Wicked Intention

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Story & Screenplay Chisom Juliet Okereke

Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka


Wicked Intention



Ecow Smith Asante – Chris

Desmond Elliot – Jim

Stephanie Okereke – Charlene

Muna Obiekwe – Ebuka

Nadia Buari – Kamsi

Susan Peters – Lola

Jim Lawson – Akajiaku

Chukwudi Bambino – Iyke

Temple Ikeji – Doctor

Aminda Ebege – Clara

Chika Ginika – LJ



Themes Explored in the Film

Gender Roles

Status and Class

Family Relationships



My Rating 71 %


Jim is a playboy whose sole goal is to find a rich woman to marry so that he can spend the rest of his days freeloading. Along the way there are casualties, which he discards without a care.


Charlene has sworn off men after being raised by a man that showed her no love solely due to the fact that she was born female and considered a curse as he was the first male in the family to have borne a female rather than male child. She has vowed never to trust or allow a man close to her to avoid being hurt the way her father hurt her.


These two sorry cases come together and the outcome is a tangled mess of conniving and deceit.


It was refreshing to see Jim insist on the use of a condom when sleeping with Charlene for the first time, despite her wanting to have relations without. This is something that we don’t often see in Nollywood. In some sense there was a role reversal because later in the film we see a scene between Kamsi and Charlene which you can a=imagine occurring more between two guys rather than two girls:


C: The guy like using condom, like all the time

N:<look of wide eyed amazement> Are you serious? Oh my gosh!





Why in the first love scene between Jim and one of his conquests did the camera zoom into the girl’s face and reveal one big ol’ bogey in her nose? That was beyond gross. It’s times like that that the director needs to yell CUT!






2 responses to “Wicked Intention

  1. b0njour moi c laure j’aimerai faire connaisance avec toi je suis en RDCongo et j’aime beaucoup vos film parce que ous etes mon artist preferer

  2. I loved this movie.

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