My Last Wedding

My Last Wedding

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My Last Wedding ~ 2008
Story – Uchenna Mbunabo
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Pascal Amanfo

Emeka Ike – Benny
Jackie Appiah (nee Agyemang) – Linda
Comfort Ugheoke – Tania
Francis Odega – Talambo
Austin Okwudiri – Dave
Michelle Ikegulu – Britney
Amanda Ebeye – Juliet
Mary Ranta – Tina
Petronella Chinenye – Lucia
Pascal Amnfo – Chris
Sly Iwueze – Derek
Benny Raphael – Debbie
Chigozie Wanobi – Smith

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 46%

Benny played by Emeka Ike is known as Gameboy by all his pals. This is because of the skilful way in which he breaks women’s hearts by enticing them, playing with their emotions and then dumping them once the game is over for him. In the first scene we see Benny being confronted by two girls who are both under the impression that they bear the girlfriend tag. We see each girl demand that he claim them and get rid of the other. He, however rejects the BOTH of them and then orders them out of his house. Immediately afterwards we see him spitting game to another chick on the phone. What will it take for Benny to realise the error of his ways?

The other main character in the film is Linda, played by Jackie Appiah. We see her get jilted by her fiancé just hours before her wedding. She runs into the road after him to beg him to rethink and gets knocked over by a car and ends up in hospital

Please if anyone has seen this film I am confused about something. I swear the doctor told her friends,

“She’s dead.”

The friend then gasps and he goes on to list her minor injuries. We then see her resting on the sofa at home with the friend by her side. I rewound it a few times and heard the same thing. Why on earth did he say “She’s dead.” When she clearly was not? Did I misunderstand what took place?

Of course these two separate storylines merge and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next!


Casting Emeka Ike in the “player” role was laughable. He doesn’t play the callous tough man role too well, seeming more concerned with rolling his eyes which makes him look hella fruity. This role called for someone with some SWAG and Emeka just does not cut it. I was looking at all these idiot chicks falling for his lame lines and non charismatic delivery and simply thought, “YEAH RIGHT!”

37 minutes into part two and I get a big shock. The lady who needs to be given the title “Most Horrible Nollywood Actress” makes an appearance. Now not only am I pissed at her for her big face polluting my screen I am also pissed at myself because I look on the cover and lo behold she is there, granted the picture is tiny but I really should have checked more carefully to prevent a shocker like this. It is MICHELLE IKEGULU in all her dreadful glory! The accent, the pronunciation of TH as F and S as TH, the over the top non convincing acting. It is just awful, awful past the point of funny. She is lisping, unbearable and irritating, she encapsulates it all.

She arrives to come and see her fiancée Benny who she plans to come and marry not knowing that she is simply a mugu to him. In one scene she even attempts to cry, loud shrieking over the top crying with NO TEARS and shaking as if she were laughing. Wow! Whoever is allowing this chick to assault our eyes and ears like this, I beg you rethink now.

Jackie Appiah was wooden and didn’t put any feeling into the character. There were a whole load of waka pass girls to that were pretty awful too. Comfort Ugheoke that played Linda’s best friend Tania was as good as she could be playing the sidekick and she was very pretty with the most flawless skin. If she could work on her charisma she would be a force to be reckoned with. Austin Okwudiri too did a good job as Emeka’s best friend Dave. In fact the film would have been much much better if the two sidekicks had been given lead roles.

The standout performance in the movie for me was the gateman played by Francis Odega. Every scene he was in held my attention and more often that not had me in fits of laughter. In one scene Benny’s mugu Linda cooks him a meal that sends him into violent spasms of diarreah. In describing what happened to Benny he starts singing P Square,

“Look at the way she do me, do me, do me…”

It was also touching the way that Benny and the gateman Talambo interacted with genuine concern and respect for each other. I thought that this was very nice as too often we see house help getting abused and treated disrespectfully as if they are not human.

Funny Quote

Benny (Emeka Ike) on Linda (Jackie Appiah) to his friend Dave.

“You should see this girl she is a combination of Halle Berry, Jennifer Jordy and Beyonce.”

I don’t know who Jenifer Jordy is but I sure as hell know there ain’t anyone I know that would describe Jackie as a cross between Halle and Beyonce. Granted I know the suggestion is that she is a beautiful woman just like them but they are both close to white and she is not. Some chocolate women could have been used as examples to add a touch of realism.

Overall I would not recommend the film. The casting was poor. The storyline throughout was pretty much boring and predictable and most of the performances were below mediocre. I did however really like the ending. There was a good twist in there. Ikegulu was even in there speaking pidgin, which was not even too too bad. If they must insist on having her in films I say they make her speak pidgin and turn off the awful convoluted British accent. I would say buy this one at your own risk.


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  1. nollywoodforever

    TILII. You have spoken well my dear as you always do. ~it is not about hating it is about wanting what u paid for. You don’t go to the dentist for a clean and polish and come out with yellower teeth.
    it does not make sense… Would you pay?

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