Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers

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Intimate Strangers
Story – Zeb Ejiro
Screenplay – Joe Dudun
Director – Zeb Ejiro

Richard Mofe Damijo
Zack Orji
Eucharia Anunobi
Edith Jane Azuh
Clem Ohameze
Mimi Ejiro
Femi Allen
Clarion Chukwurah


My Rating: 79%

RMD plays a high flying lawyer, who is married with two children. He appears to have the perfect family until a blast from the past comes from the form of Anne a woman he had a fling with 8 years earlier, while still married to his wife.

She has a surprise for him that is about to disrupt his happy home, and furthermore this disruption isn’t the only chaos about to hit his home!


When RMD’s wife comes to find out about the baby that he fathered out of wedlock, he tells her that he is not the father. She simply responds,

“You have told me you are not the father of her baby and I believe you.”

WHAT? How can you believe that it is not his child when he himself does not know? Did he do a DNA test?

Even his lawyer cannot understand his insistence at the child not being his, even asking him,

“but did you sleep with her?”

He says that he did and justifies his thinking that the child cannot be his because,

“It was just one crazy night… a fling.”

EX-KA-yooose me!

but since when was it impossible to get a woman pregnant in one night?

We then find out that DNA test showed that he was incapable of being a father- huh? I didn’t get that? How can a DNA test show infertility? And even if he has a sterility test, how would a test be valid for an occurrence that happened ten years previously?

I would recommend this film… It was gripping and the storyline was interesting with enough twists to keep you engrossed.


15 responses to “Intimate Strangers

  1. Two questions what is your rating? The next question, if he is sterile let’s say going by the plot of the movie, what does that say about the kids he has with his wife?

  2. nollywoodforever

    Ah Ok I forgot the rating! I think I need to go edit that. Despite the stupidity of it all ie the DNA testing proving sterility and the dude insisting he cant get a woman pregnant in one night (although there are many dumb asses that behave this way) I really liked it and would give it 78%

    With regards to your last question. Well the sterility test was taken when he already had two kids so it is valid then. Perhaps he has become infertile since, but of course that is not the case. It says that his wife is a BIG CHEAT too!!!

  3. Did they explore the wife cheating in the movie?

  4. nollywoodforever

    Yes he finds out, as it is obvious… Have u watched this one?

  5. No I have not watched this one even though I think I have watched something similar before. At this point, I forget the ones that I have watched from the ones I didn’t. I wonder is there a place you can go to for being addicted to Nollywood ? (smile) At least my habit is not as bad as alcohol or drugs…

  6. nollywoodforever

    This is a really old one… I watched it a while ago when I was trying to catch up on all the ones that were around before I was introduced to Nollywood!

    Any reccomendations?

  7. I have just finished watching Indian Doctor and Stubborn Doctor ( part 1, 2, 3, and 4)

    with Patience Ozokwor, Chiwetalu Agu, Pete Eneh, etc.

    Desperate Ambition – Yemi Blaq

    The Champ- Ramsey Nouah Jr.

    Hope this helps…

  8. nollywoodforever

    Were they any good?

  9. Desperate Ambition was good. The Champ was good also. I bought this movie without realizing I had already watched it when I was in Nigeria.

    Indian Doctor tells about a doctor who was trained in India by his village. He returns back to his village and tries to convert basically everyone including the Igwe to Hinduism.

  10. How can DiaNA test prove sterility. naija sha. nice review

  11. i trust rmd to do something great so i appreciate the rating of this film

  12. to me…superb film!

  13. nollywoodforever

    yes and oldie but goodie for sure…

  14. SUPERB!!!Richard Mofe Damijo, Zack Orji, Eucharia Anunobi, Clem Ohameze, Clarion Chukwurah……veterans. Back in the day film is always brilliant!
    Whatever happened to Zeb Ejiro???????? His movies were great!

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