My Sweet Heart

My Sweet Heart

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My Sweet Heart
Director – Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi (Mr Hollywood)

Ramsey Noah – Ezechukwu
Jim Iyke – Desmond
Emeka Okoro – Tony
Ronke Ojo – Ifeoma’s Mother
Larry Ikpoenyi – Mayor
Emmanuel France – Chief
Mary Okolo – Ufoma

Unrequited Love

My Rating 70%

The opening scene is on an army base. We then see Desmond beating up Ezechukwu in what appears to be an unprovoked attack. It is from there that we find out that the two men were friends and happened to fall out over a woman called Ufoma, who is Ezechukwu’s fiancée.

Desmond is in love with Ufoma and will not allow her to be with his friend in peace. He spends his time interrupting his former friend’s business meetings, causing scenes in public and continually pestering Ufoma. He can not seem to get over the betrayal that he feels his friend has committed. There is a history between the friends. And this is not the first time that trust between the two has been broken.

In the past Ezechukwu got the scholarship that Desmond had worked so hard for, now this same scenario is playing itself out in love. Desmond met Ufoma first and thought they had a future together; however when she meets Ezechukwu their relationship is over as she falls in love with him instead.


Desmond gets himself locked up for turning up to the traditional wedding ceremony with a gun. His whole family is embarrassed and cannot understand his behaviour. His father tries to persuade him to go to the UK, but Desmond refuses insisting on staying in Nigeria to win Ufoma’s heart.

On the day of their formal wedding Desmond is free and decides to pay Ezechukwu a visit , drunk and with a gun in his hand. He has gone to see him to deliver his wedding present. It looks like he may shoot, but after a lot of talking he does not. Perhaps Ezechukwu and Ufoma have been given the best wedding present they could get from Desmond considering what they have been through. FREEDOM.

The film ends there. All in all it was a nice feel good film, succinct and to the point in one part. All 3 main actors played their roles well and drew you into their story.


2 responses to “My Sweet Heart

  1. This movie is classic…………..Jim Iyke and Ramsey Nouah……FANTANSTIC!!!!

  2. Please where can I watch this movie?.

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