Beyonce The President’s Daughter

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Beyonce The President’s Daughter ~ 2006

Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni

Screenplay – Frank Rajah Arase

Director –  Frank Rajah Arase



Nadia Buari – Beyonce

Van Vicker – Raj

Jackie Appiah/ Agyemang – Ciara

Freeman Ekow

Yvonne Okoro  

Hakeem Sharal  

Kalsum Sinari  



My Rating – 70%



The film opens with a guy getting shot. A girl is standing in the background watching the scene go down and comes running to his rescue,


“Are you alright… Can you drive?”


The guy cannot move you dingbat, so how the hell is he going to be able to drive with two gaping holes in his chest? How do you even ask someone who has just been shot, “Are you alright?” Nonsense! After catching on that he may not be in the best of states, you know being shot and all, she calls over a taxi to take them to the hospital.


On arrival at the hospital the medical staff there refuse to attend to him as a gunshot victim, without a police report. She then rushes to the police station to get a report only to find that they will not issue a police report without seeing the victim leaving her in a catch 22 situation. Does this really happen? After much agitation and pleading he is seen to without the police report.


Beyonce is the President’s daughter. Wealthy and spoilt, anything she wants she gets. This includes Raj. Beyonce meets Raj whilst out shopping and approaches him in a forward manner, showering him with compliments and then paying his bill before handing over her phone number.


Raj and Ciara, the poor orphan the girl who saves him are estranged after the hospital incident, although there is not a moment that he is not thinking about her, wanting to find her and thank her for saving his life. He does eventually find her and they begin dating. Whilst Beyonce is falling in love with Raj (pronounced Rush by most in the film), he at the same time is declaring his love for Ciara and even goes so far as to break her virginity. He also announces his intention to marry her, all the while juggling the two women.


Why are the two main female characters named after black American pop stars?


The deceit comes to light one day when Raj comes home with Ciara (to introduce her to the family) and finds Beyonce sitting on the sofa with his mother and sisters. He sees unperturbed by this sight, and with his arm cosily around Ciara he introduces her to all in the room as his fiancée and Beyonce as “The lady who has been so kind to us.” Eiwoooooooooooo! The shock in Beyonce’s face, to be treated as she were some kindly philanthropist.


Beyonce in a rage takes Raj out for “a word.” Ciara steps outside shortly afterwards and hears the whole conversation. She now knows that Raj has been cheating on her and is highly distraught. In his defence he exclaims,


“I had to sleep with her. She came on too strong and I couldn’t resist.”


After being rejected by Raj Beyonce starts her mission to break up his relationship with Ciara by any means necessary.



*************SPOILERS AHEAD************** 


Beyonce employs some thugs to attack Raj and Beyonce. In this attack acid is poured all over Ciara’s face disfiguring her. Beyonce comes to the rescue by paying Raj’s hospital bills and sending Ciara abroad to get a face transplant on the condition that she fakes her death and starts a new life elsewhere. Beyonce threatens to kill her should she ever re-emerge and divulge the secret. She goes to the extent of taking Raj to Ciara’s tombstone.


The face transplant was reeee-deee-culous. Right after the transplant we see this new face, skin glowing not a scar to be seen! YEAH RIGHT! How are you gonna have such a major surgery and ya face look perfect?


The film ends with Beyonce and Raj wedding and Marcy (the new face transplanted Ciara) hanging out if a taxi poised to shoot Beyonce. The ending was somewhat of a disappointment. It seemed rushed and a little strange that after all that happened Raj would marry Beyonce, or was it in fact a plan he concocted with Ciara so that they could finally be together? I guess you would have to watch part 3 and 4 to find out!


5 responses to “Beyonce The President’s Daughter

  1. The first time i watched it! I was like whaoooo!! But i watch it again last week, almost one year after, I saw so much mistakes!! lol!!!!

  2. I watched it in the beginning of my Nollywood infatuation so I loved the drama of it all but there were so many things happening that were nonsensical from beginning to end!

  3. The film is Greatttt
    Makes you think!!
    Go watch that!!

  4. Movie is NONSENSE!!!!!!

    The movie has a continuation where Fritz Baffour plays as the president (Beyonce’s father)

    There was a lot of nonsense investigation going on and one of the president’s man gets killed and Raj get the blame for it.
    It was just too much! Raj ended up dieing by hanging and Ciara shots Beyonce for his death.
    Raj’s last words was………..”My Mother Killed Me”. with his mother sitting in front of the t.v caring her eys out and watches him die.
    No one find out that Beyonce was behind Ciara’s murder attempt.

    It was written by Abdul Salam Mumuni so what do we expect?

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