – GREAT ACTORS (Genny & Magid with great chemistry) – however not so great director/producer/writer.

    If one can use these two dynamite actors and still cant come out with a hit. You need to go back on the drawing board – cos clearly u dont know what you are doing.

    It is not Genny or Magids faults at all. The script was CRAP and all over the place.

    Emem , Tchidi and the likes abeg save the day and use Genny & Magid in future for something better, since u amongst few directors knows how to utilise “GREAT” talent and come out with GREAT end results unlike this one here.

    Some of ya peers are dancing in circles and dont know what the eff they are doing cos clearly these great actors level of talent surpass the mediocre experience they have in giving us a great end results.

    Great Actors, lets just do anything and slap their faces on t he box, ppl will buy regardless.

    NOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! – We the review bloggers will call you out – u best believe. 2009 entering 2010 – its a new day. We aint playing.

  7. There a part 3 and 4 . But the title changes to Wild Passion

  8. Althoug the movie was kinda confusing at the begining, I really really liked the movie…… great work by Genny & Majidt as always …… I orderd ” Wild Passion” so that I can see what the end will be . I f I am to rate it, it will be 85%…….. Thank you Genny, Thank you Majidt, Thank you Tonto & Halima………… I love the chemistry between Majidt and Genny. I watch this movie everyday……… Genny greetings from Namibia

  9. The rating is 50% but I think people shoudl still watch it. I didn’t like the look of the poster and was wondering why the hell Majid was wearing an Afro. It’s a good film and people still watch it. The pairing was one of the best. It has a part two called Wild passion but it didn’t sum it up so well either.

  10. Ending will leave you stunned.

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