19 Macaulay Street

19 Macaulay Street

Originally uploaded by NollywoodForever

19 Macaulay Street

An Afe Olumowe Film



Mercy Johnson

Eucharia Anunobi

Tony Umez

Evelyn Osugo

Femi Brainard
Rich Oganiru

Chidinnma Ubaogu

Emanuel Esene Steve

Franklyn Okoro


My Rating:  NO RATING


The film starts with Mercy Johnson running down some stairs and accusing her mother of being a whore. She then returns with a gun. Huh? It looks like she is about to kill somebody.


A few minutes in the credits begin to roll (they were not at the beginning.) I am thinking this film is trying to duplicate a Fred and Rosemary West type of scenario where the address becomes infamous as Cromwell Street was.


The next scene is Eucharia accusing her son of stealing her pink G String. She shouts and wails at him demanding to know where he has hidden her panties,


“I have done my make up… I must have my panties now!”




We find out Eucharia is a lawyer. She leaves the house to go to court and her son retrieves the panties from between the sofa and rubs them all over his face, inhaling deeply. HUH? WHAT? Eucharia forgets something and returns to the house only to catch her son in this act.


We do not see what happens as the scene switches to Mercy Johnson in court. What? Is she a lawyer too? This film was too weird for me. I had to switch off. I cannot rate or even begin to give themes for this film as I just DIDN’T GET IT! WATCH AT YOUR OWN PERIL!



One response to “19 Macaulay Street

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg this is soo hilarious…’watch at your own peril’..Thanks a lot dear, but i’ll pass

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