Faithful Betrayal

Faithful Betrayal



Story: Uchenna Mbunabo

Screenplay: Pascal Amanfo & Chinedu Ayanwu

Director: Ikechukwu Onyeka



Genevieve Nnaji – Clara

Muna Obiekwe – Morgan

Alex Usifo – Obiama

Kofi Adjorlolo – David

Vivienne Achor _ Belinda

Scot Roberts – Uche

Michelle Ikegulu – Susan

Comfort Ogheoke – Maureen

Chosen Udo – Kate









Wow!!! Genny Genny… what a disappointment!



Heiwoooooo! Clara marries a man old enough to be her father very much against her family’s wishes. She feels duty bound to him as he saved her life. Not long after he becomes an invalid and she starts to feel a pity rather than a romantic love for him, and starts having an affair with someone her own age.


This is a load of trash.


There is an English girl in that plays a detective. This girl is beyond annoying. Her speech is horrible. Who thought it would be a good idea to even ALLOW her to act in another film? (She is on the bottom left hand side of the cover, second to left.) It was torturous watching her pause repeatedly in an effort to try and remember her lines. Trust me she is as wooden as a big fat… TREE. They had her saying Sir as if she were a broken record, knowing full well that she has a lisp and sounds dreadful! I found out that her name is Michelle Ikegulu. I also saw her in My Everlasting Love with Rukky Sanda, where she was just as awful. I just knoooooooooow she HAS to be somebody’s relative from England.


The film was watchable but pointless and didn’t even end which means that there may well be a part 3 and more in the pipeline!

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4 responses to “Faithful Betrayal

  1. africanmoviereviews (Ms TiLii)

    Aarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant stand that girl Susan – whachmacallit, whats her real name again Michele whatever her name is. Kai!!!!

    i will pay her to stop acting.

    WTF told her just cos she has a british accent she was a good actress. She is worse than Queen Nwokoye, Rukky Santa Claus plus Sophia Chikere put together.

    Chei she is a horrible actress at best – I cant stand her voice, her accent everything about her acting irritates the fck outta me. I will fast forward (i wont even mute cos then i will still see her) every damn scene with her in it.

    She needs to be banned from any filming location at least 100 feet.

    chei did i say it already – if not let me say it again, the most horrible actress ever to emerge this 2008/9.

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that british accent chick ruined the movie for me but for the love of Genevieve and Muna I still watched it.
      To add insults to ingurie……I saw her again in The Love Doctor with Emeka Ike and Jackie Appiah. I wanted to crack the dvd.

      She is the worst actress since Juliet Ibrahim.

      I think the movie was nice…Genevieve always on point. Her sister did well too.
      Alex Usifo….what can I say….perfect!

  2. nollywoodforever

    Thank you for your comment… This Michelle Ikegulu is too much… I watched another film with her in it over the weekend… This is abomination… Who is letting her assualt us like this?

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